The Battle Zone

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The Battle Zone

Fight Area & Route 225
Items: Super Rod, Razor Fang, Rare Candy, HP Up, Big Mushroom, Revive, Leaf
       Stone, Fresh Water, Lax Incense, Green Shard, Dawn Stone, Dubious

| Pokemon [Route 225]       |
-------------- ------------
| Banette      | Lv. 50, 52 |
| Fearow       | Lv. 50-52  |
| Machoke      | Lv. 51     |
| Raticate     | Lv. 50, 52 |
| Rattata      | Lv. 20, 22 |
| Roselia      | Lv. 51     |
| Skuntank     | Lv. 51     |
| Spearow      | Lv. 20, 22 |
-------------- ------------

At the Snowpoint City, go on and talk to the boatman here, after which
Cynthia appears to give you a clear passage. Off to the Fight Area now.
Nolan will appear to meet you as soon as you arrive and take you to the
Battle Park. Volkner and Flint will be waiting by the entrance, and a
battle ensues after some dialogue, if you agree to their challenge.

After the battle, some new characters make an appearance and some dialogues
follow. When you regain control, make a quick trip into the Battle Park.
You'll get a Frontier Pass here which will be added to your Battle Recorder.
Look around the area if you like, then leave. Head over to the Pokemon
Center to rest then go talk to the fisherman at the far west side to get
the SUPER ROD. Take the exit just north of the guy to reach Route 225.

Head west and Rock Climb up the wall for a RAZOR FANG. Go back down, head
north. Cut the tree to the right to get a RARE CANDY. After beating Ashlee
and Audrey, go left then north up the stairs. Grab the HP UP here. Follow
the path, taking the next two sets of stairs. At the bottom, take the stairs
south. Continue down across the bridge for a BIG MUSHROOM.

Return to the lower level, then proceed right and north up the stairs.
Follow the path all the way to the top-left corner for a REVIVE. Defeat
Dwayne. There is a hidden LEAF STONE in the grass here. Continue north into
the house. Talk to the worker there to get a FRESH WATER. Cut the nearby
tree outside the house to gain access to a LAX INCENSE. Proceed north, surf
across the water and head down the stairs for a DUBIOUS DISC.

Turn back across the water and go south. Defeat Quinn. Proceed down, north,
then west. Cut the tree there to pick some berries. Go north and scale up
the wall. Grab the DAWN STONE.

Survival Area, Route 226 & Route 228
Items: PP Up, TM42, Rare Candy x2, Red Shard, Carbos, Lagging Tail, TM53,
       Tiny Mushroom, PP Max, Big Mushroom, Heart Scale, Protector, Hard
       Stone, Nugget, TM37 Sandstorm, Star Piece, Shed Shell, Iron.

 ---------------------------    --------------------------- 
| Pokemon [Route 226]       |  | Pokemon [Route 228]       |
-------------- ------------   ------------- -------------
| Banette      | Lv. 51, 53 |  | Cacnea      | Lv. 23, 25  |
| Fearow       | Lv. 51-53  |  | Cacturne    | Lv. 52-53   |
| Golduck      | Lv. 51, 53 |  | Diglett     | Lv. 23, 25  |
| Machoke      | Lv. 53     |  | Dugtrio     | Lv. 52-54   |
| Raticate     | Lv. 51-52  |  | Hippowdon   | Lv. 53, 54  |
| Rattata      | Lv. 20, 22 |  | Rhydon      | Lv. 52-53   |
| Spearow      | Lv. 20, 22 |  ------------- -------------
-------------- ------------

At the Survival Area, enter the house next to the cameraman. Talk to the
black belt guy and he'll give you the TM42 (Facade). Make use of the
Pokemon Center and the Poke Mart if necessary. Hop down the leadges west of
the Pokemon Center, then look between the trees to find a PP UP. There is a
RARE CANDY behind the Pokemon Center as well. Continue east to Route 226.

Go right at the start and climb up the wall, then down at the next two.
Continue west to find a CARBOS. Climb up one level and scale the right side
section up. Grab the LAGGING TAIL there. Come back down, and up the left
footholds. After beating Graham, continue further up to find a berry patch.

Come back down and climb the right rocky wall. Head right at the top. After
beating the 2 Trainers, climb down the right footholds and grab the TM53 at
the bottom. Climb back up and down on the left side. Continue east down the
stairs and Rock Climb up the wall. Use the Dowsing Machine to locate a TINY

Climb back down and surf on the water. Go a bit south, then west onto the
small sandy island. Use your Dowsing Machine to find a RARE CANDY. Continue
surfing east and enter the house. The old man there will tinker with your
Pokedex. He also wants to trade his Magikarp for a Finneon. Exit house.
There is another Trainer further east on the water. Surf northeast from
the old man's house onto dry land.

Heading north from here leads to Route 227, while the east path will take
you to Route 228.

Defeat Jose first then go east and south down the slope to get a PROTECTOR.
Go back to where Jose is and head south. Face 2 more Trainers. After beating
Ariana, head east then south up the stairs, smah the rock and grab the SHED
SHELL. Go inside the house and talk to the old man to learn some new for
your Pokemon. (Read the poster on his wall first to know which Pokemon can
learn the moves.)

Leave the house and proceed south. Defeat 2 more Trainers. After that, go
southwest to find a TM37. Continue down the stairs. Make your way around the
planks and slopes, until you find Kaegan. Beat him and go all the way south
for an IRON. Make your way back to where you fought Kyler and Krysta. From
there, go south, up the slope then east across the plank for a SHINY STONE.
Turn back and continue further south battle one more trainer.

Route 229, Resort Area, & Route 230
Items: Reaper Cloth, Full Restore, Protein, Thunderstone, Nugget, Ultra Ball,
       Blue Shard, Rare Candy, Water Stone.

| Pokemon [Route 230]       |
-------------- ------------
| Beautifly    | Lv. 51     |
| Bellsprout   | Lv. 18, 23 |
| Floatzel     | Lv. 50-52  |
| Gastrodon    | Lv. 51     |
| Gloom        | Lv, 50     |
| Golduck      | Lv. 52     |
| Oddish       | Lv. 18, 23 |
| Weepinbell   | Lv. 50     |
-------------- ------------

Starting from Route 229, pick the berries. Cut the trees just a bit
southeast of the berry patch. Surf on the water and grab the PROTEIN. Check
the northeast portion of  Route 229 for a FULL RESTORE. After beating
Trainer Sandra, head west, then south and cut the trees to get a REAPER
CLOTH. Return to Sandra's position and go southwest. Talk to the man standing
between the trees. He'll give you a NUGGET. Off to the Resort Area.

Turn south as soon as you get to Route 229 to get here. There are plenty of
berries waiting to be picked, so take them if you like. Surf on the small
pond located southeast of the area. Use your Dowsing Machine to locate a
NUGGET. There is another NUGGET just northeast of the pond. Onto Route 230.

You can pick some berries from the patch up north if you're interested.
Otherwise, surf east on the water and get on the small island. Climb up the
steps, head northeast down the next one. Smash the rock and grab the RARE
CANDY. Go back up to the tall grass area. Use your Dowsing Machine to
locate an HP UP at the northeast wall.


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Can anyone tell how to pass the battle frontier

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I have tried talking to the boat man but zilch do I need to beat the elite 4 first or something?

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wooker plant!? i thought it was frenzy plant!!!

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peoples!help!I was told i could get a ditto in the trophy garden, but I was on route 225 and found a ditto! REALLY HAPPY!but anyways, i have an Empoleon and the ditto.If they have an egg, then what will happen
Will it come out as a ditto or a piplup?

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I exited battle frontier and rested at the poke center, went far west but the fisherman dint give me anything.

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how do u get past entr
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oh i forgot to mention that the battle frointeir is the same as hg ss the guy that jumbles up the words is there the ruin maniacs there too this girl is there thats says stuff about palmer but she didnt forget her recorder -fastar 03

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they are blocking my path i cant get through -fastar03

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I have no clue where that is! ,Lanelane

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how do you get off the battle frontier island???

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I left Battle Frontier and rested at the Pokemon center.. I went west and there is no fisherman? Where is he?

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How do you go through route 225 and 229

Added 14th Aug 2010, ID #8905

to get the ultimate move go to survival area and then you need to go with the route to go to the stark mountain when you going you see a house in that house is a man you need to talk to him he say some things of the ultimate move when thats done then you can get the ultimate move you need to have a torterra empoleon or infernape the ultimate move for torterra is wooker plant the ultmate move for empoleon is hydro cannon and the ultmiate move for infernape is blast burn

Added 6th Aug 2010, ID #7701

Aren't u able 2 get purugly in pokemon platinum? if so, WHERE? i was told that you could find it. if u can find skunktank on route 225, where is purugly?

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