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Saintsbook Vehicle Thefts
Saints Row The Third

Saintsbook Vehicle Thefts

Saints Row The Third Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Saintsbook Vehicle Thefts

When getting these vehicles, you'll either have gang notoriety or police notoriety – or both. It pays to have at  the Notoriety Wipe – Gang and  Notoriety Wipe – Police upgrades ready, especially when you're trying to steal high-profile vehicles. You can deliver badly damaged vehicles (though this will significantly lower your cash reward) as long as they're not on fire.

Bootlegger - Grieves
$500, 100R

The owner hangs around Rosen Oaks. Several targets may appear. Just choose one then drive the car back to the chop shop. The cops may follow you so do your best not to wreck the car. It doesn't matter even if the cops are hot in your tail. The chase will be over once you park the car in the chop shop. The more damage the car receives, the lesser money you'll get.

Compensator - Grieves
$625, 125R

Head to Yearwood and drive around until the marker appears. In case it doesn't appear (like in my case), I hijacked an ordinary compensator which then lead me to a marked, parked Luchadores compensator. Grab the vehicle then deliver it to the chop shop.

Sandstorm - Grieves
$750, 150R

Head to Burns Hill and drive around until you see the vehicle marker. Kill the driver or hijack it then drive it back to the chop shop. You'll have LV3 notoriety with the police as soon as you hop on the vehicle.

Scrubber - Grieves
$875, 200R

They're pretty common anywhere Downtown late at night.  You'll have LV3 notoriety with the police as soon as you hop on the vehicle. This is a very horrible vehicle to drive and when you get stuck, it will be a challenge to get out so make sure to stay clear and avoid ramming vehicles.

Steelport Municipal - Grieves
$1000, 250R

Common in the streets during the morning. The challenge here (aside from trying to drive a slow-ass hunk of metal) is to drive across WAY back to Bridgeport. If you open your map, you'll immediately see how much a pain this will be. The truck isn't as sturdy as you think; it can easily scrapped after a few rams and bullet shots. Hopefully, you have already purchased the upgrade “Notoriety Wipe – Police”, available for $16500 at LV20 Respect. As soon as you hijack this vehicle, you'll have LV3 Notoriety which is already a challenge when driving crappy vehicles. This upgrade will enable you to remove all notoriety. As long as you drive safely and not attract police attention, you should be able to drive this truck to the chop shop with no resistance.

Peterliner - Grieves
$1250, 300R

This truck is found in Espina. Like the other vehicles, you'll start with LV3 Police Notoriety as soon as you hop in. Though the Peterliner is a lot more sturdier than the Steelport Municipal, your chances of not making it to the chop shop is high, considering you have to drive through heavy traffic and police vehicles. Again, you should have your  Notoriety Wipe – Police upgrade ready (Police Forgiveness option in your Phone) In case it is in cooldown, save your game, exit the game (to the dashboard) then reload the game to have it available again. Its a small hassle but it will save you time and effort.

Shark - Rigg
$750, 150R

Found in Camano Place Waterfront. There will be Morningstar thugs guarding the jetski so kill them then grab it. Don't follow the GPS markers just ride around the district to reach the chopshop. Enemy  watercraft and helicopters will pursue you. Just ignore them and keep riding until you reach the delivery point.

Miami - Rigg
$750, 150R
Found in Sunset Park Wharf

Same as before, head to the location and ride back to the delivery location.

Oppressor - Rigg
$1000, 250R

Head to the old power plant in Sunset Park. You can actually steal this then store this on your helipad for easier access later on. However, once you stored it, you'll have to acquire another Oppressor from the same location and deliver it to the chop shop. You'll start with LV4 Police Notoriety once you hop to the chopper so prepare to evade their attack helicopters as well. Take note that you must deliver the helicopter as intact as possible. It's okay if there are fumes as long as its not burning.

You have to land the chopper in the small space between the container vans. This is where you'll be most vulnerable since a few machine gun rounds from the police chopper can easily turn your bird into burning scrap metal.

Commander - Rigg
$1250, 300R

Docked in Sierra Point. It may be a good idea to bring in some followers to take some of the heat off you. Head to the guard base, find the watercraft offshore south of the island and deliver it via sea. Take note that if you approached the gunboat from the sea, the chop shop won't appear on the map. You need to go the Guard base by land, then jump to the sea and swim to the gunboat.

Once you hop in, you'll have LV5 Police Notoriety. Call for Police Forgiveness to remove all of it then deliver the Commander to the chop shop without any worries.

Storck - Rigg
$1250, 300R

Found in Westley Cutter Intl. The delivery point is just a short flight away but if you want to collect this, you may want to deliver it first to your helipad before flying it to the drop off point.

Woodpecker - Rigg
$1750, 400R

Head to the airport and find this plane near your crib. You'll only have LV3 Notoriety but the main challenge here is how to land the plane in the middle of the two container vans where you landed the helicopter earlier. Take note that it will only take three direct shots from a police sniper to take out the plane's wings and make you crash. It's not hard to do. Just make sure you're flying low and reduce your speed as you get near the landing spot.

Sovereign - Dieter
$500, 100R

This is a pretty common car Downtown so you don't have to look for too long. The police notoriety isn't that high as well so it wouldn't be challenge taking this car.

Emu – Dieter
$625, 125R

Another pretty common car. Head Brickston, drive around a bit then hijack it.

Status Quo - Dieter
$625, 125R

Look in New Baranec for this ride. There isn't anything much to note when getting this car just do what you do before and you should be able to deliver this with minimal assistance.

Longhauler - Dieter
$1000, 250R

You can find this truck in Yearwood. To make things easier for you when driving this very slow vehicle, you may want to keep your notoriety down. Use Police Forgiveness if necessary.

Justice - Dieter
$1000, 250R

You'll find this car in Henry Steel Mills. However, once you get it, you'll get gang notoriety instead. Just drive it back to the chop shop to complete the delivery.

Titan - Dieter
$1250, 300R

You should find this in Port Pryor. You'll get LV4 police notoriety once you hijack this vehicle. Even though its armored, it can only take medium damage before finally blowing up. You may want to have your police forgiveness option available.

Halberd – Andi Mae
$500, 100R

Go to Brickston to find this ride. This is pretty easy to find and hijack so no extra precautions needed.

Neuron – Andi Mae
$625, 125R

You can find this car in Henry Steel Mills. This is pretty easy to find and hijack so no extra precautions needed.

Torch – Andi Mae
$750, 150R

You can find this car parked in Ashwood. As you may have expected, parked cars usually have guards. Take them all out then drive the car back to the chopshop.

Vortex – Andi Mae
$875, 200R

You can find this car around in Downtown. You'll only get LV3 police notoriety once you hijack this but with the car's speed and agility, it will be a breeze evading the police and delivering to the chop shop.

Kaneda – Andi Mae
$1000, 250R

Head to Bridgeport to find this bike. You'll gain LV4 gang notoriety here so you can quickly visit a nearby owned shop to remove it or use gang forgiveness. Unless you're a very good biker, its not really recommended delivering a bike while evading the police and gang members.

Temptress – Andi Mae
$1250, 300R

Head to New Baranec to search for this car. This is a pretty easy target so no additional instructions necessary.

Lockdown – BJ Barnes
$1000, 250R

This armored vehicle is available at least LV2 police notoriety. You'll find them on roadblocks so do your best to stay alive until you get to one.

N-Forcer – BJ Barnes
$1250, 300R

This is the armored vehicle used by STAG commandos. You can find these easily. Heck, you may even have one behind you after delivering the Lockdown a few moments ago.

Tornado - BJ Barnes
$1500, 350R

You can only find this helicopter in Sierra Point, a restricted military base. Take note that it seems that you'll keep getting the message “target vehicle is destroyed” if you approached it on foot or by parachuting from the air. What I did was I got in the base via car, hijacked one of the eagles in their helipad then landed on the rooftop where the Tornado is sitting.

Vulture - BJ Barnes
$1500, 350R

You can find this south of Port Pryor. You'll have LV4 police notoriety when you get it so you should have your police forgiveness perk ready so you won't have frustrating moments trying to fly and land this chopper amidst heavy enemy fire.

Challenger - BJ Barnes
$1750, 400R

You have to steal a Challenger tank in Sierra Point. Though the tank is pretty much heavily armored, you still have to deal with heavier STAG hardware so I suggest having your Police forgiveness perk ready.

Condor - BJ Barnes
$2500, 500R

You can find these parked in the STAG base in Sunset Park. Since your base is nearby, you can steal one and drop it off your helipad to add it to your collection. After taking one, switch immediately to flight mode and deliver it before you take too much damage.

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Comments for Saintsbook Vehicle Thefts

16 comments, latest first.
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ID #483620 | Dec 12th 2014 Guest
[spoiler][ you can find a super rare car round the power plant all you have to do is find it.
ID #301235 | Jul 29th 2013 ty2341
theres a cheat for a N-Forcer but im not sure if it was STAG on the side of it
ID #293073 | Jun 26th 2013 Guest
Why won't it take the car? I have done this mission too many times to count.
ID #278987 | Apr 30th 2013 Guest
after you finish the game you can replay the last mission. do that and go to a battle arena and jack an n-forcer. abandon pierce and when given the option exit mission and drive it to a garage. start the saintsbook mission, retrieve it from the garage and you're on your way.
ID #237512 | Jan 5th 2013 Guest
Hey I'm on the oppressor and I'm Rollin around sunset park but have no Idea where this powerplant is
ID #189393 | Sep 27th 2012 Guest
The best time to get a N-Forcer is after the mission Gang Bang.
ID #180411 | Aug 26th 2012 Guest
If you choose one way in the final mission you don't get an N-Forcer.

In that case, the way to get one is to restart the final mission, play to where the Police arrive, steal one, then quit the mission.
ID #163838 | Jul 13th 2012 Guest
Thanks this really helped..!
ID #153923 | Jun 18th 2012 Guest
Brilliant site helped so much!
ID #151675 | Jun 11th 2012 Guest
ID #137786 | Apr 28th 2012 Guest
Thats just a gitch u mostly have 2 do it over again
ID #112819 | Feb 6th 2012 Guest
You can usually find STAG planes in the park.
ID #111051 | Jan 31st 2012 Guest
It is possible to get the Stag vehicles after you've beaten the game.
The air crafts will be where they are on the map and for the N-Forcer
you can take the one out of your garage that you get in the campaign.
ID #106948 | Jan 17th 2012 Guest
why won't the chop shop ever take the cars i steal?
ID #105288 | Jan 12th 2012 Guest
Is it possible to get a STAG vehicle if you've already beaten the game?