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02F: Pulsian Menace - Final Fantasy XIII

02F: Pulsian Menace

Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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02F: Pulsian Menace

Snow pop's the question

Unfortunately you did not actually defeat the fal'Cie - and you end up sucked into the L'Cie processor which is very impressive to watch but sadly a one-way trip for you all.  As you watch the CS you see the L'Cie marks being applied to each of your team members - but then something goes wrong and the construct begins to break apart.

Val starts to narrate again, and then you get a save game prompt.  May as well save, you did complete this section the way you were supposed to...

The next CS fades in - titled 'Day 11: The Seaside City of Bodhum' and as you watch you see humans celebrating - and a nice fireworks display.  Snow appears and you see a few of his resistance fighters from before so clearly this is a flashback.  Snow walks out onto the pier and we see Serah on the deck - and they start talking.  Serah has a bandage upon her arm - which means she has already become L'Cie, and Snow confirms that during their conversation - and Serah seems to have as much trepidation about being turned into a crystal as she does about becoming a monster.

Snow seems like a really stand-up bloke, and he proves it by asking Serah to marry him! 

The CS changes to a different view and they are now on a flying bike - and we get a little more detail on the back story - Serah is worried about telling Lightning about being made a L'Cie, while Snow is more concerned about telling her that they are getting married.  We get treated to some of the music composed for the game and a series of scenes that are the trademark of the Final Fantasy Series - which is pretty cool if you think about it...

As Snow flies off we are once again prompted to save - do that.


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