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Follow the dark path or use the light


The Black Lake (4-5)

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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The Black Lake

Year 4, Chapter 5

Blue Crest piece - There are 9 clams you need to shoot to get this piece.

All the clams are located in the area before you assemble a fish to knock over obstructions. If you used the red brick cheats, then activating the house crest detector will help. The colored arrows will point you to the individual pieces.

Red Crest piece – You'll come across large rocks where you need to pull something out. Then a pale creature appears and attaches itself to it. You need to shoot the creature to inflate its head. Do this six times in this chapter to get this piece.

Start by going to the right, shooting a few clams along the way. After exiting the first blue pipe, swim to the left to find one of those large rocks. Pull out the parts of it that you can remove, the shoot at the creatures that will attach to it to lift the boulder up. Continue all the way to the left then shoot the chest to get the character token Harry (Lake Task). Continue swimming to the right. Once you've reached the next pipe, enter it then head to the left. You should come across a skeleton on a boat. Use WiLe to place both oars to the boat then use WiLe again to move the boat out of the way. You'll rescue a student in peril during this process.

Continue to the right and you'll eventually get halted by some tentacles. Destroy the rocks covering the blue pipe so that your partner can move to the background. Use WiLe to remove the two tentacles on the sides and for it to pull down the rock slab and clear the path. Continue to the right, then find another piece of those boulders after passing the third pipe.

Further to the right is a couple of pieces that you must connect to the circular piece on top of the tall platform.

If you reached this part and you still haven't unlocked the Blue Crest piece, then you may have missed some of the clams along the way; backtrack a bit and carefully keep an eye of brown oblong shapes in the foreground/ background. Continue to the right to the next area after getting the blue crest.

As soon as you start in the second area, look for a hidden chest to the leftmost side and shoot it. Obtain the character token Guitarist from it. Continue to the right then take the lower path. Use WiLe to clear the vine, then swim past the bubble jet. Pull the large crab out of the crevice then place it on top of the bubbles so your partner can go through.

Switch to your partner and shoot the eye to clear the path. Continue forth and remove the seaweeds using LuSo. You'll eventually regroup and the squid will squirt black ink. Use LuSo to remove it all and it will leave behind the Yellow Crest piece.

Swim to the upper right first then shoot the thingy there to get the pearl. Bring it back to the clam hindering your path to the lower right. Continue east to the next area.

As you start the third area, shoot the very first chest in the background to get the character token Krum Shark. You need to be careful of the mermaids here; they're like underwater wraiths. You'll also find the last boulder here. To interact with it, you need to detach the anchors on each side, then use WiLe to place the worms in the boulder. The one to the left is covered by vines so use LuSo to free it, then WiLe to detach it from the chain. Do the same thing as you did with the others to get the Red Crest piece.

Go through the pipe, then place the purple ball on the balance. Raise the anchor, then shoot on the chain plates to free all the students. Chapter completed.

Green Crest piece – At the start of the second area, use dark arts to open the chest. Use CR or WiLe to reconstruct the skeleton for it to pull the chain to reveal the piece.

Wave at the painting to move the stairs then go up. Use RE on the chest there, then use WiLe to place the steering wheel to the painting. Shoot the painting to move the stairs again. Go upstairs then shoot the bell on the door to open it. Before entering the room, shoot the two pots in front of the door to get Percy (Sweater) charater token.

In the next room, shoot the painting so it releases a gray rectangle piece. Use WiLe on it and a bunny will appear. The bunny will enter the hamster wheel to the left. Next shoot the blue object on the top of the shelf to release the second bunny. Finally, shoot the TV to the right end of the room four times to release the last bunny. The car will fly away, leaving behind a gold brick.

Shoot the computer and the lcd monitor to reveal the character token of Dudley Dursley.

Shoot the bobblehead on the table, then shoot the other one that will appear. Grab the character token of Mr. Mason. Shoot the printer to get the red brick. Give it to the owl so it counts to your completion rate. That's all for this room; exit then continue upstairs.

Kill the pixies and place the painting on the wall. If haven't shot the painting of the first quidditch player at the bottom of the stairs (found along the way leading to the hall), then painting of another player won't react.

Shoot the painting and it will throw the ball back. Go downstairs a bit then shoot the painting of another player. It will finally throw the ball up to the painting of the dog further upstairs. It will release a gold brick.

Go upstairs then shoot the painting you just fixed a while ago to move the stairs. Continue upstairs and the final set of stairs will be fixed. Don't go to the stairwell yet; continue upstairs to the left to get the gold brick and to save the student in peril.

Finally, use WiLe on the candlestick to the left to light the candle to the right. The character token of Professor Binns will appear. Take the stairwell to proceed to the last chapter of the game.