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Growing up

There are certain items that you can get sometime in the game whether be buying it from a store or finding it on the ground. These items help you raise your Pokemon stats.

Calcium - Raises Special Attack
Carbos - Raises Speed
HP UP - Raises HP
Iron - Raises Defense
Protein - Raises Attack
Zinc - Raises Special Defense.

If not being used these items can be sold at high prices.

Added 13 Mar 2011, ID #13417, by kimmy456
Ask.com and get


All you have to do is go to Lavaridge Town, talk to the woman in front of the hot spring, and say yes to taking an egg she can't raise. NOTE:(Make room for the egg). Just walk around long enough and eventually you'll get a Wynaut.

Added 12 Mar 2011, ID #13412, by Guest

Get TMs

On Routes:

01 Focus Punch - Route 115
05 Roar - Route 114
09 Bullet Seed - Route 104
19 Giga Drain - Route 123
28 Dig - Route 114
37 Sandstorm - Route 111
43 Secret Power - Route 111


03 Water Pulse - Sootopolis Gym
04 Calm Mind - Mossdeep Gym
08 Bulk Up - Dewford Gym
10 Hidden Power - Slateport/Fortree City
13 Ice Beam - Abandon Ship/Mauville City
21 Frustration - Pacifidlog TOwn
24 Thunderbolt - Mavuille City
27 Return - Fallarbor Town
29 Psychic - Mauville City
31 Brick Break - Sootopolis City
32 Double Team - Mauville City
34 Shock Wave - Mauville Gym
35 Flamethrower - Mauville City
36 Sludge Bomb - Dewford Gym
39 Rock Tomb - Rustboro Gym
40 Aerial Ace - Fortree Gym
41 Torment - SLateport City
42 Facade - Petalburg Gym
44 Rest - Lilycove City
45 Attract - Veranturf Town
46 Thief - Slateport City
50 Overheat - Lavaridge Town


02 Dragon Claw - Meteor Falls
23 Iron Tail - Meteor Falls
06 Toxic - Fiery Pass
07 Hail - Shoal Cave
11 Sunny Day - Scorched Slab
12 Taunt - Trick House
17 Rain Dance - Abandon Ship
22 Solarbeam - Safari Zone
26 Earthquake - Seafloor Cavern
30 Shadow Ball - Mt. Pyre
48 Skill Swap - Mt. Pyre
47 Steel Wing - Granite Cave
49 Snatch - S.S. Tidal

Department Store:

14 Blizzard - Lilycove City
15 Hyper Beam - Lilycove City
16 Light Screen - Lilycove City
17 Protect - Lilycove City
20 Safeguard - Lilycove City
25 Thunder - Lilycove City
33 Reflect - Lilycove City
38 Fire Blast - Lilycove City

Added 27 Feb 2011, ID #13382, by kimmy456

How to get jigglypuff and corsola

Ok to get jigglypuff you need to go to rustboro city, go north, and surf to the island above where the girl is running in place and when you are there in the back there is a area of grass go to the very back and run, just keep running in till it shows up, to get corsola you need to go to ever glade city, at the bottom of the waterfall and use the super rod.
Hint: jigglypuff will be around lv. 25 and corsola will be the same

Added 23 Feb 2011, ID #13379, by Guest

Day Care Man Messages

When you go see the Day Care Man when you have two Pokemon are in Day Care you will tell you something and what he says determines how likely the two Pokemon in the Day Care will have a egg.

When he says

"There Very Friendly..." - Extremely likely to have a egg.
"The two seem to get along" - Somewhat likely to have a egg
"The two don't seem to like each other" - Not very likely to have a egg.
"The two prefer to stay away from each other" - Not a chance to having a egg.

Added 15 Feb 2011, ID #13371, by kimmy456

Evolving Feebas

You can't evolve Feebas but leveling it up what you need to do is raise Feebas's Beauty to Max. You can do this by feeding it Dry berries and Pokeblock with Dry taste.

Best berries can be used:

Wiki and Chesto

The Dry Pokeblock has a Strong effect on Mild, Modest, Quiet, and Rash natures so it might also help if you have a Feebas one of those natures if you want to feed it Dry Pokeblock.

Added 1 Feb 2011, ID #13360, by kimmy456

Flute Power

Black Flute - Can repel weak Pokemon

Blue Flute - Can awaken a Pokemon that is asleep

Red Flute - Can break a Pokemon's Attraction

White Flute - Using it, you will meet more wild Pokemon than normally.

Yellow Flute - Snaps a Pokemon that is in a confuse state

*You can find these Flutes at the Glass Workshop that is located on Route 113*

Added 27 Jan 2011, ID #13354, by kimmy456

Find the HM's

HM 01(Cut) - It can be found in Rustboro City

HM 02(Fly) - Can be found on Route 119

HM 03(Surf) - Can be Obtained in Petalburg City

HM 04(Strength) - Can be found in the Rusturf Tunnel

HM 05(Flash) - Can be obtained in Granite Cave

HM 06(Rock Smash) - Can be found in Mauville City

HM 07(Waterfall) - Can be found in the Cave of Origin

HM 08(Dive) - Can be obtained in Mossdeep City

Added 26 Jan 2011, ID #13352, by kimmy456

Catch rayquaza

You must beat the Pokemon league to do this.First go to Pacifidlog town, then go to the right side and up then you will find a gap to sky pillar, follow the gap and it will take you to the tower. Dont forget to bring a mach bike to reach the top.

Added 25 Jan 2011, ID #13351, by Finalninja123

Three Regis

You need to get Relicanth and Wailord then find their tomb. Once you find the tomb, the Regis will be unlocked

Added 9 Jan 2011, ID #13335, by nscruz13

tate and liza

42 solrock-sunny day, flamethrower, psychic, solarbeam
42 lunatone-psychic, hypnosis, calm mind, light screen

recommended party(lv around 38-42)
sealeo-surf,aurora beam,hail,____
pelipper-surf,stockpile,spit up,swallow
sableye-faint attack,shadow ball,detect,____
gyarados-surf,hydro pump,bite,____
skarmory-steel wing,fly,____,____

Added 13 Nov 2010, ID #13276, by 123mystery1

sootopolis gym- wallace

40 luvdisc-flail, sweet kiss, water pulse, attract
40 sealeo-encore, body slam, aurora beam, water pulse
42 seaking-water pulse, rain dance, fury attack, horn drill
42 whiscash-amnesia, rain dance, earthquake, water pulse
43 milotic-recover, twister, ice beam, water pulse

recommended team(around lv 40-44)
breloom-giga drain(if learned),solarbeam,focus punch,mach punch
minun-spark,thunderbolt,shock wave,quick attack
altaria-dragon breath,fly,sing,____

Added 13 Nov 2010, ID #13274, by 123mystery1

its all fake.

its all fake there isn´t a deoxys in ruby or saphire,and you cant go on the moon (only japanees version)and if you use the hint of daycare your internal battery wil run dry and then you cant plant berries anymore.because clock based events will no longer occur then.

Added 23 Oct 2010, ID #13250, by Guest

flower girl

after you beat misty or seth for the second time go up till you get to the next town go right stand 2 steps beghind the lege and see will walk over it and batle you have fun

Added 6 Aug 2010, ID #13177, by zoraok

Pokemon Team Reccomendation

Here's a Pokemon Team that's good for the Pokemon League.


Hope I helped! Please vote

Added 27 Jul 2010, ID #13156, by DragonEX17


NEVER turn off your game when saving!!! I did it once and it deleted my game! I did this because i read something online about pokemon cloning. DO NOT EVER TRUST IT!!!

Added 6 Jul 2010, ID #13136, by Guest

Get multiple master balls

1 Go to the lilycove department store.
2 Get a lottery ticket from the lady behind the desk.
3 She will check your pokemon's ID number. if any of them match, you will get a master ball.

Added 13 Jun 2010, ID #13100, by Guest

Easy pokemon league

Hello, today im going to give you an easyish way to clear the elite four. Requirements. medicham make sure it has hi-jump kick and then teach it shadow ball. youll want it at a decent level..say 65 then any level 60+ pokemon with any icy move. blizzard can be purchased at lilycove mart for 7500 pokecoins. so that will do. if your playing ruby youll obviously have groudon. teach it overheat (i know it has fire blast but it is uselessaccuracy wise .) when you go in youll want to perform hi jump kick on every pokemon of sidneys. then next match use shadow ball on every one of the next leader if it doesent kill them in one shot use groudons earthquake. but im sure one of her pokemon has levitate. so just shadowball/recover till she is cleared. same stategy for sidney on glacia just spam hi-jump kick. they will all die instantly so far. now this is a little tough this next part. use the icy move on any of his dragons. (after you get rayquaza just use outrage 2 times then switch to hi jumping strategy then outrage) for champ steven switch to groudon and use overheat on his skarmory. then use hi jump kick on everything except metagross. if your high enough use it on him if not overheat him with groudon. when you die or if you die buy items with the loss money then make up for when you are starting to lose. you should have beaten the league if you followed my instructions. keep some dud pokemon with you if you slip up so you can revive.

Added 13 Jun 2010, ID #13099, by Guest

Easy EXP. (No Cheats)

An easy way to get EXP, is when you get farther enough, keep facing the Elite 4. This is only for Pokemon higher than 50+. If not, then it will be hard.

Added 30 May 2010, ID #13083, by hatershateme

How to catch Bagon!

Go to Meteor Falls and go to the cave that where you saw TM 2 (Dragon Claw) then you will find Bagon there!! (Find bagons on platform not on water)

Added 12 Apr 2010, ID #13035, by Raiku08
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