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Follow the dark path or use the light


Y6 L6: The Horcrux and the Hand

Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Year 6 - Level 6: The Horcrux and the Hand

Now you'll be working with Dumbledore again.

Use Dumbledore to apparate across the rocks, then use WiLe to pull up the chain. Cross the rocks to the left. Then use Diffindo and WiLe to build the torch. Move the torch up to scare the vines away. Climb up. Use RED to destroy the silver rocks. Then Lumos to get rid of the vines. Use Harry to solve the puzzle box, then climb down the opened stairs. Then use WiLe to place the four puzzle pieces to the right places. Enter the door.

Professor Dumbledore character token:
Use Dark Wizard on the item at the right side area of cavern.
Use Hermione's plate.

Crest 2 and Dumbledore

Walk down and use WiLe to build the bridge. Make you way across and follow the path to the bottom right. When you reach the dead-end near the river, use WiLe to pull up the puzzle box on the right side. Solve it using Harry.


Use WiLe  to move the broom and sweep the four colored points on the ground. Now just follow the color patterns and step on the designated colors to make the boat appear. Ride the yellow submarine, erm... I mean yellow boat. =)

Use WiLe on the five objects in the area.
Pull handle on the snake statue.

Go to the top right area and step on the two panels.

Dance Revo

Head to the lower right area. Get the item and place it in the middle area. Head to the upper left area and step on one of the top left panels, switch to the other character and step on the other top left panel. Follow the path down the lower left area. Pick up the item and place it in the center.

Tom Riddle (Orphanage) character token:
Use Dark Wizard on the three rocks.

For the next sequence, just use Dumbledore and drink the glasses in the center. While he's drinking, quickly switch back to Harry and blast away the black horde. It goes like this:

Send forth the horde

Major scene happens, we're almost there..

Go to the top right-most area and put out the flames with AGUA.


Pick up the hose, then put it in the tank at the bottom-right most area. Fill it up with AGUA. Hold down WiLe until the flames go out. Follow the path down for the final battle of Year 6.

Defeat Death-Eater in the right corner near Hagrid's garden.
Use DELUM to move the light to the lamp next to the vine. Use WiLe to remove the trashbin cover.
Hagrid (Wedding) character token:
Pull the handle next to the dueling circle.

For the final duel, just block first, then Snape will change spell color, quickly equip the corresponding spell, then blast away. Rinse and repeat.


Year 6 is finally finished. Give yourself a nice tap in the back. =)