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11I: Titan's Trial
Final Fantasy XIII

11I: Titan's Trial

Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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11I: Titan's Trial

Stone Mission 35

The Titan's Trial is a series of back-to-back Stone Missions that all take place inside the Faultwarrens - access to which you just unlocked by completing Mission 34 which caused the barrier to drop past the Cie'th Stone.

This is going to be a long series of challenges and fights - and we will follow the same structure as we have been using above - with the mission details being listed on a mission-by-mission basis in the Appendix.  So, to complete these missions, go get a soda, or maybe some tea, and get comfortable, and we will get these all done in one go, shall we?

To start this jump up to the canyon where the last stone was and follow it past the now dropped barrier - keep going until you zone into the new area of the Faultwarrens.  Ahead is a save point - use that - and then follow the path to trigger a CS in which you encounter a talking construct that does not think much of you.

Once the being (the Titan) stops talking you get the mini-tutorial for the Titan's Trials.  The instructions are simple - you will fight a series of battles for each section and your opponents are a lot tougher than those you have been facing in the past.  Succeed and you are offered more opponents until you finish that section of the challenges.  To return to the start simply touch a golden Cie'th Stone.  You have all that down, right?

Now that you have read the tut and finished the CS you are back in the Warren, and here you will find the next Cie'th Stone - so if you are ready, touch that puppy and let us get the show on the road!

Actually, before you do that, have you upgraded all of your kit?  If you have not - and if you have some CP to spend, it would be an idea to get yourself capped and your kit upgraded prior to starting this set of trials - the more advantage you can give yourself the better!

Stone Mission 35: The Road Less Traveled

Backtrack to the main path and keep going along what was the left branch, and you will find the Cie'th stone for the next mission.

Stone Mission 36: Dark Deliverance

Now here is the thing - these missions are a branching path - so having completed 36 our next options are 38 and 39 since we chose 36 and not 37...  We could simply continue on and not follow them in numerical order - which is one choice - or we can re-fight 35 to gain access to 37.  What I am going to do is slightly a different approach - I will do these missions in logical rather than in numerical order.  Once I complete one path, I will return to the start and complete the other, thus filling them in while still making logical progress.

You do not have to follow this approach if you do not want to - the reason I am doing it that way is because I need to get them all documented.   You can jump to the mission you choose and progress that way, or you can follow the path the way I am doing it.  Considering that we need to complete all of them anyway, you may want to do it the way I am even though it will mean a lot of extra fighting.

Stone Mission 38: Moonlit Madness

Head along the path and take the second left, for Mission 41.

Stone Mission 41: Galan Grudge

Just past the battle spot is the next stone  so go ahead and trigger it!

Stone Mission 45: Emergent Evolution

The fight wraps up, you get a nit of a flash from the big guy, and then you are teleported out.  You then recieve notice that a new trial now awaits you - and you are shown the list of the trials that indicate which you have already completed.  In this case that should be A1, B1, C1, D1, and E1!

Now we continue our quest to catch 'em all - err, woops, wrong game - I mean we now want ti complete the other missions in the chart, so head to the stone to repeat Mission 35, finish off the mob and get rewarded with some Bomb Shells,  and then use the nearby stone to trigger Mission 37.

Stone Mission 37: Dying of the Light

 Head to the left branch and flag the next mission now.

Stone Mission 39: Seeing Stars

The next stone is directly ahead of us - so go ahead and flag that now!

Stone Mission 42: Antihero

Turn around and backtrack, taking the right hand path at the branch and head to the end where the next stone is located - and flag it.

Stone Mission 46: On Silent Wings

The last mission in this string is Stone Mission 47: Unfocused Rage - but you are not going to be able to do this one until after we finish the story mode and unlock the 10th level of the Crystarium I am afraid to say.  You can try if you like, but I promise you it will be mostly frustration and death, and no victory.  There are a few of these we are going to have to come back to after completing the story mode - so for now we concentrate on doing the ones that we can do.

You may be wondering why we do not just go and complete the story mode and then come back to do them all in one go - the answer is simple enough - we can do most of these missions now, and by doing that we remove the need to grind levels once we complete the story mode in order to do the final missions in the strings right away.

Now do Mission 35 and Mission 37 again, and then select Mission 40 so we can start the bottom strings of the set!

Stone Mission 40: Solar Power

Continue along the path, take the left-side branch and flag the next mission there.

Stone Mission 43: The Hero Never Dies

Turn around and backtrack to the first alcove to trigger the next mission.

Stone mission 48: The Abyss Stares Back

After that quick fight you should be raring to go!  Head over to the stone, repeat missions 35, 37, 40 and 43, then tag the next mission:

Stone Mission 49: Tyrannicide

Right, now that you have completed another of the strings, re-do missions 35, 37, 40, and then select the next mission!

Stone Mission 44: The Old Ones Go To Rust

Head down the left branch to flag the next mission.

Stone Mission 50: Road to Perdition

This completes the Titan's Challenge Missions (for now).  You still need to complete the last of the strings (Mission 47) and then the final mission for this set, Mission 51, but we cannot do those until we complete the story mode, unlock the 10th Level of the Crystarium, and return.  So for now we should return to the Steppe and continue the rest of the Stone Missions there!

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Comments for 11I: Titan's Trial

14 comments, latest first.
ID #403434 | Jun 20th 2014 Guest
The absolute quickest way to beat the three tonberry is to have lit as leader with 3 full TP bars. I used a com com com setup for this. Pre emp strike to start out then one round of regular attack. Use lit's summon until first tonberry is at 999.9 stagger and your gestalt gauge is full. Should only take 2 attack rounds 3 at most. As soon as both these things happen go to gestalt mode where Lit is on the horse Odin. Instantly press triangle to unleash their final move. Each tonberry will be attacked once for each time unit you use for this move. One time I did have one left over with minimal life remaining. Easy pickins.
ID #169707 | Jul 29th 2012 Guest
I beated the 3 tonberrys with preemptive attack. Fang (Com), Snow (Com) and Hope (Syn).... When you have to Commados, they will attack separate targets, so at the start, if u get a preemptive attack, you can kill 2 tomberrys really fast. The last one is no match with these 3... So, was an easy fight for me.
But finding really hard to beat that neochu. I got the growth egg from one quest by killing this guy casting death by Vanille. Just was wondering, does death works with this one as well (I mean the one we are facing in this area)
ID #123116 | Mar 15th 2012 Guest
I did not need to do a preemptive and just died 1 time for the tonberrys. I started with light[L] hope fang as 3 synergists, then focus on deshell/protect one and go rav rav com (I just chaged to heal with med med sent and put one good status on one a character) noting that i did not finish the game I lvl up fang as a synergist util she ca do haste. go with rav rav com to kill the first and second, noting that you should try not to let the staggered on down after fang lauches him (army of one can keep him up a fair time but consider not filling the atb bar) the do the same for the other 2 just the last one u can use com rav com after stagger)
And you can do 46 before the end game(i just did and post the trategy later)
ID #116600 | Feb 19th 2012 Guest
I'm sorry to be negative, as I'm sure you put a lot of work into this to help people, and all. I just don't see the point of you just writing "okay, you're gonna beat 3 tonberrys, then go through the ring to the next fight of a hamdragon, then take that ring to a..." unless you're going to give at least a basic strategy {...3 tonberrys, now remember, you'll need a pre-emptive to get by them - then take the ring to a hamdragon, that should be no problem as long as you use plenty of fire spells}. Not trying to be a jerk here, just trying to give some constructive criticism. You have such a neat, creative tool here, but no real guidance. Even watching the videos, it's hard to tell what the actual STRATEGY is with no commentary. Unless we are able to copy move-by-move what you do, without an explanation of what you're doing int he video, then it's just proof that YOU can do it, but not really any help to inexperienced people trying to learn what to do. Are you changing tactics due to the stagger meter, enemy health, status effects? All I know is WHAT you did, not WHY. Thanks anyways.
ID #69787 | Aug 24th 2011 Richard-828
oh, and just DEATH the hell out of that neochu for mission 45. sentinels and medics are mandatory. eventually you'll knock him out, even if it takes 30 times.
ID #69785 | Aug 24th 2011 Guest
yeah, ive definitely completed most of the missions without having to beat it. im not even sure how to get all that crystarium. i've been using, at the highest, level 5s. i already completed the game, but im not able to double?

meh, i think shrouds are kind of a waste on the tonberries since a simple KNIFE attack reduces your stats. a preemptive strike definitely gives you the advantage. use quake right after and mop em up real quick. you can finish off survivors with a little saboteur action. even if you don't go in with a preemptive, start with a saboteur, keep them slow while you switch to relentless or tridisaster. just make sure you have a medic or two. the real killer is that damn IMMINENT GRUDGE attack, but if you time it well and keep your health up, it shouldn't be a problem.
ID #56299 | Jul 9th 2011 Guest
To beat the tonberrys you have to use shrouds prior to going into it, then get a preemptive strike you use relentless prigadium and then it should stagger two and you should be able to kill those no problem then your focus will be on the final one which will be no problem if you use the same strategy as you did before with the first tonberry you fought.
ID #25912 | Jan 18th 2011 Guest
I did something different for the 3 tonberries. Make sure you have 5 TP first. Hope (ugh) as the leader, use a Decepticol or sneak up on them, do two Quake's on them, this should get them staggered, then do his summon. Beat on them a little, but then go Ghestalt on their behinds, using I think its the Down A attack - Whichever one is Earthquake. Repeat this over and over and over until almost out of power or whatever the ghestalts use, then unleash his final "Y" attack. This should have eliminated most if not all of them, clean up the left overs quickly.
ID #20586 | Dec 9th 2010 Guest
how do u defeat the neoucho in 45 of the titans trials
ID #17959 | Nov 12th 2010 Guest
Did y'all know all titans trails(the last ones) give wepons
ID #9980 | Aug 23rd 2010 Guest
to defeat the tonberry, i use light/fang/hope
at first sab-sab-syn
then rav-sab-rav (and when finally he is down with a lot of stuff with the sab) you can change to rav-rav-rav and kill one!
Then med-sen-med
and then rav-sab-rav and kill the second one and repeat it!
ID #7416 | Aug 4th 2010 Guest
to beat them you need to get a preemptive attack and use lightnings ruinga to stagger them all and keep doing that repeatedly it will slow down the tonberrys and eventually kill one or two then just switch to coms and kill the others. I beat them in less then a minute with a 5 star rating
ID #5655 | Jul 23rd 2010 Guest
i just wanted to know how you beat the 3 tonberry? im having diffcult time killimg them.
ID #4976 | Jul 18th 2010 Guest
I don't see why you can't finish the last string of missions and mission 51 before you finish the story. I managed to finish all the missions except 62-64 before I left Chapter 11. I got the Growth Egg (2x CP) as soon as the mission was available towards the middle of the chapter (casting death on Neochu and using a summon on the little sapling things). Wonder if that had something to do with it...
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