Fullmoon Island (Cresselia)

Pokemon Platinum Walkthrough and Guide

by Mogg 13-42  

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Pokemon Platinum Guide - Sidequests

Fullmoon Island - Catching Cresselia

After obtaining the National Pokedex, go to Canalave City and proceed to
Sailor Eldritch's house (it is located next to the ship that sails to Iron
Island). Talk to the mother and child in there. Leave the house, speak to
Sailor Eldritch and sail to Fullmoon Island.

Once you get there, head for the top-left entrance to find another legendary
Pokemon, Cresselia. Talk to it and it will fly away. Pick up the LUNAR WING.
Take it back to Sailor Eldritch's son in Canalave City.

As for Cresselia, you'll have to go after it, just like what you did with
Mesprit. I suggest going back and forth between a route and a town, until
the Pokemon ends up at your location. (Track its movement with the Marking
Map.) Cresselia stays in the water all the time, so you'll have to surf in
order to encounter it.

| Legendary Pokemon Cresselia                                    |
| Like Mesprit, Cresselia will flee on its first turn, so you'll |
| have to capture it quick. If you still have the Master Ball,   |
| you may use it here if you like. Otherwise, start the battle   |
| with a "hasty-natured" Pokemon (like Machoke) and immediately  |
| throw a Quick Ball to catch your target.                       |


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what if the kid not a sleep?

Added 5th Mar 2015, ID #524338

I cant go to the full moon island because i already got the lunar wing so the sail man always says "That Lunar Wing please give it to my son'' what i need to do?

Added 17th Jan 2014, ID #344885

same that happened to me too. idk what to do either *rages*

Added 28th Apr 2015, ID #549122

why do i find cresslia on land?

Added 10th Dec 2013, ID #327699

the little boy isnt sleeping so i cant talk to him

Added 15th Jul 2013, ID #297638

u can migrate pokemon holding master ball

Added 6th Jun 2013, ID #288210

Eu falo com a mae do garoto,dai quando falo com o pai do garoto não apareçe a opção pra ir na fullmoon island pra pegar Cresselia, por favor me ajudem.
OBS: terminei a Elite dos 4 e tenho a National Dex.

Added 6th May 2013, ID #280720

use dusk ball. i only used five after i put her to sleep

Added 19th Mar 2013, ID #265081

Where do you get the marking app? Thanks

Added 7th Oct 2012, ID #192954

How do you catch Cresselia if you don't have a pokemon with Mean look???
do I just use Quick balls??

Added 27th Jun 2012, ID #157469

Wrong! Using Quick Balls is a bad idea. If u have master balls for her, use 'em. If not, catch Gastly and level him up so he can learn mean look. There u go and your welcome

Added 28th Apr 2015, ID #549125

you need a mystery gift to go to newmoon island

Added 16th Nov 2011, ID #87790

your so awesome

Added 22nd Sep 2011, ID #75927

ya that rocked

Added 30th Aug 2011, ID #71337

i cant seem to get to newmoon island can someone help???:(

Added 25th Aug 2011, ID #70075

To get lunar wing you have to talk to the boy and the woman in sailor edriches house, then talk to sailor edrich and he takes you to fullmoon island, and then go up and turn right and through the trees, talk to cresselia and a picture of here will come up, and she will fly off, and the item on the ground is the lunar wing.

Added 20th Aug 2011, ID #68635

That boy had a dream of Darkrai so can you catch Darkrai?

Added 20th Aug 2011, ID #68632

I haven't found Lunar wing!

Added 14th Aug 2011, ID #67066

instead of using too many ultra balls...just have around 20 timer balls..use mean look and put it to sleep after reducing its HP down to red...then start throwing timer balls...i have noticed that they tend to work better on legendary pokemon...i caught dialga, palkia, azelf, mesprit and uxie using timer balls.

Added 21st Jul 2011, ID #59851

I cathed every legendary pokemon but fainted regigigas but i cant find arceas,milotic,racusa,aerodactyl.But i have a oh,ho and an lugia this is on platnum.

Added 29th Jun 2011, ID #53414

i cant get to moon island

Added 28th May 2011, ID #45446

ik weet niet hoe ik in full moon island oet geraken (geen cheats)

Added 20th May 2011, ID #43966

but after i kill it it didn,t appear agn so how ?_?

Added 21st Apr 2011, ID #38694


Added 26th Mar 2011, ID #34230

You know what using a higher level pokemon with the move mean look will make cresselia easier to catch. Since cresselia is a psychic a fighting type would hurt it the most. I recommend you get a haunter or gengar and teach it mean look and hypnopis(cresselia has a healing move called moonlight and it would be best to put it to sleep after hurting it)! Also have lots of great and ultra balls!!!!(:
Hope i helped you!! ,Lanelane

Added 10th Feb 2011, ID #28711

somehow if its a water type use netball like in my palkia..

Added 31st Jan 2011, ID #27461

in my game i did not see a cressila but i am stuck in the area with all the trees

Added 17th Jan 2011, ID #25753

you are very good in giving advise. please give some more

Added 17th Jan 2011, ID #25722

A master ball wod do it

Added 30th Dec 2010, ID #23102

When I first battled it I used a quick ball and it escaped out of it. The quick ball shook 2 times then it got out and fled. The next time I got a level 60 Crobat and used mean look so it could not flee away. I chipped its HP little by little and then used Hypnosis and it went to sleep. Then I tried a ultra ball and it got out. I tried about 30 times and I caught it. The items you need are a not too strong pokemon,only a little bit higher level pokemon than the cresselia, and this pokemon should be faster than the cresselia and it should know a move that inflicts status problems,The status should either be paralized or frozen or sleep.It should also have a move like mean look to trap it. You need at least 50 ultra balls and about 20 full restores. Keep throwing ultra balls when its Hp is at red. And if you don't catch it, try again and again until you catch it.

Added 24th Dec 2010, ID #22321

it doesn't stay in the water all the time

Added 24th Oct 2010, ID #16164

quick balls should do the trick. worked on mine ;)

Added 14th Aug 2010, ID #8779

it flees anyway. it is one of the roaming pokemon

Added 10th Aug 2010, ID #8308

thanks alot for helping me!!!!!

Added 9th Aug 2010, ID #8113

use mean look it won't let it flee

Added 24th Jul 2010, ID #5799

The creselia isn't at full moon island anymore i didn't see him

Added 3rd Jul 2010, ID #2916