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Minecraft: Pocket Edition

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Best seeds ever: learn how to create the neatest seeds hint for Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Best seeds ever: learn how to create the neatest seeds

First, seeds tend to come out great as lowercase. Try "largeplane" or "wowsaroo".
Also, putting a nationality and a name together works nice, too. Maybe "americandan" or "britainshannon".
Good luck seed hunting!

Lightningdiamond, brother to herobrine

Added By Guest
Aug 19th 2012, ID#1197


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Feb 13th 2016 Guest
No offense but herobrine is a awsome guy all he wants is his minecraft pyscal form.
ID #635041
Jul 7th 2015 Guest
Hi guys you rule
ID #581009
Mar 14th 2015 Guest
Try SEED-555 u will find a cave where u spawn then go there there will be a lots of iron block can be mined stone pickaxe
ID #528226
Dec 30th 2014 Guest
its a pig is really good
ID #492944
Sep 16th 2014 Guest
Try world of too seed promise try it
ID #448374
Dec 18th 2015 The Goatee
ID #632872
Sep 1st 2014 Guest
Try duplicatedbutt
ID #443450
Aug 21st 2014 Guest
Try diamond seed. It really works dig under spawn until you rich a diamond but be careful. Under that diamond is
a lava. before you rich that diamond you will find 2 caves. Go for the 2nd and it have many diamonds i have just found
46 diamond.

I promise it really works.l
ID #438992
Aug 20th 2014 Guest
FROYOYOLO is an awesome seed with a village northeast of the spawn. And there are two blacksmiths and one has a saddle in the chest.
ID #438512
Jul 27th 2014 Guest
please give me a seed to where I can do a skyblock type thing on the p
ID #426399
Jul 20th 2014 Guest
Try this for a seed 0.7.0 It might have diamonds
ID #422161
Jul 12th 2014 Guest
In july 12 2014 i like pizza seed herobrine is COMMING

ID #416854
Jun 30th 2014 Guest
Try: isacaveanditsabigcave is awesome with a lava fall and 2 or
3 waterfall
ID #409323
Jun 15th 2014 Guest
try gourge its so cold
ID #399741
Jun 14th 2014 Guest
Lol is a pretty good seed
ID #399682
Jun 9th 2014 Guest
I like pizza it is real good no caps dig under spawn point and u will find heaps of gold iron diamonds and red stone
ID #396900
Jun 9th 2014 Guest
Hey everyone I'm hunter dude and I found this great seed if u like survival islands its called Bees, bees, bees, bees! If you don't do this exactly u won't get the same world.

I also found that typing in the the little quotes on the title screen is really good I found one where 8 diamonds were under spawn!!!
ID #396644
Jun 3rd 2014 Guest
Every body the best seed is atakama desert it is awesome and I wish I cqn remember the house like cave seed
ID #393142
May 25th 2014 Guest
Hey guys your looking for a seed that has herobrine in it try:lightningdiamond it's amazing
ID #388264
Mar 15th 2014 Guest
Try “it's a pig" a huge floating island on creative
On survival you land on a small island
ID #364640
Jan 11th 2014 Guest
Try:lava land go to the ocean behind the cave
And dig down in the water
ID #342378
Dec 17th 2013 Guest
Try Mexican usain bolt it's way past epicosty
ID #330645
Sep 21st 2013 Guest
Try this awesome seed: deathtowater. no caps and no spaces.
ID #310591
Sep 21st 2013 Guest
"when pigs fly is a awesome seed"
ID #310576
Sep 4th 2013 Guest
Try chinaguy no spaces no caps
ID #308271
Aug 25th 2013 Guest
Try flat grass no caps maybe caps on the F and spaces its better then u think
ID #306741
Aug 23rd 2013 Guest
nyan: lava above ground, water fall and huge overhang. Tons of monsters spawn on it. lotsa gravel.

0: Regular seed, but diamonds, gold and iron beneath spawn :D
ID #306417
Aug 8th 2013 Guest
Is there any seed that has Iorn diamonds and lava near spawning point?
ID #303426
Aug 6th 2013 Guest
try detailed its a great seed if you like survival island
ID #303145
Jul 29th 2013 Guest
Try this seed!

This seed have aLOT of stone
ID #301194
Jul 25th 2013 Guest
toshiro lowercase 't'. The area is pretty varied, tons of trees, but its most unique feature is the inverted cross (so-called satanic cross) in the upper left corner of the map where all the snow is. Just look for the snowy corner, look up, and you will find it just hanging there.
ID #300156
Jun 26th 2013 Guest
I really like multiplayer but I can't get on my friends world he can only get on mine please tell me why
ID #292939
Jun 19th 2013 Guest
i want a seed with houses and adveture
ID #291379
Jun 11th 2013 Guest
thaighgh is cool
ID #289527
Jun 4th 2013 Guest
seed: Herobrine
tons of animals
ID #287713
May 26th 2013 Guest
Try: germanybob

There is a couple huge valleys,really tall mountains, a couple of craters, and a couple of waterfalls with one of them being huge. Thanks
ID #285529
May 12th 2013 Guest
try jhonnygoldenapple its so flat
ID #282191
May 5th 2013 Guest
0.40 has low gold and diamond but I started the map yesterday and I have half iron, 2 diamond swords and a diamond hoe, and coal is in abundance. For those kids who cannot pronounce abundance correctly, it means a lot
ID #280196
Apr 27th 2013 Guest
Try skyblockpe
ID #277963
Apr 23rd 2013 Guest
Try dumbocow
ID #276879
Apr 21st 2013 Guest
try "howhxh" this seed is grate
ID #276209
Apr 18th 2013 Guest
can someone tell me how make a seed
ID #275403
Apr 18th 2013 Guest
Try it is summer time

Like I just did
ID #275379
Apr 5th 2013 Guest
Can anyone help ? I want to know what the seed is that has way to many animals in , if anyone finds out what it is can you please tell me ?
ID #270771
Apr 2nd 2013 Guest
Hey guys this is devynn im new to minecraft and i was wondering if anyone could tell me if theres any really good seeds
ID #269898
Apr 1st 2013 Guest
jpgaming is awesome!!!!!!
ID #269457
Mar 30th 2013 Guest
I need to know how to make a seed. I resolutely to make one that has 4built in mansions, one of diamond ore, one of gold ore, one of iron ore, and one in this gigantic mountain side. I would also put a mountain of diamonds in it. If anyone has any suggestions or they can tell me how I will be checking this every ten days, and I will put the seed up if I can make it
ID #268771
Mar 30th 2013 Guest
Try the seed code
No caps
I tried this one when I was watching Blue Exorcist
And around the world you can get more than 120 coal
ID #268699
Mar 28th 2013 Guest
try mojang. dig straight under spawn and you will find 2 lapis lazuli blocks(can be mined with stone pickaxe) and some gold and redstone. the lapis lazuli will be far down and the gold will be even farther, but don't stop. you will spawn by some cacti on the sand. this seed is confirmed to be real because I tried it 3 times and world is the same all 3 times.
ID #268150
Mar 23rd 2013 Guest
Horid is a really good one tones of flat land

ID #266563
Mar 21st 2013 Guest
Try creepercavecraze if you want a survival challenge there is like 500creepers at night so reinforce your house
ID #265833