LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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This section will feature instructions and directions on how to collect the remaining collectibles not covered in the initial walkthrough. To access all collectibles, you should have the following characters/ spells:

Reducto – Learned automatically at Year 4, Chapter 2. Used to break anything silver (locks, chests, gates, etc)
Crucio – Dark version of  Wingardium Leviosa, exclusive to dark characters. Used to break down dark-imbued objects.
“Strong/Heavy” characters – Characters like Hagrid or Fang that can pull chains without the need of strength potions.
Griphook – This is the goblin that can open safes using its key.
Time Turner – This is not necessarily a spell; Hermione has this unique and innate ability that can be activated by using grandfather clocks scattered in the area.

For our convenience, I'll start with the Gryffindor Dorm. I don't know what the areas here are really called in the game but I'll just label them the best of my ability.

Gryffindor Dorm

Seamus Finnigan – Unlock chest with the silver lock to the upper right.
Dean Thomas – Shoot the chest to the left.
Shoot the chest in the middle north of the room then jump down to grab the gold brick

Dorm Hall
From the dorm, exit then go the right to find a pixie holding a knob.

Kill it then place the knob on the door. Turn it to open the entrance Hufflepuff Dorm. Before going down, continue to the right then kill the boggart. Place the two blue pieces on the gate to open it and gain access to the transformation cauldron. Have someone change into any Hufflepuff character then go downstairs to the Hufflepuff dorm.

Hufflepuff Dorm Lobby (Hufflepuff character needed)

Neville Longbottom: Enter the closet to equip earmuffs. Grab the mandrake and destroy all the glass pieces here to get this token
After placing the mandrake on the bucket, the student in peril nearby will be saved.

Wave at the fruit painting using a Hufflepuff character to enter the dorm.

Hufflepuff Dorm
Break open the safe to the right then use WiLe to place the cake inside the painting. Obtain a gold brick.
The Fat Friar – Go to the left then shoot the painting. Shoot the cake to reveal the character token.
Destroy the plant on the fireplace to save a student in peril.

Near the entrance is a candlestick. Use WiLe on it to reveal a secret compartment containing a mandrake.

Use the nearby closet to equip earmuff. Grab the mandrake then place it in the bucket to open the bedroom area of the dorm.

Hufflepuff Dorm Bedroom
Hufflepuff Girl - Shoot the chained chest south of the entrance. Reconstruct a radio using the pieces and the token will appear nearby.
Shoot the bucket in the middle of the room to make it grow. Shoot all the flowers to reveal the red brick.

Exit the dorm then return to the hallway. From there, go to the right, use the transformation potion to transform to a Ravenclaw character then go upstairs.

Ravenclaw Dorm Lobby
Penelope Clearwater - Open the gate to the left then reconstruct the telescope from the pieces. The token will appear.

Ravenclaw Dorm
Gabrielle Delacour - After entering, hit the chest and a ball will fly out. Stay in your position for a few seconds and the token will appear to the left.
Jump downstairs and use WiLe to move various objects automatically. This will form a bird; hit the “head” and it will fly, dropping a red brick in the process.
There are three gold books here that you must shoot. You need to do small tasks before you can shoot them like using WiLe to move stuff. There are a total of five so enter the bedroom when ready.

Ravenclaw Dorm Bedroom
Save the student in peril by shooting the chain beside the book. Use WiLe to place it on the cart and get rid of it permanently.
Padma (Ballgown) – Shoot the leftmost bed to remove its roof, then jump on it to reach the token.
Shoot the last two gold books under the beds to obtain a gold brick.

Now exit the dorm and use the transformation potion again. This time, transform one of your characters to a Slytherin character and another one to a strong/ heavy character. Head to the left past the stairs going down and enter the next dorm.

Slytherin Dorm Lobby (Slytherin character, heavy character needed)
Destroy the silver locks on the floor then assemble the pieces to form a chain. Pull both chains to open the valve. Use the water jet to reach the character token of Rita Skeeter above. Enter the dorm next.

Slytherin Dorm
Slytherin Boy – After entering, shoot the first painting to the north. The painting will shoot the sofa, in turn will throw out a box. Destroy the box to get the token.
Slytherin Girl – Use WiLe on all the five green lamps here to get this token.

Slytherin Dorm Bedroom
You'll immediately find the red brick to the far right. The owl is located to the left.
Shoot the bookshelf near the entrance and approach the student in peril to save him.
Shoot the chest and the bed to the upper left so stuff will be thrown in the bath. The gold brick will appear there as well.
All done here so head back to the hallway then exit to the moving staircase area. Continue downstairs to the lobby then go to the right to reach the classroom. First, go to the left again to access two more classrooms. There will be silver chest to the far left but that only contains studs.

Enter the classroom to the left first. Shoot the lock on the trapdoor to the left then jump down to reach the secret area.

Classroom A (Hermione, Dark Arts character needed)
Mad-Eye Moody – Destroy the two orbs then place the pieces to complete the dragon statue. The token will appear afterward.

Just to the right after the dragon, there's a student in peril trapped in a web. Free
Destroy the dark orb to the right to reveal a red brick. Bring it back to the owl to the other side of the room.
To return back up, jump in front of the dragon so you'll get catapulted out. You'll get a gold brick by doing this as well.

Classroom B (Harry, Griphook, Dark Arts Character needed)
Use Griphook to open the safe to the lower left and open the trapdoor leading to the secret area.

Professor Flitwick - Get past the vine traps on the floor then destroy the boggart to the right.
Jump down to the canal and follow it to the right to find a student in peril.
Continue to the right past the chained monsters obstacle to the next room. Once there, use LuSo on the vines constricting the claws holding the chains. The cage will drop and you'll obtain the gold brick.

Use Harry and talk to the snake to the right to make a dark orb appear. Have your dark character use CR on it to get the red brick. Use the elevator north to return back.

Exit the classrom then return to the right. Continue to the right to find more classrooms.

Main Classroom Lobby
Millicent Bulstrode - Use CR on the dark cabinet right beside the pet tunnel upstairs.

Classroom C (Dark arts character needed)
This is the classroom to the left of the dark chest pictured above. Use CR on the dark orb at the end of the room to get a red brick.

Classroom D  (Dark arts character needed; heavy character optional)

Use DM on the dark gate under the stairs to get the character token of Ginny Weasley. Next, unlock the chest in the far end of the room then use WiLe for it to drop pieces. Construct the pieces so it becomes a portal. Enter it to reach a secret area.

Use WiLe on the large piece as you enter. There are three lamps and a boggart chest here. Jump on the gear and save the student in peril.

Remove the vine and destroy the second boggart chest. Shoot the three banners ahead for the character token of Harry (Maze Task) to appear. There are also three lamps you can shoot here. Grab the bottle piece for now

Jump on the gears to the right until you reach the other side. Shoot the last lamp here to get the character token of Viktor (Tuxedo). Shoot the gears in the middle then reconstruct it with WiLe. This will bring down the third boggart chest. Destroy the boggart then kill the pixies to the right and do the same. Grab the flower piece, then fixt the stairs using the pieces nearby. Continue to the right then put the materials in the cauldron, drink the potion and pull the chain. (if you have a strong character with you, you can just ignore the materials then pull the chain immediately) Destroy the last boggart chest for the red brick to appear.

Exit the room then go through the entrance where the dark gate you destroyed. This will bring you to a room with several pendulums.

Draco Malfoy - Kill all pixies swinging the pendulums and the token will appear at the end.
Professor Quirrell – Go downstairs and continue making your way to the other end. This token can be found along the way.
Destroy the pixies holding the pillars and watch the platform overhead collapse, along with a statue holding a gold brick.

Classroom E (Hufflepuff character, Ageing Potion, Griphook needed)

Use the ageing aura then enter the room to the right. Wave at the painting using a Hufflepuff character to receive the first green key. Then use WiLe on the gargoyle head to reveal some pieces. Use WiLe on them to put them in the middle statue. Continue to the right and solve the puzzle cabinet to get another key. Then, use Griphook on the keyhole in the middle of the statue to get the last green key. Place it on the gate and you'll have some bricks to construct.

Reach the platform to the right to get the red brick. Jump on the left to find a locked chest. Blast it open to obtain the character token of Professor Snape. Next, switch to your old character and go through the blue barrier to get the gold brick.

Classroom F

Break the silver lock in the left side of the room. In this room, you need to transfigure the dummies until each cage captures three. The gold brick and the character token of Professor McGonagall will appear. Get behind the chalkboard in the northern corner of the room to find the hidden character token of Fred Weasley.

Classroom G (Dark Arts character, Griphook needed)

Professor Trelawney – Have Griphook open the safe in the upper right part of the room
Hermione (Blue Top) – Use CR on the dark cabinet beside the safe.

Courtyard  (Dark Arts character needed)

Destroy the dark knight armor then ride the broomstick. Follow the trail of studs that twill appear and the gold brick will appear at the end. If you're able to get the red brick earlier, you'll find a silver knight armor in the middle of the fountain. Blast it with RE and ride the plumber to clean all the goo. The character token of Ravenclaw Prefect will appear in the fountain.

Clock Tower

Kill the boggart and use the key to open the locked path to the right.

Save the student in peril near the entrance. Next, kill the pixies on both ends of the room to reveal the stairs. Shoot the chests to reveal some colored clocks. Place them in the same colored pedestals to get the red brick.
Hit the painting to the right and use WiLe on the purple gear to fix the mechanisms. The bell will ring and will drop a gold brick.
Vernon Dursley – Talk to the snake to the left and shoot the tail of the green snake to get the token.

(Time Turner)
Milkman – Appears immediately after turning back time.
Madam Rosmerta – Shoot the lock off the puzzle cabinet then solve it to get the token.
Have one of your teammates step on the piston to the left then go upstairs. Solve the puzzle cabinet to the right then assemble the pieces. Then, shoot the painting to the left, construct the clock hand and place it on the large clock. Use WiLe to turn the clock automatically. Wait for the two dummies to hit each other and the gold brick will appear.

Quidditch Training Field

Harry (Quidditch) – Dig all five digging spots and this token will appear
Viktor (Dragon Task) – Destroy the silver lock in the field and fly through all the yellow circles  to get this token. A gold brick will appear at the same time as well.

Herbology Classroom (annex)

Destroy the large silver lock at the end of the room to enter the annex. Open the chest along the way to obtain Fleur Delacour character token. Enter the room to the right. Pull the chain either by bringing along a heavy character or just doing it the old way: gather the materials and use the strength potion. After saving the student in peril, shoot the large plant to the right. Use WiLe to construct a staircase. Equip earmuffs the carry all the mandrakes up and place them in the pots to get a red brick.

After doing all that, exit the room then continue ahead to the next room.

  Go upstairs then destroy the boggart up the platform. Obtain the character token Drummer.  Next, grab the mandrake and start destroying all glass objects in this room. There are three found at ground level, while the other two are found upstairs. Obtain the character token of Professor Sprout after destroying all five.

Lobby Hallway

This hallway connects the courtyard and the wooden bridge to reach Hagrid's Hut. There is a locked panel here and a locked torch; if you're following this guide, then you have already activated the other panels and torches in the lobby. If not you can find them back in the lobby by taking the stairs in the middle.

Madam Pince – Activate 3 panels. 2 are back in the lobby while the last one is locked
Doris Crockford – There are 3 torches in this hallway; the others are found in the lobby

Hogwarts Grounds  (Dark Arts character needed)

This is the outer area that connects the Quidditch Field, Lakeshore and Hagrid's Garden.

Ginny (Cardigan) - Shoot the pixies near the entrance to free a pumpkin-copter and a blue firecracker. Ignite the blue firecracker and it will fly off and reveal a character token in the air. Equip the pumpkin-copter to reach it.

Cedric (Lake Task) – Break the locks holding the green firecracker then ignite it. Use the pumpkin-copter to reach the token.
Viktor Krum – Use dark arts to free the red firecracker then ignite it. Use the pumpkin-copter to reach the token.

Hagrid's Garden
Amos Diggory – Break the lock on the chest to the right then destroy the boggart

(Time Turner)
Gilderoy Lockhart - Destroy the lock to the left to get the token
Petunia Dursley – Dig the digging spot to the far right, beside the water barrel.
There is a student in peril pinned down under a pumpkin to the lower right.
Use the nearby digging spot then use WiLe to place the head on the scarecrow. Dig the new digging spot again, destroy the pumpkins then use WiLe again to construct a pull-chain. Have Hagrid pull it, and the scarecrow will go crazy. Assemble the pieces it will leave behind to create a furnace, then place the egg inside to hatch it. A gold brick will appear afterwards.

Quidditch Field
(Time Turner)

Dig the digging spot near the cabinet then use WiLe to make the instruments play. The gold brick will appear after that.
Break the lock on the chest to the right, beside the tent to save a student in peril.
Chisel away the stone slab in the upper right corner to get the red brick.
George (Quidditch) – Dig the digging spot to the right, beside the stall. Assemble the pieces then use WiLe on the yellow plants for the token to appear.
Ravenclaw Girl – Shoot the lock on the gate then open it with WiLe. Assemble the pieces to a radio then shoot it to play it. Wait for the token to appear.

Library (Annex)  (Dark Arts character, ageing potion needed)
Wizard (Red) – Jump on the upper platform to the left then use dark arts to destroy the wall covering the bookshelf. Destroy the spider, wraith and wasp to reveal the character token.


This is the area you can access by going through the large door (with a giant pendulun) in the main courtyard. You can access the Owl Tower from here.

Slytherin Prefect – Destroy the dark chest then use WiLe on the sprinkler to grow a flower. Jump on the flower to get the icon on top.

Owl Tower

If you're following this guide, you should have visited this area before and already done the basic stuff. What's left now is to check out the place in Time Turner mode.

(Time Turner)
Shoot the fountain to release the student in peril.
There are three mailboxes on the floor up north. Place them in their respective colored slots and wait for the gold brick to appear.

Barty Crouch Sr – Destroy the lock on the cabinet to the right then use WiLe twice to construct a hopping machine. Use it to clear all 5 white bird poop in the area to get the token.
Hermione (Hogwarts) - Go upstairs then shoot the owl portrait to use the bird lift. Once you're in the second level, shoot the flower in the middle then use WiLe on the pieces that will be left behind to fix the music player. The token will appear afterward.
Use WiLe on the piece to the left then turn on the video player. Pull the red brick off the projected image.

Dining Hall Entrance

Witch (White) – Destroy the dark cabinet to the right

Dining Hall

Colin Greevey – Shoot the silver platter to the right
Molly Weasley – Shoot the silver platter to the left

Bathroom (Boys)

This is located beside the girl's bathroom but you need to destroy the lock with RE

Shoot the first stall open then go inside to save the student in peril.
Fix the two shower heads then shoot all of them to get the red brick.
Madam Hooch - Shoot the garbage can beside the green lockers then use WiLe to spray on the wall. The character token will appear afterward.

Dumbledore's Office (Dark arts character needed, heavy character optional)
You can only access this freely after completing all the four years. It is located at the topmost level of the moving staircase tower.

Destroy the silver chest in the middle of the room to get a gold brick.
Approach the phoenix and the red brick will appear.
Professor Dumbledore – Access the secret room behind the desk then destroy the dark chest to get this token.
Nearly Headless Nick – Shoot the rack to the right and wait for the token to appear.
Professor Dumbledore (Grey) – Pull the chain upstairs for the planet model to appear. Destroy all planets and the sun to reveal a hat. Use WiLe on the hat to reveal this token.


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For anyone still trying to get past the painting with the dog. Down the stairwell there is a painting of an old wizard and another of a Quidditch player. Aim at the Quidditch player and he will throw a red ball at you. Keep going down and on the other wall there is another Quidditch player in a painting. Aim at that and the ball will bounce up to the painting with the dog and he will throw a bone out. Go back up and it will turn into the gold brick.

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There are 3 quidditch players you need to go to the very bottom the pic you need is above a suite of armor I ju

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To get the gold brick in the library (return to Hogwarts), climb up to the right side and shoot the book against the wall.

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The gold brick detector does flash in the back of the library, but there is no gold brick there. We think that this is actually for the gold brick in the Griffindor dormitory.

Also, when trying to unlock the Cho Chang token in the owlery, you can't pick up a new record while another is playing. The third record comes out of the drawers in the back, but is hard to see. We only realized is was there because it lit up purple when another record stopped playing.

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LINK IS [url][/url]

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(Professor Quirell) is in the Pendulum room(to get to it you you use crucio on the back of the first/Second datda room)You go down the stairs and then go to the back of the classroom.

Professor Quirell(Voldemort)is in the level Face of the Enemy.When you get to the chessboard you will find two black chess pieces on the ground. you need to brake them with Crucio(Dark wizards only)You will find
Quirell's token on the piece on the right side

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Harry(maze task)is in the tower gear room get up the cogs and shoot the 4 Flags with redencto.

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there is another gold brick in the library first use professor dumbledore to get in [ can be found in his office]. once you enter get on the left balcony then shoot the ghost that appears. then use a dark wizard to destroy the curtains then three books will fall a creature will appear from each book defeat all three one after another once you defeat all three a gold brick will appear.

Added 16th Mar 2012, ID #123494

cho chang is in the owlery u have to collect 3 records to put on the gramophone go back in time to coleect then leave then go back in one is hidden behind the brown drawers

Added 28th Feb 2012, ID #119013

ok for everyone who was wondering how to get the gold brick in the library, go to the little balcony where the mandrake was (on the right side of the library) and you will see a hat. shoot it with a spell and it will fly up and then the gold brick will appear. if you cant find it, then use the X button (i know that is it for the xbox, cause that is what i have) but use the button that you can use to focus spell on objects and find the hat. hope that helped

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Hi I need to unlock prof quirrel in the turban how do I do it

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A lot of people seem to be asking about where the character token of Cho Chang is. I cannot explain it very well, so look at the walk through for level 3-5 Dementir's Kiss at the end. I have one thing to add, though: if you're looking for the third record, make sure you target ALL of the cabinets/chests... Then you should be able to unlock her.

Added 9th Feb 2012, ID #113492

You don't need Harry for talking to snakes. Tom Riddle is a Dark character, he is a Parselmouth(can talk to snakes), and is a Slytherin character. You can unlock him in the Basilisk level using Griphook, who is unlocked in the first level using Reducto. So you do not need Harry and a Dark character, just Tom Riddle, who has both Expecto Patronum and Riddikulus, by the way.

Added 7th Feb 2012, ID #113039

I am missing 3 characters aside from Voldemort: some version of Ron, a Ravenclaw character(probably Cho Chang) and a member of the band(not vocalist, drummer, or guitarist) I'm alsoissing 3 Students in Peril. Help please! Thanks in advance!

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I beat the story mode game and just need one red brick. The brick is in classromm A where you learn the first spell. I busted the lock holding the door, but the door didn't open to let me in. Does anybody have any idea without replaying the entire game?

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Rita Skeeter is outside the slytherin common romm

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