A Jinxed Broom (1-3)

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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A Jinxed Broom

Year 1, Chapter 3

You'll only control Ron and Hermione. Raise the flag to the left, then go downstairs. Raise another flag, then get rid of the blocks blocking your way. Fly across the gap and go downstairs to find another three flags on the edges, from left to right. Fix the tubes using WiLe,  then send Ron's pet to reach the platform above.

After causing some ruckus, the platform containing large lego bricks will fall down. Arrange it so you can jump and reach the Blue crest piece. Arrange the bricks again so you can reach the upper platform. Destroy the stuff blocking your path then use WiLe to assemble them. Solve the cabinet pattern puzzle and the axe will clear the path for you.

Continue then raise the last two flags to get the Red crest piece. Use Ron's pet to reach the Harry (Girl Disguise) character token under the stairs. Shoot the orange cover on the wall, then shoot the painting to remove the prefect. Assemble the lego bricks again then go up the ladder.

Solve the cabinet pattern puzzle, then use WiLe to lift the pieces up and to connect them to the wall to create footholds. Create the stairs using the pieces to the left. You can't open the silver cabinet for now so continue up. Destroy the final barricade and continue through to complete the level.

Unlock the chest beside the pet tunnel to get the character token Fred (Quidditch)
After arranging lego bricks to reach the upper floor, destroy the silver obstacle in the middle to save the student in peril. Destroy the pixies to the left, then shoot the chest to obtain the Yellow Crest piece.

After getting rid of the prefect and before going up the ladder, do not destroy the box. You need to jump around the barricade. Use Crucio on the barrel to get the Yellow Crest piece.


Yellow Crest


Go up the ladder then shoot the cabinet using a dark arts character to obtain the character token of Marcus Flint.

Follow the ghost guide, then fix the bridge. Head to the other side for a scene. You'll be back in the Great Hall. There's not much to do here for now so return to your rooms for more scenes and to start the next story chapter.


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This doesn't help

Added 27th Jun 2015, ID #576518

How do you complete the level????????? ):(

Added 14th Feb 2015, ID #516120

can someone help me get the green crest

Added 31st Jan 2015, ID #509845

can someone help me get the green crest

Added 31st Jan 2015, ID #509841

Jump around the barrier to get to the green crest and you will need someone who can do dark magic

Added 21st Dec 2014, ID #487585

How do u get malfoy

Added 18th Nov 2014, ID #473405

So where is the red crest piece?

Added 3rd Aug 2014, ID #430334

Thank you SO much! This helped me a lot!

Added 5th Aug 2013, ID #302803

in which level can u find a dark magic guy

Added 24th Jul 2013, ID #299923

I am finding on the PS3 version the chest with the yellow crest piece (the one held by pixies) does not drop to the ground after the pixies are removed, preventing the chest from being opened.

Any suggestions to resolve this or prevent it from happening?

Added 9th Jul 2013, ID #296068

we are having trouble solving the cabinet puzzle even with the cheat above. what is the circle button?

Added 16th Jun 2013, ID #290717

I'm having the same problem: i can't shoot the chest open to get the crest piece after I shoot the pixies. Whats wrong? Im in Free Play with Lucious Malfoy and all characters that are available with him but nothing works. What am I doig wrong?

Added 29th Jan 2013, ID #247575

In Free Play mode u can just press start, The Leaky Caudron and exit and save.

In Story Mode u can just complete a level, or just collect a Gold Brick

Added 5th Jan 2013, ID #237627

Can anyone tell me how to save your game in the middle of it? Thanks! ;)

Added 29th Dec 2012, ID #231177

How do u save your game? And thanks!!

Added 29th Dec 2012, ID #231171

We just got the Blue Crest in Free Play by using the Ghost character to jump off the blocks

Added 7th Sep 2012, ID #184106

I can't find the Marcus flint character in this level anywhere. Help??

Added 22nd Jul 2012, ID #167416

Can't get the yellow crest piece...
I shooted the pixies down but I can't shoot the chest, it doesn't aim. :S can you help please?

Added 10th Jun 2012, ID #151121

How do you solve the cabinet pattern puzzle? We cant figure it out!

Use Hermione stand in front and press the circle button watch the cabinet you will see the squares light up one by one. copy what you see to open the cabinet

Added 6th Jun 2012, ID #149482

Well i have tried this cheat for my younger sister (although if you cheat you are only cheating yourself) it dose not work so please do not post useless cheats i am a busy 12 year old who dose not need bothering with silly things.

Added 15th Apr 2012, ID #133690

How do you solve the cabinet pattern puzzle? We cant figure it out!

Added 19th Nov 2011, ID #88496

How can I use a dark arts character to open the grey cabinet? I'm only in control of Ron and Hermione and can't find a way to change characters. And there is no polyjuice potion in this level...

Added 13th Nov 2011, ID #87095

thanks but that doesnt help me at ALL i have the ds one and its TOTALY difrent!!!!! how do you defeat the bulger is what i need to know!!

Added 26th Oct 2011, ID #83116

Dont try and build the blocks to get blue crest - waste of time. Instead, after getting the green crest, follow the ledge to the far left, get the purple coin, then "drop down" on the blue crest - very easy.

Added 17th Oct 2011, ID #81045


Added 31st Jul 2011, ID #62910

I did it as McGonagall and turned her into a cat. Because her cat form is so slim, it's easy to jump off the ledge and jump right back on the other side. It only took me 2 tries!

Added 5th Jul 2011, ID #55103

I keep falling when I try to jump around the barrier, andi can't get over. I've tried with the Bloody Baron (ghost) but I can't get it with him either. Any ideas?

Added 5th Jul 2011, ID #54803

Use the blocks for the stairs to build a way toward the blue crest piece instead of toward the ledge. I used the yellow and green blocks. Jump off and you can hit the blue piece in the air.

Added 5th Jul 2011, ID #54799

I'm having trouble getting the blue crest piece. Someone please help

Added 24th Feb 2011, ID #30276

Thanks for the the green crest location, I would have never found it!

Added 20th Feb 2011, ID #29758

Green Crest is at the end of the stadium after you zap the orange wall to reveal a picture. DO NOT GO UP THE LADDER TO THE NEXT ROOM!! Instead there are a few boxed there with a wooden fencing along the same ledge as the trapdoor was. You can try jumping AROUND with any character but I found it worked best with nearly headless Nick as he floats round. You will need a character with dark magic (ie lucius malfoy) to blow up the black trash can. You should have your green crest now

Added 23rd Aug 2010, ID #10039

wheres the greemn crest

Added 17th Aug 2010, ID #9176