Achievements Guide

Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Achievements Guide

Here are the chapter-driven achievements, just progress through the story to acquire them. They are arranged chronologically.

Year 5
Albus Percival Wulfric Brian
Off the Beaten Track
Attempt to Resist
Did Santa Eat That Cake?
Accordion to Grawp
He's Back!
Phoenix Rising (Finish Year 5)

Year 6
The Slug Club
Weasley's Wizard Woes
A Riddle Revealed
Dumbledore's Demise
I am the Half-Blood Prince (Finish Year 6)

Year 7 - Part 1
Cake or Death Eater?
A Wise Disguise
Shedding Skin
Soul Searching
The Tale of the Three Brothers
Here Lies a Free Elf
To Be Continued (Finish Year 7 - Part 1)

Year 7 - Part 2
"That's Unfortunate"
Undesireable No. 1
You and Whose Army?
Wit Beyond Measure...
Kick the Bucket
Voldemort's Demise
All Was Well (Finish Year 7 - Part 2)

Collector's Dream
Complete the Bonus Level: LEGO CITY
To unlock the LEGO CITY, complete story mode once and build the door at the upper level of Borgin and Burke's.

But... I Am The Chosen One
Complete the game 100%

Hogwarts has Changed
Visit the Hogwarts Foyer in Year 7
Whenever you can visit the tent in the woods during Year 7, go inside and use the Marauder's map at the left table. This teleports you to Hogwarts using Neville, Ginny and Seamus where you can collect various stuff. This disappears after the endgame, so make sure you get it immediately.

Halfway There
Complete the game 50%

Avid Reader
Use a Quibbler dispenser 25 times.
Quibbler dispensers are the boxes that give out SPECS.

Stand still with no controller input for 5 minutes.

Lessons Learned
Complete all lessons.

We are the D.A.
Unlock all members of Dumbledore's Army

Weasley Does It
Use a Weasley Box with every Weasley
That would be Ron, Ginny, Arthur, Molly, Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, and George. Once you've bought all of them, the surefire way to get this is to head to the Great Hall Foyer and use the cauldron and Weasley boxes.

O Children
Complete the scene where Harry and Hermione dances in the tent.
Just shoot the radio inside the tent.

Knuts and Vaults
Collect 1 billion studs.

What if?
Defeat every Harry freeplay variant as Voldemort.
First up, unlock all Harry and Voldemort characters. Then stand in front of a cauldron and change between the two of them, while casting the Dark Magic spell Avada Kedavra using Voldemort all the time.

Tall Order
Unlock all of the Order of the Phoenix variants.

A Minifig's Best Friend
Unlock every character with a pet.

Unlock all witch characters.

Pyjama Drama
Unlock every pyjama character variant.

A Dish Best Served Cold
Defeat Bellatrix with Neville (Waiter) in a duel.
Unlock Neville (Waiter), then simply use her when you replay any story chapter where you fight Bellatrix as a boss.

Not "Fun Guys"
Defeat 30 Red Caps.
The mushroom critters. They are mostly found in the road path at Hogsmead Train Station and in the Woods.

Dark Times Ahead
Unlock every bad wizard.

Lighten Up
Use the Deluminator.

A Sirius Family Issue
Defeat Bellatrix with any Sirius variant in a duel.
Unlock any Sirius character, then simply use him when you replay any story chapter where you fight Bellatrix as a boss.


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Added 10th May 2014, ID #383128

Which leve does the scene where Harry and Hermione dances in the tent happen?

Added 9th Feb 2014, ID #353378

yeah, i am trying to complete the Weasley Does It achievement. i used every single Ron, Ginny, Arthur, Molly, Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, and George. and still no achievement. what gives.

Added 5th Dec 2012, ID #215223

hi where is the dueling club in xbox?

Added 12th Sep 2012, ID #185543

Where do i find someone with a key?

Added 5th Sep 2012, ID #183608

Hi this is josh please help me where to find the dueling room in ps3

Added 28th Aug 2012, ID #180997

I was wondering if someone could direct me to the Ravenclaw room in the school.


Added 20th Aug 2012, ID #178059

well, it depends what device u use. For an example, some devices like the 3ds dont even have common rooms.

Added 4th Jun 2015, ID #565728

Go into the room where you can purchase characters that you've unlocked. At the top of the steps, build the blocks, and this will open the bonus level.

Added 6th Jul 2012, ID #160897

i've finished the game and couldn't find the bonus levels. HELP!

Added 2nd Jul 2012, ID #159419

How do you get the dark magic spell I didn't get it

Added 19th Apr 2012, ID #134934

Where do I find the mini games?

Added 9th Mar 2012, ID #121595

hi, me again, i found the studs i was missing to finish the level, i looked around the grass areas and found mushrooms i had missed which got me 1,000,000 studs to finish.

Added 20th Jan 2012, ID #107655

hi in a collectors dream :Lego City, i have done this over 5 times and i still get the same results not completing the studs to 1,000,000. im stuck at the pool where the blocks are, to me it looks like olyimpic blocks so i arranged them so, but got nothing from it, so i did every possible way and still nothing, could you help in anyway or tell me everything to get please and ill start again. thanks.

Added 19th Jan 2012, ID #107286