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Saints Row The Third Cheats for PC

Cheats and Tips for Saints Row The Third

Saints Row The Third Guide
Saints Row The Third Guide
Complete unofficial walkthrough and game guide for Saints Row 3. Includes Single Player walkthrough, all the collectibles, unlockables, saintsbook s..

We have 11 cheats and tips on PC.If you have any cheats or tips for Saints Row The Third please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 3 : Xbox 360

You can also ask your question on our Saints Row The Third Questions & Answers page.

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Unlockable Gang Styles

To unlock additional gang styles for use in Saints Row The Third, follow the instructions below:
Cops/SWAT: Complete all SNATCH missions for Kinzie
Deckers: Complete Mission 37
Hos: Complete all SNATCH missions for Zimos
Luchadores: Complete Mission 43
Mascots: Complete all Prof. Genki S.E.are.C. Instances
Morningstar: Complete Mission 29
National Guard: Complete all TANK MAYHEM instances
Space Saints: Complete Mission 47
Strippers: Complete all ESCORT missions for Zimos
Wrestlers: Complete all TIGER ESCORT instances

Phone Passwords

Put the codes below into your phone in Saints Row: The Third to achieve the result shown:
Add Gang Notoriety: lolz
Add Police Notoriety: pissofpigs
Give Cash: cheese
Give Respect: whatitmeanstome
Heavenbound: fryhole
Ifinite Sprint: runfast
No Cop Notoriety: goody goody
No Gang Notoriety: oops
Spawn municipal: givemunicipal
Spawn pheonix: givepheonix
Spawn squasar: givesquasar
Spawn Taxi: givetaxi
Spawns Ambulance: giveembulance
Spawns Anchor: giveanchor
Spawns Attrazione: giveattrazione
Spawns Bootlegger: givebootlegger
Spawns Challenger: givechallenger
Spawns Commander:

Phone Codes

The following codes are entered by going to the 'Extras' menu and selecting 'Cheats'. Activating these codes will disable both the autosave feature and the ability to get Achievements.
Bloody Mess (Everyone Killed Explodes into Blood): notrated
Clear Skies (Change Weather): clearskies
Drunk Pedestrians: dui
Give 45 Sheperd: givesheperd
Give Apoca-Fists: giveapoca
Give AR 55: givear55
Give AS3 Ultimax: giveultimax
Give Baseball Bat: givebaseball
Give Cash ($100,000): cheese
Give Chainsaw: givechainsaw
Give Cyber Blaster: givecybersmg
Give Cyber Buster: givecyber

Unlockable Vehicles

To unlock the Wraith and the X2 Phantom, follow the instructions below:
Complete Trail Blazing in Deckers territory on the Hard level.

Professor Genki

While going around Steelport, you can locate a NPC wearing a Professor Genki costume. He should show up on your radar as an enemy. If you can kill him, despite his health and weaponry, you are in for a good cash reward.

Customize Non-Customizable Vehicles

Certain vehicles can ordinarily not be customized. There is a way round this, however.
Go to a Rim Jobs Garage, using a standard customizable vehicle, then go into your garage from the Rim Jobs menu. Highlight a non-customizable vehicle and then go back and choose 'Accept'. The non-customizable vehicle should now be present in the garage and allow you to at least change it's color.

Vehicle Cheats

Enter the following cheats in the Cell Phone menu under Extras for the desired effect.
Givemunicipal - Spawn a Municipal
Givephoenix - Spawn a Phoenix
Givequasar - Spawn a Quasar
Givetaxi - Spawn a Taxi
Giveembulance - Spawn a Ambulance
Giveanchor - Spawn a Anchor
Giveattrazione - Spawn a Attrazione
Givebootlegger - Spawn a Bootlegger
Givechallenger - Spawn a Challenger
Givecommander - Spawn a Commander
Givecondor - Spawn a Condor
Giveeagle - Spawn an Eagle
Giveestrada - Spawn an Estrada
Givegatmobile - Spawn a Gatmobile
Givekanada - Spawn a Kanada
Givekenshin - Spawn a Kenshin
Giveknoxville - Spawn a Knoxville
Givekobra - Spawn a Korbra
Givekrukov - Spawn a Krukov
Givemiami - Spawn ..

Pedestrian Cheats

Enter the following cheats in the Cell Phone menu under Extras for the desired effect.
Dui - Drunk pedestrians
Hohoho - Pedestrians become pimps and prostitutes
Mascot - Pedestrians become mascots
Brains - Pedestrians become zombies

Weather Cheats

Enter the following cheats in the Cell Phone menu under Extras for the desired effect.
Clearskies- Sunny weather
Overcast- Cloudy weather
Lightrain- Rainy weather
Heavyrain - Very stormy weather

Weapon Cheats

Enter the following cheats in the Cell Phone menu under Extras for the desired effect.
Letsrock - All Weapons
Givecyber - Cyberdestructor
Givegrenade - Grenade
Givechainsaw - Chainsaw
Giveminigun - Minigun
Givemolotov - Molotov
Giveairstrike - Air Strike
Givedrone - Drone
Giverpg - RPG
Givesatchel - Satchel
Givekrukov - K-8 Krukov
Giveultimax - As3 Ultimax
Givehammer - Hammer
Givetek - Tek Z-10
Giveapoca - Apocafists

General Cheats

Enter the following cheats in the Cell Phone menu under Extras for the desired effect.

Repaircar - Repair Car
Goodygoody - No Police Notoriety
Oops - No Gang Notoriety
Notrated - Bloody Mess (bodies explode)
Vroom - No Car Damage
Goldengun - One-hit kills
Lolz - Increase Gang Notoriety
Pissofpigs - Increase Police Notoriety
Cheese - Give Cash ($100,000)
Whatitmeanstome - Give Respect
Fryhole - Heavenbound
Runfast - Infinite Sprint
Goody goody - No Cop Notoriety
Oops - No Gang Notoriety

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