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how to train pokemon at the daycare

1.put Pokemon in the daycare
2.get acro bike
3.go to a mud slide and weigh the up button down so it will go up and down
And up and down etc.
4 leave your game overnight and look in the morning what level your Pokemon are

Added 22 Jan 2010, ID #12994, by codemasta7
Ask.com and get

emulator tips

If you use emulators and like this game, on your emulator, and would like to hack it e-mail me at ixeek@yahoo.com and I will tell you from there what I have to say and give you some info about hacking your emulator

Added 2 Jan 2010, ID #12967, by ixeek717

No weakness Pokemon

Sayble- Dark/Ghost

Because of it's types Sayble has no weakness to any other Pokemon or Pokemon types. Teach it a few good moves and level it up and you have a really good Pokemon.

Added 7 Sep 2009, ID #12903, by Videoofthegame

open doors in regi caves

For a little past fotree regi press A to brallie then wait 2-3 min. For desertregi A to braille go 2 leaft 2 down and rock smash(or strength I forget. And for around deford island in ocean ragi A to braille and go to the middle of room and fly

Added 21 Aug 2009, ID #12889, by zetsamaidane

get the regis

First get a relicanth at the front of your party and a wailmer at the back then go to pacofidlog town and go through the curent the right way (to find out wath my youtube vidio find the freakin regis) then dive in the spot go the braille and go up then dig at braille in the top midel of the room go though the door it makes go up to the top braille in there and press A then youll see braille press A agian itll rumble and say some doors opened . There at the dessert the other is little past fotree and the last is in the ocean left of dewford island.

Added 21 Aug 2009, ID #12888, by zetsamaidane

Starter Pokemons

Okey, so I hear this all weakness and such things and your own suggestion.
(Dont blame me if I don't write right Pokemon names because I'm not a Pokemon freak)
But this is how it actually goes.
Chosing a Pokemon is just the same as choosing difficulty.
Treeko = Easy.
Mashtomp = A litle experianced.
Torchick = Experianced.

Mashtomp almost has no weaknesses and gives great damage and die a little bit quick.
Torchick does alot damage but has some weaknesses and dies easly.
Treeko inflicts ALOT damage and has a little defence, it dies fast but it puts your enemy Pokemon to die alot fast.

My personal favourite is Mashtomp, but your'se is your choice.

And I also suggest to get 2 more pokemons at your choice in the beginning and train them in he grass for like and half hour each and you'll have a good kick-off in the beginning, and this will be an advantage later in the game.

Also it's smart to choose Mashtomp if you got Ruby
And Treeko if you have Sapphire.

Why? Well i'll tell you. Mashtomp inflicts great damage to the TEAM Magma.
And Treeko with he's grass drains and such has an advantage on TEAM Aqua.

Your Pokčmon Fan, P.

Added 15 May 2009, ID #12738, by pokemonhints

strong groudon

I think it's at level 75 groudon learns the attack solar beam. You should teach it to him because not only it would help on the ice lady on the elite four but also it doesnt need to charge since he brings the sun out. I hope I helped. Thanks for reading

Added 10 Apr 2009, ID #12689, by DaCRIGGLER

Pokemon of the day Grovyle

Today you will learn a little more about my favorite Pokemon grovyle!

Treeko Lv 16 Evolves into Grovyle (my favorite) Grovyle Lv 36 = Sceptile
------- -------
Grovyle is weak to fire, bug, flying, steel and posion.
Fire,poison,flying and bug is super effective against Grovyle
To obtain grovyle you must of choosed grovyle as your starter Pokemon and evolve it once. Good luck with Grovyle!

Added 5 Apr 2009, ID #12683, by Pokemonhacker68

a couple of things

1.theres only 6 legendaries in the game you can get with out haching
2.the best Pokemon team to have for the elite four is blaziken lvl 57 sky uppercut or double kick blaze kick fire punch and earthquake regice lvl.52 ice beam icy wind explosion and ancient power regirock lvl 52 explosion metal claw ancient power and superpower wobbefett lvl 54 psychic and anythingelse groudon dragon claw overheat fire blast and earthquake
3.train your Pokemon because I am in fallarbor and my blazikens on lvl36

Added 9 Feb 2009, ID #12606, by FAUSTANATOR

Listen to towns music instead of bike music on bike

Have you ever found that if you are in a town that if you get on your bike the music changes? Do you really want the damned bike music to shut it? Well follow thes simple and easy steps. (this also works on sapphire.

Get on your bike. Go to a town. Go to the route next to it. Go back to the town and the town music will playing

Added 2 Feb 2009, ID #12595, by SuperGogeta22

The best matchups against the gym leaders

The best way to haeve little trouble with the gym leaders is to utilize the following Pokemon while taking full advantage of their special abilities.

ROXANNE: this will be the easiet gym ever because your up against rocks which you can win with treecko, combusken, or mudkip. Shroomish, beautifly, makuhita(obtained through trade w/ a slackoth in rustboro), or lotad/lombre.

BRAWLY: He's harder but he should be overwhelmed if you use a lv. 15 beautifly, a taillow lv. 18, or sableye. Sableye is the easiest because he's part ghost so most of brawly's attacks except the makuhita's knock off, which isn't much of a problem.

WATTSON: His magneton is the only real problem. A graveler, combusken, marshtop, breloom, or hariyama should take care care of him. Graveler and marshtop are the best because wattson's shockwave can't can't hurt them at all

FLANNERY: Flannery's hard only because the torkoal doesn't die. If the following Pokemon you use are females then you should be ok (torkoal will use attract if it's a male). Marshtop/swampert, graveler/golem, numel/camerupt, wingull/pelipper should do you good.

NORMAN: another hard gym leader but with the following Pokemon you should be ok. Graveler/golem, combusken/blaziken, breloom, hariyama, machoke/machamp, or marshtop/swampert.

WINOA: The altaria is the hard one, but with proper Pokemon skills you should be able to take her down quickly. For the swellow, manectric, lairon, graveler/golem, pickachu/raichu, girafarig, or rhyhorn/rhydon. Peliper will fall to any electric pokemon. Skarmory will be taken down easily with any fire or electric type. For altaria you can use any thing with ice beam and high sp. Atk or you could use gyarados or even if your persistent about it, Flygon.

TATE & LIZA: hard but with high special attackers, you shouldn't have too much trouble. Sharpedo, any evolved ghost, sableye, swampert, sceptile, flygon, lairon/aggron, mightyena, cacturne, crawdawnt, absol, shiftry any water type. But it's easier said then done.

WALLACE: simple, but you may have some difficulty with the milotic. Use the following: groudon w/ solarbeam, kyogre w/ thunder, sceptile, any grass type, any lightning type/ anything w/ a lightning move.

And that should get you through the gym leaders with minimal problems.

Added 2 Feb 2009, ID #12592, by Tyranitar080592

LOOK HEre are good pokemon for the elite four

I usally use Torchic as my starter but that is just me I also like mudkip and treeko.

Good for Ruby and Sapphire

My team is always

Skeptile, Blazken, or Swampert
Kyogre or Groundon
And Aggron
They work the best
And if you don't have Jirachi use Raichu that knows Thunder and SHock wave.

Added 14 Dec 2008, ID #12521, by gameknower3000

super flying pokemon

Hi guys, if you want a super flying Pokemon try this:
1. Breed a male Altaria who knows Sky Attack with a female Skarmory to get a male skarmory with the attack 'Sky Attack'.
2. Grow this skarmory till it learns Steel Wing. Now this Skarmory knows Steel Wing & Sky Attack.
3. Breed this Skarmory with a Swellow or Taillow, so that the baby Taillow knows Steel Wing & Sky Attack. Also ensure that the baby taillow is of 'Brave' nature.
Now grow the taillow normally, evolve it normally. The evolved Swellow shall learn Aerial Ace on lvl. 38.
You now have a Super Swellow who knows 'Aerial Ace', 'Steel Wing' & 'Sky Attack'. Let the fourth attack be Wing attack or HM 02 i.e. Fly.
Very useful against many Pokemon. Play hard friends...

Added 12 Nov 2008, ID #12449, by superwinner86

Shadow Ball attack..

Hi there,
Most of you will admit that Shadow Ball attack is very powerful. However, in the game we get only one TM for it. Also, only Shedinja learns it naturally who being of indeterminate egg group cannot breed with many. Heres a hint how you can distribute this attack.
1. You will require to get a Ditto & a Slowpoke somehow, using any Cheat code may be.
2. Level up a Shedinja till it learns Shadow Ball. Then, breed it with ditto till you get a male Nincada knowing Shadow Ball.
3. Breed the above mentioned Nincada with a Surskit to obtain a male surskit knowing Shadow Ball.
4. Breed the said male Surskit knowing Shadow Ball with a Slowpoke untill you get a Male Slowpoke knowing Shadow Ball attack.
5. Now the available slowpoke (egg group: Water 1, Monster) can be bred with a Whismur or Exploud to obtain a Male Whismur (egg group: Monster, Ground) knowing Shadow Ball.
6. Now you have Pokemon of Monster, Ground & Water 1 egg groups knowing Shadow Ball. Just Breed the Pokemon you want to teach Shadow Ball with the suitable one.
I hope the hint is useful to you. Though lengthy, it is effective.
Play Hard Guys...

Added 2 Nov 2008, ID #12442, by superwinner86

Easy Strong Pokemon (Not Quick)

It Is me Champion Dialgia (Dialga)!
Now An Easy Way to do this in any game is find your local daycare and stick 2 evolved Pokemon Lv.99 or less and in about 1 day- 2 weeks you will see a level increasment... Hear's How!
1.Put A Pokemon in the day care
2.Go to a town near a muddy slope
3.put a 3-5 ilbs. Item on the up button
4. Once a day(or twice a day) Check on it
5.Now you have a lv.100 pokemon
6you (and me) are happy

Added 17 Oct 2008, ID #12420, by Champion Dialgia

A couple of things not to do in Ruby and to do in Ruby.

First of all DO NOT train your Pokemon by daycare UNLESS you are breeding pokemon.Secondly you CAN breed Pokemon such as Shiftry with Linoone or Zigzagoon with Nuzleaf.Third,the male Pokemon will give the baby Pokemon the moves and the female will be the pokemon(or evolved form)that the baby is.Finnaly don't breed Pokemon with HM's unless you want the baby to have that HM as a move.

Added 13 Oct 2008, ID #12410, by pokegodmaster

DO NOT.............

My fist hint,pick torchic it is the best(in my oppinion).Secondly,dont breed a starter if it has an HM on it unless you want the egg to have that HM!!!(by the way it will only have the HM if the starter is male.If female it will be a baby starter!)

Added 12 Oct 2008, ID #12408, by pokegodmaster

Don't Be Fooled

I'm just going to say, don't be fooled by Slakoths. They may only be able to attack every other turn, but they evolve into one of the strongest Pokemon.

You find Slakoths in the Petalburg Woods. But they are very hard to find. But when you do come across one, be sure to catch it. Its not very hard to catch. Once you do catch it, train it. But be patient!!! It may take forever to train with the special ability of Traunt, but once it evolves, it will be well worth it.

If I am not mistaken, Slakoth evolves at lv.18. Once you get him to evolve into a Vigoroth, you will be happy to know that he drops the Traunt ability and learns Vital Spirit (meaning he can't be put to sleep.) Train Vigoroth to lv.36, the level in which he evolves into a Slaking.

Once Vigoroth evolves into a Slaking, he gets abot 40 extra HP, but he gets the Traunt ability back. I now have a Slaking at level 51 on my way to the Pokemon League, and he has not been beaten yet. If you are trying to raise a Slaking, here are the attacks I reccomend that he learns: Yawn, Slash, Slack Off, and an attack of your choice (mine knows cut). Trust me, if he knows Slack Off, he will be so annoying. Once the opponent takes 12 years to weaken Slaking, and he uses Slack Off, he will regain a bunch of health.

Not only does Slaking have ALOT of HP, he also has a great attack, defense, special attack, and some speed.

The point of all of this is that you don't be fooled by th Traunt ability. Slaking may be lazy, but he is a force to be reconed with.

Sorry if this is confusing...
Hope I helped!

Added 14 Aug 2008, ID #12333, by J4M13

Easy Training Spots

Lets say you haven't beaten the Pokemon League yet, but you wanna know easy places to train at. Obviously the easiest way to train is by facing trainers. But if you have already beaten all of the accessable trainers and you are still looking for more, I have a few spots for you:

If you just caught a wild Pokemon (not legendary), and you want to level it up quickly, then train it where you caught it. The battles may take a while, but it works. I trained a lv.12 Gulpin about 10 levels in about 20 minutes at the place where I caught it at. ***Be prepared to go back to the Pokemon center. You will get hurt, but if you are patient, this will pay off.

If you are training any Pokemon around level 20, then try the Granite Cave. Unless you have a Pokemon that can kill all of the guys in 1 move, then it may take a while. If you are training a water type (i.e. Mudkip) then it will not take very long to do, since water moves are good against the Arons and the Geodudes. If you are training a fire type, be prepared to stick aroud. The battels may take a while.

If you are training Pokemon around level 30, then try route 117 (the route w/ the daycare). You can get great expirience points off the Roselias, Volbeats, and Illimises. But don't bother with the Marrils. They're a waste of time.

If you are training Pokemon around level 40, just go to routes 120-121. The Absols and the Linoones make for great expirience.

If you are training Pokemonon around level 45-50, FISH OUTSIDE OF MOSSDEEP CITY!!! This is THE BEST spot to train. Obtain the Super Rob from the man in the cabin next to the Space Center and fish away. You will find Wailmers at lv. 25-45 and Sharpedos at lv. 30-35. Both can get you a crapload of expirence points. (Especially the Sharpedos).

Sorry if this was confusing. Hope I helped.
Happy Training!

Added 13 Aug 2008, ID #12330, by J4M13

Starter Tips

If you chose Treeko as a starter, on Route 103 where you meet May for the first battle, you can catch a Wingull. Train it on your adventures and when you battle May again, it should be great against her Torchic.

If you chose Mudkip as a starter, go to the route where you help Wally catch a Ralts. Catch your own Ralts. Train it in your adventures and when you battle May again, it should be great against her Treeko.

If you chose Torchic as a starter, go to Petalburg Woods where you help the Devon Researcher defeat Team Magma. Search for a Shroomish. Train it as you progress through your journey and it should be great against her Mudkip.

I hope that helped, so go and journey through the world of Pokemon, and become a Pokemon Master! Sir. Danious


No thumbs

Added 9 Aug 2008, ID #12318, by Sir. Danious
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