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Stone Mission Guide
Final Fantasy XIII

Stone Mission Guide

Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Stone Mission Guide

Stone Missions make up a very large chunck of the second half of the game - the first half being Chapters 1 through 10, the second half being Chapters 11 through 13.  Despite the fact that the first ten chapters are as a group fairly long they represent the first half of the game, with the last three chapters representing the full second half, not including the play that takes place after you complete the story mode - which is mostly mopping up any missed Stone Missions and grinding the CP you need to cap off all of the jobs in order to unlock the Achievements/Trophies that you have not gained to that point.

The missions are listed in numerical order below by number and name, and include any conditions required to unlock the mission, its difficulty level according to the game, and any rewards that are part of the mission or obtained as a result of doing the mission (ie spoils).

While the missions are listed here in numerical order, chances are you will not do them, strictly speaking, in the order that they are listed.  This section is not intended to be used as a sequential walkthrough, but rather it is intended to be consulted from the regular subsections as you follow the walkthrough.  As a result of this, each mission is written here as if it was part of the particular subsection that the mission applies to.

Missions marked with a '*' indicate that they feature key items as their rewards.


Stone Mission 01: Pond Scum
Unlock Condition: None
Difficulty: D
Reward: Energy Sash

After you read the mini-tutorial go ahead and touch the stone to get the mission - and it turns out that the Gelatinous Rube beside the nearby pond is what the Cie'th's Focus was - all that we need to do is slay the ectopudding and we will have completed its mission!  Before we set off to kill the pudding hit the nearby save point (behind you).

There are a lot of monsters in this area and you are going to end up fighting more than a few - and they are stronger than the ones you fought in previous chapters even if they are the same type.  Remember when I said earlier that you would be well-off capping your jobs in the previous chapter to prepare for this one?  This is what I was talking about!  If you did not grind these are going to be tough fights for you - though on the plus side you will gain CP from them, and eventually level up (grin).  I think though that if you capped your jobs prior to this you are going to be a lot happier with the way the fights go now.

The nearby pond is obvious on the map, and as you approach it you will notice that there is another save point here, and on the small islands in the center there is a Treasure Sphere - that you cannot reach.  There are yellow jump spot indicators but they will not work for you no matter what team member you have as the leader - the reason for that (if you missed the subtle hint in their description) is that these particular jump spots are for chocobo, not humans!  You will have to return here once you have completed unlocking your chocobo to use these spots.

Ahead and to the left of the pond is an Ectopudding - go ahead and kill that now - and you get the Mission Completed flag!  Good on ya mate!  Notice that your rating on this is shown - the number of stars you earned - and bear in mind that you are going to want to 5-star all of these missions if you want to unlock the Achievement/Trophy associated with them.  But you can re-do them, so you need not worry about that right now!

You get a brief CS of a stone flipping up and come out of the CS near the stone in question.  Run over to examine that stone to trigger the next mission.

Stone Mission 02: Goodwill Hunting
Unlock Condition: Stone Mission 01
Difficulty: D
Reward: Cobaltite

For this mission you must kill the Uridimmu and some Gorgonopsids.   Note that while you are moving about to do these missions it would be an idea to avoid battling the Adamanshelids (the very large walker type mobs) unless you like ten minute long battles of attrition.

There is a group of Rangda nearby guarding a Treasure Sphere with a Zephyr Ring in it - you may as well kill them and grab that now.

If you check the map you will see that the target is marked in a red dot near the right side of the larger canyon entrance.  Both types of mobs are two different variations of the dog-like Gorg, and you will find them in one group by the marker with a smaller group of Gorg's sort of guarding them.  You get the Mission Complete flag after wiping out the Urid group.

The stone for the next mission is right there, just past where the Urid group was located.


Stone Mission 03: Massif Contamination
Unlock Condition: Stone Mission 02
Difficulty: D
Reward: Platinum Bangle

The Ugallu at the Yaschas Massif is your target - check the map and you will see that its location is deep in the canyons beyond the bluff here.  The thing is you cannot get there by going into the canyon whose entrance is right where you are.  Instead you need to run along the bluff face to the entrance to the smaller canyon on this side of the zone.  Once you reach that entrance go in, and follow the canyon.

The trip to the canyon entrance passes by lots of groups of mobs - if you are in a hurry you can ignore and/or run past them, if you are not - and I am not - you can stop and kill each group.  Doing that will really help cut down on the dedicated grinding that you will be doing - remember every CP helps!

There is a save point just outside the entrance, so use that and then head on in, running forward until you hit the zone point.  Continue forward and bear to the right - looks familiar right?  We just zoned into the dead end from the canyon that we were grinding in prior to Hope's Eidolon fight!  Anyway, continue along until you reach where Hope was laying and run past it until you are mid-way around the main bend past that point, to hit the next zone point.

This puts you inside the Yaschas Massif - if you are not in a hurry go ahead and read its entry in the Datalog (journal) under Locales.  It is a brief read but it gives you a sense of the area, and besides you should always read the data that you are given as it really adds to the whole getting absorbed in the world thing that the Final Fantasy games are well known for!

If you look at the map now, you will see that the area ahead is mostly in shadow since we have never been here before.  Ahead the canyon will open up and you can go left or right but the target we are heading for is directly ahead by the opposite wall so we will not be heading in either direction into the splits.  There is a save point directly ahead that you may as well use.  Saving when you can is a good idea in case you lose power or are subjected to one of the very rare bugs in the game...

Once you enter the open area where the canyon splits you will not have any trouble finding the Ugallu - in fact it will very likely find you!  This is not a tough fight - in fact this guy staggers rather quickly and once staggered, dies well.  Once you kill it you get the Mission Completed flag and an assessment of your performance. 

If you turn around and look over your left shoulder you will see another Cie'th Stone - this is the stone for the next Stone Mission - but when you click on it before you can take the mission it gives you a mini-tutorial on a special type of stone that functions as a teleporter (called a "Waystone" in the game) so head over and click on it!

Once you learn that you can use Waystones to travel to the Cie'th Stones for previous missions you now know what you need to about the process, so go ahead and accept the next mission - A Hero's Charge!


Stone Mission 04: A Hero's Charge
Unlock Condition: Stone Mission 02
Difficulty: D
Reward: Pearl Necklace

Your task for this mission is to hunt and kill the Adroa in the Ascendant Scarp.  Turn right and head along the canyon wall (on the radar map this is to the South, but if you look at the big map it is oriented visually up but it is still South).  Use the jump points to head down until you reach the next save point and use it.

When you jump down the next point you will end up in a fight with a Svarog - I do not believe that you can avoid this fight but that is okay, it is worth an easy 920 CP!  Fight your way through various groups of mobs until you reach the split and bear to the right, and you will find a pack of Adroa.

As you are fighting a Verdelet and an Ugallu - I am not sure whether the Adroa summoned them or they are simply add's but either way you have to kill them as well since they become part of the active fight.  The Verd can be a little tough until you get it staggered, after which it goes down very fast.

The fight nets us a whopping 4,800 CP - not a bad take really - and the Mission Complete flag of course.  There is a Treasure Sphere nearby with 2 lumps of Milerite in it - go ahead and grab that now, then backtrack to the save point and use it to save your current progress.

Now use the jump point to drop down to the northeast and use the stone here to trigger the next mission!


Stone Mission 05: Joyless Reunion
Unlock Condition: Stone Mission 03
Difficulty: D
Reward: Sorcerer's Mark

This mission has you fighting a Edimmu in the Tsumitran Basin - so after you flag it, backtrack North and fight the Svarog again.  Keep going North and, when you reach the open area of the split where we originally entered the areas from, and head towards the North branch, where you pause to kill the Triffid's and then grab the Diabolic Tails from the Treasure Sphere that they were guarding before you continue on.

When you reach the area to the left of the Sphere you will trigger a CS of Van talking to Hope - who was sitting on the edge of the bluff taking in the scenery.  He reflects upon the events that lead up to his arriving at this spot, and Van offers her take on the journey. 

Follow the north branch around, take out the Trifffid's, and keep going.  When you reach the next open area, bear to the right and head into the long narrow inlet straight ahead (you will likely have to fight a Svarog and some Triffid's first).

As you enter the inlet you will notice a Treasure Sphere is here, and then the Edimmu will attack you - so go ahead and defeat it, earning your Sorcerer's Mark and the Mission Complete notice, and the Trophy/Achievement "Kelger's Cup" for completing all of the low-level Cie'th Stone Missions!  Good on ya mate!

Now go ahead and open the Treasure Sphere and grab the Millerite from within, and pat yourself on the back for a job well done! 



Stone Mission 06: No Place Like Home
Unlock Condition: Stone Mission 03
Difficulty: C
Reward: Fulmen Ring

When you trigger the mission you learn that you need to slay a Munchkin Maestro.  Backtrack to the one near the middle of the circle behind us - it is located where the Treasure Sphere is on the map. 

Your reward for this mission is a Fulmen Ring - and the satisfaction of having completed another mission!


Stone Mission 07: Bituitus, the Pillager*
Unlock Condition: Stone Mission 03
Difficulty: C
Reward: R&D Depot Shop Access

According to the description we need to do in Bituitus the Pillager - so after you flag the mission backtrack to the courtyard down the stairs and you will trigger the CS and the mob will spawn! 

This guy does some serious debuffing, and that can make it a lot harder to take him down - plus he does pretty good damage once he has you debuffed.  The trick here is to use Combat Clinic for your healing cycle so that you heal faster and you remove the debuffs that he puts on you.  You will find that doing that makes this battle a snap.

Completing this mission gains you access to a new shop and the title Archaeopolitan Idol!

After you defeat him you get a quick CS in which you see him fly to the other side of the area and become encased in a large crystal balloon...


Stone Mission 08: Eleventh Hour*
Unlock Condition: Stone Mission 05
Difficulty: C
Reward: Collector's Catalog

According to the mission description a Rakshasa lurks among the route we just followed, which means we need to turn around and head back almost all the way to where we entered the Fingers of Stone a few minutes ago!  Yeah, that means we will have to fight our way back through all of the mobs that we just fought our way through, take care of the mob for this mission, and then fight our way back through the same re-spawned mobs again!  But hey, it is CP mate, no worries, right?

So as we approach the zone line - marked ob the map as a red dot on the right side of the path - in the area where Hope was unconscious just prior to his Eidolon fight.  There are three Flan with the Rakshasa - so take them all out! 

As you get the Mission Complete notice you also score the Collector Catalog - a key item later in the game when you start farming for Gil!  You have no completed all of the Missions in the canyon zones!


Stone Mission 09: Heave-Ho
Unlock Condition: Stone Mission 04
Difficulty: C
Reward: Rhodochrosite

According to the description for this mission we need to slay a Kaiser Behemoth near the pond.  Check your map and you will see the red dot.  Head for that now - you will have no trouble spotting the target, and once you do - kill it!

This can be something of a challenge if only because of the debuffs and the strength of this guys attacks...  Combat Clinic will fix this and heal you quickly, and of course you can make strategic use of your potions.

Once you get the Mission Completed notice and collect your reward you have completed this Mission!


Stone Mission 10: Hollow Hope
Unlock Condition: Stone Mission 05
Difficulty: C
Reward: Super Conductor

In the Northern Highplain is an Ambling Bellows that needs killing - and we are the crew to do the job!  Check your map once you have gotten close to the upper right (Northwest)  hand corner of the zone and you will see that the target is located.

To reach it you will need to head down the slope near the save point that is situated on the edge of the cliff top.  A little way down the slope is a Behemoth King and a Meglatotherian that you will have to either avoid or kill - I chose kill - and as they are presently fighting each other when you arrive, it would be an idea to pick on the one that is less injured, right? 

Just past where you fought this very tough pair is the Ambling Bellows - a very odd looking mob indeed!  He packs quite a punch, but like all of the other mobs, once you have him staggered he goes down fast and easy.

Once he is dead you get the Mission Completed notice and 4 Superconductors, and you have completed another mission!


Stone Mission 11: Pride Before a Fall
Unlock Condition: Stone Mission 05
Difficulty: C
Reward: Frost Rings

The description makes the task clear - we must kill an Adroa near the Archylte Steppe.  You probably will not be surprised to learn that the target is all the way on the other side of the zone to the West-Southwest then South- a long run that will involve more than a few pick-up fights!

When you get closer to the other side you will see the target icon on the map - and there we find a pack of Adroa that we saw earlier on our way to the canyons!

At the completion of the battle we score a very nice set of Frost Rings and of course a nice chunk of CP, and yet another Mission down!


Stone Mission 12: Geiseric, The Profane
Unlock Condition: Stone Missions 05 & 07
Difficulty: C
Reward: Royal Armlet

To complete this mission we need to slay Geiseric, the Profane.  Based upon the previous named target we fought in the canyons it is reasonable to anticipate that this will be a challenging fight - which is pretty cool if you think about it - and this is the first of the stone missions that we will do that have the secondary function applied to them - meaning clearing the routes, which is also cool.

To reach the target for this mission turn around and head out of the canyon and follow the wall to the left until you reach the next indented area - you will see the marker on the map well before you get there.  As this is to be a more challenging fight, it would be an idea to go in with some shrouds cast, right? 

As you follow the cliff face you will encoutner a Treasure Sphere with 5 Librascopes in it - this is a good find since the scopes do a much better job than the Libra ability, which does not always fully ID a mob like the scopes do.  Obviously you want to save the scopes for the mob types that you are not likely to encounter a lot of, making it more convenient to ID them quickly.  You may be wondering why that is important since you already have the Trophy/Achievements for ID'ing 100 mobs - the reason is really simple: by ID'ing the mobs you are better able to defeat them since you understand where to hit them to do the most damage.

When you reach the area where the marker is on the map you trigger the CS in which the monster spawns - and it really is a monster!  I have to say that this fight was a bit disappointing for me - I am not sure if my battle with it is typical, but it staggered really easy, and once it was staggered my team was able to keep it in the air (and thus helpless) pretty much non-stop until I ate through around 80% of its hit points in the first set of attacks.

Usually the second staggering takes more effort but in this case, not so much.  It staggered almost as quick as the first time, and taking it out was really a matter of mashing the buttons a few times.  There really was no risk with this fight despite the advertised dangers!

The fight pays off a whopping 10,000 CP - and as easy as this one was, it makes a prime grinding target in my mind...  It was also wicked easy to 5-star.  In fact this has to be one of the easiest fights I have had in the game so far!

After the Mission Complete notice we get a Royal Armlet and our party earns the title of Baneslayer!


Stone Mission 13: Eternity Unpromised
Unlock Condition: Stone Mission 12
Difficulty: C
Reward: Cobaltite

A Goblin Chieftain is the mark for this mission, and he is located on the Northern Highplain, which is the same general area that Mission 10 was in, except we do not head down the slope but head to the right of the entrance to the slope.  This is a long run, with more than a few chances for some pick-up fights along the way, which is cool.

You may want to use the save point nearby prior to heading for the marker on the map - and once you reach the marker you will find the Chieftain surrounded by some of his Goblin brethren.  The reward for this one is a lump of Cobaltite which will be useful later one, and another mission is now completed!


Stone Mission 14: Defender of the Flock*
Unlock Condition: Stone Mission 13
Difficulty: C
Reward: Gysahl Reins

It seems that a Sahagin infestation has threatened the Steppe Chocobos who roost in the Font of Namva - and it is our job to go give them a hand! 

As you will recall we cleared the blockage in the longer canyon by completing the fight in Mission 12 - and that is a good thing as we need to head deep into that canyon near to the end in order to reach our mark!  Well?  What are you waiting for?  Get going!

As you approach the stone you will see that the path beyond it is no longer blocked - so head on into the narrow canyon extension.  When youreach the very back of the extension you trigger a CS in which Sazh "recognizes" the Chocobo...  His pet baby choco gets to meet some cousins, and then KO's Sazh  for some comic relief, and then the moment grows first depressed and then paranoid. 

Fang tries to take responsibility for what happened to Sazh's son, but Sazh is not having any of that, and takes the burden onto himself again.  It is a toudhing scene and a much longer CS than I was expecting, but it does end eventually.

We are now in a wide area at the end of the canyon - there is a save point near by that you should probably use, but when you try to use it moving near it triggers another CS that initiates the mission fight!

After a brief battle that is not too challenging we get the Mission Completed notice, and a sweet set of Gysahl Reins and the rank (title) of Feathered Friends!

Stone Mission 15: Tribal Warfare*
Unlock Condition: Stone Mission 12
Difficulty: C
Reward: Survivalist Catalog

The Focus for this mission is to defeat the Goblin Chieftain in the Northern Highplain - and as you read the description you learn that this particular Focus has been assigned more than once, having never been completed! 

If you look at the map you will see that the target is to the far North and East, along the edge of that high cliff/bluff that we were on earlier.  You may as well stay mounted on the choco for this run, since that will be faster, but remember to try to avoid contact with mobs, and that reduces the morale of your mount and, worse case scenario, can see you end up on foot.

Once you reach the target area you will see the large group of goblins - find a spot nearby and dismount, and then engage the enemy, defeating them handily!  Excellent!  The battle nets you a sweet 6,860 CP, some Fractured Horns, and another Mission Complete notice.  The reward for the mission is the Survivalist Catalog, which is a key item that will come in useful later!


Stone Mission 16: Surrogate Slayer
Unlock Condition: Stone Mission 12
Difficulty: B
Reward: Rhodochrosite

Once you click the stone we deicover that this is another chocobo-related mission.  The sister of the Cie'th Stone / L'cie from before is the narrator for this one - and according to her we need to kill a Sahagin in the Font of Namva.  In case you do not recall, that is the open area where we did the choco mission earlier, down the second canyon - which means we have to head all the way across the zone and down that canyon - so let's do that now!

Once you arrive the simple method is to just start killing them until you get the right one - that's my favorite approach!  Believe me when you get the correct bunch you will know it - it turns into a nasty fight in which you will very likely have to do as I did, and change your deck to Combat Clinic several times. 

The pay-off is 7,420 CP and some Rhodochrosite - and maybe a little surprise at how tough that fight was...  I know I was not expecting that! 

Stone Mission 17: A Widow's Wrath
Unlock Condition: Stone Mission 12
Difficulty: B
Reward: Perfect Conductors

Our next target is a Pulsework Champion in the Northern Highplain - a mob type that we have not seen in a while.  If you look at the map you will see that the location for our target is not that far to the east - so loop back up the path and around the bluff and head for that Champion!

Once you arrive in the vicinity and see the Champion, dismount and start the fight!  This fella does a fair bit of blocking and he can hit hard - so keeping an eye on your health bars is a given. 

Until you stagger it, fighting this thing feels a lot like a boss fight, but once it is staggered it goes down very fast, so just don't let it kill you while you get it staggered, right?

This fight pays off in 2,860 CP, a Mission Complete, and some Perfect Conductors. 


Stone Mission 18: Geiseric, The Profane
Unlock Condition: Stone Mission 12
Difficulty: C
Reward: Sorcerer's Mark

An Ambling Bellows is our next target, and it seems that it is located in the Twilit Cavern - check the map and you will see the location above - so loop around to the left path and head up to the cavern.

As with the previous fight, concentrate on the Phalanx that is blocking the path before you take out the Hoplites, and then continue along the bridge to the other end, where you will spy an Ambling Bellows and some Hoplites.  Interestingly enough, we are looking for an Ambling Bellows!

Once you take out the Bellows the other mobs are easy - taking out the Bellows however, not so much.  You need to concentrate upon staggering it, as you cannot really do decent damage to it until you get it staggered.  The battle pays off 4,990 CP, and a Mission Complete - the mission delivering another key item, a Sorcerer's Mark!


Stone Mission 19: Triangle of Tragedy
Unlock Condition: Stone Mission 18
Difficulty: C
Reward: Cobaltite

According to the mission briefing we need to take out an Uridimmu at the Sulyya Springs.  On the map that appears to be located in a detached area ahead, so we need to follow the path here in that direction and we get a brief CS in which we see Van talking to Snow.  We get another flashback and as that ends and we return to the CS you should spot several Treasure Spheres nearby.  After the CS ends head over to the nearest Treasure Sphere and grab the 13 Vials of Strange Fluid from within.

Now head to the next Sphere and snag its 10 Vials of Enigmatic Fluid, and then if you like take out the group of mobs nearby.  Now look at the map - you can see that you need to use the jump point near the last Sphere to reach the detached area where our target is located. 

After you fight the two groups, grab the 6 Moistened Scales from the Treasure Sphere here, and then fight the Uridimmu here - that is our target group.  Defeating them gets us another Mission Completed notice and some Cobaltite for our reward!


Stone Mission 20: Words Unspoken
Unlock Condition: Stone Mission 18
Difficulty: C
Reward: Rhodochrosite

We need to kill another Goblin Chieftain, this one located in Taejin's Tower.  A quick glance at the map shows our destination to be at the end of this area just before the jump to the next part of the path.  So follow the path around and head for the group of mobs at the target site.

This fight is spirited but unexceptional, and should not be too much trouble for you.  The Mission Completed notice is complimented by the lump of Rhodochrosite that is your reward, and another mission down!


Mission 21: A Tremulous Terror
Unlock Condition: None
Difficulty: C
Reward: Speed Sash

Right then, according to the briefing we need to seek out and kill a Gelatitan - which is on the platform to our left - so first thing we need to do is fight our way in that direction.  After hte first fight head up the stairs and take out the Managarmr here, then follow the hall and descend the next set of stairs where we find our target!

This is another fight where you really want to get the mob staggered as fast as you can because the damage that you do pre-stagger is negligible at best.  Once you have it staggered on the other hand, it is butt-kicking city!  The end of this battle gets you the Mission Completed notice and a sexy little Speed Sash for your troubles.

You see a sword appear in the right hand of the stone statue, and then you are returned to control of your party.


Mission 22: Infernal Machine
Unlock Condition: None 
Difficulty: C
Reward: Particle Accelerators

An Ambling Bellows is our next target, and naturally it is on this level.  A quick check of the map shows that we need to go to the third platform on the other end of the area - so let us do that!

Backtrack to the first statue and enter the corridor that is past it in the direction that we want to go.  Our Bellows is conveniently right inside the platform area - so let's kill it! 

Once it is staggered it dies quick, and its outriders re not much of a challenge either, so getting the Mission Completed notice does not require much effort.  The reward is 3 Particle Accelerators - which will come in handy for upgrades - and of course we get to see another weapon appear on the second statue.


Mission 23: Natural Defenses
Unlock Condition: None 
Difficulty: B
Reward: Warrior's Wristband

According to the Mission Briefing, a Gurangatch is our next target, and it is located back in the middle area, so let's head there now.  Just past the first statue in the center of the room is our target - and as with the previous fights, we want to stagger it as fast as we can.

The Mission Completed notice and a nice Warrior's Wristband signals the end of the last Mission for this area, and yet another one in the series.  Slap yourself on the back mate!


Mission 24: Geiseric, The Profane
Unlock Condition: Stone Missions 21 to 23
Difficulty: B
Reward: Moonblossom Seeds

A Mushussu is our next target, and it conveniently spawns in this chamber back by the elevator. 

This is a fast fight and you get the Mission Completed notice a lot faster than you probably expected.  The reward is some Moonblossom Seeds and the satisfaction of having completed yet another mission!


Mission 25: Spectral Haunt
Unlock Condition: Stone Missions 21 to 23
Difficulty: B
Reward: Cobaltite

A Vetala is our next special friend - though believe it or not it is actually located down on the fifth tier in the chamber we couldn't reach because it is blocked on the balcony.  So our route will take us through this level to work our way down, and starts with exiting this chamber to the balcony.  To the right is the main elevator that we cannot use - to the left is the entrance to the next chamber, so that is where we are heading.

Examine the statue here to trigger another realignment of the tower, and then exit to the balcony and run to the right to the far chamber that is now open to us.  In the corner of this chamber is a Treasure Sphere with 4 Tears of Woe in it.  In the opposite corner ther eis another Sphere with an Unsetting Sun.  After you empty the Sphere head down the stairs to the right and fight the Vetala, which like many of the previous fights is one where you will want to stagger him and then re-stagger him quickly.  The Tri-Disaster deck works really well for that, but once you stagger switch back to your Relentless Attack deck.


Mission 26: So Shrill, The Cry
Unlock Condition: Stone Missions 21 to 23
Difficulty: B
Reward: Diamond Bangle

A Penanggalon is our next target - so turn around and head back the way that we came, head back up the stairs and out onto the balcony, go to the far chamber and enter, turning to the left.  This is the location of our prey - so jump on in and make them dead!

A Diamond Bangle is our reward for this mission, as well as the title of Monumental Ally! 


Mission 27: Mithridates, The Lone
Unlock Condition: Defeat Dahaka
Difficulty: B
Reward: Blaze Ring

As the title suggests, Mithridates is our target for this one - but before we can go and fight him we have to do a few things to cause him to spawn.

First run around the area to the statue and examine it to cause it to summon the lift behind it.  Now get on that lift and go to the seventh tier, where you need to examine the statue that is behind the lift so that he re-aligns the tower.  Now head out of this chamber on to the balcony and grab the Collector Catalog from the Treasure Sphere - this is a wicked valuable key item that you will need later so do not forget to grab it!

Run to the end of the balcony and up the ramp to summon the central lift, then take that to the Apex tier (you cannot skip this step and go directly to the Ground Tier), and then ride it all the way back down to the ground tier and you will see that our target has now spawned!  Excellent!

This can be a very nasty fight if your timing is off - and when I say that, what I mean is if your healing cycle ends up opposite the mobs special attack cycle, you will end up near death just when you have him staggered, which makes hurting it very difficult since you have to spend half of its stagger cycle getting your team revived and back to full health!  This is one of those fights where you have to be patient and try to get a sense of his charge and special pattern, then time your healing so that you are at your best when he is about to be staggered.

Once you have him staggered bring down the hammer then rinse and repeat until he is dead!

This fight pays 7,500 CP which seems like it is not enough considering that it was a tougher fight than the boss fight we just finished at the top of the tower!  Still, it is another mission down, we get a Blaze Ring as our reward, and the title Grudge Settler... What is up with these titles anyway?  It is not like this is an MMO - who is every going to see these titles??


Mission 28: Faded Glory
Unlock Condition: None 
Difficulty: C
Reward: Giant's Glove

The target for this mission is Ceratosaurs - if you look at the map you will see that our target is located on the street area above where we are now.  Head down the sloping street to trigger a CS - then continue along the path and you will come to a building - enter and go up the stairs and you will find some burlap sacks that you can examine - do that to learn that they are stuffed with tools and some other details. There are other things you can examine here - do that until you get a CS of Van being reunited with her robot.

Sazh declares that he can fix this robot - and that triggers the details for the side-mission 'Repairing Bhakti" that instructs you to locate the 5 parts needed to repair him that are all located here in the village.  Excellent!

There is a Treasure Sphere here with a Heavenly Axis in it - grab that and continue on the path, where you will find a mob near the jump points that you want to kill to obtain the first of the 5 parts for the robot side-mission.  You should get the Trochoid Gear from this mob...

Head up the stairs on the left to get a Librascope from the Treasure Sphere here, then continue on the path, fighting the group of mobs that are the target for this mission!  Excellent!  Another mission down and a Giant's Glove for our reward!


Mission 29: Faltering Faith
Unlock Condition: Stone Mission 20
Difficulty: B
Reward: Uraninite

Having just finished fighting a Juggernaut we now learn that the target of this mission is... A Juggernaut.  Right then, head back to the previous Cie'th Stone and teleport back to the Tower and head back towards it to the larger open area - and what do you know?!  Here is our target!

I actually managed to get a preemptive strike in which made all the difference in the world, allowing me to stagger in the first attack.  That helped but this Juggernaut seems to have a much deeper pool of HP than the previous one, and takes a lot more killing. 

Taking out the Juggernaut earns us some Uraninite as a reward, and the satisfaction of yet another mission completed!


Mission 30: Syphax, The Insidious
Unlock Condition: Reach Sulyya Springs
Difficulty: B
Reward: Uraninite

Obviously Syphax is our target - and he dwells in an abandoned dig.  Now we need to head back to one of the stones we have completed so that we can teleport back to Mah'habara.  Once you arrive head down the ramp North-Northeast (the closest to you) and then take the path to the East.

Note: If you left the Atomos at the Springs, obviously it is no longer here for you to use it as a jump point to cross the bridge.  If that is the case, you need to use the nearby stone to teleport to the Springs and ride Atomos back to the mine. Once you do that, you can then use it as your jump point to cross the bridge.

Follow the path in - there is a save point just around the first curve - then take the right branch ahead and at the end of that you will find our mark!  There is a Treasure Sphere with a Moogle Puppet on the way - you should grab that,  and the Perovskite from the Sphere just past the circle in the path as well.

Ahead of you on the right just before the end is another save point - you should use that, and then do some updating if you have not been keeping up!  Check your job levels and apply your banked CP, shop to replace the expendables you have used up, and now would be a great time to look to your kit.  What I mean by that is check to see that you already have the best kit equipped and if you do not, well then, equip it!  You can have the game do that for you by using the optimize feature going with either balanced or offensive as it suits you.  Once you have done that, look at the current equipped items to see if there are any you can and should upgrade.  By now you should have quite a selection of resources with which to upgrade!

Speaking if upgrading - you should be sure to maintain a supply of bones so that you can use those to keep your bonus multiplier at 3X at all times, to squeeze the maximum upgrade points from each resource that you use.  If you need more bones you can purchase them from Creature Comforts.

Now that all that is done, let us head for the mark!  This is not a difficult fight - in fact you can do the entire thing on Relentless Assault switching to Solidarity as needed.

Our reward for this mission is some Uraninite and the rank of Heartstriker - and the satisfaction of another mission down!


Mission 31: Newfound Purpose
Unlock Condition: Stone Mission 30
Difficulty: B
Reward: Perfect Conductors

The mark for this one is a Pulsework Champion that is located on the opposite side of this area.  Once you head up the slope run along the rampart and you will find the mark.

This fight is an easy one to 5-star, and pays off in 3 Perfect Conductors.


Mission 32: And Then There Was One
Unlock Condition: Reach Mah'habara
Difficulty: B
Reward: Glass Buckle

Our mark for this one is an Amam - located on the Western Benchland.  Head back to the stone we teleported in by and use it to teleport to the Steppe Northern Highplane.  Check the map - our mark is located in the bight of the shape that looks sort of like Australia - head there now.

Mind the Amam's poison breath as it will apply debuffs to you .  The fight is basic, and does not require much in the way of deck shifting.  We earn a Glass Buckle and the satisfaction of another mission completed!



Mission 33: A Parent's Pledge
Unlock Condition: Stone Mission 30
Difficulty: B
Reward: White Cape

An Adamanchelid is our next mark, and it is located in the Eastern Tors - back in the main area of the Steppe.  So go ahead and hit the teleport stone and zip to the Northern Highplane, grab the choco nearby and head for the marker on the map.

To be clear the giant walker ahead of  you is in fact the mark.  Are you ready for a massive fight?  This huge mob has a deep and wide HP pool and can hurt you good, so keeping an eye on your health bars is a given...  The stomp attack this thing uses will kill you if you are in the yellow - fair warning - so be quick to change decks and heal when you go into the yellow.  It should only take a pair of stagers to put him down,  and when you do you are rewarded with a nice chunk of CP and a White Cape, along with the rank of Adamantine Knight!



Mission 34: Zenobia, The Butcher
Unlock Condition: Stone Mission 30
Difficulty: B
Reward: Hermes Sandal

Our mark is obvious by the title - don't you love it when the mission is personal like that?  Anyway, the mark location for this one is right here in the area below - so there will be no running around for this one!

When you reach the marker on the map you trigger a CS that is both ominous and sort of cute - something of a change from the usual :)  Kind of reminds me of the scene from Holy Grail where the knight says - what, behind the bunny?

This guy is actually pretty tough - and I found that the best approach is to use Tri-disaster to stagger and then Relentless Assault to damage, and when needed, Solidarity to heal.

You should have no trouble 5-starring this one, and the reward is a nice pair of Hermes Sandals and the title Curse Lifter.  Well, that, and the satisfaction of another mission completed!



Mission 35: The Road Less Traveled
Unlock Condition: None
Difficulty: C
Reward: Witch Bracelet

Our first mark in what will no doubt be a long series of marks is a Gurangatch - the gatekeeper to adventure! 

Once you flag the mission you get a CS in which you are teleported to the Crossroads - the mark is ahead just inside the right branch - just use Tri-disaster to stagger and then Relentless Assault to take him out - it is a quick 5-star mission that way.

Your reward is a Segmented Carapace, a Witch's Bracelet, and the satisfaction of another mission down and the entry fee to the trials paid in full!



Mission 36: Dark Deliverance
Unlock Condition: Stone Mission 35
Difficulty: C
Reward: Uraninite

The mark is an Amam - we have fought those before - so flag the mission and we are once again teleported.

The reward for this one is a lump of Uraninite and another mission down!



Mission 37: Dying of the Light
Unlock Condition: Stone Mission 35
Difficulty: C
Reward: Star Pendant

A Rafflesia is our mark, and once we teleport in you will find them just ahead.  The reward for this mission is a Star Pendant. 

The best tactic seems to be to use Tri-disaster to stagger and then Relentless to kill.

If you backtrack to the stone we used to arrive here you can see your progress in the trials - A1: 35, B1: 36, and B2: 37 are now complete.  I mention this only because you can use those gold stones to keep track if you lose track of what you are doing.


Mission 38: Moonlit Madness
Unlock Condition: Stone Mission 36
Difficulty: B
Reward: Diamond Bangle

Our mark  is a Verdelet - and once we flag this mission we are teleported to the new area, where the first thing we see is a welcome save point.  Go ahead and use that now, and then run along the path to the mobs - as you fight them one turns into a Juggernaut!

The best approach here is to use Tri-disaster and Relentless, and you will take it down quickly.  Your reward for this is a Diamond Bangle and as always, the satisfaction of another mission down!


Mission 39: Seeing Stars
Unlock Condition: Stone Missions 36 - 37 
Difficulty: C
Reward: Siltstone Ring

The mark for this one is an Ochu - and once you flag it you are teleported into the zone, where directly to your left ahead is a save point.  This fight does not really require a specific strategy, though you might find that using Van or Fang as your lead can be faster than the other part members.

You will want to concentrate on the Ochu first, as he can re-spawn the outriders which will force you into an attrition position if you do not realize that it is doing that.  Stagger the Ochu quickly and then kill it, then mop up the outriders.

Your reward is some CP, a Siltstone Ring, and another mission down! 


Mission 40: Solar Power
Unlock Condition: Stone Mission 37
Difficulty: B
Reward: Zealot's Amulet

The mark for this mission is a Verdelet - so when you are ready flag it and be teleported to the zone, use the save point on the left, and then proceed to the mark.

I used Lightning, Fang, and Van, in Relentless Assault, and simply killed the pair of marks without needing to change decks for a 5-star completion.

The reward for this very brief mission is a Zealot's Amulet and 5-starrinf yet another mission!


Mission 41: Gaian Grudge
Unlock Condition: Stone Mission 38
Difficulty: A
Reward: Doctor's Code

The mark for this mission is some of the comic-looking Tonberry - touching the stone teleports us to the new zone, and a quick check of the map shows us the marks in a branch to the left ahead. 

These are not especially tough mobs - one on one - but you have three of them here, and they have specials that can kill you instantly if you are even a little hurt when they strike.  I hate to say it, but success in this fight includes luck - the luck that your leader is not who gets targeted by the special attack, and that you are able to heal quickly.

These fights are supposed to be hard - and they are supposed to get harder the closer you get to the end of a string in these sequences.  This fight is the second to last in this (the upper) string.  If you looked at the flowchart of these fights that should be obvious to you.

As with previous fights, the idea is to stagger and kill the first mob as quickly as you can - the quicker the better as that reduces the number of special attacks you must endure, but in this case keeping them from charging their specials is the way to go.  You will have no trouble at all 5-starring this if you do the following:

- Deceptisol
- Aegisol
- Fortisol
- Quake
- Stagger and kill 1
- Quake
- Stagger and kill 1 (2 if you can otherwise repeat the last step)

Using this set of tactics you should have no trouble with this fight!  You gain 22,500 CP, a Doctor's Code, and another 5-Star Mission completed!


Mission 42: Anti-Hero
Unlock Condition: Stone Missions 38-39
Difficulty: B
Reward: Witch Bracelet

The mark for this mission is a Borgbear Hero - and in case you are not aware this is one of the harder fights. 

The configuration that I found worked best for me was Vanille (as leader) with Snow and Lightning.  Set your default deck to Smart Bomb (Saboteur/Ravager/Ravager) and if you do not have that one already set up do that now.  Set Smart Bomb as your default deck, and make sure that you have at least Solidarity and Relentless Assault as well.

Follow the path to the right (check the map so you know where you are going) fighting your way through the groups that are not the one you containing the mark and once you are near the mark pop a Deceptisol so that you get the jump on them.  If your TP is low, pop an Ethersol BEFORE starting the fight so that you have that available, and then, well, go get 'em tiger!

Slow the group and cast whatever other debuffs you like, and then stagger and kill them quickly.  Yeah I know that seems obvious but it is the best way to 5-star this so here I am telling you to do that.  You should summon and gestalt - that will help in staggering the hero quicker - but dealing direct damage immediately after staggering is important, and make sure that you are targeting the Hero and not an outrider as that would be a waste..

Your reward for this fight is a Witch's Bracelet, some CP and the satisfaction of 5-starring another mission in the chain!



Mission 43: The Hero Never Dies
Unlock Condition: Stone Missions 39 - 40
Difficulty: B
Reward: Speed Sash

The mark for this mission is a Borgbear Hero - we have fought those before :)

About halfway along the first branch there is a Treasure Sphere with a Starblossom Seed in it - grab that and continue along to the mark.  This is a straight forward fight - simply stagger them and kill them as quickly as you can and it is over.

Your reward is a Speed Sash an completing another mission.  Yay you!



Mission 44: The Old Ones Go To Rest
Unlock Condition: Stone Mission 40
Difficulty: A
Reward: General's Belt

The mark for this mission is a Corrosive Custard - and its friends - but the dangerous one is the Corrosive Custard, so that is who you should target and kill first.

After you quickly take out the Corrosive Custard, kill the Monstrous Flan and the Hybrid Flora in a fairly straight forward battle using Relentless Assault exclusively.  You should not even need to heal for the entire fight - though I suppose if you are unlucky or slow...

You should easily 5-star this fight, and collect your reward of a General's Belt!



Mission 45: Emergent Evolution
Unlock Condition: Stone Mission 41
Difficulty: A
Reward: Hunter's Friend

When you arrive in the area you will see a save point that is nearby - go ahead and use that.  Now we are going to change the team a bit, making Vanille the leader, and we are also going to alter her kit - have her equip the Belladonna Wand as her weapon - if you have not yet upgraded it, go ahead and do that now, which should leave it with 65 Strength and 131 Magic.

This can be a tough fight if you try to approach it like usual - and before you go to engage the mark, make sure that you have in your deck the Attrition configuration (Vanille: Saboteur, Fang: Sentinel, and Lightning: Medic) and set that as your default deck.

Now all that you need to do is engage the mob and, using Van,  repeatedly cast Death until the mark dies.  Easey-peasey lemon-squeezy!

You get a 5-Star on this, 50,000 CP, a Hunter's Friend and the rank Righteous Avenger - and the immense satisfaction of another very tough mission completed!  Go You!


Mission 46: On Silent Wing
Unlock Condition: Stone Mission 42
Difficulty: A
Reward: Gilgamesh Inc Shop Access

This is one of the tough fights (Class A) and your target is a Zirnitra,  As you enter the area of the fight the Fal'Cie will summon the mark - before that  you will want to reconfigure as follows:

First - ahead of you on the right si a save point - use that.  To start you should have your party set up as Vanille (leader), Snow, and Lightning.  Your active deck should be Attrition (Savoteur/Sentinel/Medic). 

Enter the area and pause just before engaging the mark - and move in.  Make sure that you have the Belladonna Want as Van's weapon - then repeatedly cast Death on the mark until it dies and you have won!

If you are trying to 5-star this first time out you are going to want to switch between staggering and direct damage (the tactic I outline above is for winning this battle not 5-staring it), but I seriously recommend just winning it for now, and then returning after you have fully unlocked the Crystarium and upgraded your jobs before tyring to 5-star this battle.

Your reward for this one is a nice chunk of CP, the pass for Gilgamesh, Inc. (another shop), the rank Halcyonian Hero, and one more mission down!


Mission 47: Unfocused Rage
Unlock Condition: Stone Mission 42
Difficulty: B
Reward: Mnar Stone

The only decks I used for this fight were Relentless Assault, Smart Bomb, Tri-disaster, and Combat Clinic.  Starting with Smart Bomb to debuff him, I switched to Tri-disaster to stagger him (you can only damage him when he is staggered), then Relentless to damge. 

Strategic use of potions for light damage allowed me to maintain the pressure on him - I used shrouds for the fight and I suggest that you do the same!

Eventually he is going to be able to charge and use his special attack - which will bring you real close to dying - so when that happens be sure that you quickly heal yourself first, and then your party members.  As soon as you are healed switch to Smart Bomb and restore the debuffs to slow his charging.

Simply rinse and repeat until you have won!

Your reward for this fight is the Mnar Stone - which is a transformational catalyst.  After you defeat this guy and completely cycle through the mission screens you will unlock the Trophy/Achievement "Dorgan's Trophy" (it is worth 30 GP). 

You will also unlock the final mission in the Titan's Trials - Stone Mission 51!



Mission 48: The Abyss Stares Back
Unlock Condition: Stone Mission 43
Difficulty: A
Reward: Twenty Sided Die

Your mark is another Verdelet - so flag this and teleport in, and then set your party to Lightning, Fang, and Snow, and alter your deck to Cerberus (Commando/Commando/Commando).  Set that as your default and make sure that you have atleast Solidarity, Relentless Assault, and Combat Clinic in your decks just in case.

Use the save point ahead on the right and then proceed into the zone.  As with the other master battles, when you enter the clearing ahead the Fal'Cie will summon the mark - marks in this case - and you will kill them.  If you are quick and aware you will kill them all or cast an interrupt before one of them can summon a Tonberry - if not you will have more of a fight on your hands than you really need but what can you do?

If you are having trouble with this, once you engage simply spam the Blitz Attack on the mobs - that will end the fight very quickly without giving them a chance to summon a Tonberry.

The reward for 5-starring this fight is 4,000 CP, some random spoils (I got some Supple Leather and a Torn Leather), and a Twenty-sided Die. 


Mission 49: Tyrannicide
Unlock Condition: Stone Mission 43
Difficulty: A
Reward: Particle Accelerators

This one is sort of a let-down, I just want to say that now.  It is a Master Fight - the mark is a Tyrant ,which you will recall we have faced before.  Enter the zone and  use the save point ahead on the right. 

Head into the clearing and the Fal'Cie will summon the mark - and all you need to do is stay in Relentless Assault and kill it.  Well, stagger and then kill it - but this is dead simple and you will not even have to heal or change decks at all!  Once dead you get the 5-stars, 3,510 CP, 7 Particle Accelerators (which will come in handy for upgrading kit later) and of course the satisfaction of having completed another mission with 5-stars!


Mission 50: Road to Predation
Unlock Condition: Stone Mission 44
Difficulty: B
Reward: Scarletite

The mark is a Humbaba - and no real preparation is required for this one - just head on in and use the save point on the right.  Pop a Firtisol and Aegisol if you have them (I only had an Aegisol myself) and then head into the clearing and have the Fal'Cie summon the mark.

The reward for this mission is a Scarletite - an upgrade item that will come in handy later.


Mission 51: Attacus, The Soulless*
Unlock Condition: All Titan Trial Missions
Difficulty: A
Reward: Genji Glove

Obviously this is a desirable mission in the sense that its reward is the Genji Glove...  Take whatever route you want to get to the stone, and once you get there you will teleport in to the next area - which should be familiar to you by now!  Use the save point ahead, then use your shrouds, and finally head into the clearing...

The mark in this case is Attacus - who I thought was the big mob that first gets spawned, but no, he turns out to be the little guy that kills the first one!  I had flashbacks of Men In Black for a few seconds, but there was no time to let that series of images play out in my head before the fight started!

This is basically a long and drawn-out fight.  You cannot stagger this fellow - all you can do is build the meter and damage it as much as you can.  At various points it triggers its special -  when that happens make sure that you change your deck to one with a Sentinel that is NOT you (the leader) so that it can cast provoke on him and thus bear the brunt of the attack.  That way you do not risk being killed by the special attack.

Be patient, whittle away at his HP, and eventually you will kill him!

Your reward for this fight is a Zealot's Amulet and random spoils, the Genji Glove, and the satisfaction of having won a tough fight, completed the Titan's Trials, and finally, completed another stone mission leaving just three left to fight!

When the mission screen ends you will unlock the Trophy/Achievement 'Natural Selector' (which is worth 30 GP).  As this unlocks you are teleported back to the entrance to the Trials area - so go ahead and backtrack to the teleport stone now!


Mission 52: Head in the Clouds
Unlock Condition: Reach Sulyya Springs
Difficulty: A
Reward: Gale Ring

The mark for this mission is a Zirnitra - and its location if you look at the map is almost directly on the other side of the zone.  Head in a northerly direction and as you get to the other side check the map to see where you need to be, and then head there.

The easiest method for completing this mission is to switch to Van as your party leader, and then set Attrition as your default deck.  Now engage the mark and spam Death until it dies.  Voila!  Mission Managed!

In case you are wondering - yes, that was a luck based fight.  Basically you keep spamming the Death Ability until it actually works.  If the mark did not die when you cast it it means that it did not work.  Have fun with that!

Your reward for this is 20,000 CP, Menacing Wings, and a Gate Ring.


Mission 53: Freedom from Fear
Unlock Condition: None 
Difficulty: A
Reward: Blaze Ring

The mark is a Zirnitra in the Massif, so turn around and head for the teleport stone, and use that to teleport to the Pad in the Massif.  Once you are there, head along the path towards the circle until you encounter the mark.

The reward for this mission is a Blaze Ring - and yet again the satisfaction of another mission down!


Mission 54: The Bigger They Are
Unlock Condition: Find a Cactuar
Difficulty: B
Reward: Cactuar Doll

Warning: This is one of the toughest fights in the game if you play it straight - meaning you try to fight it like a normal fight.

The mark for this mission is a Gigantaur - which we have tangled with before.  The location for the mark is directly east on top of the large bluff.  Once you reach the spot you will get a CS with a giant Cactaur (actually it is called a Gigantiaur), during which Sazh has a rather amusing exchnage.  Evidently he has some prior experience with this particular mob.

There are two ways that you can handle this fight: (1) Complete the story mode, cap your jobs, upgrade your kit, and then fight it; or (2) Use the "Luck" style of fighting.  I chose to do (2) but YMMV!

Method 1: Complete the story mode.

Basically it is what I said above - you complete the story mode, then cap off all of your jobs, then upgrade all of your kit, and finally you fight this thing.  Doing it by this method is not by any means a fast fight - and you can still fail.

Method 2: Luck mode.

Like some of the previous missions where we spammed the Death spell, this is a luck mode approach in which we are basically counting on one of the passive abilities to kick in, allowing us to kill the mob.  In this case the passive ability we are relying upon is "Random: Instant Chain"which, when it kicks in, instantly staggers your opponent.

If you want to use mode 2 you will need to do all of the following steps:

- Alter your party structure to Lightning (Leader), Fang, and Vanille.

- If you do not already have it in your decks, add Tireless Charge (Commando/Commando/Medic).

- Equip Lightning with the Hauteclaire, the Hunter's Friend, and an Energy Sash.

- Equip Fang with the Survivalist Catalog and Speed Sash.

The fight: Basically you are hoping that one or both trigger the ability on the first attack, which will instantly stagger the mark.  The ability kicks in when one of your party members actually hits the mark, at which point they will stagger, and you should immediately use Summon, and attack the mark, continuing the attack until it is dead.  This should take less than a minute to complete once you start a fight that spawns the passive ability, but you may have to die and restart a dozen or more times before that happens.

Bear in mind that this guys regular attack does 10K in damage, and he will rotate through your party targeting each member one at a time.  If you are unlucky he will target Lightning first, which will be a bad thing if he is then staggered, because you could end up dying anyway, but let us hope not.

Once the mark is dead you collect your reward: 20,000 CP, a Cactaur Doll, the rank of Needleworker, and of course, another mission down with 5-stars!  Once you complete the fight you also unlock the Trophy/Achievement "Floraphobe" (which is worth 30 GP which is a lot for this game)!  How cool is that?  This is also one of the missions that factors in a couple of other mission-related Trophies/Achievements so it is all good.


Mission 55: Can't We All Just Get Along?*
Unlock Condition: Stone Mission 14
Difficulty: A
Reward: Growth Egg

This is a key battle in the game mostly due to the reward for this mission - so obviously it is one we want to complete sooner rather than later - so if you decide to take this one out of order I will forgive you :)

The mark for this mission is a Neochu, and it is located in the Agraa's Pasture section of the Haerii, so backtrack to the teleport stone and head to the Haerii now.

This is a Class A Battle - and as such it is another one that we are going to rely upon a strategy of Luck, Luck, Luck! 

So first thing you need to do is configure your team - in this case Vanille will be the leader, and you can either use Lighting and Fang, or Lighting and Snow - the later being a good one since Snow has 12,850 HP as opposed to the 10,400 that Fang has.  Either way the point here is for Van to span Death while the other two tank the damage.  Make sure that you have Vanille equip the Belladonna Wand (if it is not already equipped) as her weapon for this, right?

Let me be clear here - you are likely going to die.  A lot.  And fail.  The reason for that is simple enough - we are simply re-trying until Van gets a lucky cast of Death right off the bat, taking out the mark, after which it is a simple matter of mopping up the pika's that remain, and collecting our well deserved super special amazing cannot live without it reward!

Once you arrive in the Haerii head for the canyon to the North and use the save spot just inside that before you continue to the Pasture at the other end and begin this fight with our mark!  Just spam Death and cross your fingers for an early trigger.  Using shrouds would not hurt here if you have them, since they will help in keeping you alive longer...

Once the mark is dead it is a simple matter of healing up and then taking out the pika's - which you should not really have a lot of trouble doing.  I would be shocked if you did not come out of this with a full 5-star rating...

Your reward for this mission is 62,500 CP, some random spoils, a Growth Egg, and another 5-star mission completed!


Mission 56: A Toothy Grin
Unlock Condition: Reach Taejin's Tower
Difficulty: C
Reward: Rhodochrosite

The mark for this one is an Ugallu - so after the brief CS jump on the nearby Choco and head in that direction and use the teleport stone to go to the Highlands in the Massif -   then head East until you reach the mark, which you can easily see on the map.

The fight is brief and easy, and with the Egg now equpped, now worth a nice chunk of CP!  The reward for this one is a chunk of Rhodochrosite. 



Stone Mission 57: What's Yurs is Brine
Unlock Condition: Reach Taejin's Tower
Difficulty: C
Reward: Uraninite

The next mark is a Sahagin, and it is located in the canyons, so take the teleport stone to the Vallis Base Camp, and from there head West until you reach the mark.

The mark group dies very very fast and is not a challenge - in fact the challenge is actually getting ot the fight!  Anyway, kill them and grab your reward - some Uraninite - and head for the teleport stone!


Stone Mission 58: The Culler of Many
Unlock Condition: Reach Taejin's Tower
Difficulty: B
Reward: Speed Sash

A Humbaba is our next mark, so head back to the teleport stone and use it to teleport to Mah'habara's Twilit Cavern, and take the Northeast tunnel.  Fight your way through the tunnel and use the save point just before the mark.  Once you've saved the game go ahead and engage the mark.

Stagger the mark and kill it to collect your 10,000 CP, random spoils, and another Speed Sash.  One more mission down!


Stone Mission 59: Two-Faced Fiend
Unlock Condition: Reach Taejin's Tower
Difficulty: A
Reward: Energy Sash

The mark for this mission is a Zirnitra, and this is a Class A Mission - fair warning.

Once you have flagged the mission jump on the nearby chocobo and head for the teleport stone, using it to go to the Tower and then backtrack up the path to the mark.  This battle presents a specific challenge in that the mark has a half dozen helpers - and you need to eliminate them all immediately or this quickly becomes unmanageable.

The easiest way to do that is to start by using your shrouds - including Deceptisol - so that you get the jump on them.  Immediately summon Lightning's Eidolon, enter Gestalt and use the X-button to initiate her spinning attack.  That will kill all of the outriders, leaving you facing just the mark!

Now simply stagger him, switch to Relentless Assault, and kill him.  A nice and easy 5-star fight!

Your reward for this fight is 48,400 CP, random spoils, an Energy Sash, the rank of Hand of Wrath, and of course another 5-starred mission down!


Stone Mission 60: Degela Vu
Unlock Condition: Reach Oerba
Difficulty: A
Reward: Mnar Stone

After you flag the mission head to the teleport stone and teleport to the Tower stone - the mark for this one is a Gelatitan and doesn't that sound fun?

The mark is located on the deck on top of the tower - which is fine since we have already unlocked both the main and the secondary lifts there!  So teleport in and then head for the tower, inside take the main lift to the Spire Level, and run around to the other side of the deck to trigger this fight.  You may want to save and then shroud first - I know I did.

There are three Gelatitans here and as long as you use a Deseptisol so that you get the sneak on them, you will almost instantly stagger the first one.  Having done that you should be able to kill the staggered one in one complete attack cycle between your three party members, leaving you with just a pair to go.  Neither of them will be staggered, so start out by staggering and killing them one at a time!

I am not sure why this one is rated 'A' as it does not feel like an A-Level fight...  I only used Relentless Assault as I was a bit tired and did not want to put out the effort, so I only managed to get 4-stars on this one.  If I had set up a few extra decks I could easily have 5-starred it, and I should add that I stayed in Relentless Assault the whole time, not having to heal even once.

The reward for this mission is a Mnar Stone - not sure how you pronounce that - which is a transformational catalyst, meaning that it can be used to upgrade the type of an item to something new.  According to its description it is thought to grant the holder visions - wouldn't it be cool if these really did have secondary uses?


Stone Mission 61: I, Juggernaut
Unlock Condition: Reach Oerba
Difficulty: A
Reward: Royal Armlet

The mark for this one is obviously a Juggernaut - a mob we have faced before several times.  The location of the mark is in the village, so head to the teleport stone and use it to go to the stone in Oerba Village Proper.   Head down the nearby ramp and around the corner - the mark is in the open area outside of Van's house and the tank-shaped building.

If you use your shrouds - including Deceptisol - you can sneak up on the Juggernaut and stagger him in the first exchange.  You should be able to shave off about 25% of its HP.  After that you will need to stagger and pound it, then stagger and pound it again and it will be dead!

Your reward for this is a Royal Armlet and the satisfaction of another mission completed and only  a few left to go!



Stone Mission 62: Indomitable Will*
Unlock Condition: Stone Mission 44
Difficulty: A
Reward: Genji Glove

This is an important mission mostly due to its reward - a Genji Glove - which is an item that I am sure you will find useful :)

The mark for this mission is a Raktavija - which is not a mob we are familiar with.  It is located within the Steppes - so head in the direction of the stone that we have been using for teleporting - for the record that is the Archylte Steppe Central Expanse.

This battle requires some party preparation - you will want to set your team up - I chose Lightning, Fang, and Vanille.

You will want to check your decks and make certain that you have at a minimum the following decks present: Relentless Assault (Ravager/Commando/Ravager), Tri-disaster (all Ravagers), and Hero's Charge (Commando/Synergist/Medic).

You will be using Tri-disaster to stagger, Relentless Assault for direct damage, and Hero's Charge for healing and debuffing.  You will want to use your shrouds prior to the fight - including Deceptisol.  In addition to all of this, you will want to configure your party for a magic damage exclusive fight - the marks will only use magic, so you will want to - at a bare minimum - equip whatever Magus' Bracelets that you have handy.

As you are approaching the area where the stone is if you check the map you will see that our mark is located on the third raised bluff.  You are going to want a chocobo for this if you are not already on one - if not grab one from near the Central Expanse Stone because you cannot reach the marks without the chocobo.

As far as tactics go, get the drop on the mobs to try to get in some stagger meter before they charge their shields - I am not actually positive that you can do that, I tried and failed, but if you can, you should.  Once you have engaged them, you will want to cast the Imperil and Slow debuffs on the mark that is your present target, and then change your deck to Tri-disaster and pull down the shields by staggering the mob.  

After that change to Relentless Assault and pound it.  If you can, have Lightning use her Army of One ability, otherwise just deal damage and be damn sure that you heal quickly because these things have a special attack that will kill you if you are even a little damaged.

As far as kit goes, I ended up equipping my party as follows:

- Lightning: Witch's Braceleet x2 Diamond Bangle

- Fang: Witch's Bracelet, Power Glove, Goddesses' Favor

- Vanille: Witch's Bracelet x2 Magician's Mark

All of these accessories were capped - if you do not have enough Witch's Bracelets bear in mind that all they are is Rune Bracelets that have been upgraded.  There are better kit items that could be used - if you have them - but as I did not, this is what I had.  It was the best of what I had, and I was able to afford the costs of capping them by upgrading.  YMMV.

If you do decide to upgrade your kit, remember that 37 Sturdy Bone (sold by Creature Comforts Shop) will give you the maximum 3X multiplier right off the bat, and you should always have the multiplier capped before you apply upgrade items!

The Battle: Once you are satisfied with your kit, have edited your deck, and are comfortable with the tactics to use for this fight, go ahead and jump on a chocobo and head for the bluff on which the mark is located.  Again accessing this area requires the use of a choco - and after you make the third jump and are on top of the bluff with the marks, you need to dismount prior to attacking.

Dismount, apply your shrouds, engage the beastie, and use the strategies detailed above and this should be a fun and interesting battle!

I don't know about you but by the time I won this fight I had some serious hate on for the programmers...  Ah well.


Stone Mission 63: Crushed by Doubt*
Unlock Condition: Reach the Faultwarrens
Difficulty: A
Reward:  Genji Glove

The mark for this one is an Adamantortoise - oh my...  It is located back in the Steppe in the indented area to the left of the circle of stones - check the map in that area to see the target location.

The easiest way to win this battle is to make Van your leader, add the Perseverance deck, make it the default deck, and then equip as much earth and element resist kit as you have.  Now simply spam Death at it until it dies.

Right - I know that this feels like a cheap way to do this...  But the bottom like is that it is quick, you get 5-stars without having to be frustrated, and you get to move on to the next mission sooner rather than later!

Your reward for this second to last mission is another Genji Glove - and if you have not already done so you will also unlock the Trophy/Achievement "Limit Breaker" (worth 30 GP),  and the satisfaction of a job well done! 

Note: Killing this mob will not unlock the Adamant Will Trophy/Achievement - to do that you need to kill one of the walkers near the circle of stones.



Stone Mission 64: The Doomherald
Unlock Condition: Stone Missions 27 & 51
Difficulty: A
Reward: Gold Watch

Like many of the previous missions there is an easy way and a hard way to do this - actually it is more accurate to say that there is one easy way, and a whole bunch of hard ways - and what we are going to do is the easy way, alright then?

The mark for this mission is a Vercingetorix - and this is hands down the hardest mob and mission in the game - if you try to fight it.  This thing is also called The Bane Lord - that should clue you in on its attitude and abilities...

One thing that may not be instantly obvious to you - especially if you have already tried to fight this thing and failed - is that it can be Poisoned.  That is key - because one of its innate abilities is to recover its HP, so being able to bleed away its HP without having to constantly heal your party as it pounds the crap out of you is a major advantage!  Really - it takes almost all of the frustration out of the fight!

- Party Prep -

First thing you need to do is change your party to Sazh, Fang, and Hope.

Now create the following decks:

-  Tri-disaster (Rav/Rav/Rav)
- Cerberus (Com/Com/Com)
- Infiltration (Sab/Sab/Sab)
- Recuperation (Syn/Med/Syn)
- Salvation (Med/Med/Med)
- Tortoise (Sen/Sen/Sen)

As far as equipment goes, pick your best weapons - I recommend the Antares Deluxes for Sazh, the Glaive for Fang, and the Skycutter for Hope - unless you have better versions of those, or you have a weapon that you feel is better than the ones I suggest.

As for accessories, I used the following:

- Sazh -
General's belt (Lvl 1)
Witch's Bracelet (capped)
Royal Armlet (Lvl 7)
Witch's Bracelet (capped)

- Fang -
Witch's Bracelet (capped)
Genji Glove (Lvl 1)
Power Glove (capped)
Entite Ring (capped)

- Hope -
Platinum Bangle (capped)
Sorcerer's Mark (Lvl 1)
Entite Ring (Lvl 1)
Witch's Bracelet (capped)

-- Basic Strategy --

(1) Use the Recuperation Deck to caste Haste on your party.
(2) Switch to Infiltration and stack 5 Poisons and unleash.
(3) Stack 5 Imperil and unleash
(4) Switch to Tri-disaster and stagger him
(5) Switch to Cerberus and damage him
(6) He will go into shield mode and cannot be damaged - when this happens:
(7) Switch to Salvation and quickly heal your party
(8) Switch to Recuperation and restore Shell, Haste,  and whatever else you can if you have the time.
(9) Goto (1)

Once you get him down to around half-health he will start doing a spin attack regularly - when that starts to happen you want to IMMEDIATELY switch to Tortoise to protect yourself from the awesome damage of that attack!

- Why this works -

So what is happening here is you are using Poison to sap him of his HP - and you are directly attacking when you can to help that along.  You will not be able to attack him directly every cycle through, because some of the time you are going to have to heal.

The streategy and technique that I describe above works - it is how I completed that mission - but it does require you to know it with confidence.  I had to do this fight a half dozen times before I was able to get used to the visual indicators of him shifting his attack and smoothly shift to a defensive stance, and I suspect you will have the same experience.

Keeping the Poison and Imperil on him is not optional - it is what actually kills him!  So simply follow the steps and you will kill this bad boy! 

Your reward is the Gold Watch and the rank 'Deliverer of Souls' as well as the satisfaction of having completed all of the Stone Missions!  Even using this strategy you likely will not 5-star this - but now that you have the Gold Watch, it will be easier to 5-star...  There are a lot of 5-star strategy guides online - this Walkthrough does not contain that information, and I strongly suggest that if you intend to go for the all-5-star-mission Trophy/Achievement, you get yourself a really good guide for that purpose and follow it!  I have no plans to do that myself - I was happy enough just to win all 64 Missions!

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