Pokemon Mansion Trophy Garden

Pokemon Platinum Walkthrough and Guide

by Mogg 13-42  

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Pokemon Platinum Guide - Sidequests

Pokemon Mansion Trophy Garden

Once you have the National Pokedex, you can come here and talk to Mr.
Backlot. Reply with "Yes" to both questions and he'll speak of the
appearance of a new Pokemon in his garden. There will be one new Pokemon
for you to catch in the garden each day. Below is a list of Pokemons that
can be caught in the Trophy Garden.

 ---------------- ----------------- ---------------- 
| Azurill        | Happiny         | Bonsly         |
| Chansey        | Igglybuff       | Castform       |
| Clefairy       | Jigglypuff      | Minun          |
| Cleffa         | Marill          | Plusle         |
| Eevee          | Meowth          | Porygon        |
---------------- ----------------- ----------------

Once you're done with Pokemon catching here, fly to Snowpoint City.


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I have already catch rotom but every time i want to get the secret key but nothing in my mystery gifts list...can anybody help?

Added 17th Nov 2013, ID #319974

i got a pichu and minun ^_^

Added 6th Sep 2013, ID #308474

hmm i wonder how too get regigigas

Added 7th Aug 2013, ID #303341

y is sombody blocking the entrace

Added 3rd Mar 2013, ID #260518

[color=red][/color] gfhnfgnhfnfgn

Added 31st Jan 2013, ID #248122

if sb wants ditto i can trade with him

Added 23rd Dec 2012, ID #226665

You can get Ditto also by using the Pokemon Radar (Poke Radar) when in the grass near Canalave City. It will take a while to catch Ditto. You have to use a Pokemon Radar (Poke Radar) in any place where Ditto is. Ditto cannot appear when you have the Sinnoh Pokedex, because you will not have the Pokemon Radar (Poke Radar). I also say that to the Pokemon Platinum players, go into Mr. Backlot's office and talk to the book on the desk behind him to get the information on Manaphy. There is an item in the top right corner of Mr. Backlot's office. Mr. Backlot's office is first door on the left corridor. Continue down the corridor and you will see another doorway, but this is blocked and if you talk to them five maids will challenge you. When you have Ditto then you will be able to breed any Pokemon with a gender. Ditto's only move is Transform, so I recommend using a Quick Ball then, if that doesn't work, lower it's Health Points (HP) with super-effective moves against the type that it transformed into.[i][color=red][/color] [/i]

Added 21st Dec 2012, ID #225718

To catch a Ditto u need to save before talking to Mr.ballot if its not ditto turn SD off then on again to get ditto it worked with me hope its helps u . Also I. HAve starred pokemon and their eggs so if u want to trade
. I want legendarys,shinys,and masterballs

Added 1st Sep 2012, ID #182120

guys if you need a ditto trade it with me i have one and i can get many more and i need help getting darkai with no cheats

Added 24th Aug 2012, ID #179685

i caught a pichu

Added 20th Aug 2012, ID #178250

Where are the picachus?

Added 12th Jul 2012, ID #163361

now where can u find dito agian (cannon)

Added 30th Apr 2012, ID #138413

y do u have to get the national pokedex to catch ditto ? :/

Added 1st Apr 2012, ID #128483

whos bmr balckots and were is the pokwmon masi

Added 13th Mar 2012, ID #122654

this walkthrough never ends!!! :DDDDD

Added 12th Mar 2012, ID #122606

can you catch a porygon in the trophy garden cuz someone said that.

Added 13th Feb 2012, ID #114515

how cani catch rotom

Added 30th Dec 2011, ID #100714

it shows u going some where on the case but id like to no that 2

Added 18th Oct 2011, ID #81198

#152 is rotom hope this helps

Added 24th Jul 2011, ID #60794

awesome......oh by the way what is alana[d's avatar

Added 11th Jul 2011, ID #56945

ill try in a minute

Added 11th Jul 2011, ID #56944

how do you get new pokemon in the garden

Added 9th Jul 2011, ID #56211

out of curiousity is there anyway to get out of the region in platinum? ive beatin the game a bunch of times but never really thought about it till the last time i played it...

Added 25th Jun 2011, ID #52059

Psy aye aye Warrior

Added 17th May 2011, ID #43508

Before I finished the Sinnoh pokedex i caught pikachu in the trophy garden and when i caught it,it knew thunder wave slam nasty plot and sweet kiss and now it knows thundershock thunderbolt thunder and secret power

Added 8th May 2011, ID #42014

Dudes dude calm down talk to the owner and you can get a ditto, happiny cleffa, mime jr. jigglypuff, bonsly, eevee, azurill, starvia, pichu, roselia, and a whole lot of other things, he has a new pokemon every day !! meowth, minun ... it is a long list !! just try it.

Added 20th Apr 2011, ID #38508

you can get ditto in the route nearby canalve city use pokeradar go in the most moving grass maybe ditto appears
hope it is gonna work!!!!!!!!!

Added 12th Apr 2011, ID #37063

And a pikachu

Added 10th Apr 2011, ID #36787

Manaphy is a event pokemon. You had to get it from a event or someone who has it.

Added 10th Apr 2011, ID #36706

how you chatch manaphy???

Added 6th Apr 2011, ID #36069

I've looked several times and never seen a ditto! Where are the dittos?

Added 29th Mar 2011, ID #34790

I caught Pikachu as well.

Added 28th Mar 2011, ID #34662

@theguythatshas50ACrausus's, your a cheater.

Added 27th Mar 2011, ID #34394

That my last comment was from a long time ago so i'll renew it!!!(: ,Lanelane

Added 19th Mar 2011, ID #33348

Sorry messed up on the first word it was supposed to be i've

Added 10th Feb 2011, ID #28703

I%u2018ve been to that garden many times and never seen a ditto! The game hates me i know it does!!! ):< ,Lanelane

Added 10th Feb 2011, ID #28702

i got mime jr

Added 5th Feb 2011, ID #28154

u also can get ditto...

Added 19th Jan 2011, ID #26062

i got abra, kadabra , and alkazam

Added 18th Jan 2011, ID #25901

I got a pichu form there

Added 16th Jan 2011, ID #25616

heres how you get a celebi you get yourpokedex complete and then you need
to go to goldern rod city and a lady will give you apricorn and give it to Curt and the next day he will give you a gs ball the you go to allxi forest and go to the shrine and celebi will appear.

this cheat is for pokemon soulsilver

Added 16th Jan 2011, ID #25614

how do you get ditto

Added 16th Jan 2011, ID #25612


Added 15th Oct 2010, ID #15269

pokemon number152 is rotom, you can find it at old chateau, at tv room. facing the tv at 8pm. i hope it will help you.

Added 10th Sep 2010, ID #12141

I need help with pokedex number 152 is it a legdany pokemon.

Added 5th Sep 2010, ID #11528

What about mime jr ? :(

Added 25th Aug 2010, ID #10203

I got Mime Jr. here too.

Added 20th Aug 2010, ID #9602