Bonus Levels

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Bonus Levels

Since Bonus Level 1 is pretty straightforward, I'll just skip to Bonus LV2 onwards. You can try this as soon as early as you can but take note that some doors won't open unless you use characters from other groups.

Bonus Level 2:


Bonus Level 3:


Bonus Level 4:


Bonus Level 5:


Bonus Level 6:


Bonus Level 7:


Bonus Level 8:


Bonus Level 9:


Bonus Level 10:


Bonus Level 10

Bonus Level 9

Bonus Level 8

Bonus Level 7

Bonus Level 6

Bonus Level 5

Bonus Level 4

Bonus Level 3

Bonus Level 2


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i have done the polyjuice potion in bonus level 5, but i dont have any of the studs for some reason?? i have collected loads but th only one that i can an change to is justin, is there something i need to do to change this??

Added 6th Apr 2015, ID #538680

You need to purchase the characters from madam Malkins (in diagon alley) after you find them.

Added 12th Aug 2015, ID #597092

How do i move the rock in bonus level 9

Added 19th Nov 2013, ID #320446

go into the castle itself, not a level. That is where I found the last of mine

Added 20th Mar 2013, ID #265574

All of the bonus levels in gringotts are in the same place. You need a character like griphook to unlock the levels. Level 10 is all of the way at the end. I am at 96.9% and have 5 more characters, 1 red brick, 5 student in perils, and 7 gold bricks. I have no clue where the rest of these are and i have completed all 24 levels. Any ideas?

Added 24th Nov 2012, ID #211859

this was helpful [color=green][/color]

Added 23rd Nov 2012, ID #211580

i cant get thru to the room with the gold brick on the 1st bonus level

Added 24th Jul 2012, ID #168033

how do you get Ron out of the area on bonus level 6 with the lava and the dementors
Added 16th Jan 2012, ID #106569

"We're to the point where we need four gold bricks for 200. Three of those are in the gringotts bonus levels. We complete the levels and it won't award us the gold bricks. How do we get these?"

This is happening to us as well, we're two gold bricks shy, and when we complete bonus level 3 and bonus level 7 the game won't award us the gold brick. Any help?

Added 3rd Dec 2011, ID #92291

The door will not open when I make the letter E what's going on?

Added 2nd Dec 2011, ID #92035

How do you get to the gold brick in number one? i dont understand how to open the door.

Added 24th Nov 2011, ID #89755

how do I get the regular gringotts back ?

Added 24th Oct 2011, ID #82657

We're to the point where we need four gold bricks for 200. Three of those are in the gringotts bonus levels. We complete the levels and it won't award us the gold bricks. How do we get these?

Added 22nd May 2011, ID #44427

Well the dark characters can be found through out the game. Just replay some of the levels to find some of them. Also in bonus level 1 you don't have to open the chest you have to go toward the back (north) side of the screen and there is a room with the gold brick in there. When you get the brick, you have finished the level! Hope this helps.

Added 2nd May 2011, ID #41199

Where's level ten!?

Added 25th Feb 2011, ID #30388

how do you open the big chests on bonus level 1 cause i have enough to open them buti dont know how

Added 23rd Feb 2011, ID #30110

Where's bonus level ten? The ten you use is nine.

Added 4th Dec 2010, ID #20156

I can't even get to the bonus levels, the gold doors at the end of diagon alley keep throwing harry backwards, how do you get in the doors???

Added 17th Oct 2010, ID #15432

did you use cheat coads to get all teh toons most lv.s need "bad" guys to do things how do you get the bad guys ?

Added 22nd Aug 2010, ID #9972

the thing wont load!!!!!!!!!!!

Added 5th Aug 2010, ID #7572