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02B: Where Men Fear to Tread
Final Fantasy XIII

02B: Where Men Fear to Tread

Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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02B: Where Men Fear to Tread

Lightning finds her weapon

Before you do anything else, turn around and run up the steps and grab the 2 potions from the treasure sphere, and then run down and take out the pair of doggies - it should be a pretty quick fight.  At the end of the area is a control panel you can activate that moves the platforms so that you can continue - you get a CS to that effect and then another CS featuring Lightning and Sazh.

Lightning eventually convinces the door to open for her and they enter the platform area, triggering the tutorial on Shrouds.  As the tut says, shrouds are single-use aerosol kit that can be used outside of battle to grant tactical advantages to the party, that can then be used to enter battle with an advantage preloaded.

Run ahead on the platform to the save point and use it to make the save "Open Door Beckons" and then  run a little further to engage the trio of puppies - as long as they are grouped close together use your Blitz attack but once they are separated or you are only facing one of them, switch to your regular attack mode.  This should be a relatively short battle since you will get at least three Blitz attacks in before they start dying.

At the top of the stairs are two more puppies and two groups of Zwergs.  Take out the group to your left - this is a really short battle requiring only two Blitz attacks - and then empty the treasure sphere that they were guarding for a Tuft of Phoenix Down.  The group on the right goes down very fast and then you have to battle the mech unit on the stairs...

This is a Myrmidon - and it is actually able to deal significant damage to you!  Plan on having to use a few potions here - you do not want to die and you will if you do not keep an eye on your health.  Once you have taken down this mech unit, head to the top of the stairs where you will be attacked by a group of one doggie and a few Zwergs.  The Zwegs will die in your first Blitz attack, and the doggie after a few regular attacks.

After the fight go to the treasure sphere near the foot of the stairs and grab the Galdius from it - the Gladius is a Level 1 Gunblade and it is better than the weapon you presently have, so equipping it is an idea. 

Head up the stairs and take out the doggie and the mech, and then walk forward to trigger a CS in which Sazh speculates about who might be here.

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