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ACT 2 Return to Steelport
Saints Row The Third

Return to Steelport

Saints Row The Third Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Return to Steelport

Ride the speedboat and head to the barge. There will be enemies on jetskis here so you can just shoot them with your pistol or grab the gunboat from a dock nearby.

Board the barge and start clearing until you find Kinzie inside the bridge. Untie her.

Head to the BDSM club and check out the marked rooms to interrogate the patrons. Once you learn the manager's room, head there.

Continue making your way downstairs until you reach the pony cart. Shoot all your pursuers until you get the next cutscene.

Giddy up boy

Next, you have to find Angel. Get on your ride and head to the location. You'll find several luchadores outside. Kill them all off. Head inside and fend off the attacking luchadores. A mini-gun brute will appear on the second floor. Kill it then grab the mini-gun. Use it to kill the two incinerator brutes that will appear.

Rewards: $8,000
Crib – Angel's Place
Crib – Kinzie's Place
Crib – Zimo's Pad
Weapon – Penetrator
Gang Customization – You can now include Gimps in your gang

Four new missions will be added as well. Take them in whatever order you please. New activities will show up in the map as well. Check them all out.

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Return to Steelport


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