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Follow the dark path or use the light


- Route 222 & Sunyshore City

Pokemon Platinum Walkthrough and Guide

by Mogg 13-42  

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Pokemon Platinum Gude - The Beacon Badge

Route 222 & Sunyshore City

Route 222 & Sunyshore City
Items: Honey, TM56, Carbos, Thunderstone.

| Pokemon [Route 222]       |
-------------- ------------
| Chatot       | Lv. 40-41  |
| Floatzel     | Lv. 40-42  |
| Gastrodon    | Lv. 40-42  |
| Mr. Mime     | Lv. 41-42  |
| Wingull      | Lv. 41     |
-------------- ------------

Head over to Valor Lakefront via Route 213. You can use Rock Climb to gain
access to the other houses. The lady in one of the houses will the COIN TOSS
application for your Poketech. Go back outside and climb further down for a
PROTEIN. Navigate around the top-left portion of the area to reach the TM85
DREAM EATER. Go back to the main area and head right to Route 222.

Start off by taking the upper stairs down and check the lower-right portion
for a HONEY. Continue right battling some more trainers. After beating
Thomas. speak to the blue-haired guy at the upper path. He'll give you the
TM56 FLING. Once you spot the fence, go around the outside and cut the tree
to get a CARBOS. Continue west at the split to the beach and battle with the
fishermen there. Proceed to Sunyshore City afterwards.

You'll meet Flint, an Elite Four member the moment you enter. After he
leaves, go up the stairs and head west all the way to the end. Go down.
Grab the THUNDERSTONE. Rock Climb on the wall to the right. Go southeast
along the solar panel path to reach the Vista Lighthouse. Go inside.

Talk to the blond guy, who turns out to be the gym leader. Leave and
proceed to the Pokemon Gym. Take the solar panels to the northwest part of
the city to get there. Go in.

The puzzle in this gym involves stepping on the switches to rotate the
bridges, so that you can cross over to where you want to go. The first few
rooms should be pretty easy. Getting to the Gym Leader in the last room is
a bit tricky though.

Start off bu stepping on the red switch once, then cross over to the left
and step on the other red switch once as well. Now head north across the
bridge to the left. Navigate all the way to the green switch and press it
twice. Continue south and follow the path to the blue switch. Press it once.
Next, go north then down the stairs. Proceed south across the right side
bridge. Press the red switch once. Make your way to Volkner to battle him.

 ------------ ----------------------------- ---------- 
| Leader     | Pokemon                     | Rewards  |
------------ ----------------------------- ----------
|            | Jolteon (Lv. 46)            |   --     |
|            | Luxray (Lv. 48)             |   --     |
| Volkner    | Raichu (Lv. 46)             |   --     |
|            | Electivire (Lv. 50)         |   6000   |
------------ ----------------------------- ----------
| Raichu and Luxray are Electric-type Pokemon, and    |
| are therefore weak against Ground-type attacks.     |
| Hit Octillery with Electric or Grass-type moves.    |

You'll receive the BEACON BADGE and the TM57 (Charge Beam) afterwards. The
Beacon Badge allows you to use the Waterfall ability outside of battle.
Go back out to the city and head over to the beach. There, speak to Jasmine
to get the HM07 (Waterfall). Surf north off the beach to Route 223.