Y5 L2: Dumbledore's Army

Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Year 5 - Level 2: Dumbledore's Army

You start off this chapter in the snowy area. Equip your pet, dig up on the area of the guy on the right to wake him up. Pick up his staff and give it to him, then he will help you build the bridge. Cross the bridge. Shoot the four brown boxes, use WiLe to create a dragonhead from the items that came out of the boxes. Attach the dragon head to the gate. Then use WiLe on the gate to open it.

Run uphill. Grab the blue mug near the house. Shoot the barrel on the right side of the house to free a girl. Give the blue mug to the girl ans she will help you destroy the ice blocks.

Barrel Girl.

Go back down the hill. Shoot the lock on the locked house to open it. Get inside and pick up the shovel. Go back uphill and give the shovel to the guy on the right. He will build a cauldron. Just collect the ingredients and put them all inside the cauldron. Use WiLe on the doghouse to get the first ingredient, second one is beside the cauldron inside a box that you will destroy, and for the last one, just use WiLe to move the broom and sweep all the dirt on the road. Drink the potion from the cauldron, then pull away the flower carts blocking the way. The right flower cart has some flowers, give it to the girl beside it. She will shoot a barrel, giving you items.

Moving ahead, use WiLe to move the tube lying on the ground, attach it to the top of the door. Summon your pet and make it pass through the tube. Dig up the paw parts around and hit the bird. Create a signboard by using WiLe on the items that the girl gave you. Enter the door.

Hermione (Scarf) character token:
Dig up the sticky wall close to the exit, then use Weasley box to climb up the wall.


Neville (Winter) character token:
Use Spectrespecs spell to build a snowman.
Break the lock and apparate. Use the gun to attack six targets.
Use Dark Wizard to control the person in the shop.

Inside you will need to give three people some items. First up, shoot the red and white object on the right side of the door, get the puppet and give it to the girl. Second, shoot the three kegs near the door, use WiLe to build a moving painting, then give the item to the guy near it.

Move It.

Switch to Hermione, go to the upper middle part of the room. Follow the puzzle clues on the puzzle box to open it. Get the item and give it to the boar's head on the lower left part of the area. Dementor will show up. Switch to Harry, equip his EP spell (Expecto Patronum), use it to defeat Dementor. Pick up the last item and give it to the last person.

If you shoot the lock in the previous room, it will lead to another area with lots of stuff to collect.

Use Dark Wizard on the keg.
Cho (Winter) character token: 
Ride away in the wheelchair.
Use the pet tunnel to knockoff the jars. Pull the handle and use SPECS spell to create a tank. Connect the hose to the tank and pump some water, then build the valve and turn the dials to match the picture on the wall.
Just use the Weasley box.

Cue to another cute cutscene, and were back to the academy...

Follow the ghost trail, and feel free to explore as much as you can along the way. When you reach a closed door, pick up the red object near the left torch before the main central door. Give it to the blonde guy, then pick up his key and open the door. Check out the areas below for lots of collectibles during this segment.
Great Hall Entrance
Dean Thomas character token:
Located behind the statue on the right rear side.

Great Hall
Use WiLe on the three turkey platters.
Fat Friar character token:
Shoot the fruit basket beside the fireplace on the right.
Penelope Clearwater character token:
Open up the puzzle cabinet and hit three candles .
The Bloody Baron character token:
Hit the Slytherin tapestry at left the rear side.


Requirement Corridor

Luna (Yellow Dress) character token:
Use WiLe to move the armor near entrance.
Cormac McLaggen character token :
Use WiLe on all four chandeliers.
Vincent Crabbe character token:
Shoot the armor on the right side three times.
Dirk Cresswell character token:
Open up puzzle cabinet at the right-side area.
Blaise (Black shirt) character token:
Hit four braziers in.
In the cobwebs on the left.

This next segment will introduce you to dueling, which is quite fun. Basically, there are two sides, yours and your enemy's. Your enemy's area is on the rear arc. Just look at your enemy's colored area, open your menu and equip the spell that has the same color as your enemy's arc. Purple arc goes with purple spell, white arc goes with white spell, and so forth. Then blast away your enemy using X. If your enemy has a color that you don't have, just block using B and wait until the color changes. There's also a sequence where you will clash spells, just keep hitting A to blast your enemy. Here's a simple vid to help you:

Duel baby.

Duel baby

Dueling and GOLD BRICK unlocked.

Back in the academy, follow the ghost again while exploring your heart out.

Congratulations, on to the next level.


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How do you purchase the stuff like duelling? Pls reply soon thanks.

Added 28th Sep 2015, ID #612232

what are you supposed to do after the dueling???????😫

Added 4th Jan 2015, ID #495962

Where is the wheelchair for Cho.? I can't find it.

Added 13th Apr 2014, ID #374480

How do you deafeat the robot in the room of requirement? I use the same colored spell, but it disen't seem to work. This is our 1000th time doing it, and we can't do it. HELP

Added 9th Dec 2013, ID #327418

Do you have to use a strong character like hagrid to open the the basement keg in the secret room below the bar - dumbledors army

Added 8th Dec 2013, ID #327007

Is this a glitch? After I free Dean Thomas nothing happens and I can't cross the lake or move anywhere outside of the little round snowy bit. What am I doing wrong? Everything I look at online says Dean should help me build a bridge across the water but it's just not happening :/ Help!

Added 19th Nov 2013, ID #320378

There is a wand in front of him, if one of your characters has it then return it to him.

Added 29th Aug 2015, ID #603522

How do I get Neville? What is SPECS?
Also I can't figure out why I don't have aquementi?

Added 12th Jun 2013, ID #289893

I cannot seem to access the "bonus rounds", even tho' I've completed every level. Advice? Thanks!

Added 13th May 2013, ID #282488

My son and I are stuck on dumbledores army....we are playing with the Wii..the box that you're supposed to get the walk walkers from is see thru...indicating it can't be used so we can't get the scarf...then we can't get into the store with the man with the ? Over his head in order to get the crest... HELP!!!

Added 29th Jan 2013, ID #247615

I keep dying on the dueling and I am doing what it tells me to do. I am doing the right colors and I am holding B down when it pops over my head. But my opponent is still killing me!

Added 23rd Nov 2012, ID #211558

how do i dug up the old guy
because i have no pets

Added 8th Oct 2012, ID #193722

Harry has the yellow spell it looks like you hit someone over the head, he will obtain this at some point though the game... you can use it by shooting the person with the ? mark over the head the action button and walk them over to the crest in the shop...

Added 20th Sep 2012, ID #187571

Harry has the yellow spell it looks like you hit someone over the head, he will obtain this at some point though the game... you can use it by shooting the person with the ? mark over the head then press O and walk them over to the crest in the shop...

Added 20th Sep 2012, ID #187569

on the first part of this level it is a pig head not a dragon head because they go to the hog's head tavern

Added 14th Sep 2012, ID #185947

i am using bellatrix but i still cannot get the CREST 2.. help?

Added 27th Jul 2012, ID #169128

how do i drink potions from the cauldron after pressing z?

Added 7th Jul 2012, ID #161186

To get the green crest you need to be Harry and use the yellow spell, just stand next to the window ow the cafe and it should lock onto the boy inside, you then can control him to get the crest

Added 2nd Jul 2012, ID #159737

i need help! i'm so confused cause on my ds it is set out diiffrently to the sets on the videos. i'm so frustrated. i'm not sure how to get past the door kreacher locked in year 5 chap 3. i'm not even sure if that was right cause i think my chapters might have got mixed up! PLS write back!

Added 19th Apr 2012, ID #134920

how do you learn dark magic

Added 8th Apr 2012, ID #130847

I don't know how to equip my pet on my psp, please let me know.

Added 21st Jan 2012, ID #107914

How do I get into the cafe to get the crest? And what is the deal with the character with the guestion mark over their head. How do I get them?

Added 10th Jan 2012, ID #104603

WiLe is wingardium Leviosa spell.

You can control other characters by the "yellow" spell that Harry learned in oclumency lessons. Dark characters also have this ability. You simply stand near the person you want to control and push "special" button.

Added 25th Dec 2011, ID #98588

What is WiLe? I am stuck trying sweep the dirt from the road, but can't do it. Soooooo frustrated! Please help!

Added 23rd Dec 2011, ID #97935

How can I use Dark Wizards to control other legos??? Please help!

Added 16th Dec 2011, ID #95368