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01C: Fallen Innocence
Final Fantasy XIII

01C: Fallen Innocence

Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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01C: Fallen Innocence

Sazh learns the truth about the Purges

A lot happens here - some of it important to the plot - so you should really watch this series of CS's and pay attention to the things that are said.  There are clues here man!  Clues!

Back to Lightning and Sahz again - you are on some sort of transport that is flying through the area and you have a conversation about the morality of the situation and what is really happening - Sazh is a bit confused about what he feels it seems - angry but with no clear idea of where his moral compass grounds.  Just as the conversation gets personal a  mech unit flies by and, spotting you, lands on the deck of the transport to engage you.

After you finish off the mech you spot a large construct  surrounded by patrol ships and fighters descending from above, and a voice begins to demand surrender.  We see that Snow is alive, and then we get a brief view of pretty much everyone - ending up on Hope and Vanille (who is quite the hotty).

Vanille tries to give Hope the weapon and a hug, but he is not having any of that, and then she bounces off to who knows where with Hope in pursuit.  The CS fades to black and we get our second taste of Vanille narrating, then we are back to Lightning.

As Sazh watches open-mouthed Lightning jumps off of the front of the transport!  Grabbing his tiny pet chocobo Sazh runs to the bow and looks down, as Lightning comes to a graceful landing.  Declaring that if she can do it so can they, Sazh follows her down to land albeit somewhat less gracefully.

Lightning runs towards the construct and we get a fade-to-black and we are back as Snow again.

His troops are mostly dead - and Snow's Lieutenant gives him a pep talk that is supposed to restore his morale, pointing out that his girlfriend is in the construct, and it is about time he picked her up!  As they continue along the track Snow spots a downed aircraft and declares "There's our ride!"  The CS ends with a fade-to-black.

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