Pokemon Platinum Guide

TM and HM Locations

This section of the guide has been provided by Traffic Monger.


TM01-Focus Punch-Oreburgh Gate-Surf Needed
TM02-Dragon Claw-Mt. Coronet-Strength, Rock Climb, Surf Needed
TM03-Water Pulse-Ravaged Path, Surf, Rock Smash Needed
TM04-Calm Mind-Exchange for BP at the Battle Frontier
TM05-Roar-Route 213, Rock Climb Needed
TM06-Toxic-Exchange for BP at the Battle Frontier
TM07-Hail-Route 217
TM08-Bulk Up-Exchange for BP at the Battle Frontier
TM09-Bullet Seed-Route 204
TM10-Hidden Power-Veilstone Game Corner
TM11-Sunny Day-Route 212
TM12-Taunt-Route 211
TM13-Ice Beam-Route 216-Rock Climb Needed
TM14-Blizzard-Lake Acuity, Veilstone Department Store, Surf, Rock Climb Needed
TM15-Hyper Beam-Veilstone Department Store
TM16-Light Screen-Veilstone Department Store
TM17-Protect-Veilstone Department Store
TM18-Rain Dance-Route 213; Pastoria City side, Surf Needed
TM19-Giga Drain-Route 209, Surf Needed
TM20-Safeguard-Veilstone Department Store
TM21-Frustration-Veilstone Game Corner, Team Galactic Warehouse
TM23-Iron Tail-Iron Island
TM24-Thunderbolt-Valley Windworks, Veilstone Game Corner, Surf Needed
TM25-Thunder-Lake Valor, Veilstone Department Store, Surf Needed
TM26-Earthquake-Wayward Cave, Exchange for BP at the Battle Frontier, Pickup, Rock Smash Needed
TM27-Return-Sandgem Town, Lost Tower, Veilstone Game Corner
TM28-Dig-Route 214
TM29-Psychic-Veilstone Game Corner
TM30-Shadow Ball-Route 210, Exchange for BP at the Battle Frontier
TM31-Brick Break-Oreburgh Gate, Battle Frontier Shop
TM32-Double Team-Veilstone Game Corner
TM33-Reflect-Veilstone Department Store
TM34-Shock Wave-Route 215, Cut Needed
TM35-Flamethrower-Fuego Ironworks, Veilstone Game Corner, Surf Needed to get to Fuego Ironworks
TM36-Sludge Bomb-Team Galactic Warehouse, Exchange for BP at the Battle Frontier
TM37-Sandstorm-Route 228
TM38-Fire Blast- Lake Verity, Surf Needed
TM39-Rock Tomb-Ravaged Path, Rock Smash Needed
TM40-Aerial Ace-Route 213, Exchange for BP at the Battle Frontier
TM41-Torment-Victory Road
TM42-Facade-Survival Area
TM43-Secret Power-Amity Square
TM44-Rest-Veilstone Game Corner
TM45-Attract-Amity Square, Exchange for BP at the Battle Frontier
TM46-Thief-Eterna City, Cut Needed
TM47-Steel Wing-Route 209, Cut Needed
TM48-Skill Swap-Canalave City
TM49-Snatch-Team Galactic Warehouse
TM50-Overheat-Stark Mountain
TM51-Roost-Route 210
TM52-Focus Blast-Veilstone Department Store
TM53-Energy Ball-Route 226, Exchange for BP at the Battle Frontier
TM54-False Swipe-Veilstone Department Store
TM55-Brine-Pastoria Gym
TM56-Fling-Route 222
TM57-Charge Beam-Sunyshore Gym
TM58-Endure-Veilstone Game Corner
TM59-Dragon Pulse-Victory Road, Exchange for BP at the Battle Frontier
TM60-Drain Punch-Veilstone Gym
TM61-Will-O-Wisp-Exchange for BP at the Battle Frontier
TM62-Silver Wind-Route 212
TM63-Embargo-Veilstone City
TM64-Explosion-Veilstone Game Corner, after winning the slots
TM65-Shadow Claw-Hearthome Gym
TM66-Payback-Route 215
TM67-Recycle-Eterna Condominiums
TM68-Giga Impact-Veilstone Game Corner
TM69-Rock Polish-Mt. Coronet, Rock Smash Needed
TM70-Flash-Oreburgh Gate, Rock Smash Needed
TM71-Stone Edge-Victory Road, Exchange for BP at the Battle Frontier
TM72-Avalanche-Snowpoint Gym
TM73-Thunder Wave-Exchange for BP at the Battle Frontier
TM74-Gyro Ball-Veilstone Game Corner
TM75-Swords Dance-Veilstone Game Corner
TM76-Stealth Rock-Oreburgh Gym
TM77-Psych Up-Route 211
TM78-Captivate-Victory Road
TM79-Dark Pulse-Victory Road
TM80-Rock Slide-Mt. Coronet, Surf, Rock Climb Needed
TM81-X-Scissor-Route 211, Exchange for BP at the Battle Frontier
TM82-Sleep Talk-Eterna Forest, Cut Needed
TM83-Natural Gift-Veilstone Department Store
TM84-Poison Jab-Route 212, Surf Needed
TM85-Dream Eater-Valor Lakefront
TM86-Grass Knot-Eterna Gym
TM87-Swagger-Pokemon Mansion
TM88-Pluck-Floaroma Town
TM89-U-Turn-Canalave City, Surf Needed
TM90-Substitute-Old Chateau, Veilstone Game Corner
TM91-Flash Cannon-Canalave Gym
TM92-Trick Room-Route 213


HM01-Cut-Eterna City
HM02-Fly-Team Galactic Warehouse
HM03-Surf-Celestic Town
HM04-Strength-Iron Island
HM05-Defog-Solaceon Ruins
HM06-Rock Smash-Oreburgh Gate
HM07-Waterfall-Sunyshore City
HM08-Rock Climb-Route 217