Steel Port Here I Am

Saints Row The Third Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Steel Port Here I Am

Head to the marked location to meet up with Pierce. Next, drive the car to the Rim Jobs branch in Henry Mills. Park the car inside and customize it. Next, drive to a Planet Saints branch in Salander. Customize your character if you haven't done so before then head outside. There will be enemies outside, including a brute. Take out the lesser guards first then concentrate your fire at the brute. You can evade its attacks if it ever gets close to you by pressing the A button at the right time. After its hp is depleted, you need to finish it off by pressing Y right in front of it.


It's something angry...


After taking out the brute, head to the safehouse to complete the mission.

Reward: $6000


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It's not no cheat code 2 this part of the game

Added 9th Jul 2014, ID #415289

how do i resart the misson

Added 5th Aug 2013, ID #302826

Okay. I bought saintsrow the third and I was doing the mission "steel port here I am" I was going to go customize my car and when I get to the place to customize it I go in and park my car and It won't let me customize the car I went in side and it said" I can't customize during a mission " I been stuck there in a long time please help

Added 22nd Jun 2013, ID #292051

hey this is a great guide step by step and i didnt find anything wrong with it

Added 31st Dec 2011, ID #101331