The Belgian Problem

Saints Row The Third Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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The Belgian Problem

Note: There are two achievements you can unlock here. I suggest keeping a separate save file.

Once ready, head back your crib to load up and roll out. Drive to the tower and start killing everybody. After clearing the area, arm the bomb and call the elevator. You have 16 minutes to complete your objective.

After disembarking from the elevator, follow the objective markers until you reach the upper platform. A brute with an Incenerator will appear. Keep distance and take him out. Continue heading upstairs and watch the following scene.

After that, call the elevator and follow Oleg. Continue upstairs and watch the scene. Kill the guards while dangling and the brute while you're in mid-air. You'll finally have the decide whether you want to blow the building up (permanent respect bonus) or disarm the bomb. (permanent cash bonus)

Big ball a-droppin'!

*10% Bonus to all cash earned for taking over Morningstar HQ
*10% Bonus to all respect earned for destroying over Morningstar HQ
Weapon – RC Possessor (available at Crib Weapon Cache)
Homie - Oleg

*Depends on what you chose earlier.

Tower Defense (20G) – Kept the Tower
Kuh, Boom (20G) – Destroyed the Tower

If you kept a separate game save and you wanted to get both achievements, simply reload your other save file and complete a mission again, then select a different choice.


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Please I am having a problem with the brute the crosshairs were given to me too late and the brute will just step out. And hit me then i die

Added 29th May 2015, ID #562691

The brutes and oleg are different. Your not supposed to kill oleg ya dumbass' oleg is yur friend

Added 21st Feb 2015, ID #519009

when i shot him. the brute health is disappearing and the brute is still going to kill you. how to complete this mission

Added 18th Jan 2015, ID #503305

here is the only way for saints row lovers .
just turn yourself into a female and use the goldengun cheats this is the only way to complete
hope everyone try it thanks name is nadeem.

Added 27th Aug 2014, ID #441349

Hold W and shoot him in the head

Added 6th Aug 2013, ID #303040

can anyone can give me savegame after the belgian problem?

Added 28th Jul 2013, ID #300790

Ay tips for PC cos I lowered my resolution and I sill can't hit him

Added 27th Jul 2013, ID #300623

[size=12][size=12][size=12][size=12][size=12]Hello guys.....if you have the pc version of saints row 3 and can't get passed Oleg in the Belgian problem mission, just reduce your game resolution OR go to extras on your cellphone and activate this cheat code " goldengun".....with this cheat code, one shot even if ur lucky enough to get a shot at Oleg, he'll die and you can continue the game or deactivate the cheat code ( optional)

Added 11th Jun 2013, ID #289670

This is not how i want to end the game but i have to

Added 25th Jan 2013, ID #246169

In the PC game when the ball drop down it does not stop in a second floor to let the brute get in,the brute just get up immediately the first drop giving the player no time to attack and kill the player in the first punch of the brute. The convert from xbox to PC gave birth to a bug making the game unplayable in PC.

All PC players will stop in this mission. Ratings will drop...

Added 29th Dec 2012, ID #231688

i'm having the same problem, the ball falls, the brute jumps on, it doesnt die.
every article i'v seen about this keeps saying that a cut scene is missing, so i tried reinstalling it, it tried resolutions, i tried everything i could think of and yet nothing works!

Added 22nd Oct 2012, ID #199873

hi, can you tell me. i used cheat golden gun to kill oleg in the ball, but it's not work. why oleg no die?

Added 24th Sep 2012, ID #188807

wat to do to roll the ball???????????????????plz reply

Added 4th Sep 2012, ID #183216

I had the same prob. I first tried to shoot the guy in his head but in vain. So I started shooting him on his hands and legs. It worked as I usually was getting my crosshair very late. Hope it works.

Added 10th Aug 2012, ID #174385

hi i was playing this the belgian problem level...when big ball u can kill oleg so easily??? beacuse in mine case they give me pointer to shoot very late and by the time he is already dea on my head..just to let u know im playing this game on pc...i saw ur clip in which girl is nt haging in air whn that ball drops and is having that gun pointer as well during the fall please tell m how to do that

Added 13th Jun 2012, ID #152338

Right click to aim, left click to shoot. If you guys are having a problem with that, then your game is glitched and you need to prolly uninstall and re-install or something. There is no secret. You just shoot him like normal if your game is working properly.

Added 20th Mar 2012, ID #124786

it gives me the pointer to late for me to shoot the brute on the big ball

Added 20th Mar 2012, ID #124698

lower your resolution and you'll be able to kill him then you can set your resolution back to what you want

Added 8th Mar 2012, ID #121309

Same With me, Its very fusterating!!!!!

Added 16th Feb 2012, ID #115358

I have PC and I was able to shoot a couple of times, but then he just flew off out of the blue. . . so idk. He had almost full health too.

Added 6th Feb 2012, ID #112583