Pokemon Soul Silver Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Mewtwo in our Pokedex:

REQUIREMENTS: Get all 16 Badges.
ABILITIES NEEDED: Surf, Flash & Rock Climb

Mewtwo is in Cerulean Cave. Got get there head out of Cerulean city via the Route 24 bridge and hang an immediate left. Then Surf off the grass Southwards to the cave entrance. In the cave head North and then surf up and left as far as you can go. You'll land by two ladders which you want to ignore and continue South along the bottom of the path until you get to another ladder. Nope to that one also. Head left down the stairs and under the bridge and around until you get to a 4th ladder. Take this one up. At the first fork do up, at the second go right and follow that around until you get to the next ladder, then down twice. Ignore the Rock Climbs and continue on the path taking a right at the fork until you get to some water. Surf to the right and go around to another patch of water and Surf on that and take the first right and you'll end up at Mewtwo.


Legendary Pokemon - Mewtwo



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Threw a Quick Ball for giggles. Caught Mewtwo with Typloshian w/ Eruption, 3 Flamethrower, Gyrados w/ 2 Surf, Togekiss 4 Yawn, 4 Great Balls, 10 Dusk Balls, 6 Ultra Balls later.

Added 7th Jul 2014, ID #413951

I got the best team lv 70 Giratina lv100: Shaymin Ryperior Magmator lv 72 Ho-Oh and lv 60 Lugea now to catch mewtwo then i got ALL the legendarys and Rare pokemon in the game!!!!!!!! word

Added 26th Jul 2013, ID #300384

I have a friend who told me to use my Master Ball, but I won't since all you have to do is paralyze (and put it to sleep, if it helps) Mewtwo, he's not that hard to catch. The only problem I'll have is leveling up my guys that have Thundershock so they won't faint in one shot. Lvl. 74 Luxray should be able to put a fair size dent in Mewtwo's health :P (To bad he doesn't know Thundershock...)

Added 20th Jun 2013, ID #291560

Lvl 70 Togekiss, I used Silver Wind, switched to Venusaur to drug it to sleep, switched back to Togekiss and used Rock Smash (lulz), down to 1-3 HP and caught with the first. Freaking. Dusk ball. I am still in shock as to how lucky I just was.

Added 13th Jan 2013, ID #242069

Simple directions:Throw a masterball.use a escape rope. ta-da!

Added 30th Nov 2012, ID #213783

Used 1 fastball on first try and caught mewtwo. Never used an attack

Added 29th Nov 2012, ID #213698

i used like about 30 ultra balls and i caught it. took forever

Added 2nd Nov 2012, ID #204384

Caught it with 3 ultra balls(I did the b + down on first 2 balls and the plain b trick on the last)after weakining it with my lvl 78 feralig8r that used bite and ice fang(ice fang did not make it get frozen and bite did not make it flinch)

Added 12th Oct 2012, ID #195335

[spoiler][/spoiler] Hehhe

Added 8th Oct 2012, ID #193524

where to get flash from?

Added 29th Jul 2012, ID #169709

You can buy IT at a departement store in goldenrod city

Added 8th Jul 2015, ID #581451


Added 27th Jul 2012, ID #168993

is this on soulsilver?

Added 26th Apr 2012, ID #137112

it took me awhile but i used my lv 38 Shedinja and kept using false swipe on him until he was down in the red and then i pulled out my lv 75 parasect and let mewtwo hit it until it was asleep.

Added 8th Jan 2012, ID #104179

i caught mewtwo with 12 ultra balls when he was paralyzed and in red hp....He's not that hard to catch and u shouldnt waste ur masterball on him.

Added 17th Nov 2011, ID #88088

A dawn stone evolves a kirlia into a galade instead of a gardavoire. However it must be a male kirlia or else it doesn't work.

Added 9th Sep 2011, ID #73446

lottery? wht lottery? theres only the game corner.

Added 19th Jul 2011, ID #59233

you can get more master balls by winning the lottery in goldenrod city! and what does a dawn stone do?

Added 23rd Apr 2011, ID #39222

There is no way in hell you got that in one shot. You're a Haxorz!

Added 16th Apr 2011, ID #37794

you have to use a action replay code or you can trade something for it

Added 25th Jan 2011, ID #26754

How do you get more Master balls?

Added 18th Jan 2011, ID #25981

I have 500 master balls lol piece of cake

Added 1st Jan 2011, ID #23591

how do i enter letters and numbers on soul silver

Added 29th Nov 2010, ID #19720

togekiss has crap name but is awsome my 30 togekiss took out mates 48 rhydon

Added 26th Nov 2010, ID #19327

I have all the ledgans except Arcatuno

Added 25th Nov 2010, ID #19279

you .. used a cheat?

Added 13th Nov 2010, ID #18044

i have 999 masterballs lol

Added 26th Oct 2010, ID #16382

i sugggest to catch mewtwo with took me 15 days to save and catch it.i used ultraballs than.mewtwo is awesome though.especcially at level 100 when it learns aura sphere

Added 30th Sep 2010, ID #13997

got mewtwo i sugest you save before fight

Added 12th Sep 2010, ID #12411