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by Michael Monette  

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There are four Minion colours, each with their own attacks and specialities. Below is an overview of each Minion type.


Browns: The Fighters. The backbone of your horde. The hardiest of the Minions, and able to hold their own in melee. Keep these guys on the frontlines to protect your less vigorous Minions. Browns can pick up weapons and armour dropped on the battlefield and equip them, increasing their power. When placed on a Guard Flag, Brown Minions gain an offensive boost, and are able to hold back enemies.

Reds: The Archers. Their ranged attack makes them an asset in battle, but keep them out of melee, as they are very weak in that regard. Reds are immune to fire, and can extinguish flames surrounding fire barriers. They can be used to light explosive barrels, or hit out-of-reach enemies. When placed on a Guard Flag, Reds will automatically target nearby enemies with thrown fireballs.

Greens: The Assassins. Greens can cloak and attack enemies from behind, but are not nearly as proficient in melee as Browns, nor as vigorous. Use them to attack an enemy from behind, however, for exceptional damage output. Greens are immune to poison, and can remove poison surrounding barriers. When placed on a Guard Flag, Green Minions will cloak on the spot. Try leading an unwitting enemy back to the Guard Flag, and the cloaked Minions will latch onto the enemy’s back and make short work of him.

Blues: The Healers. Blues are the only Minions that can swim, making them invaluable as treasure hunters. As fighters, Blue Minions surely fall short, but they can be used efficiently as support units. Blues have the ability to Blink through enemies, allowing them to be swept past undetected to hit a switch, or to carry a bomb into the middle of a legion formation. When set on a Guard Flag, these Minions will automatically revive fallen Minions within range. So, when in battle, set these guys on a Guard Flag somewhere safe to support the Minions on the frontlines.


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I ran out of minions so my boat doesn't go any help.

Added 18th Jul 2014, ID #420854

How do you respawn minions?

Added 30th Nov 2013, ID #323730

I cant get passed the begining of siege in the streets. the sipers keep killing all minions. Ive tride useing 1 then 2 & 3 & 4. nothing works. any tips

Added 29th Nov 2011, ID #91423

I was stuck on rescuing the greens i managed to get the green hive to my gate but it wouldnt register that i had the green hive i started the game from scratch and it worked the second time around

Added 12th Nov 2010, ID #17975

for god sake im stuck on rescue the greens and this is not helping internet i click you goodbye hmm.

Added 10th Aug 2010, ID #8293