Forge Stone Locations

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Forge Stone Locations

Forge Stone 1
Region: Nordberg Town
Requires: Red Minions.
Unlocks: The Executioner (Axe), The Scorcher (Sword), Elemental Armor, The Evil Eye (Helmet).
Location: Beyond the fire barrier east of the Netherworld Gate outside of town.

Forge Stone 2
Region: Everlight Jungle
Requires: None.
Unlocks: The Warlock (Sword), The Berserker (Axe), The Beast Master (Mace).
Location: By the statue East of the region's Netherworld Gate.

Forge Stone 3
Region: Empire Harbor
Requires: None.
Unlocks: The Reaper (Axe), The Apocalyptor (Mace), Infernal Armor, the Infernal Commander (Helmet).
Location: At the bottom of some steps near the Catapult in the harbour fort.