Y7 P1 L3: In Grave Danger

Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Year 7 P1 - Level 3: In Grave Danger

In this area, you need to remove the snow pile on top of the graves and have Hermione inspect them. First use WiLe on the grave to the right of your starting area to move the snow. Then have Hermione step beside it and press B to inspect it.


Next, keep moving to the right until you reach a pink plate. Use Hermione to step on it and use WiLe to operate the hair dryer and blow away the snow on top of the grave. Then check it with Hermione.


From that point, move up to the top corner, then a little to the left and you will see a red wall. Use Diffindo to cut it. 


Then WiLe to build a firebox. Spray away the little flames with AGUA. Now use WiLe to move the firebox on the snow on top of the right grave.Once its melted, check it with Hermione. This time, keep going left until you reach the right-most stained glass window of the church. Shoot the pipe on the left of the grave. 


Then use AGUA to put out the fire and WiLe to use the salt dispenser and melt away the top snow. Inspect it afterwards.

Use WiLe on the five flower bouquets.

Crest 1

Use Dark Wizard on the grate at the right side area.
Use WiLe to move the Weasley box and use the box to open the left gate, then use DELUM to move light to lamp next to the red wall. Use Hermione's plate and use WiLe on the music player.

Crest 2 and 3

Lily Potter character token:
Use WiLe to move Weasley box and use box to open left gate.Then shoot the statue on the left and jump up on it.
Use WiLe to move the Weasley box and use box to open left gate, then dig up the digsite and use SPECS to build a statue.

Our heroes are surprised by Bathilda, then she lets them in...

Shoot the lock that you'll immediately see on your left. Use Hermione's bag on the pink plate. Fill up the water tank with AGUA. Use WiLe to move it on top of the fire. Then WiLe again to build dentures. WiLe the dentures and use it to bite off the books blocking the stairs. Go up.

Use Dark Wizard on the door at the back passage to enter another area.

Use WiLe to throw the trash away and put the lid on the can.
Bathilda (Snake) character token:
Use WiLe to run the item through the press.

Bathilda is mean, she's the next boss...

Basically just avoid her venom shots by being always on the run or by hiding behind something. After she shoots, use WiLe to move the object that dropped and shoot it back to her. When she gets dizzy, use WiLe to shoot another object at her. Then WiLe again to lift her up and throw her backwards once she lays flat on her back.

Green Granny

Harry (Godric's Hollow) character token:
Shoot four spiders. Two on the first floor,  one on the back passage, and one here in the snake fight.

After that slimy moment, we're back at the woods...

Step on Hermione's pink plate. Use WiLe to move the baby dragon to the left and melt away the ice. Then switch to Harry and follow the patronus.

Ron (Winter Clothes) character token:
Use WiLe on the three trees in the winter forest.


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What does bathilda bagshot do on Nintendo Wii u

Added 30th Aug 2015, ID #603815

i WiLe the trees and shot two but i can't shoot the third what know?

Added 29th Nov 2013, ID #323225

You can only get the rocket from the Weasley box if you are a Weasley (i.e. Ron, Ginny, Arthur, F&G, etc.)

Added 19th Oct 2013, ID #315327

how do i get to the back area for the last spider??

Added 30th Jul 2013, ID #301473

I don't get the rocket from the Weasley box to open the gate. Now what do I do?

Added 25th Apr 2013, ID #277454

Hi I have a question how do you kill the last spider upstairs I tryed and I tryed but I just cant kill it!

Added 28th Dec 2012, ID #230212

hi, i spotted a mistake in the 'in grave danger' character locations. to get lily potter you use the weasely box to blow open the left gate like you said, but instead of digging and building (which must do something else) look for a statue of a guy in a hat side on to you on the far left side of the left section. blow him up and you get lily potter.

Added 4th May 2012, ID #139263

WiLe is Wingardium Leviosa.

Added 17th Mar 2012, ID #123794

What is WiLe?

Added 6th Mar 2012, ID #120912

Hey, very useful work but unfortunately I can't find Ron character, how do I get it from the freeplay level cuz that's the only way for me, thanks

Added 1st Feb 2012, ID #111330