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Raikou and Entei
Pokemon Soul Silver

Raikou and Entei

Pokemon Soul Silver Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Raikou and Entei

Raikou in our Pokedex: http://pokemon.supercheats.com/raikou/

Entei in our Pokedex: http://pokemon.supercheats.com/entei/

REQUIREMENTS: Release them from the Ecruteak Burnt Tower.
LEVEL: 40 Each

Once you release the 3 Legendary Dogs from the Burnt Tower Raikou and Entei will be wondering the Routes of the game that include tall grass. They will only stays for 1 Round in any battle and then they flee but they will retain any Status and damage you have done to them. If have a Pokemon that has an ability that will keep them from running then bonus. Otherwise work them down one attack at a time. They change Routes every time you do so your best bet is to simply going back and forth between two routes (I use Routes 36 & 37 below Ecruteak) until you see in the Pokegear that they are in your area. Then head into the grass and capture them.

Legendary Pokemon - Raikou & Entei

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Comments for Raikou and Entei

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ID #430086 | Aug 3rd 2014 Guest
can someone help me with finding whirlpool
ID #341019 | Jan 7th 2014 Guest
What if you beat the elite 4 and released them from the burning tower, how do you get entei and raikou in the pokedex?
ID #277194 | Apr 24th 2013 Guest
hey if u need to catch raikou or eneti if u koed him and u didnt save kill the elite 4 again and they will be on the pokegear
ID #265425 | Mar 20th 2013 Guest
no you cant
ID #251483 | Feb 7th 2013 BOOM444
If you kill raikou is there any way to get him back?
ID #246287 | Jan 25th 2013 Guest
i wanted a raiku and a eneti so i kept trying and it is possible to get both.
ID #170837 | Aug 1st 2012 Guest
raikou is my favorite so i got him with my master ball
ID #142321 | May 15th 2012 Guest
witch is best eneti or raikou
ID #110744 | Jan 30th 2012 lbaven
If you didn't save the game. Can found them again?
ID #95306 | Dec 15th 2011 chillypicblox
It's pronounced Rikou:Rye-coo Entei:N-t
ID #95299 | Dec 15th 2011 chillypicblox
[quote]You get fast balls by kurt OHHHH because I ha forgotten >.
ID #73725 | Sep 10th 2011 Guest
ID #70593 | Aug 27th 2011 Guest
Your best bet would be to have an about level 50 Gengar that knows mean look, hypnosis, and curse and use mean look and then use hypnosis and then curse and gradually its health will decrese and then after its health is critically low, run and then find it again (it will still be asleep and the curse will be lifted) and then throw a fast ball at it and you should be a winner
ID #69643 | Aug 23rd 2011 Guest
I already cought eneti but I can't get rayku
ID #53801 | Jul 1st 2011 Guest
how do u get entei when he is koed