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Pokémon Hub

Pokemon Crystal

Pokemon Crystal Game Shark Codes

From Pethrenne5 Dec 2008, ID #4964

List of working US version sprites

These gameshark codes are proven to work w/ Crystal, US version.
0100D8D4 - Original Sprite (no effect)
010CD8D4 - Blonde Girl with Ponytail

From parkour18 Aug 2007, ID #4715

Here are all GameShark for Pokemon crystal and Pokemon silver/go

Catching Pokemon

Fight Any Pokemon
Gold & Silver - 01xxEDD0
Crystal - 91xx04D2


From lil_goddess3 Aug 2006, ID #4297

Get All Starters From Elm

010075DA -

From Giner_198829 Jun 2006, ID #4229

Helpfull Things

These should help you during your game : )

Move Modyfier - This will change the moves of the pokémon who is first in your party.
Move slot one -..

From ben2002814 Jan 2006, ID #3994

The cheats you need

-----Pokemon crystal Catch pkmn 01xx04D2 or 91xx04d2?
3F Abra 8E Aerodactyl BE Aipom 41 Alakazam B5 Ampharos 18 Arbok 3B Arcanine A..

From Daggonoth King1 Jan 2007, ID #4485

Random Codes

Heres some handy codes

Buy Items at mart:


Replace xx with one of these codes (still getting more)

01 - Master Ball
02 - Ultra..

From onibooboo26 Feb 2004, ID #2486

Catch any pokemon

Catch any pokemon (replace xx with code for pokemon) - 91xx04d2

01 Bulbasaur

02 Ivysaur

03 Venusaur

04 Charmander

05 Charmeleon


From haydentomas19 May 2006, ID #4180

Pink Moltres

First, put on the shiny code, 910730D2

Then get the catch moltres code, 919204d2

You will get a pink moltres

From Aquapath18 Jun 2006, ID #4217

Fight Level Pokemon

91xx13D2 (Replace the xx with the one of the codes below)

0A - 10
14 - 20
1E - 30
28 - 40
32 - 50
3C - 60
46 - 70
50 - 80
5A - 90
64 - 1..

From Pokemon_Grand_Master9 Jul 2004, ID #2844

Not much this list does not cover...

This list is a collection from many different websites... a couple explanations first:

dv = Diversification values
This is what makes pokemon yo..

From onibooboo26 Feb 2004, ID #2480

Walk through anything

Walk through anything







From geky29 Jun 2004, ID #2808

Hey People!

to get blue mew put in

to encounter a pokemon you absolutely cannot catch, not even with a masterball put 010004d2

to get..

From speedracer1125 Jun 2012, ID #5444


Current Version 1.1
For Gameshark/Action Replay (Japanese & American/Europe Versions)
These codes are also suitable for the Exploder.

By Cecil ..

From Jake Corrie-Mewtwo ID #764

Infinite Money:




Now you can buy all your calciums,carbos,HP ups,irons,protiens and casin..

From Sakura ID #761

To catch typanitar type 91f804d2

To catch lugia type 91f904d2

To catch poryon 2 type 91e904d2

To c..

From onibooboo26 Feb 2004, ID #2476

Level 255 pkmn

Catch pokemon level 255

From lil_goddess3 Aug 2006, ID #4298

Catch the three legendary dogs!!!

91F304D2 to catch raikou rare dog
97F404D2 to catch entie rare dog
91F504D2 to catch suicune rare dog

From Guest27 Feb 2013, ID #5496

The Pokemon Codes You Need for Crystal Version

This is not a complete list, instead it is simply a list of the Pokemon you can not catch in Pokemon crystal, those that require trading to evolve,l..

From Yoganathan.R ID #763

To catch chikorita=919804D2

To catch Bayleef=919704D2

To catch Dratini=919304D2

To catch Zapdos=919104D2

To catch Molitres=919..

From Ash Kitchem ID #765

Catch any pokemon

919704D2 to catch mew

919604D2 to catch mewtwo

916904D2 to catch golem

91FA04D2 to catch ho-oh


From dragonmaster_21115 Jan 2004, ID #2341

Walk through anything





From luke the poke trainer23 Dec 2003, ID #2272

The way to win a battle

Fight shiny pokemon-0d288b1b
Enemys die after 1 hit-910017d2
Enemy always sleeping-0d23941b
999 exp points after battle-0d241364
Have all badges..

From onibooboo26 Feb 2004, ID #2477

Infinte item slot 7

Infinte item slot 7

From Anon ID #766

1st Pokemon: 910305dd

Max Stats 91e706dd



From townsend22 Feb 2004, ID #2467

A few cheats

Infinite Money

catch pokemon level 255

infinte item slot 7

have 1-8 badges


From onibooboo26 Feb 2004, ID #2478

1-8 badges

Have 1-8 badges

From yrbanys13 Jun 2004, ID #2766

**Buy Eon Mail**

The long awaited code for the much-desired eon mail!

You can, with this code, buy eon mail as the first item at any pokemart for $50.

From james_05012002 ID #757

Enemy always sleeping - 0d23941b

Enemy level at ? (replace xx with level) - 91xx13d2

Fight shiny pokemon - 0d288b1b

999 exp points af..

From onibooboo26 Feb 2004, ID #2483

All badges

All badges - 91ff57d8


From Lone Wolf11 Dec 2003, ID #2244


Replace * with number of where you wish to place it eg. F3 3rd item in shop list.

GS Ball 9173F*D0

Clear Bell 9146F*D0

Sun Stone 91A9F*D0

From onibooboo26 Feb 2004, ID #2482

All balls

Ball Modifier Digits Ball Slots 1 - 12, replace xx with the following digits:

01 Master Ball

02 Ultra Ball

04 Great Ball

05 Poke Bal..

From Guest16 May 2012, ID #5414

Exp. Points code explained

Here's how to use the Exp. Points cheat:
1. Put your Pokemon that you want to train in slot 1.
2. Take a look at his experience.
3. Add to that n..

From onibooboo26 Feb 2004, ID #2479

1 hit ko

1 hit ko


From Jacksano216 Jul 2007, ID #4677

Catch Any Pokemon you see after battle.

01F393D8(i used the code to get HM01 Cut but when I used it, I caught pidgey and caterpie after I saw them. Use after an encounter with any Pokemon ..

From Anon ID #762

Ball Modifier Digits Ball Slots 1 - 12, replace xx with the following digits:

01 Master Ball

02 Ultra Ball

04 Great Ball

From onibooboo26 Feb 2004, ID #2475

Infinite Money

Infinite Money

From onibooboo26 Feb 2004, ID #2485

Enemy always sleeping

Enemy always sleeping - 0d23941b

Fight shiny pokemon - 0d288b1b

From onibooboo26 Feb 2004, ID #2481

All balls

Ball Modifier Digits Ball Slots 1 - 12, replace xx with the following digits:

01 Master Ball

02 Ultra Ball

04 Great Ball

05 Poke Ball


From yrbanys15 Jun 2004, ID #2770

Buy Any Item

God, did this take a while to finish. But here it is: a code that enables you to buy any item in the game at any pokemart.

xx = item #


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