Year 7 P2 - Level 3: Burning Bridges

Use WiLe to pull the cord down and move the items to the painting. The correct order from left to right is bird, cloud, sun. Go to the right and put out the fire with AGUA in the fireplace. GO back to the left and use WiLe to build a SPECS box and pick up the SPECS. Head downstairs and use WiLe  to move the chisel, then stab the chisel to the column blocking the way. Then use WiLe to move the hammer and hit the chisel thrice. Shoot the silver parts with RED. Continue ahead, now we have our friendly cauldron yet again. Spray AGUA to the plants to get the first item. Now walk up the left stairs and use WiLe to move the statue in the middle.


Walk up the right flight of stairs. Use WiLe on the upper left tapestry to reveal the puzzle box. Solve the puzzle using Harry. Move the center statue again. Walk up the left stairs and get the second item. This time move all the way back to the starting area and get the SPECS again.


Proceed back to the upper area on top of the center statue and build another statue. 


Hit it to get the last item. Drink the power potion and pull the handle on the box on the lower right path. Use WiLe to build the cleaning device and use it to clean the green toxic blocking the way. Continue ahead. Simply use AGUA to fill up the water kettle on the right. Then use WiLe to lift it up and spray water on top of the fires. Move ahead.

The Grey Lady character token:
Fill up the tank on the far right side and use it to put out flames, then hit the statue.
Use Dark Wizard to uncover the tank and fill up the tank with water.

Crest 3

Use DELUM to move the light from the left lamp to the right lamp above the basin. Fill the balloons with water.

Ghostly scene, then...

You will be using Neville and Seamus this time. You need to find five items. Shoot the gray crate on the lower left for the first one. Head to the lower right path until you reach the gap. Shoot out AGUA to build the flower steps. Make sure to shoot the third flower step first before you jump across.


Then jump across. This jumps can be tricky, make sure to hold A first to bounce higher on top of the flowers, then hold up and right when jumping to stick to the wall and avoid falling.



Head to the second turn and go up, then use Lumos to get the second item.


Now continue down and use WiLe to build a bridge on the gap. Jump across, make sure to hug the upper wall by holding up and right and when you jump across. Shoot the spider web for the third item. Jump back to the other side. Now head up on the second turn. Then go upstairs, shoot the fires with AGUA.


Use WiLe to move the torch and move it upwards to scare away the vines. Jump across. Head down, then use Diffindo on the red wall on the upper right. Then WiLe to build the fly. Now jump up the spiderweb, hold A to jump higher and jump to the upper left area. Shoot the box to get the next item. Drop down and continue past the red wall. Use WiLe to build stairs and AGUA to snuff out the flames. Use Neville and press B to dig up the digsite for the last item.

Seamus Finnigan character token:
Use DELUM to move the light to the lamp by the spider to get the Weasley box, then use the Weasley box to climb the sticky wall.
Use Dark Wizard on the object after the digsite and AGUA the plant.

Hermione and Ron scene, then action again...

Head up and use Lumos on the green vine.


Step on Hermione's plate, build the brush using WiLe, then brush off the purple band above to reveal the sticky wall. Jump up to the upper level and open Weasley box on the right. Use Ron to walk across the sticky wall. The use his DELUM to get light, then drop down. Walk all the way to the right. Transfer the light to the lamp beside the far right green door.

Guiding Light

The WiLe to build the puzzle box and solve it with Ron. Enter the next area. 

Use WiLe to move the three fish into the water.
Neville (Cardigan) character token:
Use Dark Wizard on the objects on the right side, then use Hermione's plate to get the snake statue. Dig up the part and place it on the snake statue.

Walk to the right end. Use WiLe on the snake head on the left of the barricade to get the chest, then build the pink plate.

Pink Snake

Step on the Hermione plate, then ride the driller. Drill away the barricade. Move to the right. Use WiLe to move the skeleton and build the plate. Step on it and use WiLe to move the pliers and pull out the tooth from the skeleton.

Shoot three skeletons. One in the previous area, two in this area, make sure to shoot the cobweb before the barrier and dig up.

Romantic scene ensues...

Follow the ghost again in the academy...

Harry gets in trouble, then on to the next level...