Pokemon Soul Silver Guide

Pokemon Soul Silver Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Pokemon Soul Silver Guide

Unofficial Pokemon Soul Silver Guide by swaggers for SuperCheats.com

This is a straight walkthrough for Pokemon Soul Silver. It will guide you on the path through Soul Silver and give you tips and tricks for all the battles. If you are a "gotta have them all" kind of person be sure to check out the Pokedex here on SuperCheats. All three starters play very differently and require different Pokemon to help them out.

Check the Pokedex if you are having a hard time to find not only your opponent's weakness but also what Pokemon to use to beat it and where to find it. I.E. If you are fighting Dragonite you can see that he is 4x Weak to Ice and then find out that Articuno is an Ice based Legendary you can get in Soul Silver.

Alternatively our Pokemon Forums are packed with people that love to play Pokemon and may be able to offer you a helping hand.


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Pokemon is awesome but how many legendary pokemon are there?

Added 25th Oct 2015, ID #619797

i like it

Added 2nd Oct 2015, ID #613217

Tell me how to not love my [img]VVVVEEEEEEERRRRRRYYYYY adoreable mareep

Added 21st Apr 2015, ID #546042

ecruteak city

Added 31st Dec 2014, ID #493244

How do you get from Violet city and pass route 36 to the next city im stuck on the tree that moves.

Added 17th Nov 2014, ID #473004

Can somebody plz tell me what the action replay code for your secret ID is in Pokemon Soul Silver? I've tried tons of different codes but none of them work. Thx!

Added 15th Aug 2014, ID #437153

Does someone now how to obtain a blue orb in soulsilver version?!?!

Added 27th May 2014, ID #389628

How to get poke flute

Added 4th Apr 2014, ID #371342

could any one help me make a code for me to change my trainer id to Donald please thanks[quote][/

Added 18th Dec 2013, ID #331049

What if the poke'mon's area is unknown ??:/

Added 26th Aug 2013, ID #306925

U can get an eevee but first u need to find bill the creator of the pc then he goes to goldenrod city to his house his house in sort of on the water you can see a bell when u arrive go to pokemon center go up turn left at game corner then Billy's house is right there

Added 25th Aug 2013, ID #306687


Added 6th Jun 2013, ID #288319

Where can I find an eevee in pokemon soul silver!

Added 1st May 2013, ID #279323

I need help to get good pokemon and get past other stages like how do I viridian city and pewter city and get to mt. silver and last indigo plateau
pokemom soul silver thanks

Added 14th Feb 2013, ID #253998

how do i get silver wing

Added 8th Feb 2013, ID #251620

go onto the ship, and then go to the room on the far right(the lower room), and then go inside. after that, go to the bed. the game should ask you if you want to sleep or not. then sleep.

Added 12th Jan 2013, ID #241866

how do you take a nap on the s.s. aqua

Added 11th Jan 2013, ID #241575

hi does anyone know wtf the blue orb is just kidding it is only legit obtainable in hg not ss thats the red orb but if u trad it kyogre to you show it to prof oak and he will give you the jade orb for rayquaza

Added 6th Jan 2013, ID #238633

How do you get from cerulean city to pewter city? I'm in kanto. In DS game Pokemon soul silver.

Added 1st Jan 2013, ID #233986

Why cant i use surf in Silver? What gym do i need to complete?

Added 10th Nov 2012, ID #207378

how do i duplicate

Added 10th Nov 2012, ID #207145

How do i get rockslide

Added 10th Nov 2012, ID #207139

i need help i need help i need help i need help pleeeeeeeeeeeezzzzze

Added 23rd Oct 2012, ID #200389

count to spaces up need help

Added 22nd Oct 2012, ID #199955

how can i get mean look skill pokemon soul silver

Added 24th Aug 2012, ID #179556

hi [spoiler][/spoiler]

Added 11th Jul 2012, ID #162964

Helpppppp can't get a poke flute to wake up snorelax

Added 7th Jul 2012, ID #161268

use your radio.. and place it near him

Added 12th May 2015, ID #555242

to get

Added 26th Jun 2012, ID #157306

5-chuck(fighting)-pokemon?(if pokemon begans to concentrate attack it or else it will use focus punch) 5 trainers-4 can be avoided

i am going to stop here for now

Added 15th Jun 2012, ID #153052

hi. the gym leaders for the johto are:
1-falkner(flying)-(all pokemon are normalflying)pidgeotto(most powerful), pidgey, two trainers(there is a shortcut around the trainers)
2-bugsy(bug)-scyther-bugflying(most powerful),2 others, 1 twin, 2 trainers(you need to cross 2 nets, the spiders that carry you will always try to change course, for the first net use the left spider)
3-whitney(normal)-milktank(most powerful, use female agaist,normal), 2 others, 4 trainers, 2 trainers can be avoided
4-morty(ghost, comes after meeting eucine in burned tower and alerting the legendaries)-2 gastlys(ghost), 1 haunter(ghost), 1 gengar(ghost, most powerful)-?number of trainers(trainers light the darkness, when defeated their light gos out,the light will reapear if you leave and come back)

Added 15th Jun 2012, ID #153050

how do i find a shiny blue shuckle in pokemon soul silver?[img][/img]

Added 8th Jun 2012, ID #150238

pokemon is coolest game I have ever plated

Added 4th Jun 2012, ID #148777

This is the best game I have ever played

Added 27th May 2012, ID #145875

I like regular ds games butt I have a 3ds.

Added 24th May 2012, ID #145067

I need led jerry dOgs

Added 16th May 2012, ID #142495

Hey sorry I haven't acually read your guide, but I know a freakin awesome secret(NOT A GLITCH) about Pokemon Soul Silver!! And I don't know ANYONE that also knows it!
Ya, so when you go in a cave you will see some really round rocks. Like really wound, and a bit different coloring too, they stand out. Just walk up to one and click A! It is a 50 50 chance you will fand something in that rock...I think I even found a rare candy in one so now I have 4 Rare Candies and I'm only level 30! Also, when you go in the department store building or a differnt building simlular to its basement click on the boxes and it is 50 50 chance you will find something! Ya so I found this by my self in the beggening of Pearl thinking it would break... ENJOY OR DIE MWUHAHAHAHAHA!

Added 13th May 2012, ID #141886

whitch island do i go to get lugia on pkm soul please help me

Added 2nd May 2012, ID #138829

how do you find/

Added 15th Apr 2012, ID #133663

the power plant piece is in the 10th gym (water type gym in kanto)

Added 6th Apr 2012, ID #130322

blah blah blah your so so so so so so so very dum

Added 7th Mar 2012, ID #121161


Added 5th Mar 2012, ID #120597

how do you get the pokefluit

Added 25th Feb 2012, ID #118262

how do you get the power plant piece in the bike shop

Added 25th Feb 2012, ID #118119

And for the person who asked how to wake up snorlax i know
how to wake it up.Use the pokeflute on it.

Added 20th Feb 2012, ID #116704

I'm board :(

Added 19th Feb 2012, ID #116493

how do you wake up snorelax????????? I'm desperate for an answer :(

Added 18th Feb 2012, ID #116165

how do you get tm flash ?

Added 18th Feb 2012, ID #116035

Um, well, I want to know how to use ar or in other words action replay. In Soul Silver, on the menu screen I saw no "Add a Code" button or anything indecating how to use ar. In an comment below, it explained that you had to use the "Add a Code" button. But it's not there. :( Help Please.

Added 10th Feb 2012, ID #113527

Will anyone trade for a Deoxys, please....Really would love to have him. Thank you for all your time and help!

Added 29th Jan 2012, ID #110360


Added 28th Jan 2012, ID #109970