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Dead Rising 2 Cheats for XOne

Cheats and Tips for Dead Rising 2

Dead Rising 2 Guide
Dead Rising 2 Guide
This is a complete guide to getting all the survivors in a single playthrough. Zombrex posters, Katey Gifts, Combo cards all mapped and video wal..
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Dead Rising 2 is an action-adventure survival horror game where you play the role of Chuck Greene, a former motocross rider, who finds himself at the center of another zombie outbreak taking place in a casino resort and shopping complex in Nevada, and becomes involved in uncovering the truth behind it. Dead Rising 2 is available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC. Take a look at our tips to get help in the game.

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How to get the Frank West: Cross Dresser Achievement/Trophy

To get the Frank West: Cross Dresser achievement/trophy you must dress up completely in women's clothing. This can be easily done in the Palisades Mall by going to the Brand New You shop which is on the second floor and is a womens clothing store. Pick up the summer dress or mini-skirt, and the white low heels. Then if you go next door into Que's Hats for the ladies hat you will unlock the achievement/trophy.

How to get the Safety Check: Failed Achievement/Trophy

To get the Safety Check: Failed achievement/trophy you must use the amusement park rides to kill 10 zombies at once. One way to do this is in the Uranus zone using a ride called 'ufo crash' which can be found in the middle of the eastern side. All you need to do is remove the barriers and flick the switch which can be found nearby and use some firecrackers or yourself as bait to lure zombies towards it. Once you meet the requirement of killing 10 zombies the achievement/trophy will become unlocked.

How to get the No Zombies in the Vents Achievement/Trophy

To get the No Zombies in the Vents achievement/trophy you must unlock the secret shortcut. During the Wilted Flower mission which can be started at 12.30 pm and lasts till 5.30 pm on the 26th which has a requirement of rescuing a girl at The Venus Touch which is a store located on the first floor of the Palisades Mall.
It is important that you bring a drink with you as the girl you rescue will ask for one in order for her to follow you. Once she is following you she will tell you that she works at Brand New you, which is a shop on an upper floor of Palisades Mall and that she knows a shortcut to get there. Once you use the shortcut to reach the Brand New you shop you will unlock the achievement/trophy.

How to get the Drugged Up Achievement/Trophy

To get the Drugged Up achievement/trophy you must take a dose of Zombrex which is a drug that stops the infected from becoming zombies. You will be able to get Zombrex from the pharmacy in Roy's Mart, and it must be taken between 7 am and 8 am to unlock the achievement/trophy. Zombrex can also be found in hidden places, awarded from survivors, defeating psychopaths, or buying from pawnshops located in Fortune City, with the price rising in $25,000 increments with each purchase, starting at $25,000.

How to get the Adult Content Achievement/Trophy

To get the Adult Content achievement/trophy you must take an extremely erotic picture. A good time to get this is during the mission 'Stranded Siren' on Day 3. At around 10 am in the Atlantic Casino there is a woman in a mermaid costume you have to rescue. If you clear out the zombies and take a nice shot of her from the front before picking her up you will earn around 986 points Erotica, and 1126 points total, which will be enough to unlock the achievement/trophy.

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