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Open the Gates to Everlight

Open the Gates to Everlight

Overlord 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Overlord 2 Guide - Walkthrough

Open the Gates to Everlight

Task: Return the four Gate Keys to their slots (Red)
As you approach the waterway gate into Everlight, it is promptly closed. There are four Gate Keys that must be set back into place to open the gate. Start by sailing west, and curve north when you can. Sail to the dock along the north side of the large, northwest-most island. Orient the ship alongside the dock until a prompt appears, at which point press the B/Circle button to station it there.

The Red Gate Key is on this island. Head up the steps and follow the trail to reach a cove. Sweep your Brown Minions in to engage the Elves, and then command at least three of your Minions to pick up the Red Gate Key. Break the supports of the platform south of Red Gate Key to clear the way. You'll soon come to Brown and Red Minion Gates. There are Elves throwing poison gas bombs southwest of these gates; your Minions can't kill these Elves and will die if sent into the poisonous gas cloud, so ignore them for now.

Collect the Red Gate Key on the northwest-most island in the Everlight Reef.

Lead your Minions down the steps and through the tunnel south of the Brown and Red Minion Gates to reach the Red Gate Key slot. The Minions carrying the Red Gate Key will automatically set it in place.

Task: Return the four Gate Keys to their slots (Blue)
Walk along the path east of the set Red Gate Key to reach some steps that lead up to a platform. Engage the Elves at the top of the stairs, and cross the bridge to reach another platform. There are more Elves on the other side of the bridge, so sweep your Brown Minions in to destroy the raised wooden platform to prevent more from appearing.

A lift powered by the Blue Gate Key will rise up at the far end of the south end of the platform. Kill the Elves, and then step onto the lift and take it down to the lower level. As soon as the lift reaches the bottom, command at least three of your Minions to remove the Blue Gate Key from the slot on the lift.

Use your Reds to set off the explosive barrel on the lower walkway to set off a chain reaction, eventually destroying the ship barricade. Collect the Lifeforce Orbs that appear on the lower walkway and then head south to reach a Waypoint Gate. The Blue Gate Key slot is just beyond the Waypoint Gate.

Command your Reds to target the explosive barrel on the lower walkway to destroy the ship barricade.

Task: Return the four Gate Keys to their slots (Yellow)
Some Elves have made off with the Yellow Gate Key and are attempting to escape with it by sea. Proceed through the tunnel across from the Blue Gate Key slot and follow the path around to the platform that the Elves are throwing poisonous bombs from. Break one of the supports to destroy the platform, and then immediately start attacking the downed Elves. Kill them quickly, as they may be able to stand back up and throw a bomb, potentially choking any Minions caught by the poisonous gas.

You'll need Red Minions to stop the fleeing Elves, so cross the bridge and use the Red Minion Gate on the other side to call forth at least 10 Red Minions; switch out some Browns if necessary.

Return your docked ship and send 10 Brown Minions in to power it. Henceforth, mermaids may grab on to the side of your ship and spray the Minions on deck. When this happens, hold the B/Circle button to stop steering the ship, and walk onto the deck and hit the mermaid once to knock it aside. Before setting sail, walk to the front of the ship and set your Red Minions on a Guard Flag there.

Follow the marker on the mini-map to reach a rock barricade. Steer clear of this barricade, as the Elven Ship will soon break through, and may hit yours with its ram. Try your best to avoid getting hit by the ram, but it seems almost impossible to avoid. The enemy ship is much faster than yours, so you'll have to use your Reds to burn the sails. If you have at least 10 Red Minions set on a Guard Flag at the front of the ship, they should be able to burn both flags before the Elven Ship can surpass you. The fabric on the sails must be completely burnt away; even if the sails are tattered, they are still considered functional.

Burn the sails of the Elven Ship and kill the crew onboard. Then, move in and take control.

If the Elven Ship manages to get away from you, don't bother sailing after it, as you are unlikely to catch up to it, and your Reds won't be accurate while the ship is traveling at full speed. Instead, wait for the enemy ship to come back around. The Elves will just continuously circle the northwest-most island, so if you wait for them, your Reds should be able to burn the sails as their ship sails by. Just be sure that the front of your ship is pointed toward the front of the approaching Elven Ship.

When your Red Minions have burned the sails of the Elven Ship, pull up alongside the ship and kill the crew that comes onboard. Then, call your Red Minions off of the Guard Flag and send 10 of your Brown Minions to power the Elven Ship. Then, step onto the highlighted steering platform and sail west through the pass that the Elves broke through.

Dock your ship on the island at the southwest end of the map and command at least three of your Minions to carry the Yellow Gate Key. Follow the path west and you'll encounter several mermaids. Sweep your Browns in to kill the mermaids, and then follow the path north. Keep an eye on your right as you follow this path; instead of heading up the slope, turn right up the steps to reach a lift. Your minions will automatically place the Yellow Gate Key on the slot to activate the lift. When the lift reaches the top, immediately order at least three of your Minions to remove the Yellow Gate Key

When you reach the Brown and Red Minion Gates, head down the tunnel east of the gates to reach the Yellow Gate Key slot. Return to the Brown and Red Minion Gates and head down the steps north of them. Kill the mermaids up ahead, and then make your way to the other end of the path. Look for a group of explosive barrels on a raft by the two ruined Empire ships. Target one of the barrels with your Reds; when they go off, they'll destroy the ship barricade, allowing you to return to your docked ship.

Collect this Dark Crystal before leaving the island with the Yellow Gate Key slot.

Before heading back to the dock, be sure to collect the Dark Crystal nearby. Head down the steps north of the Brown and Red Minions; at the bottom of the first set of steps, turn right and sweep your Minions over to the container that holds the Dark Crystal.

Task: Return the four Gate Keys to their slots (Green)
Return to your docked ship at the southeast end of the island and set your Minions to work powering it. Before setting sail to the island that contains the Green Gate Key, there's an obtainable Command Upgrade nearby that you'll want to collect. Sail along the north side of the large, northwest-most island. Look for a rock barrier behind the north-most, outer dock. The rock barrier is blocking the way to another dock, so break through the rock barrier using the ram on the front of the Elven Ship by tapping the A/X button to speed up. When the way is clear, dock your ship and command at least four of your Minions to pick up the Command Upgrade. The Minions will carry the totem onto the ship. You'll have to dock the ship somewhere near a Netherworld or Waypoint Gate so the Minions can carry the Command Upgrade over to it.

There's also a Health Upgrade on the island at the north end of the map. Dock your boat there, and order your Minions to pick up the Health Upgrade to have them carry it back onto the boat.

Once you've collected the Command Upgrade, sail toward the west end of the map. You'll come to a rock barrier; tap the A/X button to reach full speed and use the ram on the front of the ship to break through. Dock your ship, and head up the first set of steps. There are two raised platforms along the walkway at the top of the second set of stairs where Elves are throwing poisonous bombs. To avoid losing any Minions to the poisonous gas, set them all on a Guard Flag at the bottom of the steps, and then head up and use your weapon to destroy the two raised platforms along the walkway.

Hold the B/Circle button to call your Minions off of the Guard Flag when the walkway is clear and make your way to the steps at the end. Fight your way up the steps and sweep your Minions to the elevated platforms to destroy them. There's another elevated platform across the bridge, and a couple more at the top of the stairs beyond it, so until each one is destroyed, Elves will continuously appear. Fight your way across the bridge and destroy the platform, and then start up the stairs. Destroy the two platforms here, and clear away the Elves.

Command at least three of your Minions to pick up the Green Gate Key and start down the tunnel to the east to reach the slot. The Minions will automatically place the Green Gate Key in the slot. With all four Gate Keys in place, the gate to Everlight will open.

Return to your docked ship, send 10 of your Minions in to power it, take control from the highlighted steering platform, and sail through the gate.

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Comments for Open the Gates to Everlight

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ID #401376 | Jun 17th 2014 Guest
I Literally presed every buton on my keyboard and i couldn't speed up the elven boat so i guess you could buy an Xbox or PS3 controller and try that
ID #559025 | May 21st 2015 Guest
You need to clikck fast with the left mouse button.
ID #308470 | Sep 6th 2013 Guest
how to run the boat at full speed
ID #290990 | Jun 17th 2013 Guest
I have placed the green key in its slot but nothing happened, it won't even let me pick it up again
ID #260718 | Mar 4th 2013 Guest
EPIC Smile
ID #137238 | Apr 27th 2012 Guest
can't get my elvian boat to move fast and thus can't brake any barrier,i am playing the game with a pc , how do i make the boat fast ? thanks
ID #131878 | Apr 10th 2012 Guest
my stupid minions cant get passed that boat they have i dont know what to do
ID #108212 | Jan 22nd 2012 Guest
where do you find the blue minons
ID #93946 | Dec 10th 2011 Guest
Your ship is just beyond the shipwreck. Loot the remaining barrels and board it. Your first target is the rock pile in the northeast corner of the central island. Go to maximum speed and ram right through it, and dock your ship. Another minion idol will be waiting -- take it back aboard your ship and head for the nearest netherworld gate. Your horde will now be up to 30. With your newly-enlarged army, head southeat, to where another rock pile awaits. Plow on through, and you'll be on your way to find the totem.
ID #82522 | Oct 23rd 2011 Guest
ahhh! the stupid mermaids kept breaking my boat! so frustrating... didn't know i had to make them guard the front of the ship - thanks Smile
ID #77965 | Oct 2nd 2011 Guest
I have a problem, when trying to set the sails on fire, my red minions WON'T attack at all. D:
ID #57972 | Jul 14th 2011 Guest
helpfull but im stuck how do you get the empier ship to move [S.F]
ID #57837 | Jul 14th 2011 Guest
that was really helpful i keep waiting for the elves to run out after i finished getting the 1st three keys in there spot that i wasted a whole hour just waiting and lost 10 red minions and 20 brown ones.
ID #47787 | Jun 8th 2011 Guest
how do i get to the green if i got the upgrades earlier than that?

other than that it was really helpful
ID #47733 | Jun 8th 2011 Guest
Thanks for that - I kept chasing the Elven ship and while I did catch up to it those damn mermaids kept breaking my boat and killing me. Now I will wait for the elven ship....thanks
ID #34824 | Mar 29th 2011 Guest
Thanks so much for the detailed directions! Sailing around and around the islands trying to figure out the gates after the red one was getting very annoying Smile