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Red Bricks
LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7

Red Bricks

Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Red Bricks

Here are the Red Bricks in total throughout LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7, we've put them all on this page as a handy reference for you to collect them all. As with all the collectibles, we've also featured them throughout the actual walkthrough part of the guide too, so if you need molre information, please check the appropriate chapter in the walkthrough.

Comedy specs - 1,250

Advanced Guide - 2,500

Disguise - 5,000

Carrot Wands - 10,000

Super Strength - 75,000
Weasley Courtyard, use Dark Wizard on object

Character Token Detect - 250,000
At Divinations, move object on right side area to box. Jump on box to get Specs. Use Specs to build table. Shoot table.

Fall Rescue - 125,000
Library, use Ravenclaw character on painting. Use Diffindo to build key and turn key in lock

Character Studs - 75,000
At Great Hall, use Dark Wizard on object
Score x2 - 200,000
At Hogsmeade, use specs to build snowman near exit on left side area

Score x4 - 400,000
At London Train Station, use Diffindo on red object on back of train platform

Score x6 - 600,000
At Path to Hogsmeade, use Deluminator to move light from left to right lamp

Score x8 - 800,000
At Path to Station, use Hermione's plate, near entrance to Hogwart's

Score x10 - 1,000,000
At Docks, use Reducto on metal statue on top of stairs

Stud Magnet - 250,000
At Requirement Corridor, use Reducto on statue on left side area of

Regenerate Hearts - 50,000
At Thestral Area, use Dark Wizard

Extra Hearts - 75,000
At Dark Arts Classroom, use Dark Wizard on skeleton and shoot skeleton

Invincibility - 500,000
At Garden Courtyard, water plants in left rear. Destroy plants.

Red Brick Detector - 250,000
At Hogsmeade Train Station, use Dark Wizard on sign in and shoot sign

Hogwarts Crest Detect - 250,000
At Great Hall Entrance, use Dark Wizard on object and build car

Gold Brick Detector - 250,000
At London Road, use WiLe to empty trash into garbage truck on right side area

Christmas - 80,000
At Woods, pull mushroom out of ground and ride over 5 mushrooms

Collect Ghost Studs - 99,000
At Small Courtyard, use Diffindo on tree in Small Courtyard

Fast Magic - 75,000
At Tower, use Dark Wizard on 5 candles

Fast Dig - 60,000
At Grounds, use Specs to build rock pile

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Comments for Red Bricks

27 comments, latest first.
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ID #635084 | Feb 13th 2016 Guest
Help me please! I'm on iPad and cannot for the life of me get the 8x stud multiplier too work it won't appear but I can see it with brick detector can you please help me?????
ID #535640 | Mar 31st 2015 Guest
I'm shooting the sign as voldemort at train station, it shows theres a red brick there but won't give me it, what do I need to do?
ID #438783 | Aug 20th 2014 Guest
how do you get the regenerate hearts red brick back to the owl?
ID #424567 | Jul 24th 2014 Guest
ID #294052 | Jul 1st 2013 Guest
Where is at Dock ?
ID #269813 | Apr 2nd 2013 Guest
How do you get into the tower for the 5 candles I can't find them nor can I find the astronomy tower please help.
ID #252928 | Feb 10th 2013 Guest
What is the stud vacuum supposed to do? I activated it but it doesn't do anything.
ID #249698 | Feb 3rd 2013 Guest
Yeah you need to activate it so click + (wii) and go down to extras and there are all your red bricks click them to turn them on ... And I still wanna know what the advance guide is ..
ID #220293 | Dec 13th 2012 Guest
I've purchased the score x 10 box but it doesn't appear to be increasing the amount of studs I collect. How does it work? Do I need to activate it 1st?
ID #206412 | Nov 7th 2012 Guest
Is this game suppose to talk?
ID #155600 | Jun 22nd 2012 Guest
What does the comedy specs do?
ID #149900 | Jun 7th 2012 Guest
I've got the red brick to collect the ghost studs and I bought in leaky Cauldron but how do I get the ghost studs turn to money??
ID #147883 | Jun 2nd 2012 Guest
Where exactly is the tower to get Fast Magic red brick?
ID #136343 | Apr 23rd 2012 dbees
how do you get the red brick in The Cave Entrance.i found where it is with the red brick detector but i cant figure out how to get it
ID #128377 | Apr 1st 2012 Guest
You forgot the elder wand!