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02C: In the Shadow of L'Cie
Final Fantasy XIII

02C: In the Shadow of L'Cie

Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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02C:  In the Shadow of L'Cie

Van and Hope confront the result of a failed Focus

Back as Snow again, turn around and run down the stairs of the middle tine in the fork and grab the potion from the treasure sphere here, and then run along the shaft of the fork to the doggie and his pair of Zwergs.  A grenade will take out the two Zwergs and a few well-placed knuckle sandwiches will remove the doggie.  Activate the control console here to lower the lift platform, and then run on to the platform.

We now get a brief CS of Hope and Van in which they hear Snow's yell that he is coming, and thinking that it is addressed to them, Hope questions the effectiveness of the confrontation that he desires.  Van suggests that they could just run away instead of seeking the confrontation, and Hope appears to agree with that.

The CS ends and you are back in control of Van, who is standing on the middle area of the platforms in the Sacrarium.  There are two Zwerg nearby that you can quickly take out, and then a pair of doggies at the top of the stairs.   They drop a Shroud among their spoils which is cool - you know you are picking up good items here!

Now before you take that branching path where the dogs were look at the radar map.  Behind you are some more Zwergs so run on up there and take them out, and then grab the vial of Fortisol from the treasure sphere.  Back down the stairs as you approach the branching section the large doors ahead open.  That is the direction we are supposed to go in, but before we do why not explore the branching paths first?

Starting with the one to our right, there is a treasure sphere with 30 Gil in it - go us! - and in the rear of that area a save point - which we should probably use now!

We have actually been in this area before - earlier - but the mobs have re-spawned, so here is a chance for us to pick up some extra fighting experience and maybe some spoils!   Go ahead up there and take out the Zwergs and doggies and then retrace your steps to the branch.

The left branch just leads to the area we were in before so hit the door and you will notice another save point on the right inside this hallway.  Use that if you like, then move up to take on the doggies ahead, and once you have killed them grab 100 Gil from the nearby treasure sphere.  Nice! 

At the bottom of double flight of stairs ahead you get a CS in which you watch some very freaky looking humanoid looking things that are actually L'Cie who have been punished for failing to complete the task that the fal"Cie gave them - you know, tasks whose very nature they were unaware of and the time limit for which they were not told?  Yeah, those tasks.

Snow shows up now - luckily for you considering how many L'Cie monsters you are facing - and the battle begins!  Considering their young age and relative weakness Hope and Van are actually pretty good fighting partners!  A grenade and some beat-down solves the immediate problem, but you have to wonder in the back of your mind if you are going to end up being one of those ghouls some day?

After the fight Hope finally has his confrontation with Snow - sort of - freaking out when he learns that Snow plans to free his girlfriend who is a L'Cie.  We learn now that Hope hates Snow now and blames him for his mother's death - and that Snow helping the L'Cie is the last straw.  Van on the other hand has a more reasonable approach and convinces Hope to accompany Snow, pointing out that he needs to talk to Snow if he is every going to get closure.

We now cut to a CS with Lightning and Sazh - and we learn why she is here.  We do not know yet that the Pulse L'Cie that Lightning is seeking - her sister - is actually the same L'Cie that Snow is seeking!  Sazh reviews the onus that has been placed on the L'Cie - the curse - and he tries to prepare her for what he thinks if as the inevitable.  He explains that what has been done is a death sentence anyway you look at it, and that there really is nothing that can be done.

Lightning does not want to hear this - but what she wants really does not matter at the moment because there are some L'Cie monsters nearby and we have to kick their butts!

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