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01D: The Fal'Cie Awaits
Final Fantasy XIII

01D: The Fal'Cie Awaits

Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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01D: The Fal'Cie Awaits

Hope and Vanille pursue Snow

You appear at the bottom of the rubble pile with your Lieutenant, Gadot - presumably having climbed or jumped down - and nearby there is a treasure globe that holds a Power Circle that boosts the physical power of the person wearing it - so go grab that and equip it now.  Around the corner of the rubble is a save point - go ahead and hit that now too, and then look further down the track.  See those enemy?  Let's go kill them!

The dog we have fought before, but the units with it are hover troops - sort of like Wardens with jetpacks - which is pretty cool if you think about it because they make great targets for grenades!  If you did particularly well with that fight - got a high score I mean - you might want to save again just in case.

Run down the track and up the stairs on the left side - at the top of the stairs look right and see the treasure globe, which you can empty of 100 Gil, and then take the stairs on the opposite side to get to some cover near a squad of enemy.  Gadot jumps out and starts spraying them with fire, giving a reasonably well-meant growl, and then you jump out and, together, make very short work of them!

Gadot runs ahead and when you catch up to him he is standing by the airship - and it looks a lot smaller than it did a few minutes ago.  Use the action button to examine it for a CS of you two taking off in it.  What looked like one airship turns out to be two small ones - and you are each at the controls of your own.  A brief conversation ensues and then you race each other up to the construct!

The CS changes to you flying and then you land on the deck where the survivors are - and Hope and Vanille put in an appearance.  Snow is overly concerned about the safety of the kids, but his NORA troops assure him that all is well.  As Hope and Vanille approach so that Hope can talk to Snow, he fires up the aircraft's engine and takes off, ruining Hope's plan to talk to Snow.

As Snow flies away you now become Hope, and Vanille runs along the deck yelling for Snow to wait.  You are standing on Skybridge No. 103 in the center of the Hanging Edge district and you are a 14-year-old kid, so hey man, what do you want to do?

Well, before you do anything else run over to the nearby save point and do a save, right?  Gadot's airship is sitting on the bridge and Vanille is over by it.  Head over and talk to her, and then let her convince you to take her for a ride in the ship!  Gadot sees you and starts running to stop you, and you panic and take off! 

Just before you take off you worry that if you go up to the construct you might get caught and turned into L'Cie - and that was when I realized we were not already L'Cie!  Of course since we know that we will BE L'Cie that sort of removes some of the mystery for what we are going to face, doesn't it? 

As you approach the construct the screen fades-to-black and we are prompted to save - which we do.

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