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Saintsbook Assassinations
Saints Row The Third

Saintsbook Assassinations

Saints Row The Third Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Saintsbook Assassinations

There are 36 targets in total. More targets will become available as you progress through the story so make sure to come back and check your Saintsbook regularly.

$500, 125R

Head to the airport and steal a cart. Karl will appear driving his own cart. Since you can't fire while driving a cart, you must immediately disembark and shoot the target's cart until it explodes.

$500, 75R

Harass his Luchador buddies in The Grove for him to show up. Just spot some Luchadors, keep killing them until Almonzo appears as reinforcement.

$2700, 250R

Grab one of his fat, ugly hos in Henry Steel Mills to make him show up. Just drive slowly around the district until you spot one of those hos walking around. Grab her like what you normally do to get a human shield and several markers will appear. Only one is the real target and the others are decoys. No worries though since they'll be walking towards you anyway.

$2500, 250R

You should grab a police car and pull him over in Ashwood to execute him. There will be two targets that will appear in the map. In case you killed the decoy, just chase the other marker and kill the target.

$2000, 250R

Procure a Luchadore vehicle and head to Sunset Park to pick him. In case you have cleared the Luchadores out of their territory (which practically removes their presence in the area), you can find Luchadore vehicles at the parking lot of Buster Flush casino, right across Let's Pretend in New Baranec. Head to the marked location and he will appear.

$750, 150R

Head to Rosen Oaks and activate 911 – Emergency in your contact list. Once you've reached the area, the Emergency Response option will appear in the topmost  selection. Call it and stay put until the target arrives. You can just blow up the fire engine he's riding if you feel like it.

Officer Dealy
$1000, 175R

Head to Bridgeport and taunt some people until he shows up. Pretty easy kill.

$3600, 500R

Upgrade one of your vehicles at the Rim Jobs in Camano Place. You don't need to fully upgrade your vehicle. Just make a few modifications and the target will appear outside. Take him out.

$3500, 500R

Go to Planet Saints in Salander and throw a grenade inside the shop to make her appear.

$4000, 500R

Drive a muscle car and pull up in the target's gas station in New Baranec to make this target appear. The muscle cars in the game are the Bootlegger and Hammerhead. I found a Hammerhead parked in Rosen Oaks (the same place where you'll get a bootlegger during a vehicle theft mission) and parked it in the gas station. The target will appear almost instantly as soon as you pull over. Kill the bastard.

$750, 175R

Head to Leather and Lace in Camano Place and order some clothing. This will make him appear.

$800, 200R

Find the target and kill him before he jumps off the bridge running from The Grove to Loren Square.

$4500, 750R

This is much bigger target than the previous ones. You have to kill a whole bunch of his hos in Espina and get Morningstar as mad as you can before he can finally appear. Since you have to kill a bunch of people, you better roll with a tank. Keep doing this until the target finally appears.

$4500, 750R

Wear a Decker outfit from your wardrobe and head to Burns Hill. Once you find the target, you can take him out from a distance using a sniper rifle. Or if you don't care, just simply kill him and everybody around him.

$5000, 750R

Pick the target at the airport gate, fly her up in a plane then jump out and leave her behind. Head to the airport and ride the plane marked in the map. Wait for Whitney to ride the plane then fly it up. Once you're satisfied with the height, jump out to complete the assassination.

$1500, 225R

Rob a store anywhere in Carver Island in the Southwest district to piss off the guy and make him appear. Just follow the marker and rob any store in that area.

$1250, 250R

Find the target near the Deckers HQ and kill him. There may be multiple targets since the target also employs decoys so just keep hunting the targets until you get the correct one.

Dr. Wang
$1000, 250R

Get a cosmetic surgery at his downtown office (Loren Square) and his marker will appear. Head there and kill him.

$2000, 300R

Head to the casino in Port Pryor and assault/kill the patrons in and around the vicinity to make this guy appear.

$1750, 300R

Head back to your HQ and place a dummy order on your phone to lure this target. You don't need to go up to the penthouse. Just make the call in the marked location and he'll arrive in a few seconds.

$2500, 350R

Get a helicopter and fly to Brickston. The target's marker will appear as soon as you enter the area. Just shoot him down to complete the mission.

$2000, 400R

Go to Yearwood and order a pizza. Once the delivery boy is in view, smoke him.

Lt. Gorshin
$700, 100R

Cause some ruckus in Espina until the target shows up.

$600, 125R

Go to Loren Square and compliment a lot of people until he shows up.

$800, 200R

This guy's driving a cement truck around Salander. Your rocket launcher should be enough to take out the truck.

$1500, 275R

You must approach the target without any weapons while he is sniffing flowers in Sunset Park. He's a bit tough but won't be match with your grenades and rockets.

Mr. Dickson
$2000, 325R

First, get a Status Quo limo and park to the designated area. Wait a bit and he will appear in a few seconds. A rival hitman will also attempt to kill him so take him out before competition gets in the way.

$500, 375R

Find the target in the Camano Place wharf. He's behind the building with some container vans. Take note that taking this target out will instantly warrant you with a LV5 gang notoriety. Escape the area and cool down or just simply ask for gang forgiveness using your contacts.

$3000, 450R

Grab a chopper and head to the marked location. Land on the helipad and wait until the target appears. Disembark and kill him.

DJ Enigmus
$500, 100R

Go to Salander and listen to K12 in your radio to draw her out. There will be multiple targets like the others, due to decoys. Just take out the real one to receive your bounty reward.

$750, 150R

Have yourself deliberately run over by a car to lure this target in the Sunset Park area. Just take him out quickly since you also have competition with this target.

$1000, 225

Streak near the target's HQ  in the church in Ashwood until she appears. Give her the early retirement she deserves.

$2500, 325R

Grab a chopper and fly near his building to make him go out. Once his marker is visible, fly in and take out the enemies.

Sgt. Steiner
$4000, 500R

Head to the large statue in the lone island to the south and call the number which will become available in your phone once you get in the marked location.

$2000, 275R
Call him on your phone and meet him somewhere. After heading to the area, you'll see two targets. One is the true target while the other one is a decoy. Just kill them both if necessary.

Mr. Hess
$3000, 350R

You'll find the target in the Federal courthouse in Henry Steel Mills. Just head there and drive around a bit until the marker appears.

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Comments for Saintsbook Assassinations

8 comments, latest first.
ID #171303 | Aug 2nd 2012 Guest
I kept throwing grenades in that area for the almonzo assasination and he came out.
ID #169006 | Jul 27th 2012 Guest
I have all the collectibels and completet the game but only got 32 assaintsations avalibel why ! ?
ID #132227 | Apr 11th 2012 Guest
To get almonzo and the others get a vtol and start shooting stuff with it and you will get gang activity and then the targets.
ID #121395 | Mar 8th 2012 Guest
I completed all the four regions 100% and now i am unable to find any of other gang members like luchadores... Now how to kill Almozo and some other? Help please!
ID #108536 | Jan 22nd 2012 Guest
if like me you have taken over 100% of the game, and need to do alonzo, hopefully you have the survival missions left, otherwise find a friend who isnt using cheats and you can do it in their game.
ID #107677 | Jan 20th 2012 Guest
Pheonix works for the Gerrard assassination as well
ID #104196 | Jan 8th 2012 Guest
Hey i need some help with the Almonzo assassination. i have removed the gang from the grove and i cannot taunt the gang members. Is there a way to complete this assassination?
ID #100754 | Dec 30th 2011 Guest
I think whether they have Decoys, rival hitmen or whatever is random. My experience with them was completely different.