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Party Time
Saints Row The Third

Party Time

Saints Row The Third Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Party Time

Drive to the marked location to start the mission. Once you're in the helicopter, press Y to jump down. Deploy your parachute and land on the pool. Grab the lieutenant and use him as your meat shield. Take out the enemies in the area.

Follow the marker and head downstairs. Grab the grenades and use it to clear the path. Kill more enemies inside and call the elevator.

With the help of your allies, continue clearing the place until you get the objective to get to a helicopter. Rush to the helipad and ride the helicopter.

Pursue the lieutenant with the helicopter until he lands. Continue your pursuit on foot and when you run into enemies, ignore them. Just pursue the lieutenant and grab him. Survive for a few more seconds and watch the scene. Mission complete.


It's the red wire!


Reward: $6,000
Saint's Penthouse now unlocked.
Gang Customization is now available at the Saint's HQ.

With your new pad, you can now use store helicopters in your helipad. The easiest way to get one is to bust in the military base in Sierra Point and check the westernmost part of the island where the military choppers are stored. Take note that there are two types of Eagles here; one without weapons and one armed with missiles and gatling gun. The armed eagle has a lighter color and of course, you can see the gatling gun installed on its nose. It should be on the landing pad instead on the ground. Now bust one and quickly get out of the place before the military swarms on you.

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Comments for Party Time

3 comments, latest first.
ID #444535 | Sep 4th 2014 Guest
how to drive a helicopter in pc version?
ID #244283 | Jan 19th 2013 Guest
when i jump off the helicopter, i get stuck at 849 feet from the penthouse...
ID #209508 | Nov 17th 2012 Guest
sr3 is the best game ever