TM and HM Locations

Pokemon Platinum Walkthrough and Guide

by Mogg 13-42  

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Pokemon Platinum Guide

TM and HM Locations

This section of the guide has been provided by Traffic Monger.


TM01-Focus Punch-Oreburgh Gate-Surf Needed
TM02-Dragon Claw-Mt. Coronet-Strength, Rock Climb, Surf Needed
TM03-Water Pulse-Ravaged Path, Surf, Rock Smash Needed
TM04-Calm Mind-Exchange for BP at the Battle Frontier
TM05-Roar-Route 213, Rock Climb Needed
TM06-Toxic-Exchange for BP at the Battle Frontier
TM07-Hail-Route 217
TM08-Bulk Up-Exchange for BP at the Battle Frontier
TM09-Bullet Seed-Route 204
TM10-Hidden Power-Veilstone Game Corner
TM11-Sunny Day-Route 212
TM12-Taunt-Route 211
TM13-Ice Beam-Route 216-Rock Climb Needed
TM14-Blizzard-Lake Acuity, Veilstone Department Store, Surf, Rock Climb Needed
TM15-Hyper Beam-Veilstone Department Store
TM16-Light Screen-Veilstone Department Store
TM17-Protect-Veilstone Department Store
TM18-Rain Dance-Route 213; Pastoria City side, Surf Needed
TM19-Giga Drain-Route 209, Surf Needed
TM20-Safeguard-Veilstone Department Store
TM21-Frustration-Veilstone Game Corner, Team Galactic Warehouse
TM23-Iron Tail-Iron Island
TM24-Thunderbolt-Valley Windworks, Veilstone Game Corner, Surf Needed
TM25-Thunder-Lake Valor, Veilstone Department Store, Surf Needed
TM26-Earthquake-Wayward Cave, Exchange for BP at the Battle Frontier, Pickup, Rock Smash Needed
TM27-Return-Sandgem Town, Lost Tower, Veilstone Game Corner
TM28-Dig-Route 214
TM29-Psychic-Veilstone Game Corner
TM30-Shadow Ball-Route 210, Exchange for BP at the Battle Frontier
TM31-Brick Break-Oreburgh Gate, Battle Frontier Shop
TM32-Double Team-Veilstone Game Corner
TM33-Reflect-Veilstone Department Store
TM34-Shock Wave-Route 215, Cut Needed
TM35-Flamethrower-Fuego Ironworks, Veilstone Game Corner, Surf Needed to get to Fuego Ironworks
TM36-Sludge Bomb-Team Galactic Warehouse, Exchange for BP at the Battle Frontier
TM37-Sandstorm-Route 228
TM38-Fire Blast- Lake Verity, Surf Needed
TM39-Rock Tomb-Ravaged Path, Rock Smash Needed
TM40-Aerial Ace-Route 213, Exchange for BP at the Battle Frontier
TM41-Torment-Victory Road
TM42-Facade-Survival Area
TM43-Secret Power-Amity Square
TM44-Rest-Veilstone Game Corner
TM45-Attract-Amity Square, Exchange for BP at the Battle Frontier
TM46-Thief-Eterna City, Cut Needed
TM47-Steel Wing-Route 209, Cut Needed
TM48-Skill Swap-Canalave City
TM49-Snatch-Team Galactic Warehouse
TM50-Overheat-Stark Mountain
TM51-Roost-Route 210
TM52-Focus Blast-Veilstone Department Store
TM53-Energy Ball-Route 226, Exchange for BP at the Battle Frontier
TM54-False Swipe-Veilstone Department Store
TM55-Brine-Pastoria Gym
TM56-Fling-Route 222
TM57-Charge Beam-Sunyshore Gym
TM58-Endure-Veilstone Game Corner
TM59-Dragon Pulse-Victory Road, Exchange for BP at the Battle Frontier
TM60-Drain Punch-Veilstone Gym
TM61-Will-O-Wisp-Exchange for BP at the Battle Frontier
TM62-Silver Wind-Route 212
TM63-Embargo-Veilstone City
TM64-Explosion-Veilstone Game Corner, after winning the slots
TM65-Shadow Claw-Hearthome Gym
TM66-Payback-Route 215
TM67-Recycle-Eterna Condominiums
TM68-Giga Impact-Veilstone Game Corner
TM69-Rock Polish-Mt. Coronet, Rock Smash Needed
TM70-Flash-Oreburgh Gate, Rock Smash Needed
TM71-Stone Edge-Victory Road, Exchange for BP at the Battle Frontier
TM72-Avalanche-Snowpoint Gym
TM73-Thunder Wave-Exchange for BP at the Battle Frontier
TM74-Gyro Ball-Veilstone Game Corner
TM75-Swords Dance-Veilstone Game Corner
TM76-Stealth Rock-Oreburgh Gym
TM77-Psych Up-Route 211
TM78-Captivate-Victory Road
TM79-Dark Pulse-Victory Road
TM80-Rock Slide-Mt. Coronet, Surf, Rock Climb Needed
TM81-X-Scissor-Route 211, Exchange for BP at the Battle Frontier
TM82-Sleep Talk-Eterna Forest, Cut Needed
TM83-Natural Gift-Veilstone Department Store
TM84-Poison Jab-Route 212, Surf Needed
TM85-Dream Eater-Valor Lakefront
TM86-Grass Knot-Eterna Gym
TM87-Swagger-Pokemon Mansion
TM88-Pluck-Floaroma Town
TM89-U-Turn-Canalave City, Surf Needed
TM90-Substitute-Old Chateau, Veilstone Game Corner
TM91-Flash Cannon-Canalave Gym
TM92-Trick Room-Route 213


HM01-Cut-Eterna City
HM02-Fly-Team Galactic Warehouse
HM03-Surf-Celestic Town
HM04-Strength-Iron Island
HM05-Defog-Solaceon Ruins
HM06-Rock Smash-Oreburgh Gate
HM07-Waterfall-Sunyshore City
HM08-Rock Climb-Route 217


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Where is tm dig

Added 1st Oct 2015, ID #612922

where is X-scissor on route 211 because i can't find it

Added 31st Aug 2015, ID #604144

they should have put in the dam HM, Dive,
\ . : :
/ . : :

Added 26th Jul 2015, ID #589711

Lol, There is a Sunnyshore City… Go To Your Town Map and Go To The Very Right Near The Nidle Part. Its The Last Place Where You Get a Last Gym Badge. After That Go Up Toward Leage! :D

Added 11th Jan 2015, ID #500084

There is no sunnyshore city

Added 9th Jan 2015, ID #498462

"I give my Pokemon the TMs but they still don't work. Can someone please help? I wanna figure out how to get it so I can hit the trees with head but."
The only moves usable outside of battle are the HM's. In order to cut trees you need "Cut" and to follow the story long enough for the game to allow you to use it for that purpose.

Added 18th Aug 2014, ID #437956

I give my Pokemon the TMs but they still don't work. Can someone please help? I wanna figure out how to get it so I can hit the trees with head but.

Added 17th Jun 2014, ID #401230

Ther is noroute 217 for rock clime please help

Added 28th Nov 2013, ID #323152

Wow it did help thanks

Added 23rd Jul 2013, ID #299623

I facking need sunny day without getting shards its so annoying to get them cuz i got no luck mining

Added 25th Jun 2013, ID #292800

i am not trying to be rude but i don not know what to do

Added 23rd Jun 2013, ID #292244

You actually can release hm's just go to canalave city, i think its the house north to the pokemon mart.

Added 19th Apr 2013, ID #275578

Where is the TM 92 Trick Room on rout 213???

Added 17th Feb 2013, ID #255440

I'm not find hm dive, do you know location this hm??? :'

Added 17th Nov 2012, ID #209350

u actually can get rid of hm moves on pokemon, if u have access to canalave city (to the left exit in Jubilife w/ surf) talk to guy in 1 of the houses below the pkmn center and he can delete any move of your choosing... hope that helps

Added 23rd Aug 2012, ID #179347

thank you very much. I have trained my luxio to learn Shock Wave, espeon learn Psychic, Pikachu learned thunderbolt early, empoleon learned Brine and Lucario learned Flash Cannon, Shadow Claw and drain Punch. Thnx!))))

Added 22nd Aug 2012, ID #178941

i havent found hm5 flash,got every hm did i miss it??m in d drmeteor cave or something

Added 9th Jul 2012, ID #162034

The Warehouse in Veilstone Coty. It's near the Western entrance of the city.

Added 6th Jul 2012, ID #160989

wich team galactic building theres 2

Added 30th May 2012, ID #147110

thnx traffic monger helped me find surf and everything else now I'm invincible

Added 30th May 2012, ID #147103

I can't find watterfall! It's not a sunyshore city in Hoenn Map :| Please Help! I need it to go to Ever Grande City!

Added 18th Apr 2012, ID #134704

this stinks i want thief but i already sold it i need it for a lucky egg![co

Added 13th Apr 2012, ID #132913

Where do you find ancient power

Added 10th Mar 2012, ID #122029

Thanks alot peeps

Added 22nd Nov 2011, ID #89284

now i can find tm water pulse

Holly Homes
Added 28th Aug 2011, ID #70898

[size=12][/size] is there a tms besides water pulse because i need them for my vaporeon.

Added 28th Jul 2011, ID #62024

nice job you found all of them coz I already found them

Added 19th Jun 2011, ID #50474

Thanks for nothing doomskull

Added 23rd May 2011, ID #44566

Yo thanks supercheats now my Garchomp, Palkia and
empoleon have Giga inpact and those who dont kno where
hydro cannon is it could be found in Mt. coronet (use dowsing machine)

Empoleon: LV 100 Garchomp: LV 100 PALKIA: LV 93

Added 22nd May 2011, ID #44337

For iron tail WHICH CAVE on iron island

Added 8th May 2011, ID #42003

i cant find tm18 rain dance... i never picked it up but i cant find it :S

Added 1st May 2011, ID #40875

I have all the tms and hms now but had a hard time finding defog

Added 27th Apr 2011, ID #40072

anyone know where i can find everstones in pokemon platinum i do not have 1 HELP ME!!

Added 27th Apr 2011, ID #40071

Its inside the cave in Solaceon city. ,Lanelane

Added 20th Mar 2011, ID #33353

i can't find the defog

Added 12th Mar 2011, ID #32243

I wrote how to get to sunnyshore on the route 222 thing. Its on the left of the screen near the top. Click on it and go to the last comment! ,Lanelane

Added 2nd Mar 2011, ID #31134

what if you can't get to sunnyshore city

Added 1st Mar 2011, ID #30974

Omg! That last comment was by Lanelane!!!!!

Added 27th Feb 2011, ID #30795

You don't,you keep them.

Added 27th Feb 2011, ID #30792

how do you release hms?

Added 24th Feb 2011, ID #30263

Yay!!! This is now my fav. Website!!!(;

Added 10th Feb 2011, ID #28698

Cool i already had all the hms and knew where the tms were!!!!(: ,Lanelane

Added 10th Feb 2011, ID #28696

to the left of the house on 217 burried in the snow but u can still see the red part of the pokeball

Added 6th Jan 2011, ID #24340

I still can't find ROCK ClIMB???!

Added 5th Jan 2011, ID #24223

thnx a lot i'll rate this website 10 out of 10 it helped me find strength thnx a lot

Added 21st Dec 2010, ID #21819

Where is Solceon Ruins? do you mean the tower? PLESAE HELP!

Added 6th Nov 2010, ID #17446

Added 31st Oct 2010, ID #16884

And kick his head too!!!

Added 29th Sep 2010, ID #13910

where can i find surf in platinum gba???

Added 9th Jul 2010, ID #3677

Good job.. helped me find strength :D

Added 8th Jul 2010, ID #3603