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Pokemon Crystal Game Shark Codes

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Using cheats in Pokemon Crystal is a really simple process thanks to the GameShark or the cheat menu in emulators, we have loads of Pokemon Crystal cheats and some instructions on how to enter these in your game so in no time at all you'll be able to get as many mast balls as you want, meet any Pokemon, boost your stats and loads more.

Pokemon Crystal Cheats

As well as the individual cheats that are listed below, you will also see some collections of cheats, these are worth looking around for as you may find some very unusual cheats that you have not seen anywhere else.

If fact one our our most popular cheat pages for Pokemon Crystal is this massive collection of Pokemon Crystal cheats . Other popular cheats include this sprite changer, this Pokemon Encounter cheat where you can meet any Pokemon you want in the wild to try to catch them, and this how to walk through walls code. There are loads more further down the page.

How to Enter Pokemon Crystal Cheats

If you are playing the original cartridge in a GameBoy Color, then to use these cheats you'll need to attach a GameShark device. From there, the cheats you find on this page can be entered via the cheat menu of the GameShark

If you are playing on a emulator such as My Old Boy, then simply browse to the Cheat Menu and you can enter any of the cheats for Pokemon Crystal that you find here as an 8 digit GameShark code.

You should only have one or two cheats activated at the same time, and you should save your game progress before you activate a cheat in case something unexpected happens.

Also, do not save your game until you are happy that the cheat you have activated as worked as expected and you are happy to carry on the game as it is now. Remember to deactivate your cheat before saving and before carrying on with your game.

Pokemon Crystal

Pokemon Crystal Tips

Pokemon Crystal is loads of fun to play with or without cheats, which is why we also have a load of tips for the game and walkthroughs. Follow this link, to find our best Pokemon Crytal Tips

From Pethrenne5 Dec 2008, ID #4964

List of working US version sprites

These gameshark codes are proven to work w/ Crystal, US version.
0100D8D4 - Original Sprite (no effect)
010CD8D4 - Blonde Girl with Ponytail

From parkour18 Aug 2007, ID #4715

Here are all GameShark for Pokemon crystal and Pokemon silver/go

Catching Pokemon

Fight Any Pokemon
Gold & Silver - 01xxEDD0
Crystal - 91xx04D2


From lil_goddess17 Jul 2020, ID #4297

Get All Starters From Elm


Test on My old boy(android), crystal v1.1

1. Input cheat code, save, check box
2. Start new game & go to elms.
3. Pick starter, finish st..

From ben2002814 Jan 2006, ID #3994

The cheats you need

-----Pokemon crystal Catch pkmn 01xx04D2 or 91xx04d2?
3F Abra 8E Aerodactyl BE Aipom 41 Alakazam B5 Ampharos 18 Arbok 3B Arcanine A..

From Team SuperCheats17 Jul 2020, ID #5738

Master ball Cheat

Enter and activate this code for loads of masterballs.


Now, just head to the market and you can buy the master ball that is..

From Team SuperCheats17 Jul 2020, ID #5743

Max Stats Cheat

Get all of your 6 Pokemon to have Max Stats

These are individual codes which will affect one slot at a time, so you can choose to do this individ..

From Giner_198829 Jun 2006, ID #4229

Helpfull Things

These should help you during your game : )

Move Modyfier - This will change the moves of the pokļæ½mon who is first in your party.
Move slot one -..

From Team SuperCheats17 Jul 2020, ID #5740

Easy Kill Opponent

Your opponent will be defeated after a single blow with this GameShark cheat.


From Team SuperCheats17 Jul 2020, ID #5744

Shiny Pokemon

Convert your normal Pokemon to Shiny Pokemon with this code

Getting a shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Crystal, or any Pokemon game takes a lot of effort..

From Team SuperCheats17 Jul 2020, ID #5739

Get all Badges

Enter this code to have all of the badges in Pokemon Crystal added to your account.


From Daggonoth King1 Jan 2007, ID #4485

Random Codes

Heres some handy codes

Buy Items at mart:


Replace xx with one of these codes (still getting more)

01 - Master Ball
02 - Ultra..

From Team SuperCheats17 Jul 2020, ID #5741

Max Hit Points

Get all of your 6 Pokemon with Max Hit Points

These are individual codes which will affect one slot at a time, so you can choose to do this indiv..

From haydentomas19 May 2006, ID #4180

Pink Moltres

First, put on the shiny code, 910730D2

Then get the catch moltres code, 919204d2

You will get a pink moltres

From Team SuperCheats17 Jul 2020, ID #5742

Max Level Cheat

Get all of your 6 Pokemon to max level with this cheat.

These are individual codes which will affect one slot at a time, so you can choose to do ..

From onibooboo26 Feb 2004, ID #2486

Catch any pokemon

Catch any pokemon (replace xx with code for pokemon) - 91xx04d2

01 Bulbasaur

02 Ivysaur

03 Venusaur

04 Charmander

05 Charmeleon


From Aquapath18 Jun 2006, ID #4217

Fight Level Pokemon

91xx13D2 (Replace the xx with the one of the codes below)

0A - 10
14 - 20
1E - 30
28 - 40
32 - 50
3C - 60
46 - 70
50 - 80
5A - 90
64 - 1..

From geky29 Jun 2004, ID #2808

Hey People!

to get blue mew put in

to encounter a pokemon you absolutely cannot catch, not even with a masterball put 010004d2

to get..

From speedracer1125 Jun 2012, ID #5444


Current Version 1.1
For Gameshark/Action Replay (Japanese & American/Europe Versions)
These codes are also suitable for the Exploder.

By Cecil ..

From Guest27 Feb 2013, ID #5496

The Pokemon Codes You Need for Crystal Version

This is not a complete list, instead it is simply a list of the Pokemon you can not catch in Pokemon crystal, those that require trading to evolve,l..

From Sakura ID #761


A few codes to catch some of the better Pokemon in the game. Typanitar, Lugia, Poryon 2, Ferailgatr, Aridos, Matchamp.

From Jake Corrie-Mewtwo ID #764


Codes to get max money and some other interesting codes including one to catch level 255 Pokemon!

From onibooboo26 Feb 2004, ID #2476

Level 255 pkmn

Catch pokemon level 255

From Pokemon_Grand_Master9 Jul 2004, ID #2844

Not much this list does not cover...

This list is a collection from many different websites... a couple explanations first:

dv = Diversification values
This is what makes pokemon yo..

From Yoganathan.R ID #763


Codes to catch Chikorita, Bayleef, Dratini, Zapdos, Molitres, Articuno

From Ash Kitchem ID #765


Catch a selection of Pokemon with these codes. Mewm Mewtwo, Golem, Ho-oh, Raikou, Entie and Suicine.

From onibooboo26 Feb 2004, ID #2480

Walk through anything

Get through walls or over water with this code.

From townsend22 Feb 2004, ID #2467

A few cheats

Infinite Money

catch pokemon level 255

infinte item slot 7

have 1-8 badges


From onibooboo26 Feb 2004, ID #2478

1-8 badges

Have 1-8 badges

From yrbanys13 Jun 2004, ID #2766

**Buy Eon Mail**

The long awaited code for the much-desired eon mail!

You can, with this code, buy eon mail as the first item at any pokemart for $50.

From james_05012002 ID #757

Enemy always sleeping - 0d2394

This is a collection of useful codes which can be entered in your GameShark if you have one and are playing the cartridge version of Pokemon Crystal..