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Secret Trainers

Go to the left of the Daycare and you will see that there is a lake. Use Surf and keep going South. Eventually, you will hit land. If you continue to go South, you will run into 3 trainers. They are all Lasses I beleive. Come prepared, becuae onec you fight the first one, you don't get a break to heal up or whatever. If you win, you will get a Stardust which can be sold a a high price.

Added 7 Jun 2009, ID #5059, by 1122andyozz33
Ask.com and get

Fushia Gym Secret

In the Fushia gym, there are invisible walls. If you look closely, there will be little white lines. The white lines indicate the location of the invisible walls, which means there is no wall in the way if there is no white line.

Added 2 Jun 2009, ID #5053, by 1122andyozz33

Get Hit By Confusion Less

When the game says you are confused, press A. Before the question marks pop up, hold A until it says your Pokemon hsa attacked. There you have it.

Added 31 May 2009, ID #5047, by 1122andyozz33

The REAL Way To Clone Pokemon

You have probably heard that to clone Pokemon you have to use box 6 in your PC, or other people say NOT to use box 6. Not true. This is the way to do it:

You can clone up to 5 Pokemon in your PC, make sure you are using crappy Pokemon just so that you don't lose them. You can attach anything you want to your Pokemon, like a master ball, or a nugget. Go to a Pokemon center, stop in front of the PC and SAVE. Make sure that before you save you switch to an empty box. Open up the PC, then 'Bill's PC'. Deposit your Pokemon in the empty box. Then go to 'change box'. When it says 'Saving don't turn off the power.' about a HALF second after the period turn the game off. Turn it back on, and about 90% of the time there should be 2 sets of pokemon; 1 set in your PC and 1 in your box. Do not clone the same Pokemon more than 2 TIMES! It will glitch your game.

What The Glitch Is: When you open up your PC to withdraw your cloned pokes, it will freeze up. There is a solution to this; just go to another Pokemon center besides the one you glitched up and it will work just fine. Instead of the pokemon's names will replace it with a row of question marks. You should be able to withdraw the glitched Pokemon, take their stuff, and release them. I highly advise you to just release the pokemon. I take their stuff and release them, but I never know what it might do, so that is why I am warning you.

Have fun!

Added 19 Nov 2008, ID #4960, by animegurl2132


In the ruins of Alph,you can enter secret chambers. In the one with the scientist in it, you must use an escape rope in front of the writing.then a door will open.you should go inside. You will find stuff.take it. Then go through the big hole on either side.if you can't read the writing on the floor when you fall through, on the pokedex on pokemon.com there are all the unown. For the south chamber do the same thing except use flash...

Added 13 Mar 2008, ID #4819, by pikaperson

Pokemon Cloning

Put two Pokemon in your party.Switch to an empty box in your PC.Put the Pokemon that you want to clone in the empty box.When you switch,it will save the game.About a half second after the phrase,"Saving...do not turn off power,"switch off your game.When you turn it on,you will have the cloned Pokemon in your box and your party.

Added 15 Nov 2007, ID #4759, by tegan41

Catch Celebi all the time

Use the game shark code for Kurt to give you celebi. This may only work in an emulator but try it on the visual boy advance. Use the code and Kurt will give you the gs ball. Then go to the forest. Place the GS ball in the hole.A level 30 celebi will attack you. It is best if you use the master ball code. Catch the celebi if your Pokemon are at least level 30. Kurt will come. Go back to his house. Repeat the same process to get celebi as many times as you want.

Added 16 Jul 2007, ID #4678, by Jacksano2

Duplicating pokemon

Ok to duplicate Pokemon all you need to do is follow these steps.

1.Go to Pokemon center and go to pc
2.go to bills pc and take out a Pokemon from a pc(do a crappy Pokemon first so if it messes up it wont be anything you're going to regret)
3.change box to an empty one and deposit your Pokemon into the box
4.change to another box that has no Pokemon in it and when it says "saving do not turn of power." turn off the power but you have to wait 1 second after the period that comes after power when you turn it off

Added 4 Jul 2007, ID #4665, by Tamurath

This is a question how do you find a super rod? I really need to find it.

Added 28 Jun 2007, ID #4653, by el blaze


Get the three dogs and go to tin tower talk to the elder in the back of the tower and he gives you a rainbow wing a staircase will open go inside finish the maze to the top

Added 17 Jun 2007, ID #4628, by djc.xxx

Cloning you're pokemon

1. Fly to Pokemon Center

2. Save as soon as you enter

3. Go to the P.C. And save

4. Turn on PC then turn on Bill's PC

5. Place the Pokemon you want to clone in an empty box.

6. Select 'change box' and change to an empty box.

7. Just before it has finished saving turn the Gameboy off

8. When you turn the Gameboy back on you will have that Pokemon in your party and in the box.

NOTE:you cannot have cloned the same Pokemon three times or else you're game will be glitched.the only way to fix this glitch is to release one of the clones and then go to move Pokemon in you're pc and move the last clone(which is stronger than it should be)to you're party.the reason it has a differt name than it should have is because this 3rd clone's name is actually missingno

Added 14 Jun 2007, ID #4626, by danny385

A Few Little Cheats I


There is a duplication cheat and it does work on Pokemon crystal.
Heres what you do, First,go inside of any Pokemon center and save in front of the computer. Second, change to any EMPTY!!! Box and insert your Pokemon that you want to duplicate and any items you want to duplicate, make those Pokemon hold it(like a master ball or something) and change to another box( i'm not sure if it has to be empty or not I always use a used box)while it says SAVING...DON'T TURN OFF THE POWER(.) right when you see the period wait like a millisecond(for those who are stupid thats a really short time) turn off the power when you turn it back on there should be the Pokemon in your party and in the empty box,

OUTCOMES:Character Becoming a Girl
Ex.first: start a new game as a boy(Give Him A Girl Name)
Instead of starting as a boy and giving him a girl name, start as a girl and give her a boy name

First: start a new game as a boy(Give Him A Girl Name)
Second: get your starter and go into the first route(ROUTE 29)
Third: Save the game
Fourth: after the game is saved, reset the game
Fifth:Go to the main menu and select "New Game"
Sixth:Start as a girl and just press A until you get to the name select
Seventh:Select the name KRIS for the girl and continue until you appear in your room
Eight:Save the game(IN YOUR ROOM)
NINTH:When it says SAVING (DON'T)<-- When you see that turn it off and then turn it back on go to continue and your player will be a red girl, it will have the same name that you gave the boy and the same starter Pokemon, it might be glitched or related to the multiple starter cheat but I don't know. If you do not understand ...


Added 11 Apr 2007, ID #4569, by sora123

All three starters.

1. Fly to Pokemon Center

2. Save as soon as you enter.

3. Go to the P.C. And save.

4. Turn on PC then turn on Bill's PC.

5.Change to box 6.

6.While it's saving turn your gameboy off.

7.Start a new game and play until you get two pokemon.

8.Go to the pc and deposite the starter.

9.Change to box 6 and while it's saving turn the game off.

10.Continue your old game and in the pc your new starter will be there.


Added 7 Apr 2007, ID #4566, by Dillinv

How to duplicate Pokemon and items

To start off with put the Pokemon you're going to duplicate at the head of you're team then go to a pokecenter then save right in front of the computer then go onto the computer deposit you're Pokemon in a box with no Pokemon in it then change box to another box with no Pokemon and as soon as it says saving do not turn off the power, turn off the power, then turn it back on have a look in the box you were using before you changed boxes and there should be a duplicate of that Pokemon at the bottom of the box if not try again(this works 90 percent of the time) and to duplicate items as well put a item on the Pokemon before you save it at the very very start. Hope I helped

Added 14 Mar 2007, ID #4547, by pspmaniac6

Shiny Pokemn Easy Revised

The whole breeding part, it's an increased chance of breeding it, but not always. Just needed to clear that up.

Added 24 Feb 2007, ID #4533, by Light Side Revan

Shiny Pokemon easy.

1. Capture Red Gyarados at the Lake of Rage.

2. Trade him into Red or Blue Version(Might work with yellow, not sure), and teach it the Mimic TM.

3. Go to the Move Deleter in Blackthorn City, delete all moves except Mimic.

4. Trade it back to Red or Blue (if it worked in Yellow, do it there too). Battle a Ditto, use Mimic after it transforms. Now you can use Transform, and you'll transform into Ditto.

5. Ditto will transform now that you've transformed, and because Gyarados was Shiny, it's shiny now. Catch it quickly, then trade them both into Crystal.

6. And now you can breed Shiny Pokemon.

Added 22 Feb 2007, ID #4530, by Light Side Revan

Change your gender/clothing/ another starter!

Okay, first take out 6 of your best pokemon, the rest of your poekmon in your boxes will be deleted. Okay, first, start a new game,(dont worry, nothing will happen to your other file) now, choose a different gender(if you want) then get a starter from prof. elm, beat the crap out of your rival, then obtain your pokeballs. Catch 1 pokemon. Now go to the a pokemon center and access the P.C. deposit your starter then change boxes. It will say that you have to save,(dont worry, it won't delete your other file) while saving,(timing is crucial!!!!) turn off your power. Start your other file, congrats! you have another starter! And you have also changed your gender!( The girl is wearing red and the boy,I think is wearing blue.)

Added 11 Feb 2007, ID #4521, by Gold knight

A few tips....

1. Do not equip items like Dragon Fang to a Dragon Type Pokemon if it does not know any dragon type moves! Every time I trade I see something like this:

Dragonite: 100 Holding Dragon Fang
Wing Attack
If it doesn't know any dragon type moves, then Dragon Fang will not work. It simply powers up the moves, not the pokemon.

2. All you need for Ho-Oh is Entei, Suicune, and Raikou. Don't listen to the people who say you need all the unowns and lugia. They probably caught those before the Lengendary Dogs. 3. In Battle Tower, make sure your Pokemon are the best they can be (used all the protein, calcium, etc on them until it says it won't have any effect.) Also, make sure your Pokemon are of a variety (eg. Dragonite, Typhlosion, Kadabra). That way you won't get caught as easily with three fire types against three water types, or something like that. Also, make sure they all hold items (Leftovers is popular for Pokemon with a high HP like Blissey, Quick Claw for slow Pokemon like Snorlax, Charcoal for Fire type Pokemon with a move set like fire blast, flame wheel, flamethrower, rollout, or something of the sort, etc.)

Added 4 Jan 2007, ID #4487, by drewdrewrocks


Ok this is how you will be able to duplicate your Pokemon and items

Put your Pokemon that you want to duplicate in an empty box and then try to switch it to another box and when it says saving do not turn of the power turn it off and then turn it back on and when you come back you will have two of that Pokemon if you want to do the same with an item make the Pokemon hold that item and then do that prosses and at the end you will have two of that Pokemon and two of that item

Added 25 Sep 2006, ID #4384, by Blademaster55

Use items without losing them

I just found this out and it's pretty coll if you do it right. Ok so first you have to know how to duplicate and if you don't, don't worry this site has how to do it all over. So you go to a pc and save. Then, you use as many items on a Pokemon in your party as you want. (rare candy, carbos, protein, iront, ect.) DO NOT SAVE!! Next you put the Pokemon with the items used in the pc and change the box. When it says "saving. Do not turn off power." you turn off the game after the period appears after "power" turn the game back on. Once you do this check your party, the Pokemon will be there as he was before you used the items and the items will still be in your pack, but wait! The duplicate in the pc has all of the stat changes that you did earlier! And you still have the items! I did thid with rare candy and gave my Pokemon as much rare candy until it was one level below evolving then i only had to give one rare candy to it to makeit evolve! Don't evolve the Pokemon and try this trick because the game wont say that you have the evolved version in the pokedex and then you have to trade it in and out of your game so it counts.

Added 25 Sep 2006, ID #4380, by Lugia_61
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