Y5 L3: Focus!

Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Year 5 - Level 3: Focus!

Some nightmarish cutscene starts the chapter. Then you will be at the playground with Prof. Snape, he has the Focus spell.

Use Snape to shoot the cloud. Hit the merry-go-round. Switch back to Harry, use WiLe to build the bulldozer. Dig up the digsites, then pick up the cake and give it to the guy at the gate.
Dudley’s Gang Member character token:
Jump up at the trampoline and hold A to jump higher.
Dig it up near the seesaw.

Use Snape to hit the cloud again, revealing the person's item. Switch to Harry. Go back down a little and use WiLe to open the door on the left. Use your WiLe again to move the broom, use it to brush off the cobwebs at the lower part. Get the item dropped by the painting and give it to the girl.

Paint it

She will open the door for you.

Molly (Apron) character token:
Use RED on the locked cabinet and pull away the orange handle.

Use Snape's Focus again to shoot the person's cloud. Shoot the four target dummies as well. Then hit the big target dummy. Have Harry pick up the wand and give it to the girl.

Shoot six metal objects.
Put out fire in the fireplace.

Continue ahead. There are plaques on the walls. Use Harry's WiLe to transform them. Switch to Snape, hit the second plaque on the left and the crate, then use WiLe to build the net and capture the plane. Follow the path down. Shoot the person's cloud again using Snape. Give the airplane to him.


Hit the five scrolls hanging on walls.

You will now be at the subway station. Just head down and use Focus on Voldemort. This completes the level.

Use Dark Wizard to stack the luggages on the cart.
Snape (Underwear) character token:
Use Weasley box, use WiLe on the sticky wall and then climb up the wall.

Back at the academy with Harry and the guys. Help yourself with some exploration while pursuing the lead ghost again.

Equip Lumos to get rid of the vine at the Charms Corridor entrance.

Charms Corridor

Ron (Red Sweater) character token:
Just use WiLe on the armor .

Charms Classroom Right
Classroom cutscene this time. You will be using Diffindo right here. Equip Diffindo and shoot away at the red objects around. Hit the red objects near the board. Then use WiLe to build the flower. Use Diffindo to cut away the flower outline at the board.


Burn away some red items with Diffindo again, then build a nice ship using WiLe. Follow the wrecked ship below, then build it to transform into a vacuum cleaner this time. Equip Diffindo to cut the board into a ladder shape, then build a cute escalator using WiLe. I like that escalator, it looks adorable. =) 


Ride the nifty thing. Build the pet tube by using WiLe, then shoot the red valve with Diffindo. Call your pet and make the critter pass the tube all the way to the other end. Walk to the right. Diffindo again to cut the red board, then use WiLe to build a red fish.

Use Diffindo on the red wall to the rear
Shoot the “H” tapestries, then hit the Slytherin tapestry.
Justin Finch-Fletchley character token:
Destroy the vacuum.

Diffindo and Gold Brick unlocked.

Just keep following the ghost again, this time you can use Diffindo to shoot red objects whenever you encounter them. Use Diffindo in the Lobby Hallway.

Small Courtyard

Collect Ghost Studs, then use Diffindo on the tree at the Small Courtyard.

Train Station Dirtroad

Luna Lovegood character token:
Dig up the ladder that you will see on the side of the road, then build some stairs and climb up the rock.
Use Lumos to open the chest near the gate.

When you reach the train station, there's a red door blocking the way. Guess what? Diffindo again, this time you'll build a train, which is a heck of a fun to ride, especially when you run people over and squash them, haha! Just ride the train on the next screen. Then you're off to the next level.


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Yey!I Was stuck in this level

Added 12th Nov 2015, ID #624692

Where are the digsites

Added 21st Jul 2015, ID #587292

how so you do the game with the s's

Added 21st Apr 2015, ID #546075

I found four scrolls but I can't find the fifth

Added 11th Apr 2015, ID #541141

I get this and I'm now on year 6

Added 30th Oct 2014, ID #465051

it wont let me dig

Added 17th Jul 2014, ID #420412

It says I can't use the wili it isn't available to use the wili is when it glows purple right?

Added 23rd Feb 2014, ID #358223

What's WilLe? I need to know so I can get past! Plz let me know!

Added 23rd Dec 2013, ID #333352

Help! I lost the cake! I built the bulldozer and didn't know about the cake, now I dunno where it is, but I need it! Help!

Added 23rd Jun 2013, ID #292151

I can't get the stick for the net in the ministry part of focus level

Added 19th Jan 2013, ID #244181

Harry learns focus after his Occlumency lessons with Professor Snape in Year
Six shortly after befriending Grawp (this is after "Kreacher Discomforts").
Certain other characters know this spell innately, such as Snape and Moody.

Added 8th Jan 2013, ID #239848

I got to the train station using diffindo but it won't let me get on the train! Did I miss something important? Help!

Added 6th Jan 2013, ID #238752

the cake is by Dudley in the big box full of mud and use wingardiam leviosa to bring it up then use dudley to get to the car again![img][/img]

Added 12th Nov 2012, ID #207973

where is the part where snape gets focus by harry and you go back in his time huh!?

Added 17th Oct 2012, ID #197680

please help but......i cant find the door to open on this lv k

Added 1st Oct 2012, ID #190710

I cannot get the focus spell even when I start the game over. Any clues or cheats or anything. It's frustrating

Added 2nd Sep 2012, ID #182703

It wont let me dig the sand pit!

Added 13th Jun 2012, ID #152319

The Focus Spell Doesn't seem to appear.. I started my game over because I had read that it was a glitch in the game, but its still not there!! What did you guys do to get past that leveL?


Added 27th May 2012, ID #145999

How to collect the cake to the Daly.I have the excavator but to dig something

Added 12th May 2012, ID #141354

I guess only Snape has it.

Added 6th May 2012, ID #139856

i also need the focus spell for a level in year 6 and i cant get it!!! WILL SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO GET IT I REALLY NEED IT!!!

Added 8th Apr 2012, ID #131042

WiLe is Wingardium Leviosa, the purple spell at the top of the spell dial.

Use Lumos (white light) to get rid of the vines - just equip the spell and walk close to them.

Added 9th Jan 2012, ID #104260

I am stuck in the play ground. I have no idea what WiLe is... please help!

Added 7th Jan 2012, ID #103814