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Saints Row The Third Cheats for PS3

Cheats and Tips for Saints Row The Third

Saints Row The Third Guide
Saints Row The Third Guide
Complete unofficial walkthrough and game guide for Saints Row 3. Includes Single Player walkthrough, all the collectibles, unlockables, saintsbook s..

We have 43 cheats and tips on PS3. If you have any cheats or tips for Saints Row The Third please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC : Xbox 360

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Phone Passwords

Enter the codes below into your in-game phone to get the result shown:
Add Gang Notoriety: lolz
Add Police Notoriety: pissofpigs
Give Cash: cheese
Give Respect: whatitmeanstome
Heavenbound: fryhole
Ifinite Sprint: runfast
No Cop Notoriety: goody goody
No Gang Notoriety: oops
Spawn municipal: givemunicipal
Spawn pheonix: givepheonix
Spawn squasar: givesquasar
Spawn Taxi: givetaxi
Spawns Ambulance: giveembulance
Spawns Anchor: giveanchor
Spawns Attrazione: giveattrazione
Spawns Bootlegger: givebootlegger
Spawns Challenger: givechallenger
Spawns Commander: givecommander

Phone Codes

Enter the following codes via the 'Extras' menu on the phone to enable the corresponding effect. Activating these codes will disable both the autosave feature and the ability to get Trophies.
Bloody Mess (Everyone Killed Explodes into Blood): notrated
Clear Skies (Change Weather): clearskies
Drunk Pedestrians: dui
Give 45 Sheperd: givesheperd
Give Apoca-Fists: giveapoca
Give AR 55: givear55
Give AS3 Ultimax: giveultimax
Give Baseball Bat: givebaseball
Give Cash ($100,000): cheese
Give Chainsaw: givechainsaw
Give Cyber Blaster: givecybersmg
Give Cyber Buster: givec..

Unlockable Vehicles

Follow the instructions below to unlock the Wraith and the X2 Phantom:
Complete Trail Blazing in Deckers territory on the Hard level.

Unlockable Gang Styles

For a list of the unlockable gang styles to earn in Saints Row The Third, see below:
Cops/SWAT: Complete all SNATCH missions for Kinzie
Deckers: Complete Mission 37
Hos: Complete all SNATCH missions for Zimos
Luchadores: Complete Mission 43
Mascots: Complete all Prof. Genki S.E.are.C. Instances
Morningstar: Complete Mission 29
National Guard: Complete all TANK MAYHEM instances
Space Saints: Complete Mission 47
Strippers: Complete all ESCORT missions for Zimos
Wrestlers: Complete all TIGER ESCORT instances

Customize Non-Customizable Vehicles

Unfortunately, certain vehicles can normally not be customized. There is a way round this, however.
Go to a Rim Jobs Garage, using a standard customizable vehicle, then go into your garage from the Rim Jobs menu. Highlight a non-customizable vehicle and then go back and choose 'Accept'. The non-customizable vehicle should now be present in the garage and allow you to at least change it's color.

Radio Stations and Tracks

The following sets of songs can he heard by tuning to the corresponding station.
The Mix
'Stand and Deliver' by Adam Ant
'Fantasy' by Aldo Nova
'Holding out For A Hero' by Bonnie Tyler
'Machinehead' by Bush
'Pepper' by Butthole Surfers
'Epic' by Faith No More
'Relax' by Frankie Goes To Hollywood
'You're The Best Around' by Joe Esposito
'Return Of The Mack' by Mark Morrison
'Live Wire' by Mötley Crüe
'Shout At The Devil' by Mötley Crüe
'No Easy Way Out' by Robert Tepper
'My Adidas' by Run DMC
'Ball and Chain' by Social Distortion
'What I Got' by Sublime
'It's My Life' by Talk Ta..

Easy Money

Destroy ALL of the slot machines at Angel's Casino to get a stack of cash out of each of them when the screen cracks and they fall over. Then, go to a nearby crib that is not Angel's Casino and save the game. When you now load the saved game file you will still have the money obtained from the slot machines at Angel's casino and if you go back to the casino you will see new slot machines that can be used to get more money if you destroy them. Repeat as many times as you want to get a couple of hundred dollars each time.

Shaundi in Magazine

Unlock Burns Hill Reactor as a crib and then go upstairs to the bathroom. There you will find a magazine on the edge of the Jacuzzi titled 'Boy-Toy'. The magazine's cover features Shaundi as she appeared in Playboy magazine's '2008 Virtual Vixens'.


Reach level 50 and gain about $5 million by entering the [b]whatitmeanstome[/b code and activating it between 10 to 20 times. Then go to the 'Character Abilities' screen and buy ALL the fall, fire, bullet, explosion, and vehicle strike damage reduction options until it reaches 'Never take damage'. You will now be invincible from ALL damage. A glitch has been known to occur and you may still die if you crash with an aircraft or are in a normal vehicle and are run over by a tank.

Infinite Health

If you want infinite health, you need to use the money cheat over and over again. When you get a lot of money, go to the upgrade menu and buy all of the damage and health upgrades, which should give you no bullet, explosion, fire or fall damage, meaning you basically have infinite health. :D

Professor Genki

While going around Steelport, you should be able to locate a NPC wearing a Professor Genki costume. He should show up on your radar as an enemy. If you can kill him, despite his health and weaponry, you are in for a good cash reward.

Never die cheat

Hey peeps to never die on saints row 3 on ps3 or 360 do this, look for the money cheat online-activate it 10 to 20 times-go on upgrades on your phone-click damage and buy all of them till you can't
Warning-doing this causes it to stay on for the whole game profile (unless you start a new one)
Hope it helped bye!

Unlock Wraith

When you complete the the hard level of the Trailblazing Activity in Decker's territory this vehicle will become unlocked.

Obtain The Penetrator Weapon Cheat

To unlock and obtain the penetrator, you must enter givedildo as a cheat.
Hope this helps.

Spawn Tornado Cheat

To unlock and spawn a tornado, you must enter givetornado as a cheat.
Hope this helps.

Bonus Vehicle: X2 Phantom Motorcycle

To get and unlock this vehicle you must successfully complete Decker's version of Trailblazing Activity.
(Note: the other version that involves you using the ATV on fire is not required)

Infinite and Immediate Cash

In your cheats option, type in cheese for instant and unlimited cash.

Car in elevator

You can drive a vehicle into a elevator and take your car to the top of the building. This can be done with almost all cars no matter how big use your imagination.

All Weather Changing Cheats

Here all are the weather changing cheats and what you must enter to get them:
Sunny Weather clearskies
Cloudy Weather overcast
Rainy Weather lightrain
Heavy Rain Storm heavyrain
I hope these cheats helped you..
Also the actual name of the cheat is on the left and the code itself is on the right.

All Pedestrians are Pimps and Hookers

To make all pedestrians pimps and hookers, you must enter hohoho as a cheat.
Hope this helps.

Spawn Shark Cheat

To unlock and spawn a shark, you must enter giveshark as a cheat.
Hope this helps.

Mission my name is cyrus temple level Location

At the end of my name is Cyrus temple mission before you escape in the condor jump over the railing at the end of the room you will fall through the floor and see where this level is located in the sky.

Homies can fly too

Recruit three homies get into a aircraft of your choice preferably without any homies in your aircraft fly down to the stag camp in sun set park and hover over the road until stag aircraft appear your homies will get into them now you have your own armed air convoy.

Spawn Peacemaker Cheat

To unlock and spawn a Peacemaker, you must enter givepeacemaker as a cheat.
Hope this helps.

Spawn Phoenix Cheat

To unlock and spawn a phoenix, you must enter givephoenix as a cheat.
Hope this helps.

Spawn Gatmobile Cheat

To spawn and unlock a gatmobile, you must enter givegatmobile as a cheat.
Hope this helps.

Spawn Woodpecker Cheat

To unlock and spawn a woodpecker, you must enter givewoodpecker as a cheat.
Hope this helps.

Spawn Widow Maker Cheat

To unlock and spawn a widow maker, you must enter givewidowmaker as a cheat.
Hope this helps.

Spawn Vehicles Cheats: Challenger, VTOL, Toad, Vulture

The name of the vehicle is on the left and the cheat code you must enter to spawn it is on the right:
Challenger givechallenger
F69 VTOL givevtol
Toad givetoad
Vulture givevulture
I hope this helped


CHEESE-intstanley gives you cash!
LETSROCK-full inventory of weapons!
GOODYGOODY-no cop notoreity!
GOLDENGUN-gives you a golden gun!
REPAIRCAR-repairs you car for you!
PISSOFPIGS-adds cop notoreity!
VROOM-no damage to your car!
BRAINS-makes presdiants into zombies!
FRYHOLE-heaven bound when you kill a president they go to heaven!

Bomb comes flaming money

Find yellow and black security vans driving around steelport and blow them up they will drop a load of money around them.

How to get the turn signals

Well first go to a corner with your car, then pull out the phone and open the map. Then click on the destination you would like to go to. Once you do that exit the phone and they should be on. Then after every turn go to the next corner where you must turn and pull out your cell phone and go to maps and undo the location you chose then redo it and it will continue to go. For questions look me up on Facebook at Austin Idk Kmiec, just say you read the article

All pedestrians are zombies

In the cheats option, type in brains to turn all pedestrians into zombies.

One hit kill cheat

To get one shot kills on whoever you want, you must enter goldengun as a cheat on this game.

RPG Launcher Cheat

To get an RPG Launcher, you must enter giverpg as a cheat.
I hope this helps.

Flame Thrower Cheat

To get a flame throwers in this game, you must enter giveflamethrower as a cheat.
I hope this helps.

Add Police Notoriety Cheat

To unlock and activate this cheat, you must enter pissoffpigs as a cheat.
Hope this helps.

Bonus Vehicle: Wraith

To get and unlock the wraith you must successfully complete the hard level of Trailblazing Activity in Decker's territory.
I hope you enjoy.

Change The Weather to Clear Skies

Go to the cheats option, and type in clearskies for this cheat.

Add Gang Notoriety Cheat

To unlock and activate this cheat, you must enter lolz as a cheat.
Hope this helps.

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