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Dead Rising 2



by TheGum

* Game:	        Dead Rising 2             *
* Type:		Walkthrough/FAQ           *
* For:		Xbox 360, PS3, PC         *
* Author:	Brad Russell "TheGum"     *
* Email:	[email protected]  *
* Twitter:	TheGum25                  *

Version 1.0 - did an ending S run, but have lots to add, and a lot to improve
with this guide, trust me, I know I missed some stuff.

Table Of Contents
Use quick find (Ctrl + F) and type in the code or level. 

	Section:		Code:

1. A Brief Foreword
2. Controls			( CON2222 )
3. Starter Tips			( TIPS333 )
4. The Guide			( FAQ4444 )
5. Author Info / Copyright

* 1. A Brief Foreword                                                         *

*NOTE: I know this game was made by Blue Castle Games, in Canada, but it's 
still basically the same game as DR1. Same people worked on it too, and 
Capcom made the first game.*

I believe this game demonstrates the theory that Eastern game developers have
already lost to the West. 

What is this new East vs West mentality? Think back in the cartridge days to
games like Mario, Zelda, Final Fantasy, Street Fighter, Nintendo, Sony, etc.
All of this stuff came from Japan and it was all we had to play. While over
in the West he had ET and Custer's Revenge.

Then a game called GTA3 came out. Western games are mostly based on - take it
as you will - shooting. Sure, before GTA3 we had all sorts of shooting games
like Doom and whatever, but GTA3 changed everything. You were free to have fun
in the game, and that was the key, freedom and fun.

Fast forward to today. Portal v Mario, World of Warcraft v Final Fantasy 11
or 14, GTA4/Fallout v Dead Rising 2. It's pretty clear that the East has lost
this race, and badly. The problem with Eastern games is they want to restrict
you, make you play by the devs rules.

In this game you are forced to obey the ticking and ever-present (though hard
to see) clock. And most of the other frustrations with this game involve tiny
mechanics and a lack of fluidity in the player movement - not to mention I've
yet to play a Capcom game with anything besides a garbage story full of
stereotypes (like really? it's 2010!). I mean the inventory is the stuff that
makes tumors in your brain - we all thought Capcom kinda reformed after the
RE4 inventory, but they've taken a noise-dive since with RE5 and this game as
far as the inventory in concerned.

My entire time was spent racing from spot to spot, having about 10 minutes or
so of real time to just mess around, and during those 10 minutes I probably
missed several unmarked survivors... And guns that don't stack ammo?! WTF?!
I won't even mention the cutscenes where all sorts of awkward stuff goes
down because that's par for the course with Capcom.

The Final Fantasy games, Mario, Zelda, Resident Evil 5, this game, all the
Japanese games today seem to be about fan-service. I played Final Fantasy 11,
it's garbage, but there are tons of FF fans who played it and the new FF14 mmo
- I don't have to play FF14 to know it's crap too, I wouldn't even want to
waste my time finding out if I'm wrong because I know I'm right. And FF13
being a playable movie? I loved FFX, didn't finish FF12, and have no
intentions of watching FF13, I'm sorry. Right there from FFX to FF12 you can 
see the example of the East conceding defeat by abandoning turn-based RPG's
for a faster, more real-time combat system. I'll run into FF13 in a bargain
bin and be all like "oh yeah, I never played that."

I guess Resident Evil 4 and Super Mario 64 are all the East has to show for a
long time now as far as raising the bar. The East needs to get together and 
crack the code of compelling stories, smooth and fluid controls and player
movements, and getting it all back to fun. If the East can do something new,
that would be great too, but for now at least catch up to Western game 

And RE4 is my favorite game of all time, to this day, so I'm not an East-
hater or hating on Japan. I love Japan! I love Godzilla! We just don't need 
Dead Rising 3 or Resident Evil 6 to be clones.


PS - (basically
	one of the last big names of Capcom left recently after stating 
	the East has lost; sounds like Capcom wants status quo)

PPS - (in case link doesn't work,
	search BFF Report ep 14 Final Fantasy XIV, or on metacritic...)

* 2. Controls ( CON2222 )                                                     *


X - Jump
O - Pick up/ Use
TRI - Call survivor / aim and press to send
SQU - Attack / Hold for power attack
R1 - scroll inventory
R2 - Shoot gun
L1 - scroll inventory
L2 - Aim
R3 - Center camera
L3 - roll when acquired
D-UP - un-equip item
D-DOWN - drop item
D-LEFT - Watch
D-RIGHT - Answer calls
SELECT - Quick Map
START - Pause menu

* 3. Starter Tips ( TIPS333 )                                                 *

#1. Think of running as being a running back in football (that's the sport that
requires skill, not the one where penalty kicks could be replaced by go-fish).
As a running back you are trying to avoid the tackle, so you could split the
two zombies, run just out of their reach, or turn the corner and go all the 
way around them. If you see open space, run to daylight and you should be
fine. Would be nice if the "rustle through" thing would kick in immediately
all the time, or was a button, but if you can you can just plow right through

#2. It may be strange, but barreling directly through zombies kinda works. That
is not to say you should run into a huge mob and expect to come out the other
side roses, but just hope your struggle animation kicks in.

#3. The coffee shop outside the base entrance offers creamers which are a great
source of health.

#4. One thing to consider hauling around is the leadership book. This is found 
at the bingo hall on the Silver Strip. Makes your followers much improved and
is required by me for one mission. 

#5. Painkillers = two vodkas and a blender. You can find this easy combo at the
bar in the middle of the Americana Casino. You are decently healed and given a
half damage buff for a minute. Useful for boss fights, but not required unless
you are bad in the early game. The time to make them and the space required 
makes them almost a burden in the early game, but about day 2 and beyond you
may want to liquor up.

#6. Spiked bats = Nails and Bats. This is the main combo and could be the only
thing you need. Of course if we had time to mess around we could go into the 
extra stuff...

#7. Survivors are not required for anything, they are just exp bonuses to help
you level up.

#8. Rolling, dodge, melee moves, do not equal safe, they usually just get you
into more trouble when try to get through a mob. Trust me, just run through
the weakest side and you should be okay - at least until toward the end of the

* 4. The FAQ  ( FAQ4444 )                                                     *

Dead Rising 2

Setting the Stage

Been a good long while since the first game... Start off by getting psyched up
for something a little different than what you probably thought you were 
going to do. You're going to be driving a motorcycle with dual chainsaws - 
far cry from the photoshoot to start last game eh?

The idea is to accelerate and brake to turn. Aim for the zombies with balloons
over their heads and you'll get first place easy. You can lose, so good luck
with not being terrible.


When in control, head out and down the hall. Save your game and feel free to
talk to the skank, then up the elevator. 

If you have an instruction booklet, figure out the controls to pick up items,
attack, and how to drop your weapon.


Now that the real action is starting, pick up the item on the ground and 
try to just run up to the intersection. You should know there is nothing you
can do for these people. They die in a few hits and there's nothing you can do
to coax them to follow, so their prescence is to just get you familiar with
working with survivors - it's just that THESE guys are doomed.

If a zombie grabs you, just wriggle your way out of it. 

Cut down a few zombies, grab items on the sides if you need, and just cut a
path to the right, down the hall, and to the left in the corner of the 
hallway. That's it, the corner door is all you need to do here, so no point in
trying to clear the area or anything.

With your objective in hand, just run. If you keep running, you'll be fine.
All you do is run out the building and that's it.

Day 1

Your goals are clear: survive three days, get Zombrex for your girl, and 
save people. 

First, let's go out and right to the bathroom to save. This area is quite large
and you could get lost if you go exploring. You can carry four items, some of
which you should already have, but if you must stock up then perhaps you
should wander until you have four solid weapons (mostly axes). Then just 
follow your arrow to the vent.

Zombrex 1

*NOTE: To restore health, and you don't have a lot of it, just find something
that is edible, grab it, and then use it, which is most likely the same 
button as attack.*

If you haven't seen a map of this place, open your map to see your current 
objective, which is just up the path. You'll notice that zombies are pretty
harmless and that only if you walk directly into them will they grab you.
Jumping doesn't hurt your chances to remain untouched.

The pharmacy is just behind some steps, around the corner. You run into some
hooligans, and if you brought a good weapon you can plunk them out in no time.
If not, you'll have to scrape around for something to hit them with. Their
weapons aren't that strong, so there isn't a huge danger here.

Victory in hand, hop over the counter and talk to the girl to have her join
you (Denyce, #111). Then head through the door for health and the Zombrex. 
Head out and go back to the service room.

*NOTE: I'm not giving a play-by-play on directions. There is a big arrow on
your screen that does that for me.*


There are two theories on escorting a survivor. First you can just have them
follow you, which has the downside of if you get caught or if them get caught
and you don't, the other person will be hampered. The other way is to use the
command to send survivors to locations and just pick the desired path for them.
Of course this way frees you up to move as you wish while not having to look
back at them to ensure they are safe. And of course the correct way is to
combine the two.

Tips for escorting:

	- Try to stay near walls to limit your exposure.
	- When prying zombies off allies, aim early, meaning try to not hit
	your pal, so swing your melee weapon sooner than you should.
	- Your allies can follow pretty well, as the zombies should be 
	going for you.
	- So don't run through a cluster of zombies; only run toward the 
	thinest pockets of undead.


Assuming you safely made it back to the base with little problems, you will
most likely level up and have a few hours to kill before Katey needs the 

Your best option is to wait for 7:00 AM as there is not much you can do in
a few actual minutes. You could run back to the floor and hit up the newsstand
or maybe try on some crazy clothes, that it's kinda pointless. But as long as 
you're back to Katey on time, you can do as you wish.

Case 1

I'll tell you right now that two vodkas and the blender from the bar in the 
middle of the Americana Casino will full heal you and give you a damage 
reduction buff. It's not necessary, but if you are a bad player then you may
want to consider hitting the bottle from the start. Just something to think

Alive on Location

You just saved, but save again if you're OCD like that.

Upon trying to use the vent to return to the mall, talk with Sullivan next to
the vent and he will give you the key, then go out.

You'll also get 3 new messages to key events. When you open the door ahead 
you'll be introduced to the maintenance room. It's simple, just grab the nails
and bat, then drop both on the table (remember you can scroll through weapons).
The spiked bat is your first weapon, and it's very effective. Take note of the 
alternative attack.

Use it to clear the hall and go out to find LaShawndra on a bar. Talk to her
twice and she will join. Just clear a quick path and take her to the vent.

You'll notice that the maintenance room will have another bat to make, and 
there is a nearby room with nails and an additional bat in the hall, but you
probably just need two bats at the moment.

You'll also get a message about a lady in distress.

*NOTE: When approaching doors with a mob of zombies in front of it, be sure to
fly in from the flank. It's the shortest point to the door.*


Head through the casino, and we all love gambling but don't go too crazy 
picking up the loose change on the ground, just head out to the strip. You'll
run into Chad, and you either avoid him or approach very carefully. Don't talk
to him 3 times or he joins your party, and we don't want that just yet.

You can feel free to visit the nearby pawnshop, just talk to the thug behind
the chain-linked gate and you can browse, but nothing worth getting at this

*NOTE: By this point, the security guard zombies will have pistols, and a few

Go around the corner to hit the hotel. It's pretty simple, just follow her 
through a few zones and you'll approach the security room. Try to open the 
door for a scene. There are snacks in the hall, so heal up and head out the 
big doors nearby, that lead to the Platinum Strip - use the map.


You should see Doris, and either get her or Chad to join you and hook both of
them up and get both in your party. Don't forget you got a message about an old
lady, so pop up your map and mark Short Sighted.

With Chad and Doris, make your way down the strip and to the mall entrance at
the park. Through the doors you just need to go up the stairs and hang a left
to find the lady in the toy store. Takes a lot of talking to get her to join,
and you are rewarded with having to carry her. But Esther in hand you can 
bulldoze through the zombies, so don't worry about stopping. Plow a path to the
escalators, take the one on the right, and it's home free. Remember, we have 
Esther, Chad, and Doris heading home with us.


The next case starts at 7:30, so we have time to kill, hopefully.

You should have 3 new quests in your log, 2 at the Americana Casino and one on
the strip. The casino is right as you exit the maintenance area, and feel free
to load up on bats and other weapons. Two spiked bats is par for the course.


However, around 3:40PM you should get a message in the yellow about a fight at
a store far away, so that takes priority since the other quests shouldn't be
ticking down yet.

You have to clear through the strip, park, and Atlantica Casino to reach the
other mall. The marker may take you up and then back down, but however you get
to the knife store you just fight your way in, talk them them twice, and fight
your way back out - hitting the soda if needed and picking up knives.

You have options. The Americana quests are ticking down now, and it should be
fast approaching 7:30. One option is to take these two guys with you to
Americana, but the best is to return them to base first, then sweep through the

So either cut through Yucatan Casino or the Silver Strip (use your map), and 
take them back to base. 

Ted and Snowflake

If you choose to go through Yucatan, you will run into your first psycho. After
the scene you just need to whack away at Ted. Avoiding the cat is not hard, and
staying around the tables seems to keep it obstructed. Killing Ted will cause
a scene, but the cat will remain. Best to saddle up and head straight out, the
path leading to the Silver Strip.

However, you can tame Snowflake and make her a survivor. It's pretty easy,
either use three steaks from her cage or from the steak house at the food
court. She eats them and joins you. Doing this with survivors in toe may be a
little hard, but it can be done.

*NOTE: There is also another survivor in here, but I'll have to clean this up


Should still have the knife dudes with you. Follow the right wall and you can
either enter through the mall or Slot Ranch, doesn't matter; just don't miss
both doors. Some thugs should try to get in your way near the base doors, but
try to avoid as Jack and Kenneth should be pretty beat up. Turn both of them
into the base. 


Case 2 should be just in the red or already in the red of time, with Workers
Compensation in the yellow. It's a tough call, but if around 6:30 you can make

Enter Americana and head to the other end where the two looters are. Stuart 
will try to fight you when you approach, but try not to hurt him as he will
join you, so just go around in circles. But you have to also talk to Brittany
to get her to join. 

With those two, come back to the doors you came from, but hang a left and find
the door on the wall, then through another to a backroom with a girl that has
partied too hard and is still at it. Talk to her a bunch as you distribute
items or restock and then carry Kristin out of the casino.

Return to base with 3 more lucky people. ALso, it should be at or after 7:30,
but you're fine so long as the case 2 hasn't passed.

Case 2

*NOTE: Yes, after 7:00PM the zombies are a little tougher and meaner, not as
slow as the daytime breed. So extra caution.*

Remember to save, that is if are fine with your progression you may want to 
save in a new slot.

Ticket to Ride is at the other end of the map, so let's hit the 3 nearby
survivors first. 

Meet the Contestants

Unless ready, don't do the Role Model one yet, just head west to the arena.
Approach from the strip and you can run into the challenger.

Really, the only way I could beat him was to run him into a wall and beat him
while he was stuck. Use the bike to get to the park, which is northeast and
where the split rock is. 

The spot I got Leon to crash into was the wall just to the right of the 
maintenance room (which is on the left door leading back into the mall). I'm
sure there are many other such spots where there is a hitch in the wall that
he can lodge himself into, but this tactic is really your only option. This
fight is really just a glorified bull-fight. Jump to the side and fake him
out so he runs into a wall, then beat him with a melee weapon.

One cheap tactic I dabbled with was using the restroom entrance inside the 
split rock to shoot him as he zoomed by. Inaccuracy and small damage doomed
this tactic for me, but it's a safe way to get it done.

Oh right, and he will not stay still when you are inaccessible to him. You
could also try shooting him from the fountain-head on the west end of the park,
but the zombies can climb up to you from there too.

The bull-into-a-wall tactic is the faster way. And yes, don't beat him while
your belly is in the chainsaw blade.

*NOTE: If you started and then tried to bail on the fight, I believe he will
remain in the area until defeated. So best to try to kill him than try to 
avoid him for a while.*


Successfully killing Leon puts you at the NE end of the Silver Strip, and just
SE of you is the Case 2 main quest in the Palisades Mall. But Barn Burner 
should be yellow by now, so let's saddle up and head all the way back to the 
arena. Use the bike inside the truck, please. Feel free to joy ride a bit, 
just watch out for objects on the ground. Walls are fine to run into, but
objects are bad.

At the arena, follow the marker back down the you took at the start of the game
to the hallway where a fire is loose. Clear a path and then grab and fire the
fire extinguisher to put out the flame - the extinguisher will freeze zombies,
so it is pretty cool. Go in and feel free to close the door. Talk to them 
twice and Elrod and Trixie will join.

Lead them out to the Platinum Strip.


You should have just two additional quests in your log, Code Blue and Once
Bitten. For now, just take Trixie and Elrod back to base. Go through Americana
and back to base. Remember, at night escorting is a little harder, so keep an
extra eye on their status in toe.

*NOTE: Remember to save your progress after an escort.*

Code Blue

Yes, I know there is an injured man marked on the second level of this mall,
but you need to head out to the Silver Strip and find this paramedic first. 
Take him back to base and he rewards you with some Zombrex.

Once Bitten
Requirements: Zombrex

*NOTE: If Katey > this guy in your eyes AND you think you are bad with the 
timing on this game, then you may need to think about holding onto this
Zombrex. There is enough time to spend this one now and get another later, but
it's on you if you fail to get a third Zombrex in time for Katey.*

Now head back into Royal Flush to the second level and get the guy in the north
shop. Give him the shot and take his shoulder. With him you can mostly just
plow into zombies and they won't attack you, but still be careful.


Ticket to Ride should be about halfway down, but we can still do other things.
You have at least 3 options. First is the Role Model boss, which you should be
able to handle by now. Second is the Chicken quest up at the food court. And
third is to find more Zombrex as it is approaching that time for Katey.

To try and multi-task, be sure you saved, stock up, and head toward Americana.
I advise bringing the items mentioned below. 

But before you go out of Americana, visit the room where you picked up the 
party girl if you want to try handguns. 

Chuck the Role Model
Requirements: 	2 drinks
		(optional) 2 pistols
		2 melee (spiked bats)
		Level 10+

Set a course for Chuck the Role Model, which is at the other end of Americana.
The girl is actually beyond the casino, and down a hallway. 

At level 12 this fight is pretty easy, as you can just out-damage him up
front. The only key here is to jump away from him as he starts his attack.
He will run at you, probably try to flank, but you just need to jump away.
Never turn your back on him because if he gets a clean shot at your back you
can take a lot of damage from his ambush.

The simple tactic is to jump away as he slashes, then run back and paste his
face with a melee weapon at least twice. One option here is to just go with
four hits and kill him with brute force as there is almost no way of doing good
damage to him without leaving yourself a little exposed. And as discussed we
don't want to run from him.

Just jump away from him, run back, hack away, and he will run away to the 
stalls. He can pop up anywhere from there, but if you stay at the end of the
bathroom he can't sneak up behind you.

Of course the guns would be to pelt him when he's at distance, but his 
movements are sporadic at best and using a gun and switching to a melee is a
bit tricky in this game unless you know which direction you're scrolling to.

So I advise brute force in this fight. Pop the drinks if needed, and there is a
snack by the door.


Once Brandon is beaten, grab Vikki and save... then take her back.

Ticket to Ride

The main objective is very much near the end by now, so head on to Palisades,
which is accessed via Atlantica. Once there, head to the underground access

The first part is easy enough, just hide at the corner to get your bearings,
then run out and mash the first one, grab his gun, and retreat to your corner.
If you're unfamiliar with a weapon at this point, just know that you can aim
and more while shooting. So you can walk out of your corner while shooting the
left guy, then do the same to the other one, or just bash him.

Next is a short riding sequence where the goal is to hit a ramp at an angle so
that you land on the train. You have a lot of tries, so don't freak out, but
you will need to speed up the reflexes if you keep missing after so many tries.

When on the train, hide behind cover and ambush the first dude, grab his gun
and mow down the second. Take the freshest gun as you can't stack ammo, and 
grab some of the juice to be safe. And that's pretty much the gameplan, kill
a guy, take his gun. If you run out of ammo and no gun, just run up and bash
the next dude; bullets do very little damage. And headshots are not golden, but
best to try. Feel free to try and bring as many as you can back with you.


Take the chance to save your game.

You're in a similar spot to where you started. Just go toward where the crates
are and hang a left to enter the South Plaza.

You'll see Terri fighting zombies, and if you talk she will ask you to help 
her friend behind her on the schaffolding. Go up to Willa and get her to 
join, and you can just hop down and she should follow. Carry Willa and get 
Terri to join. 

If you need your bearings, you are directly south of the base.

From here you can either go through the arena or the park to return to base.
Either way isn't exactly short. Remember if you go east through the park to
just enter Royal Flush, as going through Americana will be extra length.

Should be very close to due time for Katey when you turn these two back to

Zombrex 2

Of course the one Sven gave us was used on Jared, which we may be regretting
now, but too late. 

The easiest Zombrex is in the Slot Ranch Casino. Enter and go up, then left
to find the stage. Head to the back of it and the needle is on some chests, to
the right. You need to get on the north-wall chests and jump from the very edge
to make the Zombrex chests. Pick it up and fly.

There are also needles for sale at the pawn shops for $25,000, which is a very
steep price. I had been stuck on $14,000 for a while without really trying, so
I was nowhere near close to it. If you have about 3 game hours you could most
likely go around looting casinos and cash registers to buy Zombrex.

*NOTE: With the nearest shops being on the 2nd level of Royal Flush or at
the first spot on Platinum Strip, it's a big waste not to take about 2 extra
minutes for a free dose.*

But if you are squeezed for time, like if you have 1 game hour until you
lose Katey, then consider going into Americana. Head to the BBQ area at the
back and locate the stairs to the upper level. To the left you'll find the
opening to some square light fixtures. Least distance between points is what
we're looking for here, as Chuck won't hang on ledges but he will just appear
on the solid surface if you're close. So just follow the fixtures until you
hit the hidden area with a bunch of stuff, including a Zombrex.

Feel free to grab the mag, cash, sword, and gun - though the mag to reduce
pawn shop costs is ironic now that you have the Zombrex, but oh well.

Again, 3 easy options for Zombrex. And as mentioned, the main game intends that
you save the one you got from Sven, so that was your true first option.


Once Katey is safe, you will have until 10:00AM for the next mission. Hmm,
with the Rock Heroes and Chicken quests both at max time and far away, it
seems like getting that extra Zombrex isn't a bad idea. So if you got the 
Slot Ranch or Americana dose for Katey, get the other now and you'll be ahead
of the game.


You should only have like a game hour until the next case, so maybe try on
some clothes or something, but don't go too far from base.

Case 3

Run For the Money

You have to hit up 3 drills set up near casinos. This is kinda of a "break" for
a main quest, as you have a long time and the objectives are spread out.

Drill #1: Americana

First, let's start by hitting the nearest one at Americana. Just go in and
hug the left wall and you'll approach a door guarded by two goons with assualt
rifles. You can use yours, or if they are distracted you can melee them while
they aren't looking. Either way, clear your way in, careful of any undead 
following, and take out the other two inside. Then use melee on the drill and 
beat it to death - the guns are weak on it. Pick up some guns, coffee, and
head out.

Rock Heroes

Head out through the strips and go to this marker on Silver Strip, or just
follow the music. Hop up on stage from the side and these guys will join you
once to talk to them a few times, mainly the lead singer. And if you watch
the zombies you will see a cool finisher. Jeanna, Floyd, and Allen join
your team.

Keeping in mind we have a main quest and Tastes Like Chicken, but both are 
still at full, it's safe to take these three back to base now. Take them 
through the Royal Flush door and it should be easy enough.

Saving them yields a combo card, the Power Guitar.


You should have two more quests added: Everyone Knows Slappy and Wilted 

Drill #2: Slot Ranch

Head to the back of the ranch and there are two outside the door, two inside
the door, and two more at the back by the drill. You should expect some damage,
but don't make my mistake and try to pick up a gun that is surrounded by
zombies, just bash your way in. You may want to use those guns on the ones
at the back, but don't stay among the slot machines for too long.

Bash the drill, collect some guns (don't carry all you can, just a few), and
restock at the nearby rest area.

Tastes Like Chicken
Requirements:	2 Drinks
		2 Guns
		2 Melee

Head up to the food court from the ranch, and hug the left wall as you
find this guy in the deserted shop.

He has simple actions: bash you up close, or toss some projectiles at you, and
then run to one of four "food" points to regen health. 

Much like the dude in the bathroom, this is a fight about being able to take
a few hits and being aggressive. He is fast and will flee to the food after 
a few attacks, so your best way to interrupt him is with a gun. If you don't
have one you'll have to follow him as best you can and bash him while he eats.

There are some healthy food items at the front of the shop, as well as every
other shop nearby, but of course leaving the fight will reset him. And no,
you can't just shoot him to death. Would be nice but no.

The game plan is to attack him twice, run away or jump away, and then shoot him
as he flees to eat. At distance, try to hide behind something, not a counter-
top to avoid his projectiles.


Talk to Cinda and she won't join you. To find this Jasper, go across the food
court to the candy shop called Lombardi's. To the left you'll see some 
vending machines, and if you climb up those and hop up you'll hit Jasper.
Pick up the bow and arrows if you like, but they are just for stationary 
archery. Get Jasper to join and then take him to get Cinda to join.

Drill #3: Yucatan

I would love to tell you to avoid this drill, or even take your two back to
base, but it's much easier to take this drill on now. If you have a bee to
toss at the zombies, that helps, otherwise just run after the two guards in
front and take them out fast. Work inside and just shoot or slash your way in.

Cut the drill, restock and heal up you and your team, arm them if you can,
and head out.

You will get a call about another team of goons at Atlantica.

Wilted Flower
Requirements: Drink

You could be cutting this one close, so hurry to Palisades and find Linette
baked in the back of Venus Touch. She wants something to drink, and you can
find a coffee at some love seats out front (hopefully it's cold I guess). Get
her to join and she offers you a shortcut (in your messages called Linette's

*NOTE: DO NOT go for Everyone Knows Slappy, it's a psychopath.*

Pick her up and head up the nearby escalators and go to the marked passage.
It's in the corner at the changing room door. Examine to be at Royal Flush.

You pop up at the bathroom near the base hallway, so quickly run back and turn
your three guys in.

Be sure to save.

Heist at Atlantica
Requirements: 	Guns or lots of health stuff or explosives

This is the continuation of the drill bit (get it?) and it's on the outside
of Atlantica. Careful of your approach as there are about 10 guards at this
drill, which is a van. 

There are some gas tanks on the side, but for the most part you either need
to shoot them from distance or rush in from a side to flank to melee as many
as you can. Going in head first will require you to use the van as a wall
between a few, so the left of the van will be a primo choice.

There is a pistol if you happend to come unarmed among the grass nearby, north
of the van and guarded somewhat from the goons.

Case 4

Case 4 doesn't start for a long time, so let's have some fun.

This quest is all the way at the corner of the map, at the far end and on the 
second level of Palisades.

Everyone Knows Slappy
Requirements: 	Melee weapons
		Experience doing jump kicks

Examine the dead mascot by the toy shop and the scene rolls.

Slappy will roll around spewing flames, and if not attacked he will shoot fire
balls at you. No, guns are not the answer here as they do not do nearly enough
damage for how hard it is to target this guy.

Instead, use drop kicks while Slappy is rolling. Just stand in front of him,
get ready, and use the jump kick to knock him down. You don't need to jump
too early or you'll just glance him. You basically just jump as he's a few 
feet away and kick him dead on.

*NOTE: Jump up, press the attack button, and unless you are holding a sword or
something that uses this function, you'll do a forward kick in the air.*

Once down, run behind him and hit him thrice, then retreat. You can get in more
hits and if you don't mind the damage you can keep going. But after three hits
he will get to his feet and do a 360 of fire to knock you away. That's the 
whole fight really.

A few extra notes. You can retreat west to the grocery store and he will follow
you. This spot provides health and cover. And when in a store Slappy will do
a slow stroll of fire in your direction; meaning if you get out and in front
you can have an easy kick from his non-fire hand.

Final note, after his 360 spin, he will stagger for a good while, inviting you
to resume your assault. This is great for a kill shot or if you're just fully
cheesing the unlimited health in the store.

You are rewarded with the flamethrower combo card.

And feel free to pick up the flamethrower on the ground after the fight.


Head out through Atlantica and you'll run into Janus, so talk twice and he 

I will warn you, you don't have to do this psychopath with Janus, but it's
not that hard to juggle him. If you know the send and stay command for 
survivors (such as L2 + TRI on the PS3) then you can leave Janus in a far
corner or take him out side and set him by the wall; he should be fine and
he's rich so he's like a god anyway.

If you want, you can save the next psycho for later and just get Liz and 
head back; it's your call.

Here Comes the Groom
Requirements:	2 Melee
		2-3 Guns (or 1)
		1 health item just in case

*NOTE: All the cops in Atlantica have guns.*

Head for the door leading from the Silver Strip to Slot Ranch and enter the 
chapel next door.

Randy is has a pretty obvious flaw, his belt buckle. The problem is getting him
to go into a taunt. This can be achieved by running around, hoping his swing
attack misses, and then hope he goes into a taunt. You of course need to be 
in front of him, so using the benches is not a good idea.

If he taunts, aim for the pig face on his junk and shoot him once or twice, 
then run up and unload melee swings on his real face. Like Slappy you can get
in like 6 hits if you want, but he too does a wicked recovery attack, so don't
hang around him too long if you want to stay fresh.

That's it, not hard. Again, if you have Janus, just send him into a corner as
he will only take a few hits before dying.

Grab the pink chainsaw from the podium after the fight. Remember, you need to
rev it up and it's not an inventory item, it is only a main-hand weapon.


After, get Danni to join. You'll notice there is a mission called Par for the 
Course in Royal Flush, so you have no choice but to pass by it. Also, Danni
is slow, so just keep an eye on that not to leave her.

Luz is fighting in the sports store at the corner, so grab a bat and help her
out. Talk twice and bring your three/two guys home.

Janus will give you $70,000 for your help, which was about 300% of what I

*NOTE: At level 19 you learn the roll ability.*

Stuart's Scheme

This guy is waiting in front of the bathroom at the safehouse, so save and 

Talking to him the whole way will gain the "Mutiny Averted!" Unlike the last
game, you only risk a few survivors here, but it's hard to miss this as I just
told you to return to base, so there is almost no reason to miss this one.


Should go without saying, but make a few spiked bats before you head out.

Mail Order Zombrex

Just left as you exit the base you will find a mail cart. Grab the OJ at the 
stand if needed, and then examine. 

Carl is a very easy fight, especially if you can get him to dance around the 
stone sign near his cart. 

His attack is to shoot three shells, pause, and then shoot three more. It's
after the sixth shot that you need to run up and bash him. Just wail on him
because if you get to him before he starts to reload you can get in two 
batches of hits and only take a small hit from his melee attack.

He will run around and toss bombs, but if you are not following him then you
can easily avoid them. He may also tag you if you go for the two rounds of 
smacks, but it's not a death-blow or anything.

He will always post up at the corner of a shop, but he won't waste his ammo.
You have to be exposed, so just run from side to side in front of him until
he has shot two volleys. Then run up and don't let up the assault.

Remember, OJ if needed, and moving around may complicate things, but there
is more health down at the big dice to the east. Also, the mag at the news-
stand will increase your health from items, so the one OJ can be like two.

Grab the shotgun he drops. Load up on health at the food court and save 
in the Yucatan bathrooms.

There is another shotgun just opposite the doors to the club, behind the 
counter. Very good replacement for a weakened weapon.

*NOTE: Combo card at the poster in front of the male bathroom in Yucatan, the
Freedom Bear! RAWR!*

The Source
Requirements:	3-4 drinks (non-alcoholic)
		Melee weapons
		the shotgun from Carl helps, and the one behind the counter
		save in Yucatan first

Use either the Silver strip or the food court entry to Yucatan; going through
the ranch yields money of course. At the casino you must go up some 
escalators and fight through a mob to get to the doors, and feel free to use
the fire axe to the left at the top of the escalators to work through the
undead so you can save a spiked bat or whatever.

Inside you meet the twins. Their attacks are not all too complicated. They
come up, slash a few times until they get you, and maybe even if they do hit,
and then they run away to hide for a bit. 

No, do not attempt anything when both are nearby, or maybe you should because
they are bound to hit you.

The game plan is easy, focus on one and keep your distance. Let them get in
close, roll or run away until them miss, and either shotgun blast or go in
for a few melee swings. They don't need a lot of damage to kill, so it's really
more about you avoiding hits than you connecting.

Again, ONLY KILL ONE. There is no point in trying to kill both at the same
time. The shotguns are great for this fight, but melee may be the real key.
It may be best to swing away with a melee weapon at one, suffer the 
consequences, and then heal up. Shotguns are at least good for the kill shot,
as the blasts are of course more effective up close.

There is plenty of health by way of alcohol, but alcohol is not the answer
my friend. Too much and you'll be sick, causing you to spew out after a few 
steps and drop your weapon, which is not good in this fight. 


Pick up both katanas. And feel free to save at the bathroom again, or just go
to Palisades.

Fetching Females
Requirments: $10,000 (that's not good)

You'll find these lovely ladies on top of the bar/pool in the middle of the 
ground floor. Take the stairs and introduce yourself, but these gals do not
come cheap. They want $10,000 in order for you to save them... women. So long
as you saved Janus from earlier this is not a huge price.

No way around it, so pay up and feel free to use the secret passage in the
shop upstairs. Which is advised since the other mission is far away. 
Remember, you get this passage from saving the tanning girl earlier.

These girls are easy to escort as they are strong.


Turn these ladies in. For once you should be well ahead of your time for the
next main objective. 

Case 5

Hunger Pains should be counting down, and at the South Plaza you have "WWJWD."
To prep, be sure to grab a few drinks and make a few spiked bats.

Hunger Pains
Requirements: 	Food

You'll find him at the cafe on the Platinum Strip where you found that old guy
at the start. He needs food to join, and if you didn't bring any, there is a 
vending machine across the street. Give him something and take him home.

He rewards you with a Zombrex.


If was a little over 6am for me, so there was no time to go for another scoop
or anything else. I just made a spiked bat or two, healed up, and grabbed some
health items. Feel free to explore Royal Flush, but don't missed the next 

*NOTE: We should have a few shotguns and both katanas from the twins.*

Zombrex 3

We already gave Katey 2, and one to a survivor, maybe. So this should be the
fourth one we need.

We should already have 2 on us. One from the Mail Order Zombrex fight and 
another we may have picked up from the Americana or Slot Ranch.

Well, Hunger Pains just gave us another, so if you've followed so far you
should have 3 on you at this moment. If you have none, I will refer you to
the other Zombrex portions of this guide because at the very least the quest 
above gave you one.

Requirements:	Melee weapons
		Health items
		Guns not needed

He's at the South Plaza, behind the hotel.

If you're level 20+, this shouldn't be too hard to out-damage this guy straight
up. If you got a katana, just go slice him up, take his hits, and hopefully a 
few zombies will help you distract him for an easier win.

Just stay close, attack him to disrupt his attacks, and it should be easy. If
you have health I guess you can run and try to use it behind cover or in a 
room, but straight up attacking should work fine.

Pick up the Six Shooter, it's got 60 rounds.


After, pick up Ray in the nearby room. Pick either way to get back to base to 
turn him in.

Ante Up
Requirement to win: Knowledge of poker

This will be deep in the base, in a back room. 

Try to play fast, win or lose, because the game timer is still running. The
blinds go in small and build up until every hand is all-in. And it's strip 
poker, and to eliminate someone you need to take them out three times. 

A quick guide:

	Big blinds and small blinds rotate around the table, so if you have to
	pay one you may as well play the hand out unless you have garbage and
	someone raises a bunch.

	Fold when you think you won't win, because living to fight another day
	is about the only way to win.

	Checking means you pass the option to the next player and if no one
	does anything the next card will hit.

	There are 3 rounds of betting, and the first flop is of 3 cards, then
	one more twice after.

	A pair is usually enough to win, but a low pair is not great. 
	Conversely, if you raise because you have a godly hand, you may scare
	away all betters.

And above all, it's a game of luck. Playing hands, not playing hands, it may 
all come through as a wash and boil down to your luck. You have to play a bunch
of hands in order to kill off three players three times each, but again, the 
game will be finished once the blinds are huge.

You can check your watch as you play to check the status of scoops, so if you
are taking too long you can just go all-in and see what happens.

You can even play more, but it's only 5,000 PP for each elimination and 10,000
for taking out all 5 possible contestants. They are:

	Jack Ellis - Welcome to the Family
	Woodrow Rutherford - Bank Run (we haven't done this yet)
	Kristin Harris - drunk girl from Americana
	Trixie-Lynn - Barn Burner
	Cora Russel - Fetching Females

And they stay naked after the game, so there is some motivation to only take
out the ladies and lose to the guys...

*NOTE: Jack will yield his helmet for the Knight Armor.*


If eliminated or not, it may be best to play and lose. This way you'll have
the underwear costume unlocked for an upcoming mission, Slave to Fashion.

Chemical Dependency

This pops up around noon, or maybe when you leave the safe house. It's for that
one guy that you gave Zombrex too, he needs more. Hopefully you have a few

Again, just a quick recap, we had one from Hunger Pains and should have 
another from either the Mail Order Zombrex fight or the Americana/Slot Ranch.

With one to spare, you'll find Jared in the rest area, which is in front of the
restrooms if you didn't know.


If you lost in Ante Up, feel free to now switch to your underwear, save, and
go out. 

However, if you go out to the Fortune Park, you should hit a scene with some 
hunters. Please get some health items before going outside to confront the
first one.

*NOTE: If you think Big Earl will cause you grief, one option here is to 
do Bank Run now, turn the guy in, and then continue on.*

Big Earl

He was on the other side of the water fountain when I emerged from Royal 
Flush Plaza, and he's on a scaffolding adjacent to the hotel. Just approach
from the fountain and use the pole as cover, then dodge, roll, zig zag, or
whatever to avoid his shots; takes a while to reload, so use that to your

Climb up the spot right in front of him, or at the east end of the scaffolding,
and try to hop over as he shoots so he misses. Then just slice him up twice,
roll away, do it again, and chase him if needed. If he gets distance on you,
roll to try and dodge his bullet.

If you need health, hop over the side and recover, but if nothing else just
go aggressive and hope you kill him first. Of course hopping over may hurt you,
so you can also use the alcoves on the wall, like just left of where you first
hit him. Also, it may be best to climb up just under him, seems to help keep 
him from shooting you.

Pick up the sniper rifle.


You may be wondering about the other three. They are scattered in other places,
but at least the Park is clear.

If you want, go to the Silver Strip and pick this up at the bingo hall, it's
the leadership book. Will save you a lot of waiting for the upcoming survivor.
You want to avoid Johnny for now, and you can do so by just hugging the wall
under him. You can go fight him if you want, but I doubt you have the health
items or time to do so.

Slave to Fashion
Requirements:	Underwear, which can be unlocked if you lose to the poker game
	during the Ante Up mission, or play it again and lose.

To start, think about already being in your underwear. You'll get the costume
upon meeting the girl (woah) but since Ante Up offers it you may as well get 
it now, change, and head out.

She's at the hotel to the south, so it could be best to go through the Royal
Flush exit to the park. 

Europa takes a lot of talking to until she will join, and she will hit the 
floor and then ask to be carried - giddy up! And you don't have to carry her,
but the option to do so should always be taken, and it's hot!

*NOTE: If you didn't get the underwear from Ante Up, you'll have to change at
the store she tells you about, at the other end of the South Plaza.*

Take her through the South Plaza and the Arena portion, heading to Americana.

Shell Shocked
Requirement:	Leadership book from the bingo hall in the Silver Strip, and
	this is not a pie in the sky requirement, you need this book or don't
	bother with this guy yet. Go get the book and come back.

This guy is at the west end of Americana, and to approach you need to do so
from the left, put down Europa if you have her, and help Dean fend off the 
nearby zombies while watching his aim. Talk to him ASAP and get him to join

He is too slow to take without the book, because you'll burn most of the day
waiting on him. I know the wheelchair can be used, but it's very hard to get
working - the book is easier.

It may be possible to lead him back in time before Bank Run expires, but you'll
almost have to get him moving ASAP by giving him commands. 

But again, get the book or don't bother with this guy. I might say otherwise
if you already did Bank Run, but still you would be wasting a lot of time
waiting for this guy.


Turn both in, get your clothes back... please, and save. On approach to the
Slot Ranch, you should get another mission for the place.

Might want to get a golf club at the sports shop on your way to slot ranch for
a future quest. Not crucial, but would help.

Also, feel free to grab the tuxedo from the store just right of the exit to
Slot Ranch. May as well.

Bank Run

Be wary not to approach the stage or else you will trigger the pseudo-psycho.
But you could do that mission, but you need to get this before it expires. If
you do, then consider reloading or lose Art Appreciation.

*NOTE: While talking to him the first time, pick up a whiskey from the bar for
the next mission.*

Talk to him, defend him, speed him up, and he will ask you to help him 
"withdraw" some funds from the ATM's around here. He's at the first one, and
the second is near the stage, then you take two at the food court, and that's

You need to talk to him as soon as he hits the ATM to make him do his thing and
leave. Also, follow behind him to pick up the loose cash he drops.

Woodrow can play the poker game, so feel free to beat him if you're into that
kinda thing... 


Get him to join and go through Yucatan to hit Palisades; not through the strip.

Art Appreciation
Requirements: $3,000

Head up to Palisades, up the escalator, and go into the art shop to talk to
the crying dude. Talk, pay up, and grab the painting to store away. 

Of course use the secret passage at the clothing store.


Turn them in and save. You are rewarded $50,000 for saving Woodrow, which
more than covers the cost of Randolphs epic fail.

Also, turn in the fail painting to Katey as one of the gifts.

Bent Wood
Requirements:	Unused Golf Club

This is given by Luz at the rest area, but you can get a golf club at any time
prior. It should be unused, so try not to use one before turning it in.

The closest one is at the sports store in Royal Flush, where you picked her
up in the first place, which is on the first floor and mid-way to the exit to
Slot Ranch. 

Get the jump on the looters, kill all three, and grab the club to store away.
If they knock you out, reload the game as it's too much to lose all your stuff.

Know When to Fold 'em
Requirements: $25,000

Remember, with Johnny on the roof, hug the left wall as you enter the park and
start down the strip. 

Head to the Silver Strip and find this guy in the casino by the stage. Give him
the cash both times and bring Bill home.


Turn him in, give the club to Luz, let the quest complete, give the painting
to Katey if you forgot a while ago, and save. Might be pressed for time, but
just stroll to the end of the hall, up the stairs, and use the elevator.
This is the short Stake Out mission that is really just something to keep you
on track as you have more time to get to the hotel.

So we have some options here on what to finish our time up with. I say grab
something to drink and head to Slot Ranch.

One Hit Wonder
Requirements:	Tuxedo from Modern Businessman in Royal Flush, which is just by
			the entrance to Slot Ranch

*NOTE: You can do this with Woodrow in toe, just talk fast. The problem is 
that Art Appreciation should be ticking down, so you really need to let this
mission wait.*

You approach the stage in Slot Ranch and a scene rolls, but she is not a 
psychopath just yet. Hop up and talk to her to learn she needs something to
drink. If you already got one, you can hand it to her, or visit the bar across
the room.

Turning in a drink she will want you in better clothes, so go to Royal Flush
if you don't already have the tux and get in on in the shop just to the left.
And if you already had it on, just talk to her again.

Next you need a dozen or so zombies to huddle around the stage. If it's night
they should just come to you, otherwise you may need to go bait a bunch to 
follow you, and hop on the stage and she'll tell you when there are enough.

Talk and she'll put you on the controls on stage right. After the scene, get 
ready for three dance dance revolution waves; very easy. After the show, do a 
body slam or just fend off the horde, and then talk to get her to join. Be
very careful of how much you damage her as she may turn on you, but once she
joins and the other three, move up and ask them to move - just in case Bibi
freezes for you like she did for me.

With all four, take them back to the base.

Dead or Alive?

Head to Palisades, using the bathroom passage in Royal Flush (lol), men's side.

Go down the escalators and jump up to him on the slot machines. This is a long
convo, but if you leave after starting it he will off himself. Just keep
talking until he joins. Body slam down and head to Atlantica.

Stranded Siren

Follow the left wall all the way to the clam shell. If you have Andy, clear a 
few zombies and then jump up and talk to her until she joins. Pick her up and
turn back to Palisades to use the secret passage to turn these two in.


This section has been epically long, but we are almost to the end. 

At this point I was level 30, had 2 spiked bats, 2 lightly-used katanas, the
sniper rifle, the leadership mag, and 3 other slots. I chose 2 creamers/OJ and
the Health (1) mag at the news stand in Royal Flush. We're gonna hunt us a 
hunter or two.

*NOTE: If pressed for time on the case, feel free to do the case at any time.*


He's the dude above the Slot Ranch that has been causing you to hug the wall
if heading to the Silver Strip. 

To get to him, there is a ladder between his roof and the entrance to Slot 
Ranch. So if you leave out the Royal Flush door, just go left along the wall
and you'll see a tiny alley with a maintenance room and the ladder nearby.

This fight is easy because you have better hiding spots to heal up. The spiked
bat is a good choice, just smack him around as much as you can if you have 
healing items, or do the two and roll if you want to play safe and longer. 
Use the vents to heal, chase him, bash on him, and don't let him have distance
on you; same as the Big Earl fight.

Also another sniper rifle.


He is above Atlantica. To get to him you need to locate the Excitorama on the
right side as you enter the Silver Strip from the park. But if you're coming
from the Johnny fight, careful of Derrick's shot, move fast.

The path is just right of the Playboy shop, through some doors. Clear the 
zombies if you want to load up on a few snacks, just be sure you have
melee weapons. Take the door at the end and the ladder to enter the fight.

He will come running after you soon. The key cover is the vent just up ahead to
the left as you enter, but don't stand on the pipes on the ground or you will
be hit. For this and with a lack of healing items most likely, just try to 
bash him fast. 

Again, use that vent for cover, but don't stand on the pipes. There is whiskey
in the back corner if needed, or to heal (lol). But do grab one or two if you
have nothing else to heal.


The main case should be about halfway down, so you have some options. You can
settle the Two's Company quest and turn them in quickly, or you could even go
get the fourth militia guy over the theater in Platinum Strip. It's your call,
but if pressed for time, feel free to get the case rolling. If The Getaway is
just in the yellow, you got some melee weapons, and you're up for it, go after
the last hunter.

*NOTE: Without a survivor for a while, you can drop the leadership book for


Our last hunter is over the theater on the Platinum strip. In order to get to 
him you must hug the wall of the theater, go through Jugz, and take the ladder
in the back alley. Remember to bring at least one health item.

Don't try to snipe him, just run up or let him run to you and get in to start
bashing away. Either vent left or right of where he starts is good cover, and 
where he was posted up has health. Same tactic as the others.

Not sure what 4 sniper rifles do for ya, but you can have them if needed.

The Getaway

Head to the hotel and you have four armed guards, but melee works fine if you
don't mind getting scratched, and then one more pops out of the left elevator.
You may want one of their rifles, but depends on how many sniper rifles you
are packing.

If you brought anyone with you for whatever reason, send them with Rebecca.

The chopper is attached to a crane, and the idea here is to bring the chopper
in close to the building where you can throw something onto it, any of the
various items near the button. And you have to be near the very corner of the 
roof or else you won't be able to reach the chopper, so it's good to pile up
items at that spot because you don't have forever to grab stuff as the 
chopper is parked.

So to start you can toss the cone at it. Then you must run away, or just roll
to avoid the minigun as it mostly just goes in a straight line. You could use
the crane base cover if you can time your rolls to go under the crane when
the chopper flies in a circle. It's really the only way to hit the button 
without getting shot by the minigun after it spins. You want to run to the 
base of the crane, and roll just as it's coming at you - not too soon.

And that's the fight. The vents where Rebecca hides are good hiding spots for 
you. Run out between gun fire and roll to the button. It takes two guardrails,
a spotlight, and a cone. One thing to do is grab a guardrail move around with
it, and roll when needed. Throw them to the side of the roof for when needed.

It's really not that hard of a fight, and once you figure how to roll under
the crane and roll from the minigun you won't need much health. But there are
a few beers behind the vents.

Case 6

It was 3am for me, and there are 3 side missions, Zombrex 4 is counting down,
and morning is very soon.

If you don't have a Zombrex, go get one now. There is one on the hand of the
statue in the middle of Yucatan if you need it, but we should still have one,
even after giving one to the survivor.


I assume you killed all four hunters. If not, scroll above and do so - or 
don't, up to you.

Also, if you dropped the leadership book, feel free to pick one up at the 
bingo hall in the Silver Strip at any time.

Heal up, make some bats, bring some health, and head out.

Family Feud (part 1)

Head back to very rooftop you just downed the chopper, at the hotel. Talk to
Lil once and head to Atlantica. She's just inside the casino, so cut a path,
talk twice, and now you have a choice. It's crunk time, so think about either
taking her back to the hotel now, or bringing her into the boss fight. She is
okay to bring to the nearby boss fight.

World's Most Dangerous Trick
Requirements: 	Sniper rifles for my trick
		Melee weapons for normal way

They are in the right side room as you enter Atlantica.

Very tough boss fight if you don't know the trick, or what could just be a 
small glitch.

I had Camille with me, so the first thing I did was run to the slot floor and
put her in the middle. She was fine there the whole fight.

Roger will be the mobile one, Reed on the big gun. The normal way to do this 
is to isolate one and take him out, usually Roger so that you can take out the
faster, weaker one first.

Roger is just like most of the other fast bosses, has a cheap lunge attack and
will hit you after you hit him twice. Just like all other bosses, you want
to bash away at him, take you licks, heal up, and continue. He is actually 
pretty generous in that he will flee often, so you have plenty of time to
heal up or whatever. And it's advised to fight him in the slot area, like 
deep if possible.

Reed will mostly stay to the stage area. He will shoot his rockets at you that 
will stun Roger if they connect. The best way to avoid him is to stay in the
slot area. When you want to attack him, just melee away like all the others.

My trick involves sniper rifles and cheesing it. What happened was I was 
fighting Roger like normal, and Reed made one sweep outside the show room. I
fought Roger on the east end of the casino by the slots. I fought him and he
ran away, and much earlier Reed had come to this spot but had long since
retreated back to the show room.

I healed, waited, and no one came after me. I took out my sniper rifle and
peeked through the left doorway (opposite the clam side) and I shot at what 
looked like blue shoulders. I figured I had shot Reed, but both of them were
just standing inside the show room, hugging the wall. If I had known I would
have kept sniping the shoulders of both.

Now again, I had to barely peek through this doorway and all I could see was
their shoulders. My theory is they have programming to retreat to this spot 
when you leave the room, but to start the fight they both did follow me 
out to the slot area.

So you have two ways to go about this: lure them outside and dispatch one at
a time, or cheese it and try to snipe their shoulders through the doorway. And
again, I can't stress enough how it may not be so easy to pull the trick off,
especially if Capcom releases a patch or something.


They both drop a weapon on stage, a sword and the rocket launcher. This thing
is not so impressive, but it's nice to bring with to at least clear some
mobs. But losing this gun or dropping it is no big deal, it's just a fun weapon
and won't win you the game or anything.

Two's Company

Depends on your time, but this is a short mission.

These two are at the Excitorama at the west end of the Silver Strip. If coming
off the magician fight, you can run right into these two with Camille. Open
the shop, shut the door behind you. Talk to them and they want you to hear
their jokes and give the trophy on the counter to one of them. Pick it up and
give it to Royce so that you can also get Walter to join for free. Giving it
to Walter requires $5,000 to get Royce - brotha be trippin'!

You can take them two and Camille back to the hotel.

Family Feud (part 2)

With Camille, go out and head for the hotel and get Lil on the roof.

Now bring this posse back to base.

Zombrex 4

Should be nothing to do but give Katey Zombrex. If you need to scramble for 
one, rush to Yucatan and climb the statue in the middle for one in its hand.
But if you got one, just chill and inject when ready.

Fortune City Botany Club

Vikki in the rest area wants you to go save a plant, all the way in Palisades.
So you can take the secret passage at the Royal Flush restroom if you want.

The plant is in the art museum place you were at before to buy that epic 
painting. It's right in front, so pick it up, turn, and take the secret passage


As an alternative, you could arm up by taking the Yucatan > Silver Strip path
back to base. If you do you can pick up the LMG, zombrex, and shotgun from the
middle of Yucatan. Just climb the statue, jump on it's side, and to the pan in
front of it. Not required, but could help.

Whatever you do, just get the plant to Vikki and hit the next case, Help
Arrives. Then you can save and go to the next case.

Mutant Zombies

Save and go out to run into two of the super zombies (mega zombies?) in the 
normally safe area. Not all zombies have turned, but these kind will be 
sprinkled in the mobs. They are not a great threat, they are just more 
dangerous and a little harder to avoid, but the bottom line is you can still
avoid them.

One thing to know about these mutant zombies is they are a big threat if you
stop to do anything. They have a projectile vomit attack, and it seems that
just being in the area they shoot will somehow make you dazed for a moment,
and this in turns lets them get to you and grab you. 

Once grabbed you go into a struggle mini game that you won't break out of 
until dead or you win. There are two parts, on your feet for two presses and
on the ground for three presses. You want to get the first two so that you can
end it then. Both struggles will usually involve the sticks, then timed button

If you need to do something, like I'm about to ask you to, you may want to
think about kill one, waiting for a queen to run away, grab it, and use it to
clear yourself. More will come, but you'll have bought time.

Other than that, you may want to just hack away at these guys. Probably move
too as you don't want to be a sitting target.


I include this because the next boss is very tough. What I ask you to do here
is do some item fetching, which is completely optional but good advice to
ensure a kill.

*NOTE: There may be a zombrex at the base, in the rest area, but I can't 
confirm that now, I found out late. No big deal if not.*

Painkillers x2 - This is a mixed drink, made from two vodka and a blender. The
closest place to make these is the bar in the middle of the Americana Casino,
not the tiny side bar by the food place. Feel free to make three if you want to
be really safe.

Knife Gloves - Bowie Knife + Boxing Gloves. You can find knives on almost any
of the zombies, and I got mine from the zombies in Americana as I made the 
painkillers. The gloves are in the sports store just to the left as you 
exit the base entrance if you hug the wall, not the two-level sports store
further down. If you can get two knives and two gloves, feel free to get two.

Maintenance Room - You got the one to your base, the one in a shop in Royal
Flush, and even one on the way to the tunnels from Royal Flush. I used the 
one in the Tunemakers shop.

Full health - Heal up with creamers/OJ and feel free to bring an extra if you
have room, just to wipe away wounds en route to the next boss.

Leadership mag/health mag - No longer needed, you can drop them.

Extra weapons - I had the scimitar and a few guns, but if you want some 
flexibility you may want to drop the guns. You'll have to drop them for an
upcoming pair of survivors, so may as well do so now.

Sniper Rifles - If you have any they can be used for the next boss, but only
if you want to play the timid way. You can drop them now, waste them, or 
whatever, but you don't need them.

Save - I did most of my work in Royal Flush, so I saved at the corner 


Head to the underground access door that is at the other end of Royal Flush,
on a right side wall. I caution you, if you don't have painkillers, some good
melee weapons, and skills, you may want to stock up on health items.

Down in the tunnels, hop on a security cart. If you played the last game you
may remember that vehicles deteriorate with hits. So you want to AVOID hitting
zombies down here as much as you can. Hitting 2-3 every 100 yards or so is not
bad, and you could probably hit 100 zombies in total before a cart blows up.
But you can tell the damage as the thing will start to smoke. Luckily, there
are lots of carts scattered around here, you just need to be able to clear the
mutant zombies if you do get on foot.

The goal is to reach the area that is two "pit stops" down the tunnel if you
go northerly (where the arrow points you). Truth is you can get to the target 
area from a number of access points on the northeast side of the ground level,
but the carts make this path much easier.

Once you are near the spot, and you can see the bike in front of it, drive up
to the half-shut gate, hop out, and run to the area with the crashed humvee.

Last Stand
Requirements:	Painkillers (2 vodka in a blender)
		Kinfe Gloves (bowie knife + boxing gloves

Boykin is the most dangerous enemy you've face so far. We're talking about 
3 hits and you'll die. 

He can shoot you from distance, toss grenades that have a somewhat small 
radius, and up close you're pretty much gonna get pasted with a big combo.
It's almost random if he will roll away while being attacked or punch back,
but if he rolls away he will follow that up with an attack. So you could do
the basic attack twice and roll away, or keep going, or use his roll away as

One key thing that you could maybe try to cheese is waiting for him to run to
one of his "buddies" in which he will pause - such as when he yells. If you
can wait for these then you could really play it safe. Sniper rifles are
viable here

The strat here is pretty simple if you brought at least one painkiller, are
above level 30, and have the gloves. You can just run up and slash him, he'll
do his combo, toss you, you hide, and then run in to do it again. When you
need to heal, find cover and do so. The painkillers fill you to full and give
you a half damage buff for a minute, so use it only when low on health, say
around 3 boxes of life.

That's pretty much in. One thing is you should try to engage him while he's 
moving away, not when incoming to you as he will kick you or smack you when in
range, so it's best to either attack him early but he may get through your 
attack. So run around, hide, let him come to you, wait for him to run for 
ammo or whatever, it's just however cautious you wish to be. But if you have
three painkillers/health items, then you can be pretty reckless and should do

My bro says he drops an LMG, but I already had one so maybe you can only have
one at a time.


Patch yourself up and pick up Rebecca. You can get her into a cart and drive up
the nearby ramp, but that involves both stopping to load and stopping to unload
and pick her back up. The alternative is to carry her the whole way and if you
can avoid the mutants you won't have to stop for anything. It's a tough call,
but I say if you can dodge the mutants you should just carry her.

Basically you want to go way around mutants as they will swipe you off your
course, and you can't run through them. So full on avoidance is the name of
the game, and if you get caught just fight for a wasp and use it. Pick Rebecca
back up, and enter the Slot Ranch and head back home.

May want to heal up before if out of stuff, or before you take to the vent.

Also, you could do some prep and get a few queens, but that is overkill and
not required for the next part.


May have to vfend off a mutant or two, but for the most part the zombies should
be after the other survivors. And they can die, but not if you work fast.

The first two items should be to the left and down the stairs, and one being 
down the hallway to the right. Not hard, just follow your arrow, pick them up,
and barrel back to the busted panel and press the button to put them down. 
When you have all three, use the panel, and then use again to play the mashing
game where I advise you place the controller on your knee and do the index
finger jackhammer, but whatever works.

Case 7

You have two quests, one to save TK and the normal main quest. 

TK is Infected
Requirements:	Zombrex

*NOTE: Different ending if you don't give him Zombrex. So consider saving your
next file in a different slot if you want to see it - in case you don't have 
access to youtube and have to play them out...*

I had the one from Yucatan that I picked up before the military arrived. So
feel free to get that one for this guy.

There is also one near the ladder heading to the Silver Strip, from the 
underground tunnels.

If you want the best ending, you must save TK.

*NOTE: I also hear there is another zombrex just before the Boykin fight at
the base, but I must have missed it and I obviously can't check it now.*


When you head out, remember to heal. Also don't forget the painkillers and 
knife gloves, but don't need if you don't want. Fighting through mutants for
the painkillers is a chore, but it's up to you, you have the time.

I just got spiked bats and put some gloves and knives in my inventory as I 
found them.

The following soldiers are optional, but may as well get them as there is a lot
of time to kill.

Lost Soldiers
Requirements:	Before 6pm, I think, they were there during the day and gone
			when I came back at night
		No guns in your inventory
		Queens to help clear their area
		do not need leadership book

Unmarked survivors in the middle of the rock in Fortune Park.

They require you have no guns, and if you do and approach they will fire at
you. So if you want to save them, drop your guns and approach. Don't worry,
we can get all your guns back if needed.

Grab Michael and Matthew and take them back.

The Only Lead
Requirements:	Six Shooter from South Plaza

Head to the South Plaza, either through Americana or the hotel. If you go
through the hotel, feel free to grab the Six Shooter from the bench by the
statue in the South Plaza. I highly recommend getting the Six Shooter, or 
maybe just getting a sniper rifle (quicky, it's above Players in Royal Flush,
two shadings up).

Take the underground access and move up to find the cart. You can drive it
down the ramp and squeeze it by the train. You'll then notice that most of the
zombies are heading in the direction your arrow is pointing. When you drive
up to the door, hop out and push the button for scene.

You have four mercs to take out, and any gun will do the trick. Right from 
where you start, you can hug the tank by the opposite wall and you can take 
them out going right to left. Or if just with melee, you can take the steps 
your arrow is pointing to and meet them head on.

Go up the steps and feel free to eat up and stock some health. The blaster
gun only works on mutant zombies, so it's not the greatest gun, but feel free.
Then go down the tunnel and press the button. 

With the Six Shooter, you can just run out, and then headshot the left one 
first from cover and then get the other; they are stunned when shot, so it's

What Lies Beneath
Requirements:	2-3 Painkillers
		Six Shooter (kinda, read below)
		Knife Gloves
		Health items

Get in the elevator and use the right button for the Palisades Mall. From
there, feel free to take the secret passage. The object is to get back home.
But we want to do a little more. 

What we should do is make some more painkillers and and knife gloves. You only
need one pair of gloves, but you should make at least 2 painkillers. 
Remember, vodka and blender in the middle of Americana; zombies in Americana
carry bowie knives; and boxing gloves in the store near the entrance to your

Also, the Six Shooter is a great weapon for this fight, and to get one it's
all the way in the South Plaza, and you need to not have one on you when you
enter the plaza. But if you have one with about 40 bullets you should be okay.
It's the only gun you need. 

Make the painkillers, grab a few extra creamers if you can, and bring the 
glove materials to your base work-bench, then head inside. Save your game,
then go to the control room.

The Facts
Requirements:	2-3 Painkillers
		Six Shooter (kinda, read above)
		Knife Gloves x1
		Health items x alot (the more the better)

It's optional to bring some queens or guns to clear your path. A gun like the
LMG from the statue in Yucatan. It's only for clearing a path, and in doing
so you may actually take more damage, so it may be best to just bring what
you want for the boss and avoid the zombies as best you can.

Clearly whatever we made for the end of the last case is still needed for this
one. Head out to the park, then to Yucatan. Save at the restroom and hit the
elevator button - grab some beer to pad your health possibilities if you have
some room.

You have to fight through a congested mob of zombies to reach the stairs, up,
and out for the scene. 


This fight is all about getting him at the right time. DO NOT ATTACK WHEN HE
IS ROLLING OR SHORTLY AFTER HE ROLLS! That's pretty much the only key. A few
other things:

	Attack him from the "big" side, meaning the side where when he knocks
	you back you won't fall off; the side with the most space to your back,
	so only engage him when he's near an edge.

	There is a kitchen below with lobster and a fish.

	There are drinks scattered on the roof, but most be blown away.

	If you melee him with anything but the gloves, he will disarm you.

	The only way to get up to get up to him is by the stepping stones on
	the left of his platform. And if you want to get up to him without 
	being knocked down, try for when he's taunting, when he's pulling out
	his gun, or just hope you get lucky. And when up there, roll to the
	side. May want to clear the zombies that collect at the stepping area.

	He will be tossing flares you you and there are rockets flying all 
	around punching holes in the roof to the area below. Not a huge concern
	you just can't use guns very effectively or for every long while down
	on the roof.

	Use the pillars for cover as you cross the roof.

	Unarmed skills such as the double leg kick and jump kick will stun
	him if hit at the right time. So feel free to mix those in with your
	moves. They're not easy to pull off, so I'll leave it to your skills
	if you want to use them.

Melee is the best way to go, but mixing in some Six Shooter rounds, even as a
finisher, is good too. Just get up there (easier said than done), let him roll,
and after he comes to a complete stop you can begin your attack, not before or
else he will be immune. And you gotta watch his roll, it covers some long 

It kinda boils down to a war of attrition. You can try to cheese guns, but the
missiles and his flares literally punch a hole in that theory; you can get a 
little bit of damage this way, but using a gun while on the platform is 
probably just as effective and as dangerous.

The only tricky thing is healing while on the platform. I would like to say
you should jump off, but getting back up is not so easy and you take damage
from the fall, never mind if you fall down a hole. It's usually safe to heal
in front of the platform, on the roof where he can't shoot you.

If you do fall down a hole, use that time to grab the fish and lobster. Also,
if you brought extra melee weapons, feel free to clear some zombies down there,
there is no rush and you can uncover some beer.

Endings A-F

Congrats! You did not complete all the case files, keep Katey alive, and/or 
give TK Zombrex.

You already hit some of these endings well before this. If you didn't give
TK Zombrex, then you will get ending A right now.

If you did give TK Zombrex, then read on. Everyone else, new game and follow
this guide better :)


You don't have a lot of time, so no screwing around.

Just come out and load up on creamers at the cafe, then head out.

Compromising Photo

It's in the security room in Americana. 

*NOTE: We will make one painkiller for later, so if you want to get it now,
feel free.*

Gift Basket

Approach from the Platinum Strip.

At the front of the hotel lobby, behind the front desk.

Expensive Champagne

At the bar next to the adult store on the Silver Strip, at the back of the bar.

Case of Queens

Go through the Excitorama and to the alley entrance to Palisades, then take the
nearby elevator to the tunnels.

The case is on some machinery on the wall. You can approach the left end of
the raised part and jump from one piece of machinery to the next.

*NOTE: Feel free to grab a blaster gun for those mutants.*

Mobile Headset

Head back up with the elevator and go to Yucatan. I say through Palisades, but
you're free to take the strip.

It's just in front of the elevator you took to the last boss, on the floor.

USB Drive

Liquor up and go save. Then take the nearby door to the tunnels. And you can
go get the LMG if you want but no need.

From here, go find the nearby cart to your right and drive it to the access
area, and the drive is just on the floor, then you can get back in the cart and
speed away.

Lab Suit

From the USB drive, go west, or take a left to hit the ladder leading to Royal

The suit is inside the drug store that's near the entrance to Slot Ranch, so
go in and close the door behind you. Pick up the suit and heal up if needed.


You will then get a call to go to the arena. Head through Americana, the west
exit, and SAVE at the restroom at the end of the Americana zone. 

MAKE A PAINKILLER! Just one, and trust me, all you need is mostly full health,
maybe one melee item to get you to the arena, but nothing else. All you need is
the painkiller really.

SAVE at the restroom leaving Americana. When at the Arena doors, CONSUME the 
painkiller just before you use the doors.

The Arena

You have nothing on you, except the painkiller buff from before.

When the battle starts, grab the OJ on this middle platform, then go to the 
right side platform for the snack and a wrench. Then go up and start pummeling
him near the crank in the middle. I could get in four hits with the wrench 
before he attacked back. That was pretty much all I did as far as fighting.

I did go to both side platforms for the items listed below. Going to the side
platforms almost guarantees you getting hit by the pyros or his gun when you
climb over the wall to get back, as you can't come out through the doorway.

There is a crank in the middle that will extend the fight, but only use it when
TK has run away. As you're using it, be sure to drop it and roll away. Rolling
is my dodge of choice, and it could help avoid the charges.

He has several attacks:

	Gun fire when you are at a distance and usually when you climb one of
	the walls

	Pyro when you are on the outer platforms, and they chase you until you
	climb out.

	Short-range combos, usually two-hitters.

	Charge after you into a wall, and you must do a quick time event to get
	free or you'll lose more health. For consoles, it will usually be 
	moving the left stick left and right, so get that ready as he slams 
	into you.

The best way to avoid his charge is to stay on the middle platform and just go
to the opposite side of the middle barrier.

Speaking of which, fighting by the crank did seem to help, as in sometimes his
attacks went through me, or he missed his dodges. Not entirely official, but 
just fight him as close to the crank as possible, and you can turn it as soon
as he runs away.


	OJ - Middle platform and left.
	Donut - Left platform.
	Snack - Right platform.

	Wrench - Left and right platforms.

Those are it. I know the boxes can have OJ, but only try to open them when he
is running over the side. I was able to use just one wrench, it didn't break.


And that's it, enough the lame ending S! Last game's overtime > this one.

* 5. Author Info / Copyright                                                 *



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