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Follow the dark path or use the light


The Dark Lord Returns (4-6)

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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The Dark Lord Returns

Year 4, Chapter 6

Cedric (Maze Task) – You need to find and shoot 8 plants that blooms into yellow flowers to get this character token.

As soon as you start, hit the plant in the bottom right corner to make it bloom (1/8). Next, destroy the plants in the area to reveal the armor pieces. Assemble it then shoot the knight armor. It will show you the correct direction so take note of the direction where it swings its sword. Also, you need to go to the directions provided before the statue finish turning; just shoot it again if you made a mistake.

Maze Direction example

In the next area, you'll find some pixies holding armor pieces. Destroy them all, then assemble the statue. The second flower is located in the upper right portion of the area. (2/8) Shoot the armor and follow the directions.  The third area has two yellow flowers (4/8). The armor pieces are wrapped with vines so clear it with Luso. Fix the armor and shoot it. Follow the directions again to leave and start with the labyrinth area.

Go past the moving walls then turn left to find another yellow flower. (5/8) Kill the boggart to get Fleur (Maze Task) character token.

Continue along and as you turn in the corner, vines will appear and attack you from the sides. You need to destroy 5 of these to get the Yellow Crest piece. There are two vines here (2/5) so destroy them then continue forward. The third vine is right after the next moving walls. (3/5)

Next, in the area where the Red Crest is visible, find another yellow flower (6/8). The red crest requires dark arts intervention to be accessed so let's get it during Free Play later on.

Destroy the pixie nearby then put the arrow it drops to the pole up ahead. Rotate it to open the wall to the left. Go there to reach the next area.
Move a bit forward then destroy the fourth vine. Go up then left from the sphinx to find another yellow flower. (7/8) From the sphinx again, to right a bit then down. You'll find a student in peril along with the last yellow flower.

Next, go right of the green book then kill the last vine to get the Yellow Crest piece. Use WiLe on the book, then make a trampoline out of the pieces it drops. Jump on the trampoline to jump over the wall to the east. Clear the vine the use WiLe to place the fly to the web. A non-hostile spider will eat it and another fly will appear to the west. Do the same so the spider breaks the wall. Construct the pieces to another fly. The spider will try to eat the fly and this will scare off the sphinx, opening a new path for you. Continue forth to get transported to the next area.

This battle is pretty easy; kill the Death Eaters then beat Voldermont during the wand duel. Repeat the process three times and you'll win the battle and complete the story.

Final Boss Battle

Blue Crest piece – In the second area, before going past the moving walls, break the dark wall to the left. Dig in the digging spot to get the piece.
Red Crest piece – After killing the pixie holding the arrow, shoot the dark wall to the right.
Viktor (Lake Task) – After getting the red crest, dig the token out of the digging spot to the south.