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02A: In Pursuit of Snow
Final Fantasy XIII

02A: In Pursuit of Snow

Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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02A: In Pursuit of Snow

Vanille's new weapon

As we fade in the airship has crashed and after laying on the deck stunned, we come to and discover that we made it to our destination - and Hope begins lecturing to Vanille.  Ever the practical ditz, Vanille suggests that they have a look around, and proceeds to find something to play with - and then the pair are confronted by a nice friendly doggie!

The "something" that Vanille found turns out to be her special weapon - and we now get to experience what it is like fighting in high combat with...  A fishing pole?  Okay I admit it, it was not that bad.  The thing does decent damage - but I confess that Vanille wiggled her butt so much I had a hard time watching the doggie and combat! 

With the doggie now dead Vanille chirps in her bubbly voice: "Okay!  Back to exploring!" and trots off to do just that.  As she walks off you should unlock the Achievement/Trophy "Instrument of Dissent" - I love that sound the game makes when you unlock an award - it tells you that you have made progress!

Nearby you is a save point - and now would be a good time to go over and use it, right?  If you check the store option you will notice that a new store has been unlocked: B&W Outfitters, and a quick check shows that they do not have much for sale. 

-- Achievement / Trophy Warning --

You may be tempted to sell off some of the loot that you have acquired - but before you do that we need to talk about one of the Achievements/Trophies  that you can get in the game - if you do not make a mistake here!   The Treasure Hunter Achievement/Trophy has some very tough requirements, among which are to have possessed every weapon and accessory in the game.  Note that you do not need to have them all at the same time - in fact that would be impossible considering that some are unique and have to be upgraded to progress this quest - but you do have to have had them at one point in the game to unlock this.

Please see Appendix C: Treasure Hunter for the details on this NOW. 

Let me repeat that - before you consider selling ANYTHING please read the entry in Appendix C for the Treasure Hunter Trophy / Achievement FIRST.  In fact go do that now... 

You may also want to review Appendix B as well, since that is a list of all of the Achievements and Trophies with their requirements - and any that are marked with an '*' are ones that are NOT part of the story line and that may require special action on your part.  Reviewing them before you get too far into the game would be a good idea.

If obtaining the Achievements or Trophies are not your thing, or you do not care about them, feel free to ignore this warning :)

-- End Trophy Warning --

Use the nearby stairs on the left and you will encounter a dog and three other mobs near a treasure sphere - after you take out the mobs grab the four potions from the sphere and then if you have not already done so, finish off the dogs on the far side of this area.

Take the left side stairs where you entered this area and you will trigger the Aggression and Preemptive Strikes tutorial.  Kill the Zwerg droids here and grab the Iron Bangle from the treasure sphere, and then  hit the jump point near your crashed aircraft to hop over the rubble there and take on another pair of puppies.

After you take out the puppies run forward for a CS in which Vanille and Hope have a chat, and then they hear Snow yelling for them.

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