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Spell Catalyst Locations

Collected Spell Catalysts can be used to upgrade your spells. Visit the Magic Room in the Private Quarters of the Netherworld Tower to assign the Spell Catalysts to the Spell Stones. There are three spells, all of which can be upgraded to level five, so only two of the spells can be fully upgraded. Furthermore, the Spell Catalysts cannot be redistributed, so decide which spell to upgrade based on which you find most useful in battle. Both the Target and Halo spells are good choices.

Spell Catalyst 1
Region: Wasteland Main
Requires: Green Minions.
Location: In the area east of the end of the eastern path from the Netherworld Gate (1). You'll need to sweep three Green Minions through the poison to pick it up.

Spell Catalyst 2
Region: Nordberg Commune
Requires: Red Minions.
Location: At the top of the hill in the northeast corner of the crop fields behind the Nordberg Commune.

Spell Catalyst 3
Region: Everlight Temple Outskirts
Requires: None.
Location: On a platform in the area just before the Gate Key slots used to span a bridge across the gap to the Spider Queen Temple.

Spell Catalyst 4
Region: Empire Harbor
Requires: None.
Location: In the western corner of the grounds surrounding Senator Drearius' villa.

Spell Catalyst 5
Region: Everlight Town
Requires: Blue Minions.
Location: Make your way to the beach at the south end of Everlight Town. Cross the shallow water to reach the small island with your Blue Minions. Look around here to find the Spell Catalyst.

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Spell Catalyst 6
Region: Empire Sewers
Requires: Blue Minions.
Locations: On a small patch of land in the shallow water south of the region's Netherworld Gate. Sweep some Blues over to it to pick it up.

Spell Catalyst 7
Region: Wasteland Main
Requires: Blue Minions.
Locations: At the top of some curved steps at the south end of the giant lake of magic goo. Take the time to grab this one with some Blue Minions while Florian is pointing out Tower Heart shards.

Spell Catalyst 8
Region: Wasteland Sanctuary Depths
Requires: None.
Locations: After charging the Tower Heart at the first shrine, the tower will collapse and you'll fall into the Wasteland Sanctuary Depths. The Spell Catalyst is in plain sight.

Spell Catalyst 9
Region: Empire Hills
Requires: None.
Locations: In the northeast corner of the field beyond the first Catapult hill, guarded by a Gargantuan.