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02D: Saving the Enemy
Final Fantasy XIII

02D: Saving the Enemy

Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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02D: Saving the Enemy

We learn about L'Cie and the Focus

Right, so we should start with the closest enemy - and with Sazh's help we make quick work of them!  There is a pair in the short branch so go take them out and grab the Power Wristband from the nearby treasure sphere. 

Remember that having an item in your inventory is not the same as actually equipping it!  To equip items open your journal and select 'Equipment' and then the character whose kit you want to alter.   You can either hit Equip and then select the items you want to equip from your available kit, or you can use the Optimize button and select the strategy you want them kitted out for - Balanced, Offensive, or Defensive.  With Sazh I would go with Balanced, but with Lightning I think that Offensive is best...  Granted he is the one you will most often need to use potions for anyway, but the Offensive option at least allows Lightning to dish out the best damage rate she can manage.

Heading back you will see that there is a pair of monsters at the top of the stairs off of the first pathway (first left) so you may as well see to them now, right?  There are four more at the top of the stairs, and if you engage properly you should begin that fight with a preemptive strike - always a good thing tactically!

Taking on these will be smoother if you do it in groups of one or two, and Sazh is surprisingly more help now - perhaps he is just getting better at fighting skill?   It helps you to seize the initiative if you approach the targets from the side or back - that almost guarantees a preemptive strike.  At the top of the next stairs (and in the direction we are actually supposed to be going) is another group - take them out and then before you continue on here, head back to the original branch and continue on down.

There are doggies and Zwerg here to fight - may as well get the CP from them - but this is area we covered earlier so the treasure sphere will be already empty.  Still it is extra CP so we may as well take advantage of it!  With the area now clear head back up to the main path and follow the arrow.

Go through the arch and take out the Ghast here, then run towards the door ahead and you will see a save point on the left by the door that now opens.  Hit the save point and make your save.  You can access the shops if you want - if you are low on potions you probably should - but as for selling stuff, right now all that we have are some low level weapons and accessories and some crafting components. If you are going for the achievement you do not want to sell low level weapons and accessories and we do not know which resources we will need just yet, so I would hold on to them for now...  In fact that is what I did!

When you move through the nearby door we get an area transition, and now we have some new targets to fight!  Go ahead and fight your way along this path, taking out the monsters as you encounter them.  If you do it right you should get preemptive strikes on most of them, which makes for rather short battles, though the spoils are nothing to write home about.

Keep an eye on Sazh as he takes the brunt of the hits here and may need you to use a potion to keep him alive.  After you kill the last pair on the path you step onto a large lift and raise to the next level of the path - at the top of the stairs here you get a CS in which Lightning finds her sister!

Sazh reaches for his pistol - he wants to kill her!  As Lightning starts to talk Snow shows up - and Serah comes awake.  Just then, Hope and Val show up, and Snow and Lightning have it out.  Serah tells them to save Cocoon - and Lightning asks if that was her focus?

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