Tom Riddle's Diary (2-4)

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Tom Riddle's Diary

Year 2, Chapter 4

You'll start the chapter with a fight against Moaning Myrtle. She'll throw debris at you so you need to hurl them back to her using WiLe. This will open the cubicle doors. Once the last cubicle door opens, shoot her to damage her. Repeat this two more times. She'll get stuck after taking her third hit so quickly shoot again to defeat her.

Moaning Myrtle battle

You'll find yourself in a flashback stage. You need to look for ingredients for a potion again so start by blasting the knight armor and the bookshelf to get the first piece. Shoot all six armors in this room to reveal the Red Crest piece. Four are located at ground level while the other two are located in the upper platform. Place it to the cauldron to the right, then step on the piston-like mechanisms to create foothholds on the wall up front. Hop to the upper left, then blast the knight armor again and the pot to get the second piece.

Next, go back again to the pistons and use the footholds again to jump to the upper right. Hit the piston there and jump across the gap to the right to find a shaking brick. Shoot it to destroy it to get the final piece.

After throwing the last ingredient in the cauldron, retract the vine in the middle then use WiLe to repair the closet. Go inside to equip some earmuffs then use the mandrake to shatter the glass cabinet beside the closet and other glasswares in the room if you want to. Drink the strength potion then pull the chain to reveal some lego bricks. Use the bricks here to create a walkway on top of the pink arcs so you can reach the other chain to get out of this area. You don't have to use all the bricks.

Head to the right and kill the pixies holding two more lego bricks. Assemble them on top of the arcs so you can jump through. Remember that you must reach the next chain before the effect of the potion wears off.  Pull the chain to remove the obstacle.

In the next area, you'll need to find and shoot all three radios scattered to unlock the Green Crest piece. Follow the path until you reach the first stairs. Jump on the piston to the side then shoot the first radio.

Cross the stairs, then shoot the painting. Use the part the painting threw away to fix the second piston. Step on it to fix the stairs, then shoot the second radio. Place one of your characters beside the bookshelf, then use WiLe on the table to rotate the bookshelf. Switch to the other character and do the same thing to regroup.

Shoot the banner to reveal some pieces. Use WiLe to create a trampoline. Jump to the next platform, then use LuSo to retract the vines and release the footholds. Jump down and place the footholds on the wall so you can jump to the upper part.

Shoot the last radio here to unlock the Green Crest Piece. Finally, arrange the arcs on the side to complete the chapter.

Moaning Myrtle – During the boss battle with her, head to the far right of the bathroom then open the dark cabinet to get her token.
Yellow Crest piece – Shoot the silver chest in the upper left corner of the room. Ride the plunger around the room to remove all 5 water puddles. The crest will appear after removing the fifth puddle.
On the first flashback room, head to the far right and have Hermione solve the puzzle cabinet. Grab the key, then use it to open the locked cabinet to the left. This will save the student in peril inside.

Vocalist - At the start of the second area, open the safe behind to get this character token.
Blue Crest piece - In the same hallway as the safe containing the Vocalist token, continue south and use RE to unlock the chest in the corner.
Professor Vector – In the last area before arranging the the pillars to exit, you'll find the safe beside the third radio.

Follow the trail of spiders then exit  to the next area. Just keep following the path of spiders until you reach Hagrid's cottage.


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Excellent guide 😊 pressure switch are so much easier with two players! If you go to the upper right 1st and complete final pressure switch it will make things easier in the long run x

Added 11th Sep 2015, ID #607214

tell me more

Added 28th Aug 2015, ID #603239

tricky level :/

Added 12th Apr 2015, ID #541583

Thanks so much this helped me sooooooooo mutch

Added 14th Mar 2015, ID #528501

Thank you! This really helped me complete the level. To everyone who can't get to the area on the upper left, have your second player go back onto the first piston.😊

Added 26th Jan 2015, ID #507708

? this does not help! you've overcomplicated it now, and i'm still on my wii trying to find all of the suits of armour and its going to take 4ever! just wish that someone coud do it for me or something :|
thanks anyway though, cos it did help a bit, I just cant get on to the upper floors.

Added 31st Dec 2014, ID #493414

Doesn't make since, I can't get across the first gap. Riddle appears to, but when I try to be him, he doesn't jump as far as he does when the computer is him. Tried to change to being him once he was up there, but that didn't work.

Added 25th Dec 2014, ID #489909

Umm I can't get across the first gap on the tom riddle playing it on my wii and it's to far/high to jump.i can't move anything to make a step up.what am I suppose to do ?

Added 30th Jun 2014, ID #409424

I am finding it IMPOSSIBLE to jump to the left using the moving platforms so that I can get the potion ingredient. Ive been on this level for almost an hour and I CANT do it! Help!

Added 27th Oct 2013, ID #316654

Can't reach the pressure plate to move the first stairs on first go

Added 25th Aug 2013, ID #306657

shaking brik? what are our you saying?

Added 26th Nov 2012, ID #212849

Tom Riddle's Diary missing. Wish I'd seen the comment about need to complete on the first attempt, I got called away and and exited the episode so not able to attempt it again. No option but to start the game again! If you don't complete the section then an empty space appears on the bulletin board at The Leaky Cauldron, instead of the Episode access. Replaying the previous episodes nor using free play on them will unlock Tom Riddle's Diary so don't waste your time trying.

Added 30th Sep 2012, ID #190306

I'm playing it on the ds. How do i catch Aragog? Does anyone know?

Added 20th Aug 2012, ID #178160

where is the safe. I haven't seen a SAFE!!! And what is behind

Added 12th Jul 2012, ID #163150


Added 24th Jun 2012, ID #156146

I am stuck! I am doin this on an iPad so it is a little different for me. Can anyone/someone PLEASE GIVE ME AN ANSWER! =[

Added 12th Apr 2012, ID #132425

Thanks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much never would have completed without this!!!!!

Added 8th Jan 2012, ID #104046


cant get last ingrediant

Added 30th Dec 2011, ID #100524

Am I the only one having a HUGE issue jumping the 2nd to last gap?! I can't make harry or tom jump even remotely close. I did it once but only because I used the helmet from the knight i killed as an extra step up by then by the time i made it to the latch my strength wore off :/ and I knocked the helmet off when i jumped using it. So I'm stuck playing this level for eternity :|

Added 27th Nov 2011, ID #90976

excelente juego

Added 16th Oct 2011, ID #80814

great cant gete 100% coz cant go on level tried it once electric went and couldnt do it again

Added 7th Aug 2011, ID #64882

Thanks this really helped.[color=blue][/color]

Added 4th Aug 2011, ID #63957

wow. completed it in 30 minutes. thanks so much!

Added 27th Jun 2011, ID #52624

If you do not complete this level it will not let you go back and complete it. I have read online it is a glitch in the game.

Added 27th Apr 2011, ID #40137