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Action Replay Codes for Pokemon Crystal


Latest Codes

Some awesome cheats to train up weaklings... even Magikarp!!!
Maan... All the cheats written here stink!
Let me show you how it's done

click to reveal

Replace XX with 00 - ff to get different Pokemon to disable, either disable in the cheat menu or remove.[b][b][b][b][/b] [/b] [/b] [/b]

(Be Careful...DO NOT activate two codes at the same time... And also, one of the codes is for a "Wynaut" which is not originally involved in the game so catching it or even encountering it could mess up your game. I have warned you, so I hold no responsibility over anybody's game crashing)

Quick Tip:

Before doing any thing potentially dangerous, save state by pressing : [ shift ] + [F1]

[{( Saving state this way is only applied in Visual boy advance!!!!
In BOYCOTT ADVANCE, save state by pressing [F11] and load with [F10] ( or was it the other way around?) )}]

Also, create a backup save by pressing [ shift ] + [F8] because if the power goes out on your computer, like it does in my country, you can resume from your back up save... Oh, load a state, press [F1} if you saved in [F1] and you can use from [F1] to [F9] I think...


I am not associated with COOLROM and I'm not advertising for it , I just happen to like the site and think it will prove helpful to any emulation gamer out there!!!

Any ways, to the codes[b][/b]

These are the most important codes of all!

1) Train weaklings, even Magikarp !
2) BUY stuff

REGION: US/North America | CLASS: Trainer Codes

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